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After much delay and hype, Paula Deen finally appeared on NBC’s TODAY show yesterday for a very emotional interview with Matt Lauer. Glenn has defended Deen since the Food Network failed to renew her contract because while he does not pretend to know how she feels in her heart, he does not like the attitude or the actions he has seen from the public.

“Paula Deen yesterday was on the TODAY show and, you know, I have to tell ya… who are we turning into? I mean, we are really turning into monsters, at least I think,” Glenn said. “We are turning into a group of people that the world should fear. We are turning into a group of people that hunt other people. If you happen to disagree, you happen to step out of line, you’ve made a mistake at any point in your life you’re done.”

Interestingly, one of the other partnerships Deen has lost is with Harrah’s Casino, which Pat found particularly remarkable.

“She has been destroyed,” Pat said. “I mean, it’s pretty bad when Harrah’s casino, a place that specializes in ruining people’s lives, thousands and thousands of lives per day because she said one word… closes down four of her restaurants.”

“Minor exaggeration there I would say,” Stu joked in response to Pat. “They are not ruining thousands of…”

“I would not say that’s one iota of an exaggeration,” Pat maintained. “But of course they are! They encourage you to come and blow your entire life’s fortune… Sacrifice your home, sacrifice your family, drink yourself into oblivion as you’re doing it and these guys have the balls to close her restaurants?”

“Wait, wait. Wait, wait,” Glenn said. “Also, while you’re gambling, they also will give you free liquor and they will give you free cigarettes. I want to hear the rant on that part too.”

“Right. Right. It’s pathetic, Harrah’s casino, pathetic,” Pat continued. “I mean, how do you look yourself in the mirror the next day… It’s pathetic. It’s pathetic.”

Considering Deen seemed to have some initial PR stumbles in the immediate aftermath of the scandal, she handled the TODAY interview surprisingly well.

DEEN: I’ve had wonderful support from Reverend Jackson. I’ve had wonderful support. And I tell you what: If there’s anyone out there that has never said something that they wish they could take back, if you’re out there, please pick up that stone and throw it so hard at my head that it kills me.

Overlooking the fact that Jesse Jackson only supports certain people at certain times when it is socially opportune to do so, Pat appreciated Deen’s humility. “It’s a great statement. I think she handled that interview really well,” he said.

“She is on the list of very unpopular people. It doesn’t matter what you do. It doesn’t matter who you’re for. You are an unpopular person now. Look what’s happening to us,” Glenn said. “We are all so self‑righteous, we all think we all know the best. We’re turning into cattle and ranchers. And if you’re not a rancher, look out because you’re headed for slaughter. We’ve destroyed this woman’s life. For what? For what?”

“I just can’t believe we’re living in a society where we just destroy people like this. Where it doesn’t matter,” Glenn concluded. “It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done. You make one mistake and you are done. You’re done.”