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Marco Rubio has been generally good up until this disaster amnesty bill, but he just keeps on selling it to the American public. Today Glenn ripped apart his demeaning speech and warned Rubio to ‘get away’ from radical leftists or we’ll send you away in the next election.

Glenn had flown to Utah and burned the midnight oil working on Man in the Moon, so he was in a particularly grumpy and brutally honest mood when he set his sights on Rubio’s remarks.

In his speech, Rubio said:

This isn’t about winning points from the establishment or the mainstream media either. No matter how consistent I have been in focusing on the border security aspects of reform, whenever I have spoken about the need to improve this part of the legislation, the beltway media has accused me of trying to undermine or walk away from the reform.

This isn’t about becoming a Washington dealmaker. Truthfully, it would have been far easier to just sit back, vote against any proposal and give speeches about how I would have done things differently.

And finally, this most certainly isn’t about gaining support for future office. Many conservative commentators and leaders who I deeply respect, and who I agree with on practically every other issue, are disappointed about my involvement in this debate.

I got involved in this issue for one simple reason: I ran for office to try and fix things that are hurting this special country of ours. And in the end, that is what this is about for me – trying to fix a serious problem that faces America.

The proposal before the Senate is by no means perfect. Like any proposal that comes before the Democrat-controlled Senate, it has flaws.

But it also has important reforms conservatives have been trying to get for years. It changes our legal immigration system from a predominantly family-based system of chain migration to a more merit-based system focused on job skills.

“Here’s the deal,” Glenn said. “You get to Washington, you’re a senator, and everybody who’s in the power corridor says, ‘Look, you know how ‑‑ you know how this works, and we can make this happen. This TEA Party thing, they’re too far over. And Marco, we appreciate what you’re doing with those guys and that’s really cute and everything, and we’ve got that whole, you know, budget thing. Boy, we are so in your corner on that one. But we need you to work ‑‑ we need you to work together because, listen, here are the numbers. Here are the numbers. This is what’s going to happen. If you don’t give the Hispanics the free everything and create a special class, well, you’re not going to ‑‑ you’re not going to win the persistency because there’s not going to be a GOP. And listen, we can reach across the aisle and you can look like the grand deal‑maker here. And we at the GOP power plant here, you’re the candidate. You’re the one. Help us on this.'”

“And I can tell you right now that members of the media, media institutions, the GOP, all, all of them have said in their own time, in their own way to Marco Rubio, ‘Listen, you need this. Otherwise the GOP is over. You’ve got to do this for the GOP. And you know what? You do this and you’re going to be ‑‑ you’re going to be the superstar. You’re going to be the next president of the United States, Marco.'”

Glenn warned Marco Rubio that he has teamed up with progressives in both parties in order to pass legislation that ultimately betrays conservative values.

“Marco, you are dealing with radicals, revolutionaries, and communists! Have you seen what they’ve done to the rest of the country? How can you possibly sit in the same room with those people? You are becoming those people! You are becoming a progressive Republican! Get away! Get away. Otherwise, brother, we’re going to have to send you away,” Glenn said.

Watch footage of his remarks below:

  • landofaahs

    I will never vote for you Rubio. You made your choice and many of us have done so also.

    • Sam Fisher

      You know he is going to run for office and the liberals are just going to route for him and we get stuck between a rock and a hard place like last election. I can see it coming a mile away.

      • Anonymous

        Liberals won’t support him because of his positions on other issues. Fact is, Rubio has spent his carreer in politics protecting illegal aliens. His platform against amnesty during his run for the Senate was dishonest. His true colors reemerged as soon as he landed in Washington and Americans may pay the price. His speech quoted in this article is just as disingenuous. Noone is disappointed in his participation in the immigration debate, only his choosing illegal aliens over citizens and lawful immigrants. Also, another massive amnesty is in no way fixing the problem. I hope Marco truly believes in amnesty because selling his soul is likely to cost him his seat.

        • Anonymous

          Kinda like someone else we know like – obama.  Deceitful!!!   He needs to have a second thought about running for office.

    • Anonymous

      Feel free to “send him away”, I can see it now, Rubio switches parties and there goes the Cuban vote, Florida and the Whitehouse is lost to you right wing nut jobs forever. glenn beck has got to be a secret Democrat,everything he does gets us another million votes.

      • greywolfrs

        Hey, it’s sticky chin. Did the strtlk account get banned? Punk bitch.

        • Anonymous

          No, I’ve been busy with your mom, she loves it up the ass.

          • SRM29

            Thanks for proving you are nothing but an immature kid trying to stir crap up. 

            To others: STOP feeding this troll!!

          • greywolfrs

            Really? So, you are a necro on top of it, was it difficult to dig her up out of a National Cemetary? You are one stupid M F er, sticky chin.

      • Anonymous

        Critten, thanks for making our point. Shamlessness in politics. Along with those like yourself, that have no integrity. Critten, you little fool. Keep quiet about Beck, if you thank that he’s doing your bidding. Your comment lacks sense as you expressed it.

  • Guest

    Opposition to immigration reform is based upon one emotion: fear of Hispanics. That racism cannot be allowed to continue, but race-baiting Beck will do his utmost to agitate the racial anxiety his reactionary followers are feeling as they continue the inevitable slide toward being no longer in the majority.

    Go ahead and follow Beck’s lead, then watch as the Dem’s win national election after national election for a generation or two. Why would Beck help undermine the Republican Party (aside from being anti-Hispanic)? Because he has said, in no uncertain terms that Beck hates the Republican Party.

    • Herbert Shallcross

      Horse Pucky. 

      Illegal means against the law, not Hispanic. 

      Opposition to immigration reform starts with understanding that “reform” just means amnesty for people who we only know of, only have to deal with because they broke our immigration law. Immigration “reform” does nothing of value for the hundreds of thousands of people waiting for their chance to come here legally. It does nothing for legal residents and citizens. It only serves law breakers.There is nothing wrong with our current immigration laws as written, but politicians have conspired with employers to circumvent those laws in order to get cheap labor. This “reform” just strengthens the hand of those who want to make a good thing of bending our laws. 

      • Guest

        Go ahead and continue calling undocumented workers “illegal.” Did you notice how well that went for Mitt Romney last year? 

        Immigration reform includes penalties for having broken the law, so get off your high horse of ignorance.

        If immigration reform does nothing for legal residents, why does the US Chamber of Commerce and labor unions support it? Someone has to do the work that Americans refuse to do.

        • Herbert Shallcross

          It is necessary for you to use the euphemism “undocumented” because you are trying to obscure the central point. 

          If 12  million people weren’t living here in open contempt of our laws, there would be no need for this so-called “reform”. 

          I personally know two citizens who invested tens of thousands of dollars in small businesses that were driven under because they couldn’t compete with other businesses that were willing to hire illegals.  I knew a man, now deceased,  who built one of the biggest printing businesses on the east coast by bringing Africans to this country illegally to work for him. Americans didn’t “refuse” to work for this printer, but they never got the chance. Factories all over the country are run with illegal labor. There are millions of Americans who don’t even get the choice of whether to work for the artificially suppressed wages employers who hire illegals pay. 

        • BlackBeaver

          Commerce, speaking for big business, wants a source of cheap labor. The unions- for the most part- are corrupt and could care less about their members. Government believes the fable that, in order to pay for our extravagant spending, we need a larger population. This was the argument in Europe. Unfortunately, the illegal aliens this bill admits will not pay taxes for perhaps a generation, as happened in Europe. During the interim, the will actually add to our deficit by requiring additional expenditures for welfare and other ‘entitlements’.

          Incidentally, the union which represents our 7,000 ICE Agents opposes this bill.Their President, Chris Crane, has stated, “This bill will not end de facto amnesty. In fact, it will not address the majority of problems facing our broken immigration system. It will tie the hands of officers even more and will prevent the effective enforcement of our nation’s laws – ensuring future illegal immigration and de facto amnesty.”

        • greywolfrs

          More B S out of vicki tiffany the coward. The penalty for coming into this country illegally is deportation, even though it should be a lot more harsh. Labor unions support it for cheap labor. The work Americans refuse to do? You have proven you complete ignorance, simply by saying that.

    • Anonymous

      I agree with You. I believe Rubio is saying the truth and stating the facts. I don’t agree with the ” permit to work” which cannot be renew in 6 years. What about a work permit mandatory to be Re-authorized every 3 to 6 months!!!!?????

      I agree with every provision to secure our borders and to very everyone working or not, call it e-verify or whatever. I will agree to even go into every working and living place and verify everyone is a LEGAL citizen or resident of the USA. Yes, I mean to even conduct RAIDS into working places and into living dwelling places to investigate who is REALLY living or working in there. I will go after those unscrupulous employers and housing providers for rent that employs and/or provide shelter to illegals.

      I do believe that those apposed to Rubio’s not-perfect bill are really accomplices with the unscrupulous employers and shelter providers that in the end what they want is to DO NOTHING and let the STATUS QUO to continue.

      Glenn, I really LOVE you, with CAPITAL LETTERS, that is, UPPER CASE, but on this issue of reforming our immigration law YOU ARE NOT RIGHT… Why not instead of accusing Rubio’s Immigration Bill of being a DE FACTO amnesty, why won’t you de-line, that is, to specify point-by-point HOW is our borders going to be secured and how a (let say) a biometric ID system would be implemented AND ENFORCED. Why not comment on the line-items of the Bill that doesn’t complies with the GOAL of SECURING our Borders and definitively IDENTIFY and track EVERY ILLEGAL in our Country?

      Very Sincerely,
      Paco Capella,
      Orlando, FL, USA

    • Anonymous

      This is about the most idiotic statement I’ve seen on here recently.

    • BlackBeaver

      Opposition to Amnesty for Illegal Aliens, as this bill provides, is NOT RACIST! This bill is racist. It creates a special class. That class will be put at the head of the line, ahead of LEGAL IMMIGRANTS. All so Big Business can get cheap labor. (In case you didn’t notice, an employer who hires one from this ‘special class’ does not have to pay for healthcare! So why keep a poor black or latino citizen for whom you are required to provide healthcare ( or pay a fine)?

      Who suffers most from this bill? Those immigrants- black, yellow, brown and white- who are following the law and entry level and/or low skill citizen workers: largely young blacks and Hispanics!

      You tell me that’s not the worst kind of racism!

      • Anonymous

        I think the ones that will suffer the most are the middle class, taxpayers. They will be supporting the illegals since they will not be making enough to support themselves and their families, they will also be supporting the employees that the illegals displaced. The new bill also includes high tech workers without any strings attached ( this is why silicone valley is putting so much $ into it). They no longer will have to show that there is not a US citizen that could do a job before bringing in an immigrant – pay the immigrant less and again we are supporting that family and the unemployed tech worker. I know many friends of my kids that are STEM but either unemployed or underemployed. We really do not need more workers.

    • greywolfrs

      Hey, it’s vicki tiffany the coward. Where’s your life partner Marburyvsmadisen?

      Man, you are one stupid M F er. You still believe that Democraps will win elections for “generations.” Hey stupid, politics go in cycles, in this country. It’s too bad you are not smart enough to realize that. Dunce.

      By the way, the race card is tattered, worn and played out, douche bag.

  • Anonymous

    Marco has made his choice to join the RINO establishment.  He could have sat with Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Mike Lee and other Senators, but instead he wanted to sit at the money table. You can’t run on Tea Party support, betray them, and then think you can get their support again.  We are not Democrat sheep who will vote for them no matter what.

  • Anonymous

    It’s about “La Raza”,the race. Don’t kid yourself,blood is thicker then water and it’s also thicker then conservative principles and doing what’s right for citizens. I detest all these people in the Senate who pretend to be something they’re not. Unfortunately we always find out about them the hard way !!!

  • Anonymous

    Seal the border first. 

  • Anonymous

    They’ve already caved on amnesty. Asking for a secured border isn’t asking much.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly what is broken, Senator? The ONLY thing broken is the federal government’s refusal to enforce the laws that are in place now! You, sir, are a liar and will never get a vote from me.

  • suz

    maybe he just needs another sip of water.

  • Anonymous

    Rubio is done! 
    I have no respect for him.  He is stupid to believe the white house and all it’s minions.
    They lie, cheat, anything to push the progressive movement.

  • Anonymous

    I live in Florida, and got on board with Rubio when he had around 12% support for the Republican primary for senate. Sent money twice, once at that poll number, and again when he had gotten to within shouting distance, but still an underdog. Bumper stickers and signs, recruitment to the cause. He had a message of conservatism. He was, and is still a nice guy. But nice guys, if gullible, do my family or this country no good.

    In the past, I would clip my nose and bang my fist to distract the insults, failed promises and lies coming from reported conservatives as I continued to push the lever. After all, they were reportedly the lesser of two evils. The less retched and distasteful of the choices.

    No more. It does not work.

    We complain when politicians, do not live up to their expectations and statements of beliefs. But then we, Me, do the same. Are we much different? Do we stand for principle(s)? Are we steadfast?

    Nope, very few of you are. Nor am I. I’m as much a speaker and practictitioner of the art of deception, as the worst politician. Make that the typical politician, regardless of their stripes. Falsehood, nothing but vanity and weakness of ethics stand they and I.

    But not now.

    I will vote in 2016. I will not clip my nose, or bang my fist. I will with regret, but integrity of spirit, vote for the opponent of Rubio. Not for Mickey or Donald. Nor a no show for that lever.

    My vote will actually count twice. Taking a vote away, and giving a vote to the opponent.

    You may continue to voice discontent, and sing along to “won’t get fooled again.”  While continuing to give a pass, and ensuring more of the same.

    I’m getting off the bus.

    • Anonymous

      Do you think Rubio believes that this time it will be different, is he niave, is he stupid?  Why do YOU think he is pushing this? I think it is clear if the Dems were planning to secure the border, use e verify, make the illegals wait 13 years before they can vote, etc, etc, they would pass a bill securing the border. Bills securing the border fail miserably. That should give everyone a clue what the end game is for Dems. The idea that suddenly the illegals will vote Rep if we only grant them amnesty is a stupid fantasy. Does Rubio mean well or does he have an ulterior motive?

  • Gerry Stewart

    Glenn, I usually support your opinions, but I was stunned by your backdoor criticism and sarcasm of Mormons. Very disappointing.

  • greywolfrs

    “I got involved in this issue for one simple reason: I ran for office to try and fix things that are hurting this special country of ours. And in the end, that is what this is about for me – trying to fix a serious problem that faces America.”

    Hey, Marco, you want to fix it? Here’s how, arrest ALL illegals. Finger print and retina scan them. Then tell them if they are caught here, again, without legal status, we will execute them. Then, deport them. Problem solved.

    The funny part is if they actually did this, most would self deport the next day…

  • Bonnie Somer

    i never liked Rubio b/c of what i called his hispanic agenda to become prez not my pres i don’t consider obama my pres.   Rubio is a traitor like lindsey graham and john mccain the Dem socialist/communist progressives r the worst of the worst lk at durbin, reid and schumer need i say more now they will go along w/obamas EPA to destroy more jobs w/the hopefully not totally ending of the coal industry.   THE LIES BEING PERMEATED BY THESE LIBERALS IS JUST A DISGUSTING HORROR ON THIS REPUBLIC AND THE PREZ NOT BEING IMPEACHED FOR IGNORING THE CONSTITUTION IS A HORROR IN ITSELF RUBIO TRAITOR TO US ALL

  • Anonymous

    He probably cost himself the 2016 election and quite possibly every conservative from this day forward

  • Anonymous

    Rubio has shown his true colors. Better now, rather than as the nominated candidate. He is toast .

  • Kanak Attack

    Ummm…  I’m not sure what to think of the last part of this video.  Snotty comments about Mormons???  What because I’m Mormon that makes me weak???  Like I don’t care what’s going on politically in this country???  Do other Americans have some sort of special power that I don’t have that would force the government to move this facility?  A facility that was built on land the federal government has owned since the day it was confiscated by liberals at the turn of the century.  In case none of you have been noticing, all of us here in Utah have been fighting to take our land back for quite some time.

  • Anonymous

    Marco said, in this speech, that this Immigration Bill has FLAWS.  I would contend that this bill has fly’s because it is a pile of hot, steaming manure.  And this “Gang of Rape” is telling America to pinch their nose’s and swallow this big wad.  Rubio has transformed himself into Charlie Crist.  Good luck, Marco, with your next election campaign. 

  • Anonymous

    I think Rubio has drunk the kool-aid.  I am very disappointed in him, he has become one of them.

  • Tr Hathcock

    Flake has been a progressive Republican for years.

  • Anonymous

    The young idealistic naivete of Rubio is what is on display, not a turn to rinoism. He has trapped himself in the cage with the rinos and communists, and doesn’t know he has to run for the door. Everyone is telling him that he will totally loose credibility if he bails now. and he feels that he would be rejecting the ideals he thinks he needs to stand for, actually solving problems through the process, but the problem is that the process is currently rigged and controlled by the trolls in Washington. It is too broken to accomplish what he is trying to do.  I give him credit for sticking to his guns, he meant what he said and is trying to by force of will make it turn out the way he envisioned it, But (big but!) he does not realize the maelstrom that is swirling his precious dreams straight down the toilet.The forces are just to stacked right now to get where he wants to go. His only chance is to see that and apologize that what he is trying to accomplish has been subjugated to the workings of Washington and that he sees that because of the forces at work in Washington that he must now appose that bill as it is now becoming. We must keep an escape hatch open or they win by destroying him. Glenn has because he is so scared of and hurt by the people that have turn coated on him, that he has totally thrown him under the bus, and we as conservatives are doing to Rubio  what the left is doing to Paula Deen, yes Rubio is still actively doing the wrong thing unlike her case, but the mob brutality is the same. If it wakes Rubio up, it would be a victory, if we allow him to slip totally to the dark side, or completely off the map, they win. Let’s not shoot the wounded, until they can be proven to be a real enemy of freedom on most fronts, not just screwed up and misinformed and poor judgement on one.

  • Clearwater1948

     times examine what he just got the same, first of all in the state of California are elected officials have done nothing to prevent sanctuary cities from flourishing in our state. those are in the state illegally receive protection from our judicial system this is the same judicial system that denied the people’s right and determining marriage. While he take away citizens civil rights  and protect illegal immigrants better in the state. This is done by the governor, representative Nancy Pelosi Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Sen.  Barber Boxer and other political appointees. 

    If they were to pass this new immigration law, what would prevent the same elected officials providing sanctuaries and protecting them in the judicial system from band returned to their country of origin? Trust

    You talk about trust this is the state on two occasions voted as every California resident did regardless whether you were homosexual it made no difference we all went to the polls and voted our conscience. The majority of us voted that marriage was a union between man and woman and we did this twice and what did our state do for our efforts they overturned the people will concerning marriage and they celebrate as though they did something great when in reality what they had done was disenfranchised many California residents I’ll continue to vote now continue to vote against those who are in power now because they don’t serve ours interests they serve their own political ambition or their personal agenda. But they do not know matter how they try to disguise it they cannot be supporting the people of California otherwise the situation with marriage and these so-called sanctuary cities and the protection of illegal immigrants they are given more assistance than those who are California residents regardless of their US citizens or immigrants who are here on a green card. Trust you can trust those who service in California there’s no way

  • Clearwater1948

     by the way it’s a shame that this states residents impeach our call for special election against these politician who have failed to carry out their job.  When people go to the poll and they vote twice on the issue of marriage being between a man and a woman and you take upon yourselves as politicians and the justices take upon themselves to deny that will of the people to determine what constitutes marriage not benefits not receiving Social Security not receiving medical benefits not receiving anything other than being defined as a marriage between a man and woman that you allow your political ideology or affiliation to overturn the people’s will if you was to measure scum and a politician scum would be much taller

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