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If you’re a fan of Glenn’s, it’s no secret that he’s not exactly a “guy’s guy” when it comes to sports. Honestly, he may not know the difference between a touchdown, home run, field goal, birdie or free throw — so it’s always a dicey situation when he weighs in on sports talk. And this morning when the recent controversy around San Francisco 49ers QB Colin Kaepernick came up, it wasn’t pretty.

You see, over the weekend, the NFL quarterback was photographed wearing the hat of an opposing team: the Miami Dolphins. According to Pat, the $7 million dollars the 49ers are paying him should buy “a little bit of loyalty”. The fans are apparently hacked off, and Kaepernick doesn’t see what the big deal is…and neither does Glenn.

Glenn noted that ‘it’s not like he gave the playbook to a competing team.’

“It would be like you wearing a fascism t-shirt or a communism hat,” Stu responded.

“Or MSNBC. Would you wear an MSNBC cap?” Pat asked.

The obvious answer was ‘no’. Glenn despises those things, which is what Stu explained should be happening in football, before making Glenn listen to ESPN’s Colin Cowher’s rant on Kaepernick.

“49er quarterback Colin Kaepernick wore a Miami Dolphins hat this weekend.  Social media this weekend, hey, look at me, I’m wearing a Dolphins hat.  Fans in San Francisco a little ticked off.  Kaepernick, the on‑field CEO of the team. I’m going to wear it regardless of what you fans think.  Ridiculous.  Y’all must be bored.  No, Kaepernick, you‑all must be really immature.  Because we need borders in life.  They’re really important.  Any of you have kids? Ever tell them don’t talk to strangers? Never get into a car if mom and dad aren’t there? Don’t swim without an adult? Don’t let people you don’t know touch you?  Those are borders.  They’re not laws. They’re borders.  They’re guidelines. Not everything has to be a law to be important.  Borders are clear lines in the sand, often unspoken.  There is a right way to do business and a wrong way to do it.  Oh, this hat’s trivial, right?  You think MSNBC is cool if Rachel Maddow wears Fox News gear in public?”

Glenn stopped the audio. He had a point to make.

“Do you know what my luggage says on it?” he asked. “CNN.”

“Do you know what my shaving kit says?” Glenn continued. “Fox News.”

“Have your picture taken with that stuff,” Jeffy interjected.

“Somebody run to the hotel and get my luggage and my shaving kit. I want to take my picture with it today.”

So clearly this isn’t a big issue with Glenn…that said, Glenn owns his own network, Kaepernick doesn’t own his football team. Chances are he’ll have a few more people to answer to.