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On radio today, Glenn talked about some of the behind-the-scenes drama and miracles that surrounded Man in the Moon.

Prior to the start of the show, there had been terrible thunderstorms in the Salt Lake City, Utah including the venue for the event. The storms threatened the whole production, and many backstage feared that the rain would stop the show before it could even begin.

“I was standing there on Saturday afternoon, 3:00, and (the storm) is about to tear the moon and everything else apart. Very stormy. The whole thing is coming apart, and it was like God’s reality show,” Glenn said.

Glenn explained that due to the weather, there was a 90% chance that the projectors that were key to the show would no longer be working. In fact, the company that owned the projectors almost didn’t want Glenn to uncover them for the show because they thought the rain would damage them. It was only when Glenn and his business partner Chris agreed to pay the $600,000 if anything happened to the projectors that they were allowed to turn them on for the show.

“We ran the show and just as (Chris) made the decision, the sun came out, and there was a double rainbow right over the stage. And there are pictures of it at It was absolutely amazing. It was just miraculous,” Glenn said.

“It was packed. And it was wet, but it was packed. And nobody left. Nobody left,” Glenn said.

“And there were such great acts of human kindness. Somebody told me they had I think third row seats, and they happened to be going back towards the back, and they saw this old couple, they were 70 years old and they were sitting kind of on this fence way in the back. And he saw them and he went back, got his wife, and said hey, I want to give our tickets away. They went all the way to the back and sat on the fence and gave their tickets to this old couple and she started to cry, and she said it’s his birthday today. Thank you so much. And it was like his 70th birthday, and they were sitting there with trash bags over their heads as well. And they were moved down.”

“Our audience is really a spectacular audience. Just you are such good people, such good people.”