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It’s a little over a week away from Man in the Moon, Glenn’s big summer event. Glenn flew out to Salt Lake City last night and spent hours working on some of the final touches for the show.

“Last night we got into Salt Lake City and we’re working on the final touches of the Man in the Moon and we saw about 70% of it last night maybe, and one of the parts that we saw when we first walked in was the robots, and they are absolutely amazing,” Glenn said.

The robots will be included in the FreedomWorks event “Free the People” taking place on Friday night. They were cut from the show due to time constraints.

“You know, you see little bits and pieces on the little promotional things we’ve kind of released and it looks cool there. You don’t get the scale until you’re standing in front of it or you’re sitting in the audience with them in person. It’s really amazing,” Pat explained of the rehearsal they saw.

“We were watching on an 8‑foot moon last night, and even that, when the moon came on and started to talk, it is surreal,” Glenn said.

The actual moon for the show on July 6th is over thirty feet tall.

“I mean, nobody’s ever done the scale that we’re doing, and it is the scale that is so amazing. When you see the history of the world unfold in front of you,” Glenn said, ” when you see it in 3‑D, when you see it actually in front of you, it takes on an entirely different feel. Really, truly amazing. And we’re really excited.”

“It’s really, it’s just awesome, awesome. And the people at the American Dream Labs are truly remarkable, truly remarkable. You’re going to love it if you have tickets,” Glenn said.

If you don’t get to see it live, TheBlaze will be airing an hour long behind-the-scenes special on July 12th and there are plans to air a film of the event later this year.

Man in the Moon is sponsored by Food Insurance, FreedomWorks, Solutions from Science , Target Focus Training, and Liberty Alliance.

  • Sam Fisher

    I never liked 3-D.

  • Anonymous

    We’ll have to watch it here.
    Have ya all looked at the price of the tickets?

    • Anonymous

      Tickets were as cheap as 35 per person for lawn tickets.  I got next level (with seats) for 75 per person.  The price of getting there though is 800 dollars.  Then there’s the HOTEL which is 100 per night!  This is our vacation this year.  We are going 1500 miles to see a 2 hour show, then coming back!  I hope it doesn’t RAIN !!!

  • Brad Fellmeth

    I can’t wait! 

  • Desy Nurul Azkiya

    i  loved  :]

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