Pastor Ken Hutcherson tells Al Sharpton “Not Again”

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by Dr. Ken Hutcherson

I was born in Anniston, Alabama, in the 50s and had to fight for my equality most of my life. You see, there were many who thought I should be treated like a second class citizen, drink from a different water fountain, sit in the back of the bus, be counted as three-quarters of a person, go to a different school, eat and sit in the black section of restaurants, use a different bathroom; you know, be separate but equal. Then came Dr. Martin Luther King and all that started to change and praise God! I became a Christian in 1969. Today, I find myself again being put in that same category as a second class citizen, and I am not going to have that same fight.

I did not become a Christian to live the 50s and 60s all over a second time. Muslims have more rights and freedom of religion than I do as a Christian. Tell a Muslim he can’t pray at school or at the airport or downtown when prayer time is called for, and see what happens. Tell a Muslim cleric serving as a chaplain in our brilliant military that he has to marry a same-sex couple, and see what happens. Some of you are saying “what is that about?” Well hold on to your hat, there is more to come.

But as a Christian, let me say Merry Christmas on a national holiday called Christmas and you’d think Satan incarnate himself just showed up. I’m sorry that is a bad example because if Satan did show up, he would get more respect than Christians, Jews, Tea Partiers, patriots and conservatives. Thus all the forenamed groups, and any like them, must stand and fight for their equal rights that are disappearing faster than San Antonio fans after game seven of the NBA championship in Miami. This brings me to the point of Al Sharpton’s recent comments about our movement of taking back our civil rights as conservatives.


You mocked Glenn Beck, thus all of us, with your insult on the tea party fighting for their equal rights. Do you think we are going to go find a hole and hide somewhere? Mr. Sharpton that is not going to happen anymore. We refuse to sit by and let you or anyone else mock, attack, demean or laugh at our beliefs, and think it is okay to push us to the back of the Capitol in DC assuming we will just shut up.

Let me see if I can explain something to you, Al, that it seems you have forgotten. When you and Dr. King fought for our civil rights, was it because no one else had their equal rights? Black people were the first to get their equal rights, right? I presume you think that is correct the way you are talking. We both know that the reason why Dr. King and thousands of others fought during the Civil rights movement was because someone else had their rights and liberties, and blacks didn’t. My question to you Mr. Sharpton is who had those rights when we as a black people didn’t? It is true then that equal rights existed first for us to want them. Seems to me it was the white race that enjoyed that freedom. We saw it, said we wanted some of that, and fought and died until we got it. So why is it that you think Judeo-Christian believers, the religious right, tea partiers, patriots and white people in general who are starting to feel like second class citizens and separate but equal; are being scrutinized by the IRS and spied on by the NSA. Why should they not stand up and demand equal treatment under the law and the Constitution of these United States of America? The greatest nation ever founded under the banner of freedom, one nation under God, gives its citizens certain inalienable rights and the promise that they have the right to pursue their happiness. I believe we are endowed with those rights Mr. Sharpton, and deep down you know we are too.

As a black man Al, who went through the Civil rights fight in the 60s just like you did, and saw the first freedom bus burn in my home town of Anniston, Alabama, on May 14, 1961; I hated Dr. King for his non-violent philosophy. That did not change until I became a Christian later in life. Then I understood God’s biblical truth of love your enemy and do good to those who hate and persecute you. I think I have the right to tell you this sir; I think the likes of you and Jesse Jackson have done more damage to the black race than any white man will ever accomplish. You see as long as you can produce an ethnicity with a victim mentality to keep them in poverty, as the two of you get richer – you know like poverty pimps – and convince them that it is the white man’s fault because he has his boot on their necks, and as long as you teach our beautiful black women that there is a government out there to be their baby’s daddy, the two of you win. You are the self-proclaimed, appointed leaders of the black people. How we as black people have swallowed the lie that we have to have certain black leaders to get on the government teat escapes me.

I have to tell you Al, I have seen your work, it has been weighed, it has been measured, and it has been found wanting. Daniel 5:27.

  • Cheri Turner

    Spot on, Pastor Hutcherson!

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      have always admired this man since I was first introduced to him. Well
      said Reverend, and I can call u that knowing you give respect to that
      title.  There are a few out there that are true RINOS (Reverends In Name

  • Anonymous

    Well said Hutch!

  • Mary Parasiliti

    Al Sharpton is a blight on humanity, both black and white.  He an Jesse Jackson, has any one of them ever had a real job.  If, and i use the term losely, they are reverends, where is their church, where is it they reverend to people, what pulpit to the stand in on Sunday morning,  They are both children of Satan and are a legend in their own minds.  Small minded men in a world of giants.

    • Richard Rowe

      if they were true reverends and men of God,they would not promote racism and hate amongst their martin luther king said dont judge a man by the color of his skin but by the content of his character.

      • Anonymous

        They’re opportunists.  They’ll “be Muslim” if the wind should turn in that ugly direction.  

      • JoAnn Graham

         I HAVE judged that unholy pair, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, not by the color of their skins but by the content of their character, and found them SADLY wanting!  Professional race-baiters, both of them are sleazy charlatans who have grown RICH promoting “professional victimhood” and racial hatred.

        • Anonymous

          You are so right!!

        • Jaamoose

          As a liberal, I pretty much agree with that. Of course, I would throw every almost every “man of faith” in there as well. 

        • Frank Harrington

          Pravo! Say it again!

        • Anonymous

          right and besides that they are both “dirty old men”  extra marital affairs, for the one  kids out of wedlock,  the other sleezy b. running around with a girl his daughters age – dirt-bag – btw he looks awful – is he circling the drain?

    • Anonymous

      This is the same group of men that can claim to be Christian reverends, but support an entire party that supports homosexuality and the slaughter of the unborn.  According to them, they just “disagree on these two points”.  One cannot support those who commit genocide, but just disagree about the genocide.  It’s like a Jew supporting the Nazi Party, except for that little thing about the gas chambers.  

      These are the two guys that have essentially formed their own racism insurance company and then foment racism to raise business.  They will “take donations” to help rescue people and companies from charges of racism, trumped up to threaten livelihoods.  Scum of the earth.

      • Anonymous

        It is a shame they really get away with it.  Soon as race is spewed out of their mouths everyone runs for fear of being called racists.   We should not let them get away with this and turn the tables on them.

      • Staceycarverd

         Surely, they have their reward on Earth.  They have the wealth, power, and notoriety.   It’s a shame they had to take down half the population along with them.  As it is written, one cannot serve God and mammon…. Their mammon is called “self.”

      • fish1552

        I think that a good portion of the Conservative nation (of which I am too) needs to take a step back and admit they too “disagree on those…parts” – even if they may be different parts.  They agree on killing, but abhor killing in the same breath.  The only difference is if they feel they can push that view on someone else or not and feel justified by claiming the Bible says it is okay.  Yet it isn’t okay for a Muslim or Jew (or atheist) to make the same claim based on their religion (or lack thereof)????

        Everything that the author writes in his story can be twisted around and applied to any segment of the population.  Quite honestly, the GOP party is full of hypocrites too.  The problem is, when we agree with the issue, we have no problem violating another person’s right to that freedom.  

        Glass houses people.

        • Anonymous

          I always love it when people who call themselves conservative tell other conservatives to ignore their conscience, sit down, and shut up.  If you are referring to the right to murder a baby as a freedom and the only thing you are against are those who express their conservative morality, then I’m calling you a fake conservative.  

          And FYI, opinions on abortion and gay marriage are not strictly Biblical.  There are many atheists who believe both are moral wrongs.  And where would we be as a society if people of moral conviction said and did nothing, letting society become a cesspool of immorality?  We’d be exactly where we are headed.  So… if you aren’t going to be part of any solution, then please… you just shut up and mind YOUR business.  

          • Anonymous

            don’t worry about gay marriage……..people have a right to be with whom they chose…it is not up to you to judge….since you are not gay, you do not know what it’s like……let me tell you…it’s like living the life of a person who feels discriminated against, like the black man, every time you turn around, there is someone waiting to bash your skull in…and, it has happened….you get dirty, filthy insults hurled at you…you get discriminated in the workplace, in society..everywhere!! and…it is not a choice either…..sesspool of morality??? you have no clue…like all others….being gay isn’t about sex, although most pervs like to think it is…………..the sesspool is the hatred, bigotry, idolitry, hate, discrimination that people are forcing others to live with daily………………….

          • Anonymous

            Aw shaddap you whiny self-involved pipsqueak.  It’s not up to you to say who it’s up to you judgmental hypocrite.  BTW, you are referring to a cesspool of immorality, not one of morality.  And there’s no idolatry involved.  Please read a dictionary and learn how to construct a sentence before you pull out your thought-police badge and make a fool out yourself again.  If you contend that people are allowed to do what they wish, then a choice to think as they wish should be a no-brainer to you.  Go back to your mom’s basement and look in the mirror.  

          • Anonymous

            Hey Bluwater…… mom’s basement???? where did you get that one?? oh I forgot, you were there screwing men in the arse while looking in that same mirror…..don’t worry about the construction of my sentences, syntax, diction, or anything else your self absorbed idiotic brain cares to conger up…… call me a whiny self involved pipsqueak????? keep looking in that mirror you talked about while taking it up the arse….you hateful creep!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Anonymous

            Rarely does LOL truly mean the person laughed out loud, but I did.  Thanks for the funny.  And I love the whole meltdown thing, particularly in light of your name.  It’s amazing how hostile people get when confronted with their own hypocrisy.  And for a guy that supposedly wants everyone to accept everyone else’s lifestyle, you sure seem to be quite a gay-hater when your buttons are pushed, since you couldn’t come up with an insult that wasn’t a homophobic rant.  Thanks Sparky!  Love ya man… bye!

          • Anonymous

            Hey creep…..F.Y.I……I am gay!!!!….so glad I can entertain your stupid pea brain….now, you can take your own laughable comments and GFY!!! buh bye……

    • Anonymous

      They really don’t qualify under an ethnic description. Snake Oil Salesmen doesn’t involve any specific skin color. The color of the character is dark, and full of cynicism. 

    • Leslie Anderson Hoffmann

      Anyone can place the word Reverend in front of there name doesn’t make them a man of God. No man of God would promote or push the racism that those 2 do. It is unfortunate that the black people in this Country jump on that bad wagon before they stand back and think about what is going on!!! God Bless you Pastor Hutcherson!

    • Kathy Hudgins

       Not since they took part in seeing to it that Martin Luther King was killed and moved out of their way.

    • Tresa

      They are black men therefor, if they SAY they are a reverend, then that makes it true!

    • Anonymous

      I don’t know about Al “Not-so-Sharpton”, but Jessie Jackson is NOT a reverend.  According to the book, “Shakedown”, by Kenneth R. Timmerman, an investigative reporter, he dropped out of the seminary after only 6 months (instead of the minimum 3.5 years) and had a reverend friend sign off that he completed his studies.  He is the worst thing to happen to black people since white people.  I recommend this book.  If you hate him now, you’ll absolutely loath him after a couple of chapters.  I was born and raised in Chicago and I thought I knew a lot about him, but this book really made me want to throw it across the room.  But I had to finish first!  LOL

    • Christine ONeal

      Al Sharpton gave himself the “Reverend” title…He’s the pastor at the Church of Hate

  • M.Emmett Townsend

    Amen Brother Amen!

  • Paul McCord

    Most excellent assessment. Thank you for sharing the truth!!

    • Nelda Sue Shumake Carroll

      Praise God for a wonderful black brother with a pure heart of God; that is not willing to fight that ugly battle again…we love you!!

  • al

    Pastor Hutcherson? Ken Hutcherson? The same Ken Hutcherson who played college football at Livingston University then was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys? The same Pastor Hutcherson who ran a “free” adoption agency in the state of Washington? I am so proud for you. God bless you Ken!

    • Sheila Gerard Kibler

       He IS wearing a Washington State Cougar shirt!! :) Awesome!!

      • Jaamoose

        Shamin’ the Cougs….

        • Anonymous

          Your comment shames you.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, that is the same man. He is “The Hutch” and has been a guest for years on Rush Limbaugh, much to the delight of millons of listeners. He, like other stalwart guests like Dr. Thomas Sowell who is always on when the always entertaining Walter E Williams guest host the Rush Limbaugh show, The Hutch is just something you wait for, and when you hear the announcement you schedule around it to listen. How great was it to hear Glenn Beck find him as well. 
      I pray for a miracle so he is with us longer, if that is his wish.  

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I’m glad to see our black brothers/sisters speaking out against these men who want to keep them dumb and in poverty.  As a child I was raised in a poor white family….and we were looked down on and even mistreated and made fun of by white people of the likes of Sharpton…..Race knows no limitations on these people of this dementia of betterness…..according to the Constitution we are all equal….regardless of race, religion, or monetary status.

  • Doreen Grose

    I love Hutch!  Loved him since I was a little girl.  Love him now!  

  • Buck Torre

    well put and well said  also you sir are correct  jesse and all continue to hurt your race-again I say why doe sit take a catastrophic event to bring us all together  9/11 why? we all love we all bleed we are all gonna die can we not learn to love our brothers and sisters -Im so sick of race being thrown in our faces just to drop issues or make another drop his quest for the truth shameful tactic indeeds

  • Jeremy Weller

    Dr. Ken Hutcherson for President!! got goose bumps!

    • Richard Rowe

      ben carson president,hutcherson v.p.


    I reposted this video on Facebook and they deleted it.

  • Anonymous

    I have always admired this man since I was first introduced to him. Well said Reverend, and I can call u that knowing you give respect to that title.  There are a few out there that are true RINOS (Reverends In Name Only).

  • Anonymous

    Thank you Pastor Hutcherson, you do much to give me faith in the black community. It has been sorely damaged by Obama and his minions decisive administration and we have 3 1/2 years to go.

  • Anonymous

    So very blessed by your article, Pastor Hutcherson! I was born in 1966 and remember as a small child not understanding the concept of seperate facilites for whites and blacks. This is due to the sacrifice of you and others to bring about the changes that made that possible. One more thing should be pointed out though. The war being waged on the black community through abortion. One hundred years later Margaret Sanger’s vision of destoying minorities and the poor is being fulfulled. And it is heartbreaking.
    I applaud your willingness to stand against the powerful that will do their best to discredit you. As a Christian and believer in God-given inalienable rights, it’ll be my pleasure to stand with you.

  • whadayakiddinme

    Wow – this is refreshing, inspiring, and much-needed rhetoric.  Thank you, Pastor Ken Hutcherson!

    Now, how fast can we get you on all the talk shows?!?!?!?!

  • Theresa Girdwain


  • Anonymous

    I applaud Pastor Hutcherson for his candor and willingness to speak up for what is going on in American “again.”  God bless you and yours

  • Judith Knowles

    God Bless you Pastor Hutcherson what a blessing to hear you speak.

  • Boyce Perry

    It seems to me that Al and Jesse, played right into Margret Sanger’s plan for pastors.

  • Cary Brown

    That was awesome Pastor Hutcherson. As a christian white man, I got your back.

  • Kay Burke

    You have spoken the truth! I appreciate you for your willingness to stand and speak the truth against the evils of this world, especially Washington. I literally cannot speak or I would call and let my voice be heard, so I really appreciate someone who says exactly what I think and believe. Thank you again so much and may God richly bless you for this.

  • Sue Sanderson

    The handwriting is on the wall for racists too…God says, “You’re not going to get away with this!” (Daniel 5)

  • Anonymous

    now that was a mouthful. Amen Pastor Hutcherson, amen.

  • Anonymous

    Awesome!  Bless you Pastor Hutcherson!

  • Neil Ashton

    Thank you for standing up and speaking your mind. Good bless you!

  • Anonymous

    Well stated I would like to add to this comment. what I do to you I also do to the all mighty father.
    My prayer is that we all focus on our choices stay in the word because he governs all in this world and when the clouds open up it won:t be an U.F.O. its the heavenly father on his white horse and its show time. May GOD keep us in his light. amen.

  • Anonymous

    Very well said….

  • Anonymous

    That was AWESOME! Praise God that we can be one – equal! There is hope for our nation if we can ban together as one!

  • Linda Comiska

    God bless you for seeing things the way they really are for everyone.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are two of the most racists so called reverends I have ever seen. 

  • Terri

    I applaud this lady to stand up to two big mouth racist mongers.She is right I’m not taking it ever from anyone who reaps to spew hate and fill their pockets with blood money

  • Sally Inman

    Amen !!! and Amen !!! The truth has been spoken. 

  • Anonymous

    Jessy Jackson and Al S. have gone to the world of camera time and making money and lost sight of the big picture. I feel that these to have done more to devide people than bring them together.


    Sharpton and Jackson did it for their own agendas and financial gains. They could care less about the black man. Their only concerns are POWER and MONEY.

  • Richard Rowe

    and the democrats try to keep u down to get ur vote,they pay u more to have more babies,instead of taking away benefits if u have more than u can work and take care of by working an honest job and making u feel better about urself.

  • Anonymous

    wow wow wow – Could not agree more!  I am sure you did not want to stand up and fight for your rights again – but I think many many Americans are realizing we may have to.  So encouraged by people like you not afraid to stand up for what’s right.  Many Americans are growing weary of these PC issues.  I am sad to say we may end up having to take a stand in a LARGE way to wake up America!

  • Pamela Peltonen

    Amen and Amen! I hope Al Sharpton heard this message.

  • Anonymous

    Dear Brother in Christ.  I sit with you.

  • Judy Barnes

    Pastor Ken Hutcherson–I applaud you for being 100% accurate and am so happy that you are able to see these parasite for what they are! They have been an evil voice for years reminding both white and black that there is a difference in what we can have and what we can accomplish. They do not understand that equality happens when color is not an issue, not considered, not noticed and definitely not emphasized. Equal means equal and The God of our fathers says we are all one in Christ Jesus. We have allowed ‘spiritual wickedness in high places’ to steal our freedoms–and Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are helping put the chains of slavery back on their race as well as every other race that calls the US their home. They are deceived into thinking they are indispensable, but they will be thrown out with the garbage when their usefulness is finished. Thank God for your clear vision Ken Hutcherson!

    • Jana L. Curry

      Judy, I agree with you 100%. Pastor Hutcherson has managed to sum up my thoughts about these 2 people and the hate they keep pushing and  perpetrating on the black community. I do not endorse slavery of and kind on any race, I wonder how many centuries are going to have to pass before we can be free from being held responsible  for the wrongs that our ancestors did to the blacks.  People like these two only create and keep the “pot” of dissention stirred. In my opinion they are nothing but hate mongers and frankly they endorse and in fact encourage blacks to raise up and fight maybe at times causing so much hype that they almost seem like they are encouraging riots to take place. There are people, men and women who I feel, thrive on “keeping the pot stirred”. They are not happy unless they are pushing some kind of agenda. Many times whites are accused of being prejudiced(hope I spelled that right) when in fact it is the whites who are being profiled and actually at times it is a black person or group that are prejudice towards the whites or Jews or tea party etc. The Word tells us those who have been given a greater charge or those in positions of authority either over nations or congregations are going to be held to a higher standard of judgement  by the Almighty, Much has been given to them and much will be required of them by the Lord. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God. Their excuses that they were merely doing His work (of course lets not forget that their bellies and billfolds were never in want) will fall short, when He looks into their hearts.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    Nothing short of a miracle.

  • Richard Tutterow

     While I like what he has said I need to correct him on one thing The definition of “unalienable rights,” is those rights that cannot be surrendered, sold or transferred to someone else – the government, for example, or another person. Some people refer to these as “natural” or “God-given” rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness). Certain unalienable rights, such as a Social Security number, however, are “unalienable” only because the law prohibits reassigning your number to someone else.

    In contrast, “inalienable rights” are those rights that can be taken away by law. The left and alot of polical leaders love to say it wrong for a reason. If they can make people believe it is inalienable. Then they can take it away., and the Right fall into the trap

  • Anonymous

    Wow, the TRUTH so beautifully written!!! Thank you Dr. Hutcherson!!!!

  • Richard Tutterow

    I only hav on thing Hes says That I disagree with. It is not inalienable But unalienable

    The definition of “unalienable rights,” is those rights that cannot be surrendered, sold or transferred to someone else – the government, for example, or another person. Some people refer to these as “natural” or “God-given” rights (life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness). Certain unalienable rights, such as a Social Security number, however, are “unalienable” only because the law prohibits reassigning your number to someone else.

    In contrast, “inalienable rights” are those rights that can only be transferred with the consent of the person possessing those rights.

     The left would like you to believe it is inalienable for a reason. SO they can take it away and the right fall into the trap READ the Constitution. Dont be taken in

    • Richard Tutterow

       Correction Read the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution

  • Kimberly Mongan-Saladini

    I LOVE YOU…..!  You make me proud to be an American and a Christian.  You made my day and brought me some happy tears of joy….. God is good… Bless you and thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  • danny

    Great Article !!!  

  • Mack Sanders

    Pastor Hutcherson,,I’m a white man that lived in the period that you spoke of in Alabama. I didn’t believe in it then when I was a child and was certainly embarrassed by those conditions. Since those conditions don’t exist anymore,thanks to MLK,the two people that you referred to,Al Sharpton and Jessee Jackson cause more dislike and tensions within the races with the ignorant rant they go into on any racial issue. They think Obama can do no wrong when most of us know better. They sit on there perch’s waiting for another conflict to use the race card on and cause tension among us instead of talking about the good things that we both (races)have accomplished and help B&W to come closer together. I think that if they taught harmony and respect for each other would surely help team up our races and stand as one,then proceed to teach others.

  • Anonymous

    Interesting how Hutcherson speaks of equality and freedom for Tea Party rights.  He accuses the government targeting them with IRS investigations and NSA intrusions.  Well, from what I understand, the IRS targeted broadly from left to right, so it doesn’t look like Tea Party was singled out.  NSA is trying to stop terrorists, not target Tea Party patriots.  None of this seems comparable to the civil rights struggle of the 60s.  Interestingly, Hutcherson is concerned about the equality and liberty of Tea Party members, but doesn’t want to see gay people have true equality because he considers them to some how be making a wicked ethical choice about their sexual orientation.  Hutcherson’s beliefs seem backwards to me.

    • Anonymous

      From the congressional hearings yes indeed the Tea Party and anyone other than democrats were singled out.  Gay people are not a race or religion.  They are people who have sex with the same sex.  How is that even comparable to being a race?

      • Anonymous

        Since the 50s, the Supreme Court extended the reach of the Equal Protection Clause under the 14th Amenment to extend to other historically disadvantaged groups other than race, like women. Recently in the Prop 8 suit, the Supreme Court further invoked the 14th Amendment as protecting gay and lesbian marriage under the due process clause. Even though proponents were found unqualified to defend Prop 8, the precedent has been set. Further, DOMA was overturned invoking the 5th Amendment.

        There has been more recent hearings showing the IRS broadly scrutinized political words in applications.

  • Bud-Kathy Jones

    Thank you reverend from fellow Christian Americans.

  • Anonymous

    Pastor I am a white woman who grew up during those times too.  I remember Dr. King and what he was doing and I understood it as a little girl.  I remember Robert Kennedy and plenty of other whites walking with them in peaceful protests.  Had it not done it the way he did then, I would not have respected what he was trying to get done today; but I did and I do.  He wanted everyone to be treated equally, not just black people but black people were being horribly discriminated against and I also witnessed it.  I live in California but my dad was in the Marines and he was stationed in North Carolina in 1957.  When we stopped once I needed to use the restroom and became confused with the signs saying “White” & Negroes” so he guided me to the restroom to use.  My parents raised me in a Christian home and taught me all of us were created equal in the eyes of our heavenly father, who was actually all of ours father in heaven and he loved me more than I could imagine.  They taught me love of God first, love of country, and to respect every living person and thing God gave us; from trees to animals and everything in between because everything has a purpose put here by God.  To me and everyone I know including some people of color, Jackson and Sharpton are nothing more than black racists and incite black people.  They don’t even know what our country is about and what everyone who has lived here since the beginning, did to make it the great country it is.  But he, Obama, and lots of others don’t care, I believe.  We all need a good leader for whatever race or religion or political beliefs we may have, and black Americans, Muslims, none of us have one.  I just pray and ask God to bless us and bring us one asap!!  I know in time we will have one I just don’t know if I will be alive to see if. 

    • Lynn7

      You say this as well as Dr. Hutcherson. I have never hated anyone. But people spew it that “we do”. I feel totally discriminated against by black persons in most cases. I feel hostage to their entitlements. I feel that we are all equal, but only if we behave equally. Not because of the color of our skin, but the content of our character. It has gone on too long that the Jackson/Sharpton hatred agenda is making much of the black society haters. Those that do not follow them, actually have the ability to thrive and know the real world.

  • Anonymous

    beautiful, enjoyed hearing from this most reverend pastor. Wish he was more public as oppose to the other so called leaders. Thank you for being you Pastor Hutcherson. 

  • Stephan Bruno

    Pastor shuck n’ jive is at it again. Whatcha say massa Beck? Yes’m I’sa go ahead and tell all da good white folk not to like the bad niggas that don’t conform to what a black man should be in yo eyes. Can I’s shine yo shoes and eat your left overs too?

    • Freestar

      What should a black man be that is different from what “Hutch” says?  Shouldn’t they be responsible people as all should be?

  • Gary Dunn

    God bless you sir!

  • Dorothy Kettle

    Martin Luther King would be totally ashamed by this clown.  No dignity; no true intelligence…what a joke he is!

  • Joe Sullivan

    Right-On Pastor Ken

  • Neenee Bugbee

    God bless you Pastor

  • Mary Brown Vaughan

    Pastor, absolutely beautiful and inspiring.  God Bless you sir.  Please keep sending your messages….I will be watching for them.  You are pure hope………

  • Tom Beard

    God Bless Ken Hutcherson and men like him who are not afraid to speak their mind, speak the TRUTH that liberals and Democrats do NOT want to hear. 

  • Dorothy Margraf

    Intelligent, wise commentary has nothing to do with skin color.   It is the result of looking deeply into what others have had to say and analyzing it.  What Pastor Hutcherson has to add is his own historical perspective.  We all have to step back and add our own historical perspective, see where we have been mistaken, see where we missed taking into account the view of others.  It’s not just a matter of agreeing together.  It’s learning from each other and thinking the oppositions through.  He has learned and I hope that I can learn at the level he is at over time.  I see what he sees and I agree with it. Yet, how he got to where he is still has to be taught to me.

  • Frankie Miles

    Pastor Ken Hutcherson, thank you for this truthful statement that you made. It encouraged me to not give up but continut to speak out for our freedoms as American Christians!  God bless you, Sir!

  • Nanette Jones

    This man is awesome. May God continue to bless his days.

  • Anonymous

    This Man is Awesome !! .. Sharpton and Jackson are nothing but a POS !!!!.

  • Pamela Peltonen

    The spirit of God oozes from this man!

  • Joanna Miller

    Well said, too bad that not more realize the double standard that people like Sharpton and Jackson have only made worse. As a Christian I am not allowed to praise Jesus however if I were muslim, I would be allowed to pray where ever and when ever I want. I am a proud Christian, and I say Merry Christmas, I read the Bible, and I stand by my Lord, I am republican, and there is NO way I will allow my government to take my rights away.

    • Brian

      “As a Christian I am not allowed to praise Jesus”

      When? When are you “not allowed to praise Jesus”? When has anyone ever stopped you from doing that?

      • Freestar

        Where have you been the past  few years?  Prayer has been taken out of man public places.  Kids who want prayer at their graduations are told not to and if they do pray anyway, that is what makes news.  People are restricted from passing out flyers or standing with signs (in case it might offend someone).  It is O.K. if a muslim offends many by building a mosque or cultural center near ground zero or if they beat up someone who they deem offended them, but it doesn’t go two ways.  

  • Tim Casey

    This is a man of compassion, caring and devotion(even to his school)…loved the scripture. Keep up the good fight!

  • John Jenkins

    Not sure I understand Rev. Where is the persecution of Christians? Every President and the vast majority of our elected lawmakers are, what? Christians. Supreme Court? Christians. And on and on and on. Now, were you an atheist or agnostic, you might have an argument. But, sorry Rev. you might be getting more/different points of view in the mix lately, but persecuted? Nope. 

  • Sarah Yamazaki-Wong

    I gotta share this and email it! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Dr. Hutcherson! 

  • Anonymous

    Not to pile on, but really, the actions of Jackson and Sharpton are shameful.  I could go for the rest of my life without ever hearing from these two clowns again.  Well stated, Dr. Hutchinson.  (or as I like to think of you as from your EIB visits: “The Hutch!”)

  • Lori Laverty Gorman


  • Ron Kolbu

    Pastor Ken, with you all the way. God has blessed you.

  • Sean Leurini

    Good for this man Rev Patrick Hutcherson, He is true patriot!

  • Sharmane

    A true Patriot!  God bless him.  It’s time we all stand up and be counted, or we allow those who hate our country and all we stand for win.  We all know who wins in the end, and it isn’t the anti-God crowd.

  • Toots

    This Fine man should be a poster Child for all Americans! I also lived in the south as a child and we have come to far to turn back now . But some blacks in this country are making big money by oppressing their own ethnic peoples. Shame on you all. God made us equal and this is the only country in the world where because of the constitution you can be free. Don’t let it be stolen .

  • Theresa A. Miller


  • Anonymous

    GOD bless you Ken. I know in my heart of hearts that you are an honest and rightous individual and you will bring the new civil rights cause leadership and strenght.

  • Jay L.

    Sharpton & Jackson are nothing more than extortionists. They use boycotts & protests as threats to extort money (in the form of “donations” to their organizations) from those they don’t agree with.
    They care not one iota for the plight of “their people”. They care only about enriching themselves and their organizations. And they are both masters of this game. And they are both dogs who think of themselves as lions. However…
    “An army of 100 lions, led by a dog, and the lions will die like dogs. But an army of 100 dogs, led by a lion, and the dogs will fight like lions.”

  • Barbara Woods

    Very well said.

  • Michael Waters

    Thank You Very Much Brother Hutcherson.. for the Wisdom and Knowledge To Stand Free and Proud as we all Shall Till
     Christ ‘s Calling… Amen Amen…Truth and Honor ..Freedom..

  • Troy Canipe

    Something I have personally been waiting on for a while.  Thomas Sowell has said as much many times over, but it hasn’t lead to evolution of thought I often pray for.

     “When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle”

  • Anita G Flippo Hitchcock

    I like this man! Tell it like it is.

  • Tobi Hathorn


  • Arthur Adam Haglund

    Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton have risen to notoriety and that, it seems (having your face on the newspapers front page or your rhetoric played on TV and radio,) that is enough to become a de facto ‘black leader’ or ‘leader of the black community’,

    Loud mouths who back liars who do not do what they preach are not leaders, they are are not fit for that role.  they corrupt and lead to problems, not solutions.  
    Any Black person who stands up and claims BLACK SUFFERING or BLACK RIGHTS is automatically praised by the ‘black community’ and hailed as a righteous leader.  there is no vetting, not process to see beyond the TV screen, nor any desire to.

    THIS causes racial tensions, because it causes problems without cause!

  • Anonymous

    This is a man whose hand I would like to shake and say I’d like to be your friend, you are the kind of man this country needs today

    • Anonymous

      really why?

  • Anonymous

    “Rev. Al” was born in 1955. He was nowhere near the Civil Rights movement.

  • Anonymous

    There were 12 disciples. Not all 12 believed and followed. This happens in every organization or group. Whom is surprised when betrayal happens.

    The biggest mystery to me is why did the majority reject Jesus and His methods and choose Barabas and his methods. Today, why do the majority reject Jesus and His methods and choose Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and their methods

  • Anonymous

    A Spiritual Leader with principle .

    • Anonymous

      What principle he is doing the same thing Sharpton is doing.

  • dennis reilly

    judge each individual by the content of their character, it is so simple, I was reading letters home from a civil war soldier who eventually died in the war. The hell he went through for freedom for all never dawns on an individual like Al Sharpton, which is why he is the rich greedy man he is

  • Jo

    Great article;  If only Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would read this, coming from a non-white person, whom they seem to hate, maybe it would sink in.

    • Anonymous

      You do see he is doing the same thing that Al Sharpton is?

  • Jean Gray

    Thank you, Pastor Hutcherson, for being bold enough to tell the truth and put the ones who would enslave us in their places, respectively.  I’m white, almost 67 years old, and I remember the things you spoke of.  I agree with you that Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have an ulterior motive, but a Christian can see through that.  I have taken note of the past four years and it’s not the same America I grew up in that … because of Dr. King … became more enlightened.

    • Anonymous

      What truth did he provide.

  • Anonymous

    This article is a joke. When has anybody told a Christian they can’t pray in public. Who told Christians that they can’t say merry chrismas. I wish Christians(I don’t mean all Christians) would stop trying to make themselves some kind of minority. With these fake rules you guys keep putting on yourself.

  • Anonymous

    Wow.  My respect and admiration for this man continues to grow.  And love his WSU shirt, especially since I’m surrounded over here on the psychotic West side of the state, by UW purple and gold.

  • Anonymous

    Do you ever go on message boards, like at CNN or Yahoo?  Whenever there is an article that even remotely references religion, you should see the hate spewed towards Christians?  I’ve seen messages posted that wish Christians could be rounded up and thrown into jail or segregated and forced to live in separate communities; messages that accuse Christians of being the Taliban; calls for churches to be forcibly disbanded and members only permitted to worship at home; messages that demand that Christians be prevented from voting or holding public office or being restricted in the fields they are allowed to work in (specifically, no Christians working in education or in the scientific fields), and I have seen all of these messages get numerous ‘Like’ votes and supporting comments.

    • Anonymous

      Yes, I do and I see what they say. But when did post on comment boards become law. Please tell me that last time some stop you from praying in public or said you could not say merry Christmas. During the holidays I say merry Christmas and even people from other religion will say it back to me.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve seen instances reported of Christians being forbidden from praying in a public place or forbidden from holding a meeting in a public place.  A couple of years ago, it was all the fashion for retailers to forbid their employees from saying “Merry Christmas.”

        And don’t scoff at the comment boards because they aren’t laws now.  Remember, the laws in Germany in the 1930s didn’t pass all in one day.  No, the Jewish people first were labeled as threats and ridiculed and stereotyped.  Public hatred towards them was whipped up.  When people got used to that, the laws started being passed.  No public schools anymore for the Jewish kids.  Then they couldn’t live around non-Jewish people, were forced into ghettos.  Then they had to register and wear a marking; then take away their cars, forbid them from public transportation; don’t let them own their own businesses.  Then start sending them away…

        • Anonymous

          Where was this and what was the situation of this incident?

          The reason companies don’t allow there employees to say merry Christmas to the customers is because not all there customer are christian. And you are telling me that because somebody spouts out some ridiculous statement online it will become law. And you use Germany as an example . A time that didn’t have message and was not a democratic society.

  • Anonymous

    GOOD JOB PASTOR good job.

    • Anonymous

      For what?

  • James M Morriss

    Thank you! Al and Jesse have been nothing but media  whores and no one will call them on it. The truth cannot be racist.

  • Charles Applegate

    I know, right?  Just last week, I sneezed in a cafe. An elderly gentleman said ‘Bless you’ and almost before I had a chance to blink two cops Tazed him. They beat his ribcage with flashlights while they were handcuffing him and hustled him out of the store. I heard he’s being charged with felonies, but I’m not sure what for.  Scary!

    • Anonymous

      Nice story you made.

      • Charles Applegate

        That was the point – to use sarcasm and gross overstatement to illustrate the ridiculous nature of others’ claims.

  • Anonymous

    Al Sharpton is a leach on society.  Unfortunately, that is how he makes his money chasing down situations of racial need.  He also picks and chooses which place will give him the most publicity.  He could care less about the people he tries to speak for.  I would hate to think that I had to sit on a pew and listen to he or Jesse Jackson preach.  Scary… They should be ashamed to call themselves reverends.  What a joke.

  • Anonymous

    I will quarrel with Pastor Hutcherson’s characterization of Al Sharpton as a sixties freedom fighter, he was 14 when Dr. King was killed in ’68. Jesse Jackson at least has some creditablilty in the “movement” as he was there.

    That said, I fully agree with Pastor Ken’s assessment of the racial demogogues like Jackson and Sharpton who have perverted Dr. King’s message.

  • Becky Easley

    There are black people who refer to themselves as “leaders” who are doing nothing but trying to hold their brothers and sisters back and are raising issues that do nothing but cause trouble. We have come a long way and will continue to show how important we are by educatuing ourselves and showing the world that we are not second class citizens but leaders who know what is best for our own. We have risen above the slave mentality and should avoid anyone who tries to keep it alive 

  • Anonymous

    Sharpton does everything he can to keep racism alive and well so he can prosper off hate, just like Jesse Jackson and others who spread hate

  • Anonymous

    Actually, it seems almost like a blasphemy to see the names Ken Hutcherson and Al Sharpton displayed together. But his take on how wrong the always phony race huckster Sharpton is, along with his other “Justice Brother” Jesse Jackson, is quite accurate. And Sharpton and Jackson are quite useful in exposing the victimization of the blacks as an ethnic group to be manipulated and exploited for a single political party’s power mad agenda by trading economic slavery and the abandonment of all hope for true success for votes. . 

  • Pachy Serrano

    First, Mr. Hutcherson, Muslims DO NOT have more freedom of religion than Christians in this country. You just have to look around you and see plenty of Christian churches all over the nation, even in secluded towns, even in the woods, and you dont see that with Islam. And, second, whoever line up with Rush Limbaugh and other pundits like him can’t call himself a good Christian. Jesus will vomit to hear the stuff Mr. Limbaugh says all the time about other fellow human beings and citizens. Jesus is not a hater, but an uniter and a beacon of humility, peace, and love. And that’s something many conservatives are not, but God bless you, your congregation and your family . . .

  • Stephan Bruno

    Sell out ass nigga.

    • Anonymous

      No need for that

    • antithetical radical

      That was quite possibly the most ignorant comment you could have made. Congratulations on demonstrating just how few brain cells you have.

      • Anonymous

        There is a genuine antithetical radical comment.

  • Frank Harrington

    A great read and wonderful response to the likes of Jackson and Sharpton, two men who have done more to damage race relations in this country than any other individuals.

  • Barry Buchert

    WOW!!   This man  I truly respect for his article. It isn’t just jesse jackson or al sharpton . It is the white control liberal media that is always stirring up situations that never really happens.

    • Anonymous

      Isn’t that just what he did?

  • Anonymous

    I say AMEN! Dr. Hutcherson!

  • Anonymous

    Dr. Hutcherson, you are my hero!  My father, bless his soul, told me years ago that the likes of Jesse Jackson and his ilk purposely inflamed the black population and worked to keep the majority of blacks impoverished solely because it benefited them both financially and politically.  He actually called Jackson the “biggest welfare recipient” in this country.  This coming from a middle-aged white man who didn’t have a racist bone in his body.  Now, if only others would listen and believe…we can only hope.

  • Anonymous

    Pastor “Hutch”…I love what I’m hearing from you.  My husband and I saw you with Glenn, David Barton and Rabbi Lapin.  You were awesome and so right!  Thank you for standing.  We are standing, also.  I’m praying for you.  God bless!

  • Teresa Babick

    Thank you, I believe you speak for many of us, God Bless.

  • MudPuddleBunny

  • JETS#1

    Muslims have it better? Please can you think of a Christian that has gone through this crap

  • Rebecca Hunter

    what an HONOR to hear this man of GOD…..JESUS bless brother Hutch

  • Crook Ofraud

    Al shithead is a accessory to murder, he riles up the stupid and they (dumb black people) go riot.  Al should have to pay the 7-11 owners for 30 black people robbing the place all at once.  Al should have to pay for any damage done after the verdict of zimmerman is read.  He is probably going to have to move to another state or even country now because all you racist idiot blacks are so fucking brainless you can’t think for yourself or wait for all the facts to be considered.  And travon martin was complete scum, I see travon’s everyday at the mall walking slow, looking for someone to eyeball them and get in a fight, with their pants around their ass and hats on crooked looking stupid to anyone with a job, brain and responsibilities, we look because the niggas are fucking clowns.

    • JETS#1

       You forgot to add white power you racist scum know do humanity a favor and go crawl back into the dark slimy hole from the lowest pit of hell you came from

  • Anonymous

    Bravo Pastor Ken!  I have long admired your outspoken prophetic word to our nation. My admiration has multiplied with your words to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.  We are a blessed people to have you in our midst.

  • Sapere Vedere

    The civil rights movement in 20th century U.S. attracted many people who put everything on the line for the sake of fighting against racial oppression. But the eventual success of that movement attracted opportunists, & even turned some idealists into opportunists. Over generations, black leaders have ranged from noble souls to shameless charlatans. After the success of the civil rights insurgency, the latter have come into their own, gaining money, power & fame promoting racial attitudes & actions counterproductive to the interests of those they lead. None of this is unique to blacks or to the U.S. In various countries & times, leaders of groups that lagged behind, economically & educationally, have taught their followers to blame all their problems on other people & to hate those other people. This was the history of anti-Semitic movements in Europe between the World Wars, anti-Ibo movements in Nigeria in the 1960s, & anti-Tamil movements that turned Sri Lanka from a peaceful nation into a scene of lethal mob violence and then decades-long civil war, both marked by unspeakable atrocities. Groups that rose from poverty to prosperity seldom did so by having racial or ethnic leaders. Most Americans can easily name a number of black leaders, how many can name Asian ethnic leaders? The time is long overdue to stop looking for progress through racial/ethnic leaders. Such leaders have too many incentives to promote polarizing attitudes counterproductive for minorities.

  • Anonymous

    Why aren”t  the blacks listening to Ken Hutcherson, over the degenerates like Shrimpton and Jackass?

  • Anonymous

  • niny

    “The fruit of the Spirit is Love” Eph 5:9 thank PasttorHutcherson for promoting harmony and justice
    Sharpton and Jackson , what kind of ‘spirit’ is influensing you actiions??

  • Chris Hatchett

    Wow. Ken, ken ken. YES. More of this! You and Sen. Elbert Guillory (louisiana) are a blessing to the African American community. Keep preaching more of THIS. I’m tired of seeing my fellow human beings go from one type of slavery to another. I find it amazingly ironic that MLK’s famous words “Free at last, free at last… Thank God Almighty I’m free at last” would lead to the opposite of freedom as so many people would become slaves to the government; so dependent on welfare checks that they’ve given up the will to live a prosperous life and be contributing members of society. When you’re dependent on someome or something, you lack the very essence of being truly independent. It’s time that this group of african americans enjoy the very same independence that I enjoy. I may not have a lot in this life, but I do have my freedom. 

    Thank you for sharing this. 

  • xiaojia

  • Anonymous

    God looked down and Asked ?????????????????????????
     Where————————————Is the LOVE ?????????????????
     “Where Is The Love?”
    What’s wrong with the world, mama People livin’ like they ain’t got no mamas I think the whole world addicted to the drama Only attracted to things that’ll bring you trauma Overseas, yeah, we try to stop terrorism But we still got terrorists here livin’ In the USA, the big CIA The Bloods and The Crips and the KKK But if you only have love for your own race Then you only leave space to discriminate And to discriminate only generates hate And when you hate then you’re bound to get irate, yeah Madness is what you demonstrate And that’s exactly how anger works and operates Man, you gotta have love just to set it straight Take control of your mind and meditate Let your soul gravitate to the love, y’all, y’all People killin’, people dyin’ Children hurt and you hear them cryin’ Can you practise what you preach And would you turn the other cheek Father, Father, Father help us Send some guidance from above ‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’ Where is the love (Love) Where is the love (The love) Where is the love (The love) Where is the love, the love, the love It just ain’t the same, old ways have changed New days are strange, is the world insane? If love and peace are so strong Why are there pieces of love that don’t belong? Nations droppin’ bombs Chemical gasses fillin’ lungs of little ones With ongoin’ sufferin’ as the youth die young So ask yourself is the lovin’ really gone So I could ask myself really what is goin’ wrong In this world that we livin’ in people keep on givin’ in Makin’ wrong decisions, only visions of them dividends Not respectin’ each other, deny thy brother A war is goin’ on but the reason’s undercover The truth is kept secret, it’s swept under the rug If you never know truth then you never know love Where’s the love, y’all, come on (I don’t know) Where’s the truth, y’all, come on (I don’t know) Where’s the love, y’all People killin’, people dyin’ Children hurt and you hear them cryin’ Can you practise what you preach And would you turn the other cheek Father, Father, Father help us Send some guidance from above ‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’ Where is the love (Love) Where is the love (The love)? Where is the love (The love)? Where is the love (The love)? Where is the love (The love)? Where is the love (The love)? Where is the love (The love)? Where is the love, the love, the love? I feel the weight of the world on my shoulder As I’m gettin’ older, y’all, people gets colder Most of us only care about money makin’ Selfishness got us followin’ the wrong direction Wrong information always shown by the media Negative images is the main criteria Infecting the young minds faster than bacteria Kids wanna act like what they see in the cinema Yo’, whatever happened to the values of humanity Whatever happened to the fairness and equality Instead of spreading love we’re spreading animosity Lack of understanding, leading us away from unity That’s the reason why sometimes I’m feelin’ under That’s the reason why sometimes I’m feelin’ down There’s no wonder why sometimes I’m feelin’ under Gotta keep my faith alive ’til love is found Now ask yourself Where is the love? Where is the love? Where is the love? Where is the love? Father, Father, Father, help us Send some guidance from above ‘Cause people got me, got me questionin’ Where is the love? Sing with me y’all: One world, one world (We only got) One world, one world (That’s all we got) One world, one world And something’s wrong with it (Yeah) Something’s wrong with it (Yeah) Something’s wrong with the wo-wo-world, yeah We only got (One world, one world) That’s all we got (One world, one world)

  • Anonymous

    yes Sir, but do not forget the other bro’s  like Wright, Pfeiffer, they all have their agendas too. Especially Wright – g..d..m America_  has he moved in to his estate yet?  in a gated, white, golf community? Where no Brothers of minor wealth and influence can get to him?

  • Eric Muratori

    Can I get a Amen!!! Please can we get more people like the Pastor here!!!

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Hutch is exactly right in every word he has said! I, too, remember those days, though I was a lot younger than he. I do remember, however, despite these indignities, there were plenty of black people who still refused to be disrespected and were well able to command the whole-hearted love and respect of all people who knew them, black OR white. It had nothing at all to do with their color, but from their intelligence, strength, and the love of their fellow men through Christ. That never has changed, and never will. You can’t force respect or love, it can’t be bought or legislated. To do so is not “rights”, it’s extortion. 

  • Jodi McClaskey

    Amazing man Pastor Hutch has renewed my faith in humanity, and my faith in the lord as well. I dream someday I may stand shoulder to shoulder with him. Thank you Pastor, you words do more than you’ll know!

  • Jodi McClaskey

    man Pastor Hutch has renewed my faith in humanity, and my faith in the
    lord as well. I dream someday I may stand shoulder to shoulder with him.
    Thank you Pastor, you words do more than you’ll know!


  • shannon young

     “There is a class of colored people who make a business of keeping the troubles, the wrongs, and the hardships of the Negro race before the public. Having learned that they are able to make a living out of their troubles, they have grown into the settled habit of advertising their wrongs-partly because they want sympathy and partly because it pays. Some of these people do not want the Negro to lose his grievances, because they do not want to lose their jobs.”   BTW

  • CO

    After researching the FBI numbers for “Suicide of a Superpower,” this
    writer concluded: “An analysis of ‘single offender victimization
    figures’ from the FBI for 2007 finds blacks committed 433,934 crimes
    against whites, eight times the 55,685 whites committed against blacks.
    Interracial rape is almost exclusively black on white — with 14,000
    assaults on white women by African Americans in 2007. Not one case of a
    white sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study.”

    Today, 73 percent of all black kids are born out of wedlock. Growing up,
    these kids drop out, use drugs, are unemployed, commit crimes and are
    incarcerated at many times the rate of Asians and whites — or Hispanics,
    who are taking the jobs that used to go to young black Americans.

    Are white vigilantes or white cops really Black America’s problem? SMH Obama is fueling the problem 

  • Michele L Clark

    Rock ON! We love you! 

  • antithetical radical

    What a breath of fresh air! Finally, someone that Sharpton cannot accuse of being a racist taking him to task. There’s been a lot of people like Dr. Hutcherson speaking out against the blatant racist dividing that Sharpton and others have been up to lately, and it is about time that they were exposed, especially when there is no basis for their screams of racism and victimhood.

    • Guest


    • Anonymous

      antithetical radical has been hacked and the Disqus account has been terminated by the owner of the ID. Any future posts after 1:15 PM EDT are the result of a hijacker. Do not be fooled by imitations. 

      As far as that ID is concerned it is fairly obvious that I have many IDs and losing a few to a hijacker/hacker is no big concern. All one has to do is to read old posts prior to today at noon (Saturday, July 20, 2013) eastern time to see the real antithetical radical. That ID is no longer valid and any comments prior to my discovery of the hijack that are questionable can be detected fairly readily. 

      There was one in particular that posted an URL for the death of Helen Thomas – that was not posted by me. I would not rejoice in anyone’s death, so you can judge by that whether you are talking to me or not.

  • Anonymous

    Well said sir.

  • Kimberly Clark Heckler

    If they were really looking to help the black community they would be out there solving the real problem! You don’t see them were the help is really needed like in the inner City of Chicago! You only see them in high profile cases were there is big money for them to make! PIMPS! LIVING OF THE FAT OF AMERICA! that is what they are! They don’t want to go to the real war zone where they might have to face the truth of what is going on in America! They hide behind their fake ass camera faces and written speeches to make people think they really care! They could care less. All they really want is a hand out! If you have cash, they will fight for your cause! The poverty stricken inner city of Chicago is killing off its youth! Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Not enough money there! SCAMMERS, PIMPS!

  • Kimberly Clark Heckler

    If they were really looking to help the black community they would be out there solving the real problem! You don’t see them were the help is really needed like in the inner City of Chicago! You only see them in high profile cases were there is big money for them to make! PIMPS! LIVING OF THE FAT OF AMERICA! that is what they are! They don’t want to go to the real war zone where they might have to face the truth of what is going on in America! They hide behind their fake ass camera faces and written speeches to make people think they really care! They could care less. All they really want is a hand out! If you have cash, they will fight for your cause! The poverty stricken inner city of Chicago is killing off its youth! Where are Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Not enough money there! SCAMMERS, PIMPS!

  • Anonymous

    I agree with comments I just read…KCH = I agree!! …  Sharpton & Jackson are part of the Problem!!  They stir up a Race issue when there wasn’t one!!   WHY?  so they can Make $? get their names back in the headlines?   Continue to stir up Racial Tensions?  I don’t what these 2 are trying to do other than what I see, which is stir up problems!!!!  What Jobs do they have, other than trouble makers?!??!!  Now they got Obama & Holder siding with them?!?!???  What a mess!!!!   None of them are solving problems, they are creating problems!!!     Very sad for people who call themselves leaders..

    They are part of problem, not the solution!! 

  • Robie Cagle

    Amen!  This man gets it and expresses it in a way which  many are unable to do, though they have been trying to say the same for many years.  Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are evil in what they do, in how they “represent” black people and in the way they incite them to their own detriment.  Racism will not end while the likes of those two twits keep baiting everyone on both sides while they engorge their pocketss with wealth and riches gained from those whom they spuriously say they are helping, which we know they are not!  Well said sir!

  • Anonymous

    well said>

  • Pam Forrest

    Pastor Hutcherson, thank you so much for your comments..I may be a white female but I am proud to call you my brother in Christ Jesus…God Bless you forever..

  • REE42

    Thank you sir.  I wish all of the “Christian” Blacks that I know would have their first allegiance to  Christ and not their race.  That goes for whites too.  But, right now, I am astounded at the Amening -The- Word in church Black “Christians”  do.  I wish they would put their actions where their mouth is.  I know one that was in tears because a White person said something against some of Obama’s policies, then voted for him, who is for same sex marriage and aborting babies.  Something is very very wrong here.  I see nothing here but revenge on white people for what, mostly their ancestors did to blacks.  Are we just going to trade off the seat of evil every few decades?  You two renegade Black Racists are truly HURTING your own race. 

  • Charles Hurst

     Thank you Pastor. What Al S. doesn’t realize is many of the whites he condemns would have and have in the past stood beside him when Jim Crow was still breathing.

    It seems more and more (and I was willing to give the deceased the benefit of the doubt) that the more that is revealed about his past the more criminal like it appears. And it also appears that GZ not only was not a racist but had incidents where he stood up for minorities. Of course this was never mentioned by the news. A large portion of the black community is proving right now that no matter what the facts are, we will cause unrest in a professional victim hood manner. Unfortunately this will lead to the recruitment of real racists who would not be otherwise and continue to lead to the downfall of this nation.

    Charles Hurst, Author of THE SECOND FALL. An offbeat story of the Armageddon.

  • Steve Elliott

    Good comments. 

  • Mary Teter Blakkan

    Dear Dr. Hutcherson, I just watched your video and I thought it was wonderful!  We are all equal in the eyes of the Lord and it shall remain that way!  I absolutely agree with you, that Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton have begun to destroy any and all progress that has been made since the 60’s.  I personally fear, if they continue to go down this road, along with Barack Obama, they will instigate a civil war in this country.  Since Obama has become President, I have seen my Country turn into something I don’t like at all!  I thank God my parents and grandparents are no longer around to see this because it would break their hearts, as it is mine!

    • Anonymous

      I just listened to a Black Panther on you tube and was amazed of the great speech he made and was blown away as he is right on.Larry Pinkney and my hats off to him.

  • HDLadee

    EXCELLENT! My heart and my respect go out to  Dr. Ken Hutcherson ~ Thank YOU sir for speaking the truth and from yours heart.God Bless you 

  • Cathy

    What’s really upsetting to me and I’m white. Is why the black community act like any successful black person that doesn’t believe like they do and follow the dem line are called degrading names. I think they would be happy with all successful people of color.  Alan West for instance. He served his country well but he doesn’t believe the democrats have the black community in their best interest. Why can some understand this and stand up for their rights yet others can’t. I mean a big majority don’t realize this. I know not all republicans have my best interest in mind when they pull the stuff they do. Why can’t the left see the same thing?

  • Tresa

    I googled Ken after reading a smaller article he wrote on the Zimmerman trial and I must say, I was highly impressed by his views and his honesty regarding the black race and the “Proverty Pimps’. I have never heard those two devils described in a better way! I will read more of what he has to say.

  • Susan McMurray

    God Bless You Pastor Hutcherson. I’m white and a Christian. I used to be a Democrat. I tell people I didn’t leave the party, the party left me. I don’t think it is just Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson though. I think it is a lot of the Democratic Pary.

    • Anonymous

      I always told folks I’m democrat just not a fool.

  • Brad Cousino

    Al Sharpton is one miserable fellatio practitioner.   Reverse racism on stilts,  an embarrassment to not just one race, but humanity itself.   He will go the way of Sen. Joe McCarthy as soon as someone with testicular audacity stands up to him.

  • Anonymous

    Kudos to you, Ken Hutcherson. No one could have said it better.

  • lijoti513

    You should never say bad things about the dead, you should only say good . . . He’s dead. Good!

  • Anonymous

    God Bless Ken Hutcherson…. RIP

  • Brigand

    I love this post! Preach it brother!

  • MintyFresh

    Satanic messengers who pretend to be ministeers of light, but in them are darkness and the bones of dead men, like white washed tombs, they try to hide the inner corruption that is them, but the stench of it still comes through for those willing to not be blinded.

  • jim creson

    Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Valerie Jarrett have given me an understanding why some countries practice ethnic cleansing.
    Ole Al has been practicing legalized extortion since Tawana Brawley and yet people continue to listen to him and the government hasn’t locked his sorry ass up even though he owes millions in unpaid taxes… many people owe this much tax and remain free from jail?
    Jessie isn’t much better but perhaps the worst offender is the one who engineered the biggest fraud ever on the American public, the packaging and selling of obammy, the most unqualified, not even eligible person to be installed in the WHITE HOUSE.
    Make no mistake, Valerie is the one we should all be mad at because she engineered the entire obammy fiasco!
    Saddest part of American history to date…..

  • notfooledagain

    I’m so sad I missed Hutch…truly my loss. I would have loved to hear him in person. I heard him on Rush Limbaugh, but I had no idea it was this guy. This man is in heaven…I hope to talk to him them…or at least listen.

  • Masonjar

    Too each there own!

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