Wonderful World of Stu: Does Jay Carney know where Snowden is?

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Jay Carney reveals in a press briefing that he has some personal intel about where Snowden is…

  • Draxx

    There should be a new book coming out about Jay C. (that’s a C not a Z)…

    “Blabbering Heights” – Editor Notes:  It’s a book about an Individual that can and WILL Lie To Your Face about anything and everything.  This is why he was hand-picked by the POTUS, who also has Nothing But Lies Spewing From His Mouth (they are into gay marriage so maybe they have a little bit of each other spewing from their mouths too, who really knows).  Jay is was the Perfect Match for his position because Nobody Really Likes Him Enough to get close!  Jay is the kind of guy that you probably wouldn’t invite into your home, cause he would likely case it like a Crack Addict (*Note: He has already been casing Your Home using NSA Spies and Technology, he just won’t admit it is all.).  He is also a Winner of the Nobel “Back-Stabber” Prize as he will smile at you while sending you into Slavery!!!  If you have been looking for a book to occupy your time with useless, meaningless, blabbering lies… Then This Book Is For You (By the way our spies have already informed us that you Do Not Plan on Buying This Book!  So WATCH Your Back We Know Where You Live and What You Do!  Heck we just might have the IRS automatically take the funds out of your account anyway since your bank accounts show that you have Extra Money To Spare For Big Gov’t Spending.)

    • landofaahs

      As Jim Sinclair in Mineset, GOTS (Get Out of The System).  I’ve been emptying my accounts out of banks.  It would not hurt to have assets overseas either. 

    • Wm Baker

      But he writes it under the pseudoname “Baghdad Bob Carney”

  • landofaahs

    How could Jay know?  According to them they don’t know anything about “Fast and Furious”, Ben Ghazi, the IRS law breaking,  NSA spying. Jay the carnival barker is an asshat.

  • Anonymous

    Snowden should have ‘bailed out’ over Mongolia during his first flight.  Once again the messenger is being shot at and the accused face no Justice.   The media circus has been enforcing this shift of attention.  

    Can’t wait to see all the Becksters outside Court the Day Assange and Snowden face US Justice.. Two banners each.. “Free Snowden” in one hand, “Hang Assange” in the other.  😀  😀  😀

    • Anonymous

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      Jim Sinclair in Mineset, GOTS (Get Out of The System).  I’ve been
      emptying my accounts out of banks.  It would not hurt to have assets
      overseas either. 

    • Guest

      That’s because they are f#$king morons too stupid to realize that if Romney had won the election, charlatan Beck would be calling Snowden a traitor.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=htXuNPBko3Q Sam Fisher

    Jay Carney oh that propagandist. 

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    stu, you have to do weiner weekly.  weiner weekly would be a twitter winner. 

  • Sam Norton

    The whole Snowden affair has unfolded eerily like the plot of the indi film “UnCivil Liberties” which came out a few years back.  Makes one wonder if the film inspired Snowden to action. they have an interesting website uncivilliberties.com

  • Anonymous

    Carney, the Obama mouthpiece knows nothing about everything. He is the American version of Baghdad Bob and just as much of a worldwide joke !

  • Guest

    Interesting: Obama called Beck and other climate change deniers this week “flat-Earthers,” and Beck seems to have completely missed it. Of course, anti-science, anti-evolution religunet, Glenn Beck IS a flat-Earther, so maybe he just accepts the “complement.” 

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