Pat and Stu have been making fun of Miss Teen South Carolina’s cringe-worthy answer to a question about why Americans can’t locate the United States on map for years, and Miss Utah’s recent answer to a question about equal pay for women during the Miss USA pageant was equally hilarious. This week, conservative pundit Caleb Bonham released a spoof of the ladies’ tragic answers with his “Obama Beauty Pageant” video that was filmed on the streets of Denver.

TheBlaze explains:

Contestants in the “pageant,” who were all Obama supporters, were asked to answer two pageant questions that resulted in a pair of infamous responses from Miss South Carolina and Miss Utah. Bonham even somehow got each respondent to wear a tiara that had “Obama supporter” written on it.”

On radio this morning, Glenn and Pat played Bonham’s laugh-out-loud video:

“It is so well done,” Glenn said. “And they sound – play the beauty pageant queens again. They sound just like the people that everybody makes fun of.”

Miss Teen South Carolina (2007):

Miss Utah (2013):

“That woman on the street said that same thing,” Glenn said. “She was blaming it on the lack of maps.”

“The only thing they don’t go to is what these beauty pageant queens and contestants are trying to do and that’s going to the children, go to the poorer countries, talk about how they need education there, we need better education in, you know, the Iraq and the South Africa,” Pat said in his best Miss Teen South Carolina impression.

Obviously this video is very funny. But it also shows the remarkable ignorance of the American public, who is quick to make fun of the awful answers provided by the beauty pageant contestants.

“I mean, look at what we’ve turned into,” Glenn said. “We make fun of beauty pageant people because they’re on TV and we’re, like, look how stupid these people are. They’re just nothing but beautiful and they’re dumb as a box of rocks. Well, I’ve got news for you: 80% of the people around you are dumb as a box of rocks and ugly.”

“When you’ve got neither of them going for you, man, I mean, that’s why I’m trying to educate myself,” Glenn joked. “If you’re going to be as ugly as I am, you have to at least try to educate yourself.”

Watch Glenn and Pat’s full reaction below: