Some may have been surprised by the opening of The Man in the Moon, in which a pair of acrobats dressed as Marines raised the flag upside down. The raising of the flag upside down is the traditional signal of a nation in distress. The performance was created by Las Vegas’s Flying by Foi specifically for the event.

Update: Glenn discussed the opening of the show on radio this morning:

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“What part of $17 trillion in debt is not distressful? What part of a country that is not obeying its own laws, what part of that is not a nation in distress? In the NSA spying on its citizen and storing all of the information, what part of that is not distressful?” Glenn said.

Glenn explained that prior to the show there were several elements that had to change or be cut because there was no time to rehearse them, but the one thing Glenn was set on was the opening of the show. He said the move had never been performed successfully, and that there were several challenges including the performers passing out due to all the blood going to their head. In fact, they had to wear a special suit beneath their costume to keep their blood pumping correctly.