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This morning on radio, Glenn interviewed the host of For The Record, Laurie Dhue about the third episode of the program.

The third installment of the For The Record airs tonight at 8PM ET only on TheBlaze. On August 6, 2011, the Taliban shot down a Chinook helicopter in Afghanistan’s Wardak Province leaving 30 American soldiers dead, including 15 members of the elite Navy SEAL Team Six. This incident marked the largest American loss of life since the Afghan war began.

For The Record, Episode 3: Fallen Angel takes an unflinching look at how tactical errors and the military’s mismanagement of its special operations forces factored into this tragedy. Plus, hear from the victims’ families as we celebrate the extraordinary character of these brave, fallen heroes.

In the aftermath of the tragic helicopter crash, many questions were raised about potential mismanagement and tactical failures that may have been lead to the horrific loss of life. Laurie explained that while there are far more questions than answers, the For The Record team did find some interesting information.

“I mean, I think the bigger question here, and I’ll talk specifically about the story of Extortion 17, which is the Chinook helicopter that was shot down by a rocket propelled grenade almost two years ago. The bigger question is that is our military really driven with a steady resolve for American victory around the world, or is it directed based on policy and politics,” Laurie said. “And when you look at what happened here, this was kind of a lost story until we decided to tell it. It is the story of Extortion 17, and the mission of Extortion 17 was to capture or kill a bad guy, a Taliban leader named Qari Tahir and so a 38 man immediate response team was sent in to try to capture or kill this guy. It ended up being shot down by the rocket propelled grenade. And as you said earlier, everyone on board was killed. You have 30 Americans of which 15 were members of Navy SEAL Team 6 which, don’t forget, this helicopter was carrying many of the men who had killed Bin Laden 93 days before. The timing’s interesting here.”

Many questioned the Obama administration’s decision to release details from the Osama Bin Laden raid. On tonight’s episode, the families of some of the fallen explain that their son’s had expressed fear for their lives in the aftermath of the Bin Laden kill.

“And, you know, what’s interesting about this is that Navy SEAL Team 6 was publicly identified, you know, one or two days after the mission, which is somewhat unusual although some people say, look, in the days of social media that we’re in right now, no, it’s not that unusual that, you know, Joe Biden revealed, ‘Oh, it was Navy SEAL Team 6.’ But the families that we talked to in the episode tonight think that based on what their sons told them, they had a target on their back,” Laurie said.

Among some of the unanswered questions is why were the Afghani forces removed from the mission at the last moment? Why were they flying in a Chinook [helicopter] from 1989? Why were they not using a more powerful MH 47?

The Chinook is a good helicopter, but it is not known to maneuver particularly well. Considering the mission was flying into one of the real hotbeds in the area, it is unclear why the equipment was chosen.

“We’re talking about the Tangi Valley, which has historically been a really tough spot,” Laurie explained. “And so what happened is Extortion 17 lifted off and in a few minutes it was close to the hot landing zone which is called the HLZ, which some of your listeners will probably know. The AC 130 that is overhead that was accompanying the Chinook here said, ‘Oh, the HLZ is okay, there’s no enemy activity in the landing area,’ but it was still an active combat zone. And so they were in the area for close to three hours and one of the people we interviewed, one of the crewmembers of the AC 130 said, you know, we’ve been burning holes in the sky for three hours. You’ve got air weapons teams flying around. So there was an awful lot of noise going on, and basically the whole valley knew that there was something happening. And unfortunately air support was never used to soften that landing zone… And that is why when Extortion 17 was making its final approach, it was hit by the RPG and everyone on board was killed.”

“There’s also the question why were so many elite forces on this Chinook at one time,” she continued. “There are a lot of unusual events here, a lot of unanswered questions that we can’t necessarily answer right now.”

Glenn reiterated that For The Record is an investigative news magazine that is based in fact. “We are not alleging anything in this. We’re being very careful,” Glenn said. “When you listen to my program, you hear opinions. When you hear Laurie or you are watching For The Record, I want you to know you’re not getting my opinion or you’re not getting their opinion – you’re getting the facts. And so it’s not being alleged. There are more questions to this… Tonight we do, and we also speak with the victims’ families who will tell you a little bit about these really brave fallen angels.

Tonight’s episode, For The Record: Fallen Angel, airs at 8PM ET only on TheBlaze.

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  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The loss of so many SEAL’s has to be called for what it is: Treason, murder and betrayal of them on behalf of the administration to the Taliban and the Al-Qaeda terrorist network.

  • Sam Fisher

    With how well this White House runs this country is not shocking that this happen.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      No it’s not. I wonder if it was Obama directly, or someone who hated the SEAL’s that leaked the information to the terrorists.

      • Anonymous

         Considering all the uniformed Afghanis that shoot our men and women in the back it does not surprise me that this tragedy happened. Had their identities been kept secret they certainly would have fared better. But no, Gates had to tell the white house to STFU! Those fools have NO sense at all. And if that bastard gets us in another muslim war in Syria (my nephew is now in Jordan flying F-16’s) I will be looking for a hit man.

      • Anonymous

        The Seals were a given to the terrorists for the kill of Bin Laden, I feel and it only could come from the White House, I feel.  Nothing will ever travel back to obama, he is much smarter than that.  There will never be a paper trail and no one will ever know, unless one or some of the ranking military decide to get a conscious and bring all this out.  Doubtful.

  • Shane

    Laurie Dhue is beautiful! 

  • Anonymous

    So glad for the Blaze to have Laurie–She was an asset at Fox as far as I’m concened.  You GO, Gurl!  Eat you hear out FOX

  • Anonymous

    Do we really know if Obama bin laden was killed in Pakistan and dumped in the sea we saw nothing except Hillary running the show all other tyrant son’s father’s dead .Hanging bullit splattered bodies but out of some kind of sick respect for a murderer of our fellow AMERICAN’S
    you can’t see that !
    Give me a break thing’s were supposed to be much better if this guy was dead somehow I don’t see great improvement what about the Boston freak’s does none of this make anyone else ?
    Thank you to all who serve and to those who we can never thank.

  • Take 2

    The frog looks up at the Scorpion asking WHY?  Why? you will die too…!

    Scorpion: born raised Islamist…! Convicted Auto thief hard drug addiction and student of anti American blah blah blah 

    The Scorpion replied…it’s my nature. 

  • Anonymous

    From what I have heard and read from those who have a good insight, the SEALs were set up for a fall and again it traces back to who gave those orders and why is this investigation on stall….the heat is building against this adminstration, there is going to be hell to pay..

  • Jeff Noncent

    what more can you say we are in big trouble no matter where we are

  • Anonymous

    The Seals are trained machines, elite.  They were compromised.   Just think about it – all the helicopters lifting off and landing how was that helicopter picked out from all of them.  I have my suspicions and obama is at the top.

  • Anonymous

    Obama appointed Republican Robert Gates to Secretary of Defense because he was credited with putting policies on Iraq in a more successful direction during the Bush administration.  Monday morning quarterbacking by Beck and Dhue is pointless other than attempting a political attack.

  • Luci D’Mari

    It’s worse than criminal. It’s treason. period.

  • Erik Peterson

    First off, I think this women is going to be a coward. 

    You know whats interesting? They didn’t even report on the ‘for the record’ episode that the afghan troops were pulled off the helicopter last minute. They didn’t even address public reports that these guys were set up by their own military.

    This women should be fired before she even starts. If she squirms at the word criminal when in fact government, media and corporate officials are participating in treason, organized crime and providing the material support of terrorism then she will never ask the tough questions we need answers to.

    • Anonymous

       They did report that, listen carefully to the lady early in her conversation with Beck.
      But the thing that is really disturbing the day after the guys got killed it was shown on TV (you know algores network) but I now can’t find that video anywhere. In the video that chopper was set up, there was not 1 but three rockets fired at it, from three strategic positions,the first 2 from the sides and above the chopper and the fatal one was done and was the kill because the pilot had nowhere to turn to, they were led into a trap I made this observation and comment 2 years ago, a chopper pilot absolutely confirmed the tactics used against that US chopper and said that there was no doubt it was a set up! The guys in the C130 plane that was supposed to cover said the operation ( before the kill) took 2 – 3 hrs I guess it would take that long to set up the grenade launchers because these were nor “shoulder” held RPG’s guys! these were ground based and needed time to get set up! think it through,   they needed to get positioned that is why the whole scenario took 2 – 3 hours to unfold, The Afghans were taken of the mission minutes before take-off and the the ones that replaced them on board and were killed with Team 6 were also involved with the Bin Laden mission ,go figure.

      • Erik Peterson

        I think you need to re-read what I said.

        Dhue and Beck did bring up the afghan troops being pulled off the plane before deployment in this interview. However,

        Dhue, did not mention THIS FACT OF THE AFGHAN TROOPS being pulled off the plane in the “For The Record” episode shown on the BlazeTV.

        Another coward in media. Really appreciate that.

  • Maryanne Greenberg

    don’t trust the fact that this was an “accident”.  We have been having too many of them lately.  I remember listening to a set of parents who was told by their son that the chatter on social media was that they were going to go after the parents.  He wanted everything about his parents scrubbed.   Why was this wonderful group of American heroes outed???? So many questions, no answers, and a lot of cover ups. 

  • Keith Howard

    I know it’s terrible to say, but Ms Dhue rocks my world! And she is brainy as well as beautiful. Some man is very lucky. As an aside, Im out in the middle of nowhere  ( the Midddle east)  with real slow internet. I wish you all could set up the shows for podcast downloads like you do the radio show.

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