Photo by George Lange/Lange Studios

On Friday morning, Glenn Beck spoke to a packed house in the Grand Ballroom at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event was an unplugged Q&A session between Glenn and the fans who travelled from all over the country to attend The Man in the Moon.

Glenn walked out to a standing ovation alongside Stu and Pat, and Glenn kicked things off by telling fans he wanted to talk to them about the things that were on their mind.

The first fan question was from a dad who brought his kids to the event, and he wanted to know the best way to get them engaged in this movement. Glenn suggested people pick up Constitution Quest from TheBlaze Marketplace as a way to teach history and the Constitution to young people.

Glenn said The Man in the Moon is being made for other people as a way to connect them with the message. Glenn said he struggles with putting his name on books and events since it turns off people outside of the people who are in the core movement. The American Dream Labs are an attempt to get into entertainment and culture since that is “the first stop”.

Fan asks if Glenn is planning to do anything to encourage racial diversity. He explained that six years ago he had a dream about George Whitfield and had been reading about him, and in the book he was reading Whitfield was preaching under a tree to a huge crowd when someone defecated on him from a tree. Glenn closed the book and didn’t read it for six months because he felt he would be “that guy” – spreading the message and being attacked for it. He explained that the Civil Rights movement he has been talking about is rooted in spreading the importance of the Bill of Rights, and the man who will lead that movement is African America Ken Hutcherson. Glenn said not only has he been sincere and honest in dealing with Glenn, the fact that Hutcherson has Stage Four cancer means that he isn’t looking for fame because he will pass away.

“Rights do not belong to one color. They were given to man and they were given by God,” Glenn said. “We just need leaders in each community to tell their people ‘get into the boat now’ and it’s coming.”

Another fan asked about the history of revolutions, and Glenn said that best thing you can study and teach is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The idea of talking about any kind of armed revolution is extraordinarily dangerous, and that God must be at the center.

Glenn the audience that everyone needs to be at a place where if they feel a prompting from God that they are willing to act on that prompting. He told the story of how they found the song for the end of The Man in the Moon, which they only found a few days ago. He said the musician who composed it was playing

“Do exactly what God says and we’ll be fine,” Glenn said.

Glenn then moved onto the importance of culture. He explained we already have all the people who are “We the People” and we need to reach others. He also said that you have to look at both parties and see if they really stand for what you believe in. He said “There’s going to come a time when you will have to say ‘If this is what the GOP stands for, I want nothing to do with it.'”

Moving to education, a fan asked if there were plans for TheBlaze to make supplemental material for homeschooling. Pat  took the opportunity to plug the Education Conference tomorrow. Glenn said that he was putting all of his money onto the table for TheBlaze, The Independence Museum, The American Dream Labs, and more.

“What I’m telling you here is I am looking for Haim Solomon’s. People who are looking through investments or because they want to do the right thing,” Glenn said.

It’s hard to fight against people like the Tides Foundation and other groups with unlimited funds, but Glenn said they were doing everything they could as fast as possible.

Towards the end, Glenn discussed the importance of friendship and how Pat was always steadfast in his support of Glenn even when he was at his worst. Glenn said that because of Pat the things that are happening now with Man in the Moon, TheBlaze, and more are possible.

A fan from Hong Kong asked if the movement would be taken internationally, and Glenn said that he has felt like it would be but first things have to be fixed in America. Other countries don’t understand the Tea Party and movements like this one, and that Americans will have to lead and do so without arrogance.

“We have to have our [freedom] so strong that the rest of the world looks to it,” Glenn said.

One fan asked if Glenn planned to talk more about Jesus Christ, and Glenn said that he would continue to speak about his faith and would do so in an open and inclusive way.

“The only answer is God and I will speak as non-divisively as possible,” Glenn said. “We are all in the Army of God.

Things got emotional with the second to last fan who talked about making a quilt for Glenn, and he told the story of how he keeps all the quilts fan send him. When his dog Victor passed away he brought a few down and put them on the floor for him to lay on in his final days.

Glenn thanked the fans for coming and walked off to a standing ovation.