Sen. Rand Paul: Gang of 8 bill ‘dead on arrival’ in House

On radio this morning, Glenn spoke with Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) about two key issues: immigration reform and the Supreme Court’s decision on California’s Proposition 8 and the Defense of Marriage Act. Sen. Paul explained why he has faith in Speaker John Boehner and his Republican colleagues in the House and what the SCOTUS rulings mean for civil rights.

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One of the gems to come out of the Senate’s immigration bill is a provision that seems to incentivize the hiring of illegal immigrants for business owners who wish to avoid paying Obamacare related penalties. “I’m thinking about lobbying to become an illegal immigrant so I wouldn’t have to participate in Obamacare,” Sen. Paul joked.

“Isn’t that amazing,” Glenn asked. “We were talking about this this morning that if you are an employer, you can avoid all of the fines by hiring what used to be illegal immigrants. And so I mean, how do the labor unions even claim to represent the American worker and ignore this will cost so many people their jobs.”

Yesterday, TheBlaze had a remarkable story about five senators who voted for the immigration bill, but when pressed for specifics were unable to answer basic questions about the bill’s provisions. Much like the Affordable Care Act, this seems to be a case of ‘pass it to know what’s in it.’ It is all but certain the immigration bill will get through the Senate with flying colors, but there still appears to be a glimmer of hope in the House.

Sen. Paul emphatically said that the ‘Gang of Eight’ Senate bill will be “dead on arrival” in the House. But there is still a very real concern that the House will pass a Trojan horse-type bill that will look great to start but will ultimately be gutted by the Senate.

“So in the House… does John Boehner have the spine not to bring something to the floor,” Glenn asked.

“I think it’s dead on arrival. The Senate bill is dead on arrival in the House,” Sen. Paul said. “The question is how does the conference committee work… I think the Speaker can decide on any one day what comes to the floor and what doesn’t. He said he will not pass something with majority Democrats and a minority of Republicans. If he sticks to that, I think that we’re pretty well protected. He has the power to protect us, and he said he will.”

“Do you believe him,” Glenn asked.

“I think, you know, I have very much desire – I very much desire to have immigration reform that does positive things, not bad things, and I hope that he’s going to stand tall on this,” Sen. Paul responded.

“That wasn’t the answer to the question,” Glenn said laughing. “The answer is really quite simple yes or no, but I’m to the going to push you on that.”

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Next, Glenn moved on to the Supreme Court decisions on Prop 8 and DOMA. While Glenn is happy to have the government further distancing itself from regulating marriage as per the DOMA ruling, he believes the Prop 8 decision could pose a threat to our civil liberties.

“Let’s start with Proposition 8,” Glenn said. “The idea that the government, now the Supreme Court has is that if the government decides not to back what the people have passed now twice, if they don’t represent it and say, ‘We care about this,’ then it has no place to even go to the Supreme Court. So in other words, the people [are on their own].”

“Yeah, I want to preface this, Glenn, with making sure that you know how radical you are because you’re sounding like Ron Paul on this issue,” Sen. Paul quipped. “Well, here’s the thing on the marriage thing… What I would say is that when they affirmed the lower court or they sort of let the lower court decide on Proposition 8, I think they do it on a technicality… It is a way of technically punting so they don’t make a decision on states deciding. So I don’t think they are saying that California can’t decide. I just think they did a technical punt, and so they’re trying to say nothing is what they’re trying to say.”

“But in doing that, the other side of the coin is there are 34 states who have decided in favor of traditional marriage. Those are affirmed now,” he continued. “I live in Kentucky and we have it as part of our Constitution. So I think… the good side to this ruling is they have affirmed that this is a states issue and the states can decide… They could have come down and affirmed the decision to strike down Proposition 8. They just let it stand without taking a position on it, which is different than affirming the rejection of Proposition 8. If they would affirm rejection of Proposition 8 and nationalized that, they would have overturned 34 states with traditional marriage and I think all you‑know‑what would have broken loose then. So they did take a more moderate course here, and I think traditional marriage laws are still upheld now in 34 states.”

As Stu pointed out, however, there is a still the concern that the state could ‘veto’ the will of the people, and it is now clear that the courts will not be in a position to defend them.

“What do you believe the Constitution says,” Glenn asked.

“I think on marriage, nothing,” Sen. Paul said. “And it says essentially the Ninth and Tenth Amendment leave it to the states. Our Founding Fathers never conceived of marriage being anywhere distant in Washington. And I would tell people who are for traditional marriage, the battle’s going to be lost at the federal level. Concentrate on your state.”

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    If it’s dead on arrival in the House, we must keep the pressure on the House to not pass any version of the immigration bill; if that occurs we will have a complete amnesty during the time of combining the two into one final legislation.

    Call the ‘Trojan-Horse’ for what it is: a final, complete and absolute nuclear-strike. 

    No amnesty, no one-party domination; end this mess now.

    • Anonymous

      The House doesn’t mean squat. Boner is now in control of everything. He can put it up for an open vote and the combination of dems and liberal repubs will crush you Neanderthals, and freedom will win again. Boner, the democrats best friend in a jam, will screw you again. Ready for another Boner?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    More than that Land, we need to pressure the House members to ensure no such bill originates in the House, otherwise Amnesty is inevitable.

  • Sam Fisher

    I hope it is dead because when these loons in Washington write a bill over a 1000 pages you just know all of us are going to get screwed by this.

  • Raymond Gaylord

    So why did the clown (Rand Paul) vote for it? What a joke…

  • Anonymous

    There are probably enough votes in the House for it to pass, but it’s a matter of whether Boehner will bring it to the floor since it’d probably be something like 30% of Republicans + 85% of Democrats.

  • Guest

    Remember a while back when Beck expressed regret for being so divisive?

    If not, don’t worry; neither does he. Beck hates the Republican Party he supports and aims to destroy with hate and fear. 

  • Anonymous

    What the hell ? Why isn’t Glenn reading him the riot act for voting for it ?  Yesterday he was all ” they are dead to me”   Blah blah, blah. What a hypocrite

  • az

    Let me give everyone the lowdown on how this is going to work, Bonehead will present the Trojan Horse bill to the floor and pass it in, lets say sept., then it goes to the Senate were its voted down. Then Bonehead and Reed send both bills to special  comm. were it will get combined but not changed much from the amnesty bill. They will then pass the  new version ,wich is really the original and say we compromised on a amnesty bill , and pat each other on the back. Look for this bill to pass x-mas week when all bad bills pass.

    • Jules P. Guidry

       Unfortunately, you may be right. Given the history of the speaker of the house, I’d expect you may be a fortune teller. Not happy times. I now dread Xmas for the reason you stated in your post.

  • Anonymous

    So for those 15 Republican Senators that sold out and joined the Progressives, it was simply a futile act of stupidity.  I hope that not a single one of those 15 is ever re-elected.  The Republicans in the US House will make sure that Immigration is done correctly.  Secure the border first, then deal with the 11 million illegals, and E-verify right now to take care of the criminal corporations that hire illegals.

  • Anonymous

    Isn’t this a whittling away at the fundamental God-given rights and truths, exemplified both in the Constitution and common-sense social traditions? Of course, common sense is so uncommon nowadays, and evil efforts are being marshalled against the Constitution, so we are heading down a slippery slope of decay. Soon comes the end.

    Word redefinition helps this evil process along — Undocumented immigrants are more accepted than illegal aliens. Two “nice-sounding” words to replace two “bad-sounding” words, for example. Then we can be more PC and give them all sorts of benefits to soothe our consciences. Yeah, right.

    As a Mormon, I find it to be an interesting argument that now plural marriage might be recognized. Will some bleeding-heart liberal try to make it retroactive and say that Rulon Jeffs is not breaking the anti-polygamy laws now? (Please note that his church is the “illegal” one, not the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, or Mormons, commonly known.)

    Ah, well, what will the future bring? I have to chuckle at the implications and ramifications of these decisions by the SCOTUS, writing laws by themselves, as it were. The three legs of the stool of Government have been blurred and usurped long ago, with obama’s edicts, and a wussy Congress, and now (again) the SCOTUS legislating for us. When do We The People get to make laws? Nevermore, it seems.

    Sad times.

    Remember Benghazi. Who said: “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

    • Anonymous

      Polygamy is illegal because you Mormon rats knock up underage women five at a time and you don’t support all the kids you litter, and we taxpayers end up getting stuck with the bill. Read Under The Banner of Heaven to get the real truth on how polygamy is a scam against the taxpayers. Gays getting married doesn’t hurt me a bit. Morman child rapists do. That’s why its illegal.

      • Anonymous

        This is so laughable. I’m only replying to you in order to expose your misinformation and misunderstanding so others will be better informed. But you, Critten, I do not expect to see the facts since you love to twist and distort and work from misinformation in order to cause a ruckus. It is so obvious what your agenda is, that it is laughable. Two things display your ignorance of the facts — accusing us of polygamy when we don’t practice it, and the biggest blooper, referring to us as”Morman.” That misspelling is always a dead giveaway of a narrow mind, unable to see the obvious truth. Reread my post.

        Now to the facts, for those that want to learn the truth.

        The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints has not practiced polygamy since 1890, when it was discontinued. There were a few who may have tried to do it, and were promptly excommunicated from the Church. Those disaffected former members felt that the practice should continue, and formed their own “church” in order to do so. Whatever they did was outside the bounds and without the authority of the Mormon Church, and used a similar name and are thus incorrectly called “Mormons.” There are several offshoots from us, that use “The Reorganized / Restored / etc.” type of label in front of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The most visible is the one that went from Short Creek on the Utah Arizona border to Texas, and Rulon Jeffs, their leader, was arrested and still sits in jail for the offenses that Critten refers to. Yeah, read the book he refers to, but with a critical and understanding eye. It talks about the efforts made to bring Jeffs and others to justice. A very good reference book, by the way.

        As usual,
        Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

        Laus Deo

        • Anonymous

          Sorry for the duplication. Something hiccuped when I posted, and then read on down and clicked on “more comments.”

        • Anonymous

          Oops. Did some quick research and realized it is Warren Jeffs, in jail in Texas, not Rulon Jeffs, his father, who died in 2002.

          I remember Rulon Allred, leader of another splinter group, whose son I had contact with some 50 years ago. Bad memories, mostly forgotten.

          Jeffs’ group is called the Fundamentalist Church of…, and there are many spliteer groups noted in a Google article. A quick search for “Mormon fundamentalist…” will show it. I would bet that most, if not all, practice polygamy, as that is such an attractive drawing card for guys that can’t keep their pants zipped.

          My mistakes come from a forgetfulness of the whole sordid stuff, and old, past memories that substituted wrong names.

          Still, it is laughable the misinformation that comes aimed at us wrongfully. Yeah, Critten had the right idea, just the wrong target.

  • Anonymous

    Oh, I didn’t capitalize the president’s name? I don’t like to make up a denigrating name, as others are free to do, but I do feel that it doesn’t deserve to be capitalized. So there.

  • Anonymous

    I am losing all hope for the Republicans to get a backbone and stand strong.  We cannot let the democrats push us around any longer.  We have got to speak out and stand for what we believe in.  We need to secure the border then deal with all the millions of illegals here in the US.  If we don’t secure the border we’re trying to legalize the 11million while millions more are crossing our borders.  I think Boehner needs to be replaced, he has played to many rounds of golf with obama.

  • Guest

    Don’t kid yourselves here. Glenn Beck’s opposition to immigration reform is just another version of his subtle racism. American is changing, and the reactionaries like Beck and his gullible Tea Party followers don’t like it when the whites are no longer dominant.  This is why Beck went “over the cliff” when Obama was elected, and he’s been screaming ever since.

  • Kyle Ely

     Ok then if it does die then the democrats will have a pissed off soon to be majority voting bloc squarely in their corner but hey got to keep tea party style xenophobia alive

  • Anonymous

    The House Of Representatives is the only thing in Obama’s way. If he wins the House the US is toast, we will be just like Haiti, dead on arrival

  • Anonymous

    ON IMMIGRATION:  Republicans obviously loose even more popularity if they don’t debate the bill in the House, and of course, they will also diminish their chances of getting future votes.  Repubs kind of a loose either way and vise versa for Dems.

    ON GAY MARRIAGE:  The precedence has been set.  If states don’t defend anti-gay marriage laws, those laws will be overturned.  It’s a matter of time before gay couples from states that don’t allow gay marriage bring their cases of constitutional equality to the Federal level and if  state officials don’t defend it, proponents won’t be able to either because the Federal court just decided proponents don’t have legal standing.

  • Take 2

    The human race was dyin’ out
    None left to scream and shout
    People walking on the moon
    Guns or IRS will get you pretty
    soon Ship of fools, ship of fools
    Ship of fools, ship of fools
    Ship of fools, ship of fools

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