Guess who was #34 on Forbes’s Celebrity 100 list?

Forbes revealed their Celebrity Top 100 list today, and Glenn ranked in at #34. Check out the in-depth interview where Glenn explains what it’s like to build a news and information network outside the confines of the mainstream media in the video above.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    Glenn you’re number one in my book!

    • landofaahs

      As a narcissist, Glenn’s #1 in his own book too.  You gotta have a huge ego to be giving a crap as to where you rank on someone’s celebrity list.  Then you plaster it on your own site. Wow.

      • Sharmane

         I think him putting it on his site is a source of encouragement to those who think all is lost.  He is being humble in his interview, but people need to see that there are others who appreciate his activism and his voice.

  • Anonymous

    The left should celebrate this news.
    The right like to argue that both free speech and capitalism are being destroyed by Obama and the left.
    Yet, every day right wing talking heads speak to millions of people…they bash Obama nonstop…and they make tens of millions of dollars while doing so, thus proving that both free speech and capitalism are alive and well under Obama. 

    So, rock on, Glenn. Rock on!

    • FreudianSlip

      Wrong, it means the majority of legal American citizens are completely fed up with Obama’s corrupt government and covert fascist state.  At this point, our government is guilty until proven innocent.  So many problems, they’re like power drunk brain dead lemmings running off a constitutional and financial cliff.

  • Anonymous

    To answer some of the comments here about the president, the only super bad things about him are that he’s meeting with radical Islamic people because he thinks that they will be nice once he takes care of their complaints and the fact Obamacare has a mandatory part in it. Otherwise he’s okay. Glenn, congratulations on making the top 40 part of the list. It’s neat there will be fun stuff and fluff shows coming on Blaze TV. Sooo can’t wait for that.

  • landofaahs

    I did not read the article so I will guess  it is Tepper Mileson.  Now I will read and see if I was right…..Crap, I guess it was some other dweeb.

  • landofaahs

    LOL. Dr Phil was #33.

  • landofaahs

    Ask any 20 something who Paul Muni, Eddie Foy, Barney Williams or William Sheridan are.  I doubt one could tell you any of them were though they were popular actors in their day.  As time goes by they are all forgotten.  Remember Glenn, “All glory is fleeting”.

  • Sam Fisher

    Oh look liberals I thought you said he was going to fail.

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