Attention Liberal Media: Glenn didn’t compare Paula Deen to Martin Luther King

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In the dumbest smear perhaps in history, one that proves the left struggles with basic language comprehension, The International Business Times claims Glenn compared Paula Deen to MLK. They needed quite a few {…} in between words to make that connection, but since when has a blatant falsehood ever stopped the left from attacking Glenn? Uh, never.

The IBT wrote:

Beck, however, defended the 66-year-old chef, stating that her past use of the word was a “violation of political correctness, nothing more.” The New York Times bestseller continued to ask, “How can people advance if we suppress any thought?” adding, “I’m not putting the N-word into any category of great thought.” Beck did, however, compare Deen’s situation to that of historical figures such as Christopher Columbus and Martin Luther King Jr.

“Where would the world be if Columbus and Magellan and other world explorers believed conventional wisdom and believed the world was flat. … Where would we be if Martin Luther King didn’t speak and challenge segregation? Where would we be if everyone in the world thought in the box?” Beck asked.

Now, it would be pretty stupid of Glenn to say that Deen was the same as MLK, right? We all know Glenn doesn’t always say things in the most politically correct or eloquent manner, but does anything really think he would compare the foremost civil rights leader of our time to the cheese sandwich lady?

So what’s the full context? Well, in a monologue using the Paula Deen story as a jumping off point – Glenn was talking about why it’s important to make sure all voices are protected under free speech, not just the ones we all agree with. Why? Because sometimes you expose some real hatred, and other times you have profound ideas that might be controversial come to the surface.

Here’s a longer version of the transcript the International Business Times decided to selectively pull – do you notice how many sentences are between the reference to MLK and Paula Deen are? (SPOILER: there are 189 words from the reference to MLK to Glenn talking about Paula Deen).

Okay, not cowardly. (Bill Maher) said that on ABC television six days after the World Trade Centers came down. He was fired for that 15-second clip. I was newly on talk radio nationwide, and I defended him. I defended him – not a popular stance, not something I did for ratings. Can you imagine…put yourself back. If you don’t remember this, put yourself back in those days. And here’s a guy on talk radio you’ve never heard of before saying wait a minute, wait a minute, you don’t fire him. He has the freedom to say those things.

I took serious heat from Conservatives on talk radio for defending him then, but I stand on principle. And when you go down the road of suppression – suppression, discouraging people from speaking their minds, striking terror in the hearts, and being a slave to political correctness by making them all go away, you’re engaging in McCarthyism, and we regress as a society and become less free. Well, we can’t become much less free and still be free at all.

How can a people advance if we suppress any thought? How can we advance if we train people not to rock the boat? I want you to know, I’m not putting the N-word in any category close to great thought. But if man isn’t free to speak, if he is afraid to speak words, whether they are politically incorrect or because they are offensive or because they’re just not fashionable scientific thought, whether it be Darwinism or climate change or creationism, we stop being the nation we want to be and start being the nation people should fear.

Where would the world be if Columbus and Magellan and other world explorers believed conventional wisdom that the earth was flat, or they were told that’s it, you’re not going anywhere; to jail with you? Where would we be if Martin Luther King didn’t speak and challenge segregation and racism? Where would we be if everyone in the world thought in the box?

That’s why it’s important we defend our right to speech, and whenever you see it under assault, even the most and maybe especially in its most vile, disgusting speech, you have to stand up and make sure you defend people’s right to say it. That’s why I defended Bill Maher. That’s why I defended the Daily Show creator just a few weeks ago. She said something stupid, and I said back off. She has a right to say it.

That’s why I defended Shirley Sherrod. That’s why I defended the artist that did Piss Christ. That’s why I defended Keith Olbermann the whole time he was boycotting me. And that’s why I defended the “chink in the armor” guy at ESPN, the writer who was fired for using a phrase everybody uses.

I’m not defending what people say or what they do or how they live their life, but I am defending their right to do it, to say it, and to live their life that way. I for one am an American that is sick and tired of knee-jerk, PC mob reaction to the fragments and soundbites of people. Paula Deen could very well be a racist. I don’t know, but you don’t either. And here’s the thing, I don’t really care what Paula Deen said years ago in her private life. It has no impact on me or society whatsoever.


“Now, so you have the context of this monologue, I was talking about we have got to stop punishing speech; we have got to stop saying don’t read these things,” Glenn said.

  • landofaahs

    I was never impressed with MLK either.  Sorry, I remember the truth.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    For the leftists, the usage of altered and manipulated messages are tools of the trade and thus fair game; they cannot abide by the truth as it discredits and destroys their lies.

    • Isabel Herron

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  • landofaahs

    Glenn, liberalism is a lie.  So why would you think they would not lie? It’s in their blood.  They would rather tell a lie even if the truth would serve them better.  It’s just like Roe v. Wade.  It was a case brought up on a lie.  They have to lie because it is required by their father the devil who is the father of lies.

  • Anonymous

    The woman writing the smear is a black woman named Amethyst Tate! Her agenda never changes! Amazing to me that someone can exist with so much hate! It must be terribly tiresome.

  • Sam Fisher

    Oh liberals do you guys ever stop lying? Really not shocking as well and we have some liberals questioning why Glenn calls us a new civil rights movement. Oh gee I don’t how about your despicable actions to conservatives. You changing things around taking things out of context and turning everyone you disagree with into racist.

  • iamcurious

    Liberalism is a mental illness. It’s a product of a disturbed thinking process. 

  • Anonymous

    Al Sharpton is all mixed up even Dr.King would not recognize him.Ignore him because Glenn Beck has more on his side then Sharpton does.

  • Anonymous

    To me, compared to Chris Rock, Paula Deen is MLK.  But I guess he is excused for his racism.  This has touched a sore point with me, because just a little while ago I walked 3 blocks down my street to the grocery store and once again was harassed by young black girls in their teens and twenties.  I was called white bitch, cracker, and strangely enough, peckerwood.  Which I don’t get because I am not a redhead like a woodpecker.  I was never allowed to use the N word.  I read it before I heard it.  I was told when I asked what it meant that only trashy people used it.

  • Jeremiah Nierras

    I actually enjoy these times, the headlines are all like: “Glenn Beck defended WHO?! Apparently a Democrat/Progressive who got caught saying stupid crap.”

    I like that. It’s not always the popular move, but always stand on principle. Right of Free Speech is absolute.

  • Anonymous

    Regarding Paula Deen; I think it is unbelievably hateful and non justifiable for all of these companies to break their contracts with her. Something she may have done or said many, many years ago should not be used against her. People say stupid things and people also change. Is there really any proof that she is racist? I don’t think so and I hope she gets a great lawyer and fights for her contracts. Why aren’t so any others (B.O.) not fired when they were found to accept racist comments made by their Reverend while they were listening to these words for 20 years! And do all of these companies who have dropped Paula know who else in their companies have EVER said something racist? That means if they dropped Paula for that then they need to fire a whole lot of people. I hope she can over come this hope she knows she has people who still support her.

    • Anonymous

       I don’t think it’s because of just one word. It’s fallout from a lawsuit she is embroiled in. Reportedly, she hosted  slave themed wedding. If so, speaks volumes.

      • Anonymous

         even if that is true (and we all know the media lies)…what does that say about the supposed employees who willing “played” slave for the event?  Seriously, people are going to believe what ever they want to believe, even the lies from the media.  Who do you trust?

        • Anonymous

           Nothing about the media..check the trial transcripts. And I don’t care about Paula Deen one way or another. But the companies who hired her feel differently…and that is their right.

      • Anonymous

        Just curious, did she have people in chains? What exactly did she do in those weddings? I heard she wanted the waiters to wear certain clothing. Not sure that makes her a racist. Maybe poor choices and insensitive to those who could be offended. But again, happened so many years ago, not enough to fire her!

        • Anonymous

           And if was my company or yours, perhaps we wouldn’t. However they are well within their right to do so. Wouldn’t be the first spokesperson you has fallen from grace..

          • Anonymous

            That is true, these companies do have that right. But it is a shame that they don’t have  backbone. They fear losing profits and that is all it is. I do agree with them if she really is racist, but my issue with them is that they are making this judgment out of pure fear for their bottom line and are not really thinking this out. They should investigate others in their companies or those who they endorse to see if there is anything in their history. I do respect your responses.

          • Anonymous

             Thanks, and I respect yours as well. And your right, for them it is about the bottom line. But  what is even sadder is I think they have a legitimate concern Consumers are so fickle these days.
              Obviously the Food Network, or Smithfields had no control over what the women said 30+ years ago. But how many consumers would have pulled their patronage anyway ? I can’t say I blame them for erring on the side of caution. They are in it for money after all.

      • Anonymous

        Uhhh…noo. She TALKED about thowing her brother a wedding reception with a southern theme & in which she thought waitors dressed in the same tuxedo like uniforms she saw in a restaraunt (which she said the waitors were middle-aged black men) might look good & some WHITE woman sued over “racism, sexism& a hostile environment” in the restaraunt Deen’s brother ran.

        • Anonymous

           And you may be correct. Bottom line, their company. Right or wrong they can do whatever they choose.

          • Anonymous

             There are laws that state employees have the right to work in an environment that is comfortable, I don’t think a company can do totally what they want.

      • Anonymous

         They were brainstorming possible wedding themes and someone suggested a plantation theme.  That’s all there was to it.  You could have a plantation theme without slaves.  A lot of Southern towns have antebellum themed events and they are not considered racist.  For example, Mobile, Alabama and Charleston, South Carolina.

        • Anonymous

          Your right

    • Anonymous

      What about Alex Baldwin’s comments aired today when he called a man a queen.  That isn’t racist, but it is the same intolerance.  It is alright for some to do it, but not others.

    • Pachy Serrano

      She started everything on her own and now she is crying ’cause she know she screwed up, but I truly believe she apologized sincerely and we should move on. Am sure she won’t do it again!

  • michael

    I wonder why people think that Slavery is a Black only thing.  All of Europe were Slaves.  They called it being a Serf, but basically it’s the same thing, IF you were poor, you were a Serf and owned by the Land owner and Nobles. America had thousands of Indentured servants, and if you really think about it.  What is living on Welfare and making minimum wage?  You work your a## off for subsistence wages and in return you get housing, and food from the Master (government). 

  • D Kevin Clark

    Paula Dean is on the left. They are attacking her. You sow it you reap. This is like watching wolves hunt a wounded member of their pack.

  • jalina susan stutte

    Don’t care about Paula sorry. She’s a crybaby drama queen that endorsed and campaigned for Obama and now the liberals are eating her up. Kinda sounds like Karma.

  • Rebecca Clark

    I posted:  I spent $265 at #hyvee today for my family of seven…which is an average biweekly trip that would normally go to #walmart. I will continue this pattern until I hear #pauladeen’s products are back on the shelves.

    on WalMart’s facebook.  I encourage you to encourage your followers to do the same (boycott)

  • Anonymous

    A bit off topic, but the thread gives me the chance. Words when used have meaning, but when said they do not. Mark Furman was found guilty of lying under oath when he said he had never used “the N-word”. I have no problem in writing the word nigger in this context, I am not using the word. Furman was shown to have said nigger in his consultation with a fiction writer who was paying him to help her in the dialogue and language for a book she was writing about a police precinct. Did he use the word? Was he saying it in his own voice? Or was he putting the word in the voice of an imaginary character for the writer?

    I’m tired of the PC avoidance of words. If I insult someone with a banned word then I”m guilty of the prejudice in my thoughts. But if I say Bill Maher called Sarah Palin a cunt I shouldn’t have to  say he called her the “C-word”. I am not using the word, I’m quoting him.

    The banning of profanity and obscenity (however you define them) on broadcast TV by the FCC is not a bad regulation – parents watching TV with young children in afternoon and prime time hours shouldn’t have to explain why the children shouldn’t use the language but the characters on TV can. But that doesn’t apply to cable news and opinion, as long as they are consistent so the parents can avoid exposing their children to the terms – if they so choose.

    Years ago I was a divorced bachelor living in Greenwich Village (lived there for 25 years). I hung out in a local saloon, and many of the ladies there had mouths that would have embarrassed the sailors on my old Naval ship. Every other word was the “universal adjective” – yes, that is fucklin’. One of them asked me why I didn’t “swear” – my answer was that I do, but I save it for when I drop something heavy on my foot.

    Words lose meaning when they are overused, Words lose meaning when they are banned, but another word takes over the same meaning. Many years ago the English word for the human butt end was “arse”. The polite people changed it to “ass”, the animal. Full circle, now “kiss my arse” is less offensive than “kiss my ass”. Arse has become a euphemism for ass, which was a euphemism for ass.

    Best, Jon

  • Anonymous

    yay!!!! that’s our glenn… one could have said it better…..i always defend honesty and appreciate those who know how to be honorable….thank God for people like them…..cjj 

  • Anonymous

    I wonder how many of these younger airheads were around 30 years ago or old enough to get it? I will bet many of their parents still used the “N” word 30 years ago, if truth be told. I heard it often as a kid in the 50s in California, not the south. It was still in widespead use then. It wasn’t really non-pc to use it until the 60s and the civil rights movement. Old habits die hard and that is one that took a lot of people a long time to get out of their vocabulary. (I am still having trouble getting rid of some potty words I heard too often as a kid.) And not necessarily because they hated blacks. It was just habit and prior to the 60s you had 2 choices to call a black person, the nasty n word or the nicer genetics version. “Black” hadn’t been invented yet. But you know what is most amazing to me? Blacks use the “n”word all the time and nobody cares! What does that mean? Blacks can also call Whites, Crackas and it is not politically incorrect. What is up with that?!?!? I agree with Glen, what we say is our own business. And it doesn’t become hateful unless we direct it at someone in a personal way. So, Paula, I give you a pass on the past.

  • Anonymous

     Glen is wrong on his point of view, because he is taking the right of someone to tell people to leave them alone, to say shutup I don’t want to hear you, away from them. When I was younger, if people said nasty stuff, there were enough people, that wanted to be respectful around, they spoke up and said, that is disrespectful and mean spirited, kKnock it off. When people don’t speak up, silence means you agree. People have gotten nastier and meaner due to what they watch on tv, and think is is acceptable. The news media are not telling the whole story, it is not just about he N-word, an employee is suing because of they ddin’t like their work environment. For those who say then quit the job if you don’t like . I say then change the law, the laws states a person has the right to work in an environment that is comfortable. I also think HR or managers when interviewing should be honest then and say up front and ask questions like: do you mind the F-bomb, or dirty jokes or sexual humor because that is how we express ourselves for fun around here. Then a person can decide to say no or yes I will accept the job, but they don’t, WHY?
    If you look at videos of Paul Deen, she is nasty and I hate working with people like her. (There is a video of her on a cruise ship, she is running a towel between her legs)  I wouldn’t care if they acted nasty  10 feet away from me, out of earshot and left me alone, but people that like to act nasty don’t, they will seek out those who are not watching and project their selves on them for attention because they have a sick need for attention and they don’t like being ignored. Paula Deen and her sons are getting what they deserve, whatever pain you inflict on others will come back to you somehow someway. When people project nasty behavior on those who don’t enjoy how they are acting, you are inflicting spiritual pain on them. So Glen needs to stop with the hypocritical spiritual trip he is on, he has a long ways to see how his thinking is not clear. His heart is in the right place, but his thinking is messed up. Men have taught women to hate them because they don’t act respectful or treat women with respect or teach women that want to act badly to behave. The old Adam and Eve story being replayed over and over.

  • Anonymous

    See you guys look at this from the wrong angle. You actually believe that Paula Deen has lost these contracts because of the PC police, controlled by the liberal media. Although this may be contributing to the problem it has more to do to money. 
    African Americans spend more than 1 Trillion dollars annually. Now Glen can say what he wants because any company that does business with him, is not seeking to cash in on this demographic. To most African Americans conservative talk show hosts are all racist, and their advertisers know that this misconception exists. I am an African American and I find that most people who have achieved some level of success in this country are usually not extreme bigots. So I don’t believe Glen Beck, or Rush Limbaugh are card carrying KKK members. They are insensitive at times, but most of us are guilty of that.  The reason that all these companies are jumping off the Deen bandwagon is simple economics. They want some of this 1 trillion, or at the very least they don’t want to close the door on it. And you have to also include all the liberal whites and the LGBT community as well, that will follow African Americans in any boycott. When you factor that in you are talking even more paper.

  • J Nelson

    “Attention world, Glenn Beck is a polygamist! Why? because I said so and if you don’t believe me you’re a moron! Isn’t it obvious? He’s a Mormon! Nobody wants Gay Marriage to go through more than Glenn Beck because it’s the gateway to being able to return Plural Marriage to the earth! The LDS Church has planted him into the media, really, to push the Mormon Agenda!” – THE CNN “Continuously Nonsensical News” Team

  • Anonymous

    Glenn, those of us who saw the article, responded effectively. Then there are those inconsequential people who will believe anything negative true or false about you. Don’t sweat it, you have nothing to fear.

  • Pachy Serrano

    GB, First, please STOP talking without thinking first and then the media won’t be assuming things. Second, don’t compare yourself with rappers or comedians. They are entertainers, they are not political leaning pundits or moderators with an open political view. HATE SPEECH is NOT SPEECH Brother!!  

  • wushi

  • Dillan Flat

    Glenn used the wrong recoil rant.  A personal equivalence was teased in the headline  and then explicitly walked back in the
    second paragraph with the keyword ‘situation’ ( “….Beck did however, compare Deen’s situation…”).  Not only that, Glenn read
    that  qualification from the IBT on air, and then, still proceeded to shoehorn the angle that the article was claiming he made a
    comparison of character (and or of historical significance); he did not and the IBT article (beyond the misleading hook in the
    headline) did claim he had.  
    Same thing (more or less) with ‘Beck Defends Racial Slurs’ in the second portion of the headline.  It suggest to the reader that
    Glenn thinks use of the ‘N-Word’ fine and dandy, which not true.  However, the discrepancy between adverting on the box and
    what’s inside becomes apparent upon reading this quote from the original monologue in body of the article itself: ” I’m not
    putting the N-word into any category of great thought.”  In other words, this cheesy and disappointing little kazoo is not the
    ringing endorsement bugle of racial epithets promised in the banner.
    It would have been funnier and  more accurate if he would have riffed on the false advertising in the title  and not even
    acknowledged it the weight of a smear.  It seems whiny to lean on ideological bias in the media when this is far more an example
    generic sensationalism (a la Michael Jackson or OJ) aimed at selling copy (good or bad as that may be relative its affect on the
    Also, the 189 word count shticks is weak. How can a metric be applied to truth condition (‘blatant falsehood’)?  Would it be
    still be 100% false, but ever so slightly less blatant given a 184 word separation?  This push-back point is not coherent.  What
    is the purpose of mentioning names of well know people (past and present) within the span of the same monologue, under the same
    umbrella topic – free speech (and by extension natural rights in general) – other than to make some sort of association and or
    contrast anyway?  Did he make a ‘non-comparison’ between King and Dean, but only a semi-comparison between Magellan and
    Columbus.  Latching onto the term ‘compare’ on order to forward this equivocation is silly.

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