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The George Zimmerman trial continues to move forward despite a bizarre series of witness testimonies and strange tactics from both the prosecution and the defense. So what happens if Zimmerman gets off scott free? On radio this morning, Glenn explained he believes things could get really ugly.

“The Zimmerman case is one of the most amazing cases that I have ever seen in my life,” Glenn said. “First of all, he’s been deemed a ‘white man’ when he’s as white as the president is. He’s a Hispanic.”

Glenn explained that as fair as the American justice system is in comparison to other countries, there will always be injustice because man is inherently flawed.

“Look, we have to be really frank. As you will see this week on TheBlaze and we will try to bring more stories to you just about this museum that we are putting together here in the Mountain West for the independence week, America has been a place of great and grand injustice, just like every country and every land in the history of the planet because man is flawed. Man, natural man, is an enemy of God,” Glenn explained. “Unless we have justice and a court system, where justice is blind, and it doesn’t look at a last name. It doesn’t look at a color. It doesn’t look at anything but the facts, that you take the name and you take the color of the skin, you take everything off except the facts and justice looks at those facts and says, ‘Guilty/not guilty,’ and it has nothing to do with your station in life. That’s what’s made us different.”

Our country was founded with a moral compass rooted in God, but we have stopped looking for that immovable compass point.

“We have stopped looking up, we have stopped looking for that immovable compass point because we now believe in social justice and collective salvation as opposed to individual salvation because we no longer believe in merit anymore,” Glenn continued. “Civil rights exist. It’s called the Bill of Rights and they belong to all men, all men because all men are created equal and endowed by their creator, with certain things that you cannot change, ever, no man can change because they are given by God. And those rights are simple.”

Those rights include the freedom of speech, religion, assembly, self-protection, etc. They are simple and straightforward and protected by the Constitution, but lately it feels like we have failed at protecting these rights too many times.

“They were all protected by the Constitution. And we have failed so many times. Are we now going to fail our last great test? Are we going to fail? Are we really going to, while we’re saying we’re an enlightened group of people, go back to the animals that natural man really is and tear each other apart over race or power or greed,” Glenn asked. “Yes. I’m afraid so many would answer yes because they have forgotten the other point in the sky that was a compass point. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. There are too many that want vengeance because they believe in collective salvation. Because they believe that they can dish out vengeance, they can dish out judgment and justice. And so we make our justice system a joke.”

In Zimmerman’s case, Glenn believes he has been the victim of ‘guilty until proven innocent’ instead of ‘innocent until proven guilty.’

“I don’t know anything about Zimmerman, but I do know this: The guy’s getting railroaded,” Glenn said. “They convicted him the day this happened. They convicted him of the greatest crime in America today, the first time he committed was not killing a black man. His first crime was being white, even though he’s not white. He suddenly became a Caucasian. Hispanics, listen up. They’ll turn on you the second it’s to their advantage because they don’t believe in true justice. They believe in vengeance. They believe in power. They believe in greed. They believe in all those things that do not come from God. They do not believe in equal justice. They believe in special justice. And if you stand in the way… or because they believe in the collective, your life isn’t worth anything to them if they can use you to make a greater point for the collective. You have to break a few eggs. And this Hispanic is an unfortunate egg that needs to be broken. And MSNBC is now saying there’s little hope that he’s going to be convicted. Excuse me? There’s little hope that he’s going to be convicted? Who is hoping for him to be convicted if the evidence shows he’s not guilty?”

“And MSNBC, they know exactly what they’re doing. This is not 2004 anymore, when so many Americans were lost and didn’t know what they were talking about… This is 2013. Our country is at stake. Our children are at stake. This isn’t hyperbole. You know in the year 2000 when we were back and forth on Al Gore and we were talking about laws, are we going to stay with laws or not? But nobody’s life was at stake. The republic, it was hyperbole then to say the republic is at stake,” he continued. “But gang, we’re at the end. And unless we stand for unmovable truths, just those truths that are immovable and eternal, whether you like them or not, they’re eternal and immovable. Unless we stand for those we don’t like, if they’re wrong, we have to stand with them. You may be for Trayvon Martin, but if the facts come out and say Zimmerman did it in self‑defense… I don’t like Zimmerman. I don’t like him. I mean, he was out in the night and he’s patrolling. He seems like an egomaniac. He’s doing stuff I wouldn’t do and I wouldn’t want my neighbor to do. But if he’s not guilty, you don’t condemn him. And if they don’t condemn him, what’s going to happen? This guy’s life is ruined forever! Forever! Aren’t we becoming everything we despise? The only way to stop it is to be for blind justice.”