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The Supreme Court of the United States ruled on two historic cases Wednesday morning, striking down key portions of the Defense of Marriage Act and rejecting an appeal on California’s ban on gay marriage, Prop 8. Glenn supported the idea of getting government out of marriage entirely, but questioned the implications that the state can choose not to defend referendums passed by the people.

“Let’s get a couple of things right out on the table right out front. Government should not be involved in marriage at all, I believe. There’s no reason for it. I don’t get the value of my marriage government, I get it from God,” Glenn said.

“I want the government out of my life.”

“If you want to find a church that marries a gay couple, that’s totally fine,” he added. “My church does not do that and it will fundamentally change what i believe is the eternal family, the basic building block. And I have a right to believe that, and I have a right to go to a church that believes that and we have a right to practice. As long as I’m not trying to force you to do anything.”

Glenn said he does not believe that government necessarily believes with that.

Glenn said he also believes that the people have the right to pass laws. The Prop 8 decision seems to imply that the people can pass whatever they want, but if the state decides they are not going to defend those laws they have no jurisdiction to bring it to the Supreme Court.

“That means the courts and your representatives have complete power,” Glenn said.