Man In The Moon: Glenn Beck Unplugged

Photo by George Lange/Lange Studios

On Friday morning, Glenn Beck spoke to a packed house in the Grand Ballroom at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. The event was an unplugged Q&A session between Glenn and the fans who travelled from all over the country to attend The Man in the Moon.

Glenn walked out to a standing ovation alongside Stu and Pat, and Glenn kicked things off by telling fans he wanted to talk to them about the things that were on their mind.

The first fan question was from a dad who brought his kids to the event, and he wanted to know the best way to get them engaged in this movement. Glenn suggested people pick up Constitution Quest from TheBlaze Marketplace as a way to teach history and the Constitution to young people.

Glenn said The Man in the Moon is being made for other people as a way to connect them with the message. Glenn said he struggles with putting his name on books and events since it turns off people outside of the people who are in the core movement. The American Dream Labs are an attempt to get into entertainment and culture since that is “the first stop”.

Fan asks if Glenn is planning to do anything to encourage racial diversity. He explained that six years ago he had a dream about George Whitfield and had been reading about him, and in the book he was reading Whitfield was preaching under a tree to a huge crowd when someone defecated on him from a tree. Glenn closed the book and didn’t read it for six months because he felt he would be “that guy” – spreading the message and being attacked for it. He explained that the Civil Rights movement he has been talking about is rooted in spreading the importance of the Bill of Rights, and the man who will lead that movement is African America Ken Hutcherson. Glenn said not only has he been sincere and honest in dealing with Glenn, the fact that Hutcherson has Stage Four cancer means that he isn’t looking for fame because he will pass away.

“Rights do not belong to one color. They were given to man and they were given by God,” Glenn said. “We just need leaders in each community to tell their people ‘get into the boat now’ and it’s coming.”

Another fan asked about the history of revolutions, and Glenn said that best thing you can study and teach is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The idea of talking about any kind of armed revolution is extraordinarily dangerous, and that God must be at the center.

Glenn the audience that everyone needs to be at a place where if they feel a prompting from God that they are willing to act on that prompting. He told the story of how they found the song for the end of The Man in the Moon, which they only found a few days ago. He said the musician who composed it was playing

“Do exactly what God says and we’ll be fine,” Glenn said.

Glenn then moved onto the importance of culture. He explained we already have all the people who are “We the People” and we need to reach others. He also said that you have to look at both parties and see if they really stand for what you believe in. He said “There’s going to come a time when you will have to say ‘If this is what the GOP stands for, I want nothing to do with it.'”

Moving to education, a fan asked if there were plans for TheBlaze to make supplemental material for homeschooling. Pat  took the opportunity to plug the Education Conference tomorrow. Glenn said that he was putting all of his money onto the table for TheBlaze, The Independence Museum, The American Dream Labs, and more.

“What I’m telling you here is I am looking for Haim Solomon’s. People who are looking through investments or because they want to do the right thing,” Glenn said.

It’s hard to fight against people like the Tides Foundation and other groups with unlimited funds, but Glenn said they were doing everything they could as fast as possible.

Towards the end, Glenn discussed the importance of friendship and how Pat was always steadfast in his support of Glenn even when he was at his worst. Glenn said that because of Pat the things that are happening now with Man in the Moon, TheBlaze, and more are possible.

A fan from Hong Kong asked if the movement would be taken internationally, and Glenn said that he has felt like it would be but first things have to be fixed in America. Other countries don’t understand the Tea Party and movements like this one, and that Americans will have to lead and do so without arrogance.

“We have to have our [freedom] so strong that the rest of the world looks to it,” Glenn said.

One fan asked if Glenn planned to talk more about Jesus Christ, and Glenn said that he would continue to speak about his faith and would do so in an open and inclusive way.

“The only answer is God and I will speak as non-divisively as possible,” Glenn said. “We are all in the Army of God.

Things got emotional with the second to last fan who talked about making a quilt for Glenn, and he told the story of how he keeps all the quilts fan send him. When his dog Victor passed away he brought a few down and put them on the floor for him to lay on in his final days.

Glenn thanked the fans for coming and walked off to a standing ovation.

  • Anonymous

    Would have been nice if we could have seen it 

  • Jaamoose

    Glenn struggles with putting his name on books and events because it will turn off people outside of the core movement? He means sane people, right?

    • PennsCurse

      What constructive thing do you think you’re accomplishing by making snarky comments to mock people who you don’t understand? There’s nothing said in this article that insults or threatens you or anyone. Why not listen, learn — or even just satisfy some curiosity — and then maybe make some friends? I’ve met a lot of people in this group, and I can tell you that you’d stand a better chance of making true friends with some of these folks than in any political group (Dem, GOP or otherwise). In any case, while I don’t like your approach, I wish you wellness and the courage to open your mind.

      • Mike Turcotte

        Wonderfully stated PennsCurse. You clearly represent the positive and inclusive message that Glenn espouses.

        • Anonymous

          you guys are a bunch of morons. hahaha

          • Mike Turcotte

            It’s hard to argue with such a well articulated and clearly substantiated reply. “We guys” are clearly the moronic.

    • Anonymous

      No, he means closed-minded people who judge values, opinions and positions without fully understanding what he is challenging. That, sir,s insanity.

    • Jr Forrester

      I believe he’s referring to people who’ve never really listened to Glenn’s message personally, they only hear what critics have said about Glenn. 

    • bumpkin

      No. Glenn means the people who live off emotion rather than off fact, who hear an idol of theirs say they don’t like Glenn Beck, which means the listener of the idol MUST automatically hate Glenn, without ever taking a few minutes to listen to Glenn and to assess his messages for themselves.  It really is true that “most men would rather DIE than think.”  And that is pathetic.

  • Parienve8137

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    Glenn struggles with putting his name on books and events because it will turn off people outside of the core movement? He means sane people, right?

    • Nancy Winker

      Get off this page!  Leave your crap to the junk mail bin, and if you don’t like it, go somewhere else.  We have the freedom of speech, so just as you have the right to your opinion, so does Glenn, and so do the rest of intelligent life.  Go get a job like your “cousin” and quit being a lazy bum!

      • shepp eppinger

        Nancy, I struggled whether to post this or not…but, believe me- it’s done in love.
        Your first post was a beautiful, inspiring story about following God’s plan and direction in your life(and I praise God for it with you). I agree with you that putting up junk mail ‘business opportunities’ have no place on this comment thread. But, your reply to that ‘replyer’ seemed to belie and circumvent what you had shared. And it was inconsistent with what Glenn’s entire message is. It’s a shame that you fell into the trap of throwing judgements, blanketed name calling and excluding those with different opinions or agendas, as this is the exact behaviour/strategy that our enemies camp uses against us consistent, merciless and far to effectively. I’m on no soapbox here as I am guilty of the same thing(and probably more so). I reiterate, junk mail and scams have no place here. But, maybe we should stop and count to ten before we react or lash out- lest we fall prey to the thing that we aspire, leading by example with love in our hearts- even to the most obnoxious and irritating of those who wander across our paths. Whew…preachin’ to myself there! God bless, Nancy, Glenn and staff, our troops, and the rest of us on this mission we call life! And God bless America, Happy 4th everyone! Btw…it sucks that we can’t see the Man in the Moon! Anyone know how and when we’ll be able to see it?

  • Luci D’Mari

    Wish I could be there. Can’t wait for the DVD to come out. God bless Glenn and all the people who are with him. 

    • Jr Forrester

      I agree, Luci. I know my family will love it. 

    • Harriet J. Hernandez

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  • Charles Almon

    I admit to being absolutely clueless
    to any of Beck’s events and their purposes.
    Have we restored HONOR yet?
    What does that even mean?

    • Nancy Winker

      I think we are in the process of restoring Honor nationwide, Charles.  I myself attended the Restoring Honor in DC.  I was a wreck in 2008, struggling to get back on the straight and narrow path in 2009, and found a light in Glenn Beck’s message about Restoring Honor.  It is just what I needed on a personal level.  I promised myself that if I found the money to go to DC, I had to do it.  The day before the bus was leaving, I was given $500 that I had earned and not received when it was due.  I called the bus coordinator and got the last seat!  I rode 28 hours to DC, and volunteered as a greeter and at a water station.  I saw the birds fly over the River, and I dipped my feet in the pool at the WWII Memorial.  I made the trip on $500, and met some like-minded thinkers who have become lifelong friends. 

      Two years later, I went to Dallas for Restoring Love.  Again a light to guide me on my path.  I have Restored my Honor, getting off the streets, and working again in the field I studied for, and regained respect in my community.  After working with Mercury One for those days in Dallas, I came home to my community and worked as a volunteer for the Salvation Army, and got a job working with kids at a juvenile facility.  As troubled as those boys might be, I love them, and strive to teach them to never judge, lest ye be judged.

      Stop being clueless, Charles.  Listen to Glenn before you decide if it’s for you.  Read one of his books.  Watch The Man in the Moon.  Give him a chance.  I did, and it RESTORED me!

      And that’s where Restoring the Nation begins. It starts with each of us individually, then our community, then our state, then our nation.  Little steps will get us down the path. 

      Hope that helps Charles!

      • Jr Forrester

        Wow, Nancy, that was beautiful. I can see that God has been guiding you down a certain path and you have followed. You are so lucky. God bless you and God bless Glenn Beck as well. 

    • Anonymous

      Honor in the way you live your life.  Follow the ten commandments.

  • Anonymous

     wish there was hope for the country formerly known as America

  • Anonymous

    Bless you Glen and all that are involved in bringing God back to the center of our great country!

  • Anonymous

    I wish I could have been there. Can’t wait to see it! God Bless America!

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck spoke about the “Singularity” coming in 10 years during his speech at the Man In The Moon event.. IF this blending of man & machine takes place. What need will we have for freedom, national sovereignty, love, marriage, even the constitution will not be needed? Just because we can do it, should we do it?

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Beck spoke about the “Singularity” coming in 10 years during his speech at the Man In The Moon event.. IF this blending of man & machine takes place. What need will we have for freedom, national sovereignty, love, marriage, even the constitution will not be needed? Just because we can do it, should we do it?

  • bumpkin

    Editors, on paragraph 8, there seem to be words missing, and I REALLY wanted those words to be in the sentences… I can assume the second word (what should have been the 2nd word) in the pgph, was “told”.  -I could fake that one… but the end of the paragraph, discussing the music to the song mentioned, I cannot fake… so your editorial apparently reads “He said the musician who composed it was playing… (then there’s an advertisement)  (then) …”Do everything that GOD says and we’ll be fine.”  Is THAT what the musician is playing?  Is there a song titled “Do Everything That GOD Says and We’ll Be Fine?   I want to hear about finding the music…   :(  Sad that it was a bit of a mess..

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