Independence Through Education: Pat Gray opens up about how he and his wife have been homeschooling for over two decades

A sold out crowd filled The Grand America’s Grand Ballroom in Salt Lake City for the Independence Through Education Conference, which featured speakers Michelle Malkin, Kyle Olson and more. The first speaker and host of the event was Pat Gray. While many fans know Pat as the co-host of the radio show and a longtime friend of Glenn Beck, Pat has been active in education and he spoke of having homeschooled his kids for twenty-three years and recently opening up a school in Texas.

To kick things off, Pat recapped his history in radio and with Glenn. They worked together in Baltimore and became close friends, and stayed together until Pat went to Houston for a new job. Glenn was always influential

“It was about a cause, it was about something much bigger than that,” Pat said. “We knew we had something to do together.”

For Pat, a big part of that cause is education of the next generation of Americans.

“What qualifies me to host an education conference? The same thing that qualifies you to be here at an education conference. We are all concerned husbands, mothers, and wives who love our children,” Pat said, “Who is better qualified to take an active role in their education that we are?”

Pat and his wife Jackie have homeschooled our children for twenty-three years. Their oldest son was diagnosed ADHD and the school insisted he be placed on Ritalin, which they did despite their resistance. And after watching him crash on the Ritalin every day, they decided to take him off and he was subsequently not allowed in the classroom. Pat and Jackie decided to take him out of school, and they’ve been homeschooling ever since.

Pat said they wanted to make God a part of their children’s education, and he and the crowd all agreed that ever since God was taken out of public school the education system has gotten far, far worse. He cited Common Core and out of control nonsense, such as kids being taken out of class for making guns with their fingers, as just a few examples of how common sense has left schools.

He also pointed out that schools are a hotbed of indoctrination, citing the LA school system planning to train kids to promote Obamacare to their friends and family members. He mentioned a friend whose 8-year-old kid came home and was counting their shoes as part of an exercise to guilt trip the

“I’m a believer in charity, I’m not a believer in teaching my kids about Marxism and redistribution of wealth,” Pat said.

So what can concerned parents do? “I don’t know” Pat said.

“I don’t know what you should be doing,” Pat said. “Do what my wife continues to say: pray on it. Listen for the answer, counsel with your spouse. Think about what your skills are. And seriously think about what the answer is.”

So what have Pat and his wife Jackie done? They recently decided to open up a small K-12 school with about forty kids where the parents were actively involved in the education of their children. Many of the teachers are parents themselves.

“It’s not fun, it’s not glamorous and it’s certainly not profitable,” Pat said. “But it was absolutely the right thing to do.”

Pat encouraged others to find ways to take action, whether it be to become active in the PTA to make sure your kid’s education reflects your values, or stand up against Common Core and similar program, or take them out of the public school system to find an alternative like homeschooling.

He said that whatever parents decide to do, they should figure it out soon and take action.

“Do it soon, because our children’s future is at stake and we have a nation to save,” Pat said.

  • landofaahs

    There is another schooling about to take place in the next year and it is anything but funny.  I don’t know how else I can tell you except for what I have done before.  Hell is coming to breakfast and I suggest you all act accordingly.  The numbers do not lie.  Stay well and may God bless.  I hope I can be of help to many of you in the future.  I pray for You. Please pray for me. 

    • Anonymous

      Getting messages through your teeth fillings again? Gold has taken a big dump. Markets way up. Unemployment down. Get relevant you fear mongering loser

      • Anonymous

        massaging the unemployment #’s down to 7.6% is not the real story.even if it were true, it’s still way too high. stock markets up? due to speculation perhaps. price of gas at the pump is $3.40 or so national avg. twice what it was when barry was sworn in the first time. is he fear mongering? maybe, but there is much to be concerned about with this current admin.  

        • Anonymous

          Markets up, gold now described as “crashing”, Nat gas being discovered all over the Us, you guys get screwed by Beck’s Goldline, when are you paranoids going to wake up to what beck is really selling?: FEAR.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t condemn you for your opinion. I don’t dislike Beck either, for that matter. Very few agree on everything.

  • Jaamoose

    Yet another example of why homeschooling should be illegal. Fundamentalist parents keen on raising their own versions of crusade or jihad…

    • Amber

      Rather than have the government teach them what they think the “fundamentals” are? 

    • Anonymous

      Homeschooling should be illegal because someone might teach about God?  Seriously? Home schooling should be illegal because they don’t want to be Marxists? Really?  Your comment shows how much homeschooling is needed.

    • name429name

      You are sooo judgmental!

    • Peggy

      You and your thoughts are exactly why every child should be home schooled. No critical thinking skills just eating the pablum and repeating it like a good little serf. Ever heard of useful idiots? When they have done their job they become expendable. Congratulations you are there.

  • Pachy Serrano

    If Michelle Malkin was there . . . that’s all I need to know. A conservative Asian-American girl married to a white conservative with lots of money. Education is a RIGHT, not a priviledge. Education must be free and should include everyone no matter where they come. Home-schooling is not for everyone and public education is needed. They are plenty of stories of children from public education that became great leaders, great schoolars, great Americans, so what we need to do is to strenghten our public education and give more choices to parents, not this crap conservatives wish to do with OUR education. If it were for conservatives, only the rich will have quality education and the rest of us only a 12th grade education and go to work at Wal_Mart or join the military or the tabacco fields. Thank God, public education still here.

    • Janice S. Roberts

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    • Anonymous

      That first part sounded pretty racist, Pachy. Please do explain how education is established as a right. If you mean that education should be free – meaning that the providers of it do not charge anything for their work – ok – that is about what they call education in the public arena is worth anyway. Education is not free, and the people who pay for it are not slaves – now I know you learned to reason in public school, so listen carefully and read slowly – hence, it is not a right, seeing as no one has a right to slave labor. …and if you are talking about that socialist hell where I was incarcerated as a youth as ‘OUR’ education, well you can have it, and pay for it yourself. …and just let me guess how many ways you have your hands in the public education cartel money.

    • Anonymous

      Pachy, you misspelled “privilege”… Maybe you should have homeschooled…Just sayin’

    • Donna

      Oh my goodness – I just couldn’t pass up the irony of Pachy’s post…here goes: priviledge = privilege / They = There / schoolars = scholars / strenghten = strengthen / If it were for conservatives = If it were up to conservatives / only the rich will have = only the rich would have / Wal_Mart = Walmart / tabacco = tobacco / public education still here = public education is still here … Pachy, you apparently didn’t pay enough attention while getting your public education.

  • Anonymous

  • jianmei

  • Anonymous

    What is the website of this homeschool plan?

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  • wrkn2gthr

    I like the idea of a school like Pat Gray is investing himself in. I think on this stuff so much. Here’s a link to a little story on youtube that sums it all up:

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