Glenn: Independence Museum has “spiraled out of control”

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Things are starting to heat up in Salt Lake City – and it’s not just the stifling 100+ degree weather. Yesterday was load in day for the Independence Museum, and more and more items continue to pour in!

“So yesterday Stu was with me in the library. David Barton and I are putting together a library and we’ve put together a museum, and the museum has spiraled out of control just a tad in a good way. I think last week we had $35 million worth of rare collectibles that are just, you just can’t believe that they’re sitting there and you’re looking at them. Some things that we didn’t even know were in existence,” Glenn said.

Yesterday, Stu was with Glenn as he was sorting through what would actually be displayed at the Museum. Not only were incredible things going on display, but amazing artifacts that would be prominently showcased anywhere else were being put away to make room.

“This is how great this exhibit is. We rejected a piece of the original Star‑Spangled Banner,” Glenn said.

But Glenn did end up getting a Pilgrim hat which will be on display, as well as a gun from that same era.

Stu also saw some incredible things, including a newspaper marking the end of the Civil War.

“I spent probably ten or 15 minutes on this one cover of a newspaper that was out there. It was a newspaper marking the end of the Civil War. So think of what a big deal that is. And the newspaper, it’s cut into, like, these little tiny columns. The front page looked like a classified ad,” Stu said.

“Really small columns,” Stu continued. “They didn’t change the format. It was just the end of the Civil War. And so they have ‑‑ first of all, it’s the end of the Civil War, the first three columns are: New books coming out this week. That’s what they led with. And then they have this big centerpiece of where it says, you know, Lee surrenders, peace finally, you know, blah‑blah. And it kind of outlines what happens.”

“At the end ‑‑ I thought this was interesting ‑‑ is they said they released the entire army was free to go, they took the canons and whatever, but they let ‑‑ this is how important the Second Amendment was: They let all the Confederate soldiers keep their sidearms. It says that in the story. I mean, what an amazing thing to think now we’re like you’re not ‑‑ as a citizen, not someone who started a revolution and was fighting actively against the government. We let those guys keep their weapons.”

  • Anonymous

    We forget how extraordinary our Forefathers were!!  Of course, that has always been the object of the enemies of freedom.  We did not recognize what they (enemies of freedom) were for a long time….we do now.  They cannot and will not win, unless we let them!!

  • Sam Fisher

    Those guns are called blunder bust if I am not mistaken. if I am I sure I will get corrected. Thank you Glenn for doing this.

    • Anonymous


      • Sam Fisher

        At least I was sort of close thanks for the correction.

        • Anonymous

          A blunderbuss was used in the Revolutionary times, not the Civil War. It was a non-rifled, smoothbore shotgun which you packed with anything handy: sand, rocks, pieces of of metal…just about anything you would like to shoot someone with. Awesome weapon.

          • Sam Fisher

            And they were talking about a gun from the Mayflower.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for saying that, I was thinking it.

  • CMKirkland

    You need to do this EVERY YEAR!!  Keep it in Utah, and get new stuff every year!

  • landofaahs

    I look forward to the day Glenn, when you can put a liberal on display in your museum and people flood in to see it because it is so rare.

    • Jaamoose

      DOh! That’s just so funny….you conservos are a hoot! I almost wish I didn’t have a brain so I could laugh along!

      • Anonymous

        You obviously DON’T have a brain since all you’re doing is trolling & can’t contribute anything constructive. Go back to your cave, i.e. your mommies basement.

        • Jaamoose

          Oh, I’m “trolling” whilst landofduhs is adding constructive commentary by wanting liberals in a museum…and Travis, is YOUR mommies basement…

          • Anonymous

            Jealous much?

      • landofaahs

        That would make you dumber than the scarecrow in the “Wizard of Oz”. He was smart enough to ask for one. But perhaps you have one but that you left it up your rear-end.

      • Keith Howard

        You just cant miss what youve never had. So you just dont realize your missing a brain. And probably the common sense God gives a goose.

    • Frances M. Cameron

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  • Judith F Nossol

    I like the idea, congratulation to Glenn Beck!

  • Timothy Mohr

    The Pilgrims gun is called a Blunder-buster, I’m pretty sure that’s the official name.

    • Anonymous


  • Hal Holloway

    David Barton is a well respected expert in his field of government.  Excellent Christian man, an asset to anyone’s organization!  Thank you Glenn for recognizing great talent.

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