For The Record: The tragedy that killed 15 members of SEAL Team 6

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Tonight, For The Record aired its third episode, focusing on SEAL Team 6, an elite, secret team of Navy SEALs. In May 2011, the mission to kill Osama Bin Laden pulled SEAL Team 6 out of the shadows and into the national spotlight. The publicity left many SEALs worried about the safety of themselves and their families. Just three months later, the crash of Extortion 17 killed 15 members of that elite unit.

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The crash of Extortion 17 killed 15 members of SEAL Team Six. Now many wonder why military leadership didn’t do more on that night to protect the country’s most elite warriors in one of the most dangerous spots in Afghanistan. In the clip above, For the Record details what happened during the crash of Extortion 17.

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The tragedy of Extortion 17 raised a number of broader questions about America’s approach in Afghanistan, and the War On Terror on the whole. How do we move forward? For the Record looks for answers in the clip above.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Personally, I think this was a betrayal of the SEAL’s by the administration.

    • Anonymous

      Snow you are correct , this adminisration has betrayed the citizens of the United States on Every level.
       I was driving down the road the other day and a stench came over my truck , it was a dead skunk in the middle of the road , i immediately thought of the Obama adminisration .

      • Michael Doyle

        fande3ris, your comment sums in all up nicely using very few words!

        • Anonymous

          Michael , the most profound things are said with few words .  IN LIBERTY

  • Christopher Gleason
  • Quentin Hurst

    UM maybe its because they found out that they diddnt kill the real bin laden … or perhaps the Taliban freedom fighters that think they are being oppressed by a greater nation plans to take us down just the same as Al Qaeda (CIA) took down the Soviet Union through gorilla war fare and bankruptcy. Bin laden’s real name may be Ted Osborn.. do some research. instead of setting on your couches and taking every thing for granted. Main stream media is not credible. They dont even get the weather right half the time.   

  • Greg

    They were American Patriots now considered the enemy by the federal government! They had to be eliminated. I was surprised they let themselves all be cooped up in one helicopter against normal mission protocols. Orders are orders and too bad we know now they shouldn’t have trusted them!

  • Anonymous

    Everything about the leader and his followers is dark.  It is hard for anyone in the public eye to call it what it really is.  They operate as the Accuser of the Brethren.  They do the exact thing they accuse everyone else of doing. Our masters of disguise have put fear of being called a conspiracy theorist at work. These people are working overtime to put in place a plan to change who we are.  Our WhiteHouse leaders remind me of Welfare Chicago style Mafia. They have no morals or ethics or dignity.  We should never be afraid to speak the truth.  remember if it looks like a duck- sounds like a duck – it is a duck….

    • Anonymous

      Hello: It was the 60’s CHICAGO MARXIST TERRORIST William ayers that sponsored & actually raised obama! Tell me that our WOMEN ALONE didn’t know….p.s. Welcome to Adam’s world before the 1st murderer was ever born….

  • Jason Holmes

    Makes you wonder how deep this whole in our government actually goes

  • Anonymous

    I don’t believe that bin Laden was really killed. There is no way Obama would end the life of a man who did more to harm Americans than anyone else on Earth (except Obama himself). Ideologically, bin Laden represents Obama’s personal aspirations more than anyone else, I am certain he could never have allowed a death sentence to be carried out. I think that a bunch of translators in full Arab garb were flown to the carrier and individually brought into a room with bin Laden, and one of them was switched with the terror king. Somewhere out there is a missing Arab translator whose family isn’t getting straight answers about where he went.

  • Chris Mcdaniel

    here is a good question we should ask ourselves who jeopardized America more, the Obama administration using the killing of Osama as political gain and leaking all the intel of who did it and putting the seals and there family’s lives at risk and on al queda most wanted list? or Eric Snowden talking out about our government and all the things its doing wrong by spying on every American?  And Snowden is the traitor I don’t understand

  • Anonymous

    They didn’t do anything to protect those SEALs because the Administration’s proxies gave them up to the enemy.

  • marylou45

    Did these men pay for Ben Laden bragging rights ??? If so is this the way Government really works ???

  • Anonymous

    If Snowden told a government secret about the NSA and he is being call a traitor, then what is Obama for exposing SEAL team 6 and getting them killed?

  • Anonymous

    I believe something far more nefarious happened to these men.. I smell a stink.. all the way from Washington!

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone really believe Osama is dead?/

  • Missgto

    This has bothered me from the first time I heard about it.  I hated the awful thought.,.wondering if this was a “give back” for the killing of Bin Laden?  It is just so hard to imagine, but these people only think “political” about everything, sadly, it is within our Military as well.  Could they really be so totally inept? 

  • wushi

  • Anonymous

    And “we the people” now run by our 74%er’s, or “gatherer’s”(use your imagination here?) helped murder our REAL HERO’S TOO! SEAL TEAM 6!!!

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