WATCH: Glenn shares items from Independence Week history museum

On tonight’s Glenn Beck Program, Glenn shared some of the items from the Independence Week history museum. With over $35 million in artifacts, the items in this collection are remarkable pieces of American history that must be preserved and respected. The entire Man in the Moon program revolves around the distinction between the Fourth of July and Independence Day, and a trip through the collection Glenn has curated in Salt Lake City will instantly remind you of all we have sacrificed in the name of freedom and the fight we continue to endure to preserve those freedoms.

Part I:

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Part II:

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  • Pamela Peltonen

    35 million in artifacts that the average American will never see. These items are purchased by the highest bidder, just like our freedom and liberty. These items are precious and sacred to all Americans, and they belong to us all. But still, they are just things. The most enduring artifact of American history isn’t for sale even to the richest buyer, and that is our hearts beating for freedom and for God.

    • Frances M. Cameron

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  • Jeremy Diaz

    Thank you Glenn.  This is very moving, spiritually and emotionally.  Both parts are good, but Part II is the the most heart-hitting! It’s getting harder and harder to find like-minded souls that interpret the state of this country as being a direct result of taking God out of everything. Persecution of Christians…rather Christianity as a whole, has already begun, and being covered up and protected as civil rights for “sin”. I may not be on the right path, but it hurts so much to see where we, as a country (and as a world), are rapidly heading. I’ve avoided politics my entire life, but it’s impossible to ignore, now that I have people depending on me.

  • Anonymous

    Carry The Cross.


    Carry Some More.

    Do Not Quit.

    They Want You To Quit.

    Do Not Allow Them To Convince You To Quit.

    Look at what’s happening in Austin. People have quit.  People have given up.  They let go of Faith, Hope and Charity.  They became so deceived and desperate that they will no longer die for their children but have decided to kill their children instead.  Instead of a blessing, children have become a burden, too much burden for people convinced that to save their own skins that they must kill their way out of this burden.  Their excuses are endless and filled with insults mocking everything that is good and just.  They have given up on life and have embraced death.

    4,000 per day in the USA.

    I think the founders are horrified that their document is being misused by people to justify abandoning the gift of life.

  • Michael Richard

    Like so many other governments that have tried, and failed, to hide the facts’ ours will fail at this also.  Why are the facts of our great nation’s history being hidden, obscured, distorted, and denied?  The answer is this. Like your past successes, and your sins, when kept inside, you leave a void.  This void is easily filled with doubt, fear, and yes even hate, and those in power will manipulate you and tell you who you should hate, tell you what to fear, tell you how to live. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.  Power taken is abhorred, power granted is tolerated.  We as a nation have tolerated long enough.  It is time to rise up as one through peaceful means if at all possible, through stronger means if necessary, and take America back.  Once we have regained our Nation, we will have the great task of rebuilding it, and without Divine Providence we are not going to succeed at this.  Without Divine Providence it will only be a matter of time before we repeat the sins of the past. But without knowing our true history we will be unable to see it coming. The powers that be in our beloved United States of America are serving us only their arrogance, greed, and lust for power.  The power that inspired us, allowed us, guided us in our quest to be free, is still here for us today if we will only turn back to him.  As he serves us, so should we serve him, as is supposed to be, as should be, and as we all hope, will be.  Like the Pilgrims who came to flee oppression we must flee how we have lived our lives, flee from what we have become.  Shall we flee? Or shall we fight? Even the lowliest animal God has made knows fight or flight.  We were given this gift as were they.  But where do we flee? Where is it that you will run to, hide in, fear from?  We have nowhere further on this great Earth to flee to.  It is time to fight, and in this there is a right way, and a wrong way. We long remember the wrong ways, we forget the right. I will stand for right, with God holding one hand, and you my brothers and sisters hopefully holding the other.  May God bless you, and keep us all.   Michael Richard.

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