An Independence Day message from Glenn

Hello America,

On July 3, 1776 John Adams wrote a letter predicting that July 2nd would be “the most memorable epoch in the history of America.”

His excitement after the Declaration of Independence was adopted was uncontainable. The words leapt off the pen as he foresaw a “great anniversary festival” complete with pomp and parade, shows, games, bonfires, and guns commemorating the occasion “from this time forward forevermore” in America.

He was right – all except for the date, of course. Because of revisions, the Declaration wasn’t officially accepted until two days later on July 4th, and ever since Americans have made sure to never forget the day of “deliverance” as Adams referred to it.

Adams was so overwhelmed with emotion he couldn’t possibly fathom anyone ever wanting to undo what the Founders had just done – so he predicted, without hesitation, that the day would be celebrated forevermore. What he couldn’t have predicted, and perhaps as a God-fearing man he should have, was the rise of those who preferred a controlled population over a free one.

In the last century, progressives have fought to diminish, distort, and smear nearly all the good the Founders achieved. Instead of being revered as visionaries and thanking them for leaving us the greatest nation ever known – the Founders are painted as racists, while America is blamed for nearly every problem in the world today. Instead of celebrating America, generations of youth are being trained to be ashamed of America.

In schools across the country, students are reprimanded for wearing American flag shirts in an effort not to offend foreign students. Others are reprimanded for chanting “USA! USA!” because it is considered “incendiary” language. These same students then turn on the TV and watch their President travel to foreign nations and apologize for all the mistakes America has made. No wonder July 4th has become little more than figuring out where the best fireworks display will be.

I believe this is intentional. For example, this administration has cancelled July 4th celebrations on several military bases due to alleged ‘sequester’ cuts. The State Department spent $630,000 to get more ‘likes’ on Facebook, the President spent millions flying to Africa alone – yet they deny our men and women in uniform the chance to celebrate the very freedoms they secure for millions? It’s a disgrace.

There is a reason for all the pomp and parade, shows, games, bonfires (guns? not so much anymore – I’m sure Adams would be perplexed at that one) – and that reason is independence. July 4th deserves a grand celebration because freedom is the grandest gift of all.

On Saturday, we are staging our very first Independence Day event, Man in the Moon. We designed this program as a vehicle to undo the decades of harm progressives have done to American history and the meaning of being American. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness has been replaced with handouts, redistribution of wealth, and government mandated happiness.

Man in the Moon is the biggest event we’ve ever attempted, but, believe it or not, what we have planned for the future will dwarf this project. Ultimately, we want to host the premiere Fourth of July celebration in America. I envision an entire Independence Week of events, not just one show. I believe the market is starving for someone to not only put on a great celebration, but to provide real reflection and meaning as to why we are celebrating.

When people are reminded of how we got here and why we are (for now) free to do as we wish, they are overwhelmed with that same sense of emotion that Adams had the day after the Declaration was adopted. And that emotion will ensure July 4th remains the “the most memorable epoch in the history of America” from this time forward, forevermore.

We can no longer afford to listen to the voices shaming and blaming America.

We can no longer afford to listen to those who wish to fundamentally transform America into something it is not.

Those who risked their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor to create the greatest nation in the history of planet Earth deserve better and so do the future generations of Americans who will live here.

Happy Independence Day, America. May yours be filled with freedom, fun, pomp, and parade.

Laus Deo,

  • landofaahs

    Adams said that Independence day should be celebrated with fireworks, celebrations etc. that is why liberal progressive control freaks hate it.  Adams was correct though. Freedom will be celebrated until the end of days because it is written in man’s heart.  Even the communist liberals want freedom for themselves, just not everyone else.  Liberals are to(spelling intended) stupid to understand that if others don’t have freedom and the responsibility that goes with it, nobody has it.

    • Anonymous

      What a load of shit

      • landofaahs

        I notice that you were to(spelling intended for dumb liberals) ignorant to say why.  LOL  But I understand your “affliction”. UR to(spelling intended for dumbass liberals who don’t understand what it means)  stupid. LOL))))))))  You really don’t understand do you? LOL

      • Dave Frandin

         yup… just like you, Critten

      • Anonymous

         critten uses “projection” as a crutch . . .

      • Sharalyn Ayers

        that YOU are, CRETIN!

  • Anonymous

    Our founding fathers understood that as a people we are not
    destined to be ruled. We are meant to rule ourselves. In accordance with that,
    our founding fathers set up a structure of government that was supposed to be a
    rule of the people. We have gone so far from that. We now have a government that
    is again ruling us. On a day like today, it makes me terribly sad to see how
    far we as a country have fallen from the amazingly beautiful constructs of our
    founding fathers. If we continue on the path that we are on, we will have
    failed them completely, dishonored what they risked everything for, and
    destroyed any hope of salvaging this country.

    • landofaahs

      Yes, but it’s not over.  As it said in the movie “first you have to get mad”.

      • Dave Simonson

        I’m always angry! Gotta love Bruce Banner!

        • landofaahs

          The fireworks over and all said good bye’s. Now comes peace and quiet. There is a time and purpose for everything under heaven. Now comes the serious I will not be conquered attitude.

    • Frances M. Cameron

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    • Jaamoose

      “ruling ourselves” involves a government, unless you want Somalia. Sure, it’s been co-opted by corporate power, but that’s the conservos fault with their business doesn’t need rules or regs and the conservo Supreme Court thinking corps have more rights than individuals. You speak of the founders – they wanted corps to have limited life spans and power…almost every step away from what they intended can be traced to big-money power and how it used religion to get people to vote against their own self-interests. 

  • landofaahs

    Adams was put out because he felt he was not given his due.  He was very correct.  He was sent overseas in part that they did not want him around to have too much influence on the govt. people were trying to accomplish.  Adams would not have caved as easily on slavery and without compromise, the constitution would not look like it came to be.  Adams was a person who knew the failings of man and though pompous to a good degree, recognized it because of Abigail.  “All men would be tyrants”.
    Still Adam’s would garner for me the ranking of the 2nd greatest president of the United States after Washington because right most always  trumped personal ambition.  Jefferson was not so blessed.  He stabbed Adams in the back but paid for it in the end because he saw his personal ideas of almost pure democracy fail in the form of the “French Revolution”  He could not answer Adam’s letters and criticism sufficiently. 

    • TylerDurden

      John Adams betrayed his oath to the Constitution when he signed the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798. That is why Jefferson opposed him.

      • Anonymous

        Beck supports the traitor Snowden and calls him a hero. Beck, you have no right to give us all your speechy bullshit on independence day, you traitor.

        • Dave Frandin

           Glenn is NOT the only one calling Mr Snowden a hero.. I AM PROUD TO ALSO CALL SNOWDEN A HERO.. He is a hero and patriot on a par with many of the patriots of the first American revolution..  You’ll note I said the first revolution, as its very clear to me we are in the beginnings of the second American revolution.. Mr (or Miss) Critten.. you disgust me..

          • Anonymous

            So support someone who runs off to a foreign country to tell our secrets, to the Russians and Chinese no less. And you call me disgusting, you pig fucking traitor.

        • landofaahs

          The jury is still out on Snowden. He has done one service for his country in exposing the govt. espionage on it’s citizens from Bush and now through Obama.  What follows will serve to establish itself for it’s own worthiness or condemnation.  Whatever happens. it is clear that our federal govt is an enemy of the people.  That is beyond question.  Why do I say that?  Because I would ask who the govt. considers it’s enemies?  Muslims?  Extreme muslims?  Perhaps Tea Party People? If it’s muslims which I think it is, why do we let them into the country to begin with? I hear these liars say that Snowden is giving info to our enemies.  Who are those enemies?  Russia who Obama wants to disarm for?  China who is our large trading partner?  If they are an enemy, why are we trading with them?  I thought the cold war was over.  Perhaps Obama should explain to us now why we are now enemies with Russia and China instead of just competitors. I wait …..crickets is all I hear.

        • Sharalyn Ayers

          cretin, don’t you have some occupy event you can attend? go home… You are such a bore (both definitions apply)! 

  • Glenda Kitchel

    I will be watch and wishing I was there helping out! I will not sit out the next one!!!

    • landofaahs

      I may to do so from a different place.

  • landofaahs

    Then why did Jefferson stay in the administration?  Ambition. Why did he use a third party “journalist” (modern day Chris Matthews type) to do his dirty work?  Ambition.  Why did he ever then converse by letters with Adam’s if he(Adams) violated his oath to the constitution and thereby jeopardize his own place in history?

  • Anonymous

    Today we are celebrating Independence Day with family, friends, hotdogs, hamburgers and fireworks! Our family loves this country and we want to celebrate America’s birthday…….and our granddaughters 20th birthday!! WooHoo!

  • Patrick Jackson

    Reading this brings tears of Joy to my eyes Glenn.  We so need to teach our children and future generations what our Nation is truly about and I have complete faith that the “Man in the Moon” Project will get it done!  God Bless Truth(c:

  • Thomas Ryan

    I guess being sorry for years of divisive rhetoric only lasted for a couple of weeks…

  • Saharea Ovnight

    God Bless you.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Mister Beck as a citizen of the United States of America I am a sixty two year old single individual. I similar to yourself learned a lesson by self reflection of my weaknesses I chose not to see, or acknowledge for my first thirty years of life.. It was so heart warming to actually witness your humble life self reflections with no holds barred. I have cried a few times as I reflect upon my own emotional weakness finally realized.The grace our Lord endowed all humanity with. Standing up for right is a strength to be pursuit, not looking or waiting for others to stand up on behalf of me. I must be responsible for my individual right to life,s opportunities. I have always been blessed with opportunity, I simply placed roadblocks in my self unconfined attitude. Allowing distractions to control my decisions is a denial of self discipline. I feel the most difficult part of life to accept is my instinctive conviction of reality of right or wrong in the context of compassion. This is the main evil I instinctively perceive to be emotionally exploited. I choose to ignore such tactics used to confuse or otherwise distract my pursuit of the responsibility of myself living by example. Emotion is a reactionary self reflective tool not to be acted upon, but considered as a self character evaluation of oneself in the growth of a spiritual awareness or awakening.       

  • Anonymous

    Thank you. We are a midwestern family of four,struggling financially; I am a recovered alcoholic and my wife is experiencing extreme post-partum depression. A subscription to your online TV station is sadly too much of a “luxury” for our budget at this time. But I am enjoying your occasional free posts on Facebook.We love each other, our God and our Country and know that even with all our struggles, we are blessed and thankful to be living in the greatest country in the world. Your thoughts and sentiments in this article are inspiring and comforting. God bless you, Glenn Beck.

    • Anonymous

      With right wing nut job like you around, no wonder your wife is depressed.

      • Dave Frandin

         Critten? Why don’t you go play on the freeway with your liberal buddies? You’d be doing the world a BIG favor…

  • Summer

    Thank you Glenn Beck!   Yes, this was a travesty for this president (not my president)  to  keep our troops from celebrating the 4th…. 

    Can’t wait for 2016… Just can’t wait!

    • Patrick Bittel

      Your not a U.S. citizen. Why do you care what our troops do?

  • landofaahs

    Don’t die a virgin, terrorists down there are waiting for you. LOL

  • Dave Frandin

    May God Bless You, Glenn.. Happy 4th of July.. From a fellow Morman…

    • Ron Hoglund

      I think that’s “Mormon”.

      • Patrick Bittel

        I think its moron.

  • Anonymous

    Hear here, Glenn….I’m with ya all the way…God bless you and your efforts to rekindle the American Spirit in all and the ones who do not wish to can take a flyin f–k….

    • Ron Hoglund

      I think the whole line is “a flying F**k at a rolling donut”.

  • Marianna Udvardi

    howcome we all just talking and doing nothing…….we need to change it come on people take back america

  • landofaahs

    Is there anything I can do to help you?  God tells us to be there for one another in our time of need.  Please let your need be known.

  • landofaahs

    May God forgive you or strike you according to his will.

  • landofaahs

    Glenn. I do not want your subscription Tv on line but I would like to purchase it for someone on the blog.  I could not find a way to do so. Please email me.  These people need building up and it is our job to do so.

  • Sharalyn Ayers

    Love you Glenn!

    • Anonymous

      Love you, you traitor loving shit bag! Mmm mum mm…

  • Casey Parker


    Most of us do not have the direct knowledge of the determination and sacrifice it took for a group of men to stand up to the only government they had known, and say no more. 

    Those great men had taken all they could take from an overreaching, detached, power hungry monarch across the ocean and they said no more. They stood in defiance, in unity and in the face of many of their own calling them traitors and denouncing their cause and expressing views on the futility in fighting the crown, but still they said No More! They looked into the faces of their future and at the opportunity to make that future bright in the face of overburdening taxes, unfair practices, and said NO MORE! On this day that celebrates the resolve and the dedication of those great men, I would ask you to look past the Barbecue Pit, Beverages, Beautiful lights in the sky, and into the faces of our future. The ones that are running around in front of you with sparklers and cheering for the red white and blue and realize they are worth a measure of determination and sacrifice. The time is approaching for great men today to face our own overreaching, detached, power hungry monarchs perched in the seats of power given them by great men of our past and shout to them NO MORE! Our Independence was given to us by great men, and like most gifts we have enjoyed it and grown accustom to its place in our lives and view it as everlasting. That attitude may cause us all to wake up and find that our lives have become beholden to the same system that forced those great men to fight. On this Independence day please let yours know why we stare at the sky and watch the bombs burst in air. Hug a soldier and ask him to show you his ways, because the time may be at hand to say NO MORE!I love you all, and Happy 4th of July.

  • Anonymous

    If you watch some of these interviews with these college kids on “Water’s World” it is scary, some of them do not even know what “Benghazi is”  they could not answer who the VP of the US was, If these kids are so unconcerned with what is going on in the world around them today and are so uninformed on the History of this  Great Nation and so unthankful for the abundance that they have today, we are in big trouble as these are voters folks.!

  • Erik Peterson

    Thank you Glenn Beck. A lot of us out here really appreciate what you and your team do for us and our foundation.

  • Earlene Leonard

    Glenn I am so glad you are on the real Americans side..we need a lot more people like you….we want what you want but some of us do not know where to start….may God Bless and protect you forever more….i’m after brighthouse cable to get the blaze on…if not I think you are on dish so I will go there

    • Anonymous

      Oh, so real Americans support spies now. Beck’s pal Snowden exposes secrets he swore to protect, giving aid to our terrorist enemies and you think he’s some hero. You suckers amaze me.

  • landofaahs

    I have been crunching some numbers and folks I can tell you that stuff is about to hit the fan.  Over the next weeks, just stock up on some food stuffs, even if only a few weeks worth.  Replenish what you need to but things are about to get bad toward the end of the year in my humble and often wrong opinion.  But just because I am sometimes wrong, don’t let yourself get hurt.  I thought this would come last December but the “FIATH” money and the Fed put their 2 cents worth in.

  • Transit Sense

    I wonder how much time and money liberal organizations spend monitoring what people say about Glenn’s comments? Perhaps they should do a little reading about how Col: Green kept Cornwallis occupied. Glenn is right about this. Anyone who does not think so most likely never served.

    • Anonymous

      Fascists should always be watched.

  • Guest

    “guns? not so much anymore – I’m sure Adams would be perplexed at that one”

    I doubt it. I shot my gun, just for the noise of it.

    Beck adds: “In the last century, progressives have fought to diminish, distort, and smear nearly all the good the Founders achieved. Instead of being revered as visionaries and thanking them for leaving us the greatest nation ever known – the Founders are painted as racists….”

    Also not true; most progressives recognize the amazing step forward made, esp. by Madison and Jefferson, both slave owners, both racists.

    Beck wants to whitewash history to comport with his racist admiration for slave-owners.

  • Anonymous

  • Anonymous

    A Pittsburgh based company in Beaver Valley (Zambelli’s Fireworks) offered to do them for FREE.  Still turned down!!  This was broadcasted on our local news KDKA.

  • Guest

    “These same students then turn on the TV and watch their President travel to foreign nations and apologize for all the mistakes America has made.”

    Except that never happened. Obama has apologized ONCE after it was disclosed that the CIA used prisoners as test subjects by giving them syphilis and then finding out if the new antibiotic worked. That was the ONLY time Obama has apologized for American behavior. Beck is a liar! You’ll never hear him walk back or apologize for any of the lies listed there.

  • Bonnie Somer


    • Guest

      We care a fascistic empire compelling a corporate neo-liberal world order. When you understand what the Republic has become, then you will realize that it’s progressives who are fighting against this fascist empire. Remember, in 2004, Karl Rove told Ron Suskind, “We’re an empire now,” so don’t blame Obama, although he is just as guilty in this global security state as Bush was.

  • Michael Juliano

    Glenn, I respect you and the efforts you put forth for the causes you truly believe in. If you ever read this, understand that I have a similar conviction. As such, I feel obliged to share with you a difference of opinion I have about America and the meaning of Independence Day.

    America is a word that describes a geographic location, a government, or the people in and under such. None of these warrants anyone’s pride or respect if all men truly are created equal. I don’t believe celebrating “America,” as defined, is appropriate when compared to the gravity of the words of the declaration itself.

    The day should, instead, focus on the cause for which the declaration was signed. That is, the cause of self-determination and the freedom inherent in it are what we should consider worthy of celebration. It was for that cause that the signers of the declaration pledged to each other their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor.

    You appear to retain a strong sense of national pride which unites your self-image with the image of America. I think this is blinding you to the reality that the Federal Government has run amok across the globe without the permission of its citizens. Any blame that rightly falls on America ought to be borne solely by the entity that perpetrated the injustices, but, unfortunately, we are still attributed the exploits of our government by foreign observers. This in no way should soil the accomplishments of the founders nor should we allow it to reflect on our self image. On the contrary, our defamation should be cause to revive the spirit that led those men to correct the wrong.

    I understand and agree completely that many of the voices promoting the idea of America being at the center of all that is wrong with world are doing so to further a twisted political agenda, but let’s not throw the baby out with the bath water. The actions of the Federal Government (not us as a whole, united people) are absolutely at the center of many problems around the world, especially the ones we are currently dealing with. I am ashamed, but not of my heritage. I am ashamed that, over the decades, my countrymen have permitted the Federal Government to usurp our rights and interrupt the right of self-determination for others despite our founders vision.

    I ask only that you reevaluate the reasons you unequivocally reject the notion that America deserves blame.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    I fear for my country when I see people who cannot let go of hatred even for a blog post. What will happen to you’re temper when you are facing the real enemy?

  • tcaksmith

     Is Anybody There?
    From 1776: Original Cast Recording

    Is anybody there?

    Does anybody care?

    Does anybody see what I see?

    They want to me to quit; they say,

    John, give up the fight!

    Still to, England, I say,

    Good night, forever, good night!

    For I have crossed the Rubicon;

    Let the bridge be burned behind me.

    Come what may, come what may.


    The croakers all say, we’ll rue the day;

    There’ll be hell to pay in fiery purgatory.

    Through all the gloom, through all the gloom,

    I see the rays of ravishing light and glory!

    Is anybody there? Does anybody care?

    Does anybody see what I see?

    I see fireworks!
    I see the pageant, and pomp, and parade!

    I hear the bells ringing out!

    I hear the cannons roar!

    I see Americans ~ all Americans

    Free, forever more!

    How quiet, how quiet the chamber is~

    How silent, how silent the chamber is…

    Is anybody there?
    Does anybody care?

    Does anybody see what I see?

    Yes, Mr. Adams.
    I do!

    (This song puts it perfectly!)

  • Belle925

    What’s up with the skull and crossbones on your shirt, there, Glenn…? You’d think with all the Bush, Hitler, Iluminati associations we people who are AWAKE have with that symbol, we wouldn’t be, uh, wearing that crap. So, what’s up with that? 😉

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