Erick Stakelbeck: Do you think the Muslim Brotherhood will go away quietly after Egypt coup?

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Well, I was on vacation last week down the Jersey shore. The good part, no Snooki sightings, and as I’m on the beach playing with my two young daughters, a family member comes up to me looking excited. He says, “Hey, did you hear the news? The Muslim Brotherhood guy in Egypt, Morsi, he got kicked out. He’s gone. The army’s in charge now.” And there goes my vacation.

Look, I live and breathe this stuff. My new book about the Muslim Brotherhood comes out next Monday, July 15. It’s called The Brotherhood: America’s Next Great Enemy. So, as you might imagine, I’m all over this issue. But what struck me during my vacation as all of this was unfolding in Egypt, was that friends and family members who aren’t political junkies were very interested in what was happening.

I spent a good part of my week answering questions about Egypt and about everything that’s going on right now in the Middle East. Look, when you have three million people in the streets of Cairo, three million, the largest demonstration in human history, that should be enough to make anyone stand up and take notice that something massive is happening, or so you would think.

A lot of Americans still seem to believe that what happens over there stays over there. Hey, Honey Boo Boo is on the tube, and Kim Kardashian is getting married. In a way, I guess, I can’t totally blame them. They’re just following the example of our elected leadership. As Egypt was in the middle of a historic upheaval last week, President Obama was seen on the golf course at Camp David, and his Secretary of State, John Kerry, the man who’s supposed to be the driving force behind our foreign policy, was out on his yacht.

There they are, ladies and gentlemen, your crack foreign-policy team. Don’t you feel safer knowing they’re on the case? These are the same folks who helped to create this whole violent mess in Egypt by backing the Muslim Brotherhood at every turn. Now, Egypt is on fire, and it’s only going to get worse. Civil War is a real possibility, and remember, this is the most populous and most influential Arab nation, the recipient of billions in U.S. aid.

This isn’t Somalia or Yemen, some medieval backwater. If Egypt becomes a failed state, which it is this close to becoming right now, the whole world is going to feel it. That’s one reason why you over here need to care about what happens over there. Events in Egypt are spiraling out of control very quickly, and that could create a few potentially nasty consequences for America.

The Muslim Brotherhood waited 84 years to gain power. They had it finally. Sharia law was about to be enforced. Women were going to be covered from head to toe. Christians were in the crosshairs, and war with the hated Jews loomed. All of the Brotherhood’s sick dreams were about to be realized and with the full backing of the United States to boot. And then it was all wrenched away from them suddenly and violently after just one year in power.

Do you really think the Brotherhood is just going to go quietly now and accept this turn of events? Folks, this is the granddaddy of them all when it comes to Islamic terrorist groups. They started the entire modern Islamic jihadist movement. The Brotherhood spawned Al Qaeda. I outline in my new book how Osama bin Laden, Ayman al-Zawahiri, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, every major Al Qaeda figure you can think of belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood before they joined Al Qaeda.

That’s no coincidence. The Brotherhood is the gateway drug for jihad, the ideological driving force behind all of the terrorist madness you see today. Oh, and did I mention that Hamas is the Brotherhood’s Palestinian wing? And is it surprising that the Boston bombers attended a mosque controlled by a group that federal prosecutors say is an arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in America?

This is a fact: Without the spread of Muslim Brotherhood ideology, of conquering the world for Allah, killing the infidel, and reestablishing a Caliphate, 9/11 would’ve never happened. I repeat, if the Muslim Brotherhood had never been created in Egypt back in 1928, 9/11 would’ve never happened. There would be no war on terror. You’d even be able to keep your shoes on at the airport.

Every single Al Qaeda leader worth his suicide belt was inspired by the teachings and writings of Muslim Brotherhood ideologues like Hassan al-Banna and especially Sayyid Qutb. Remember that name. They laid the groundwork starting with the Brotherhood’s official motto, “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur’an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”

Now, pay particular attention to those last two lines – jihad, military conquest, is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope. Folks, they ain’t going quietly. That’s very bad news for us for a few reasons. The last time the Brotherhood was in this situation in the late 1940s and the 1950s, they carried out a wave of terrorism across Egypt and assassinated Egyptian leaders.

Finally they were crushed by Nasser and banned. But like jihadi vampires, they wouldn’t go away. Their backs are up against the wall now once again. Just today, it was announced that there is an arrest warrant for the Brotherhood’s supreme leader, Mohammed Badie. Morsi and other Brotherhood leaders are under house arrest, and the Egyptian military has killed dozens of Brotherhood supporters over the past week alone.

Look for the Brotherhood and its allies to respond to all of this with terrorism and violence. Bet on it. And folks, if they target the Suez Canal with terror attacks and shut it down, oil prices will go through the roof. That affects you. All of that Middle Eastern oil travels through the Suez before reaching Europe. Do you think the Brotherhood and its allies are unaware of this?

And how about the possibility of the Brothers and other Islamist groups provoking a military confrontation with Israel? Jihadists are launching attacks out of Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula against Israel practically every day now. If the Egyptian military can’t control them, Israel will eventually have to take action to defend its borders. But it’s not just the Islamists who could start a war with a hated Zionist entity.

Writing in the Tablet Magazine last week, respected Middle East analyst Lee Smith said, “The Egyptian army has only one card left to play…Egypt may be headed to war with Israel in the not-too-distant future. But as the country implodes, war has become the easy way out…”

Smith wrote, “A short war today – precipitated by a border incident in Sinai, or a missile gone awry in the Gaza Strip, and concluded before the military runs out of the ammunition that Washington will surely not resupply – will reunify the country and earn Egypt money from an international community eager to broker peace. Taking up arms against Israel will also return Egypt to its former place of prominence in an Arab world that is adrift in a sea of blood.”

Ask yourself what would a new Middle East war do to oil prices and the global economy? It’s coming. The only question is whether Egypt, Syria, or Iranian nukes will be the trigger. What also could be coming is Egypt in total collapse with people literally starving. That’s how bad the Egyptian economy is right now. A Civil War, the kind the Islamists want to provoke, would be a death knell.

And who would be left to pay the bills to help try to lift Egypt out of total chaos and collapse? That’s right, you and me, American taxpayers. And by the way, speaking of America, just a little reminder, the Muslim Brotherhood is here in your backyard. As we’ve seen on TheBlaze TV in the groundbreaking documentaries, The Project and Rumors of War III, the Brotherhood has devised plans to destroy America from within.

Our government knows about these plans, yet Brotherhood supporters are guests in the White House, advising the Obama administration on its counterterrorism and Middle East policies. In my new book, I call them “terrorists in suits.” I’ve interviewed them around the world, face to face. They are slick, well educated, well spoken, and well dressed. They are dangerous. Right now, because of what happened to Morsi, they’re also angry.

We saw hundreds of Morsi supporters take to the streets in Chicago earlier this week to call for Morsi’s return as president. Folks, you need to know about this group and not the mainstream media version. Pick up my book, The Brotherhood, when it comes out on July 15. Pick it up.

And you know, it gives me no pleasure to deliver tough news and unpleasant facts, but if you’re watching TheBlaze, I’m pretty sure you’d rather know what’s coming than not know. And you’re going to be just fine as a result.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    No the Muslim Brotherhood will not go away quietly, it needs to be uprooted completely.

    • Anonymous

       Just like Liberalism that needs to be uprooted.

      • fire lion

         You do know that this country is based on liberalism. Do you know what liberalism even is?  

        • Anonymous

          You definitely have not read any history on our Founders if you think the USA was founded on Liberalism let alone the United States Constitution.

          • fire lion

             Are you serious? has talk radio garbage polluted your mind about the word liberalism that you have know idea what it means? Liberalism means freedom.

              In your magical world of the past where everyone was super moral, good and traditional  they didnt allow free speech as well as not allowing gays to marry.

            It was the liberalism that allowed women to vote and black men free.  Conservatives hated those things.

          • Anonymous

            Liberalism means getting away with whatever you want to.  Even a murderer or rapist has their own meaning of what’s “liberal.”  Freedom is a hard earned pinnacle, liberalism is a comment in a suggestion box.

          • Anonymous

             I do not have the time to get into an long discussion of what the difference is of Liberalism or Conservatism, but  I will ask you one question in regards to Liberalism allowing black men to be free.  Who was the first President who introduce a Civil Rights Bill to Congress?  If you know you will find out that this President was a Conservative.

        • Anonymous

          This country was founded on the belief that the government’s duty was to secure our rights, not define them for us without the consent of the REPUBLIC.

    • Anonymous

      “Uprooted”? What exactly does it mean to “uproot” the Muslim Brotherhood?

      • Anonymous

        Bombed to shit by drones would be the most efficient way I suppose.

        • Anonymous

          A genocidal supposition.

          • Anonymous

            Not arguing.

  • Anonymous

    Biblical prophecy is that Egypt will be uninhabitable for 40 years.  Prediction is the entire country will be nuked at some point to cause this.  End times.

  • Sam Fisher

    Well they are never going away just face it. 

  • Anonymous

    They have a not so secret support with backing by Obrother kind of sum’s this story up!

  • Anonymous

    The “Brotherhood” is faithfully following the dictates of the Koran.  They are the TRUE Muslims.  Read the verses at

    Islam (as a whole) should NOT be considered a religion, but a dangerous, anti-freedom, political movement.

    • Anonymous

      I read the Quran twice cover to cover. Why? Because I was so totally appalled and depressed by what I read. It totally debunks all the hearsay and gobbledygook that the talking heads and journalists have been passing that there is some good in Islam. I had to read it again word for word to be absolutely sure. I can now say without ay hessitation that there is absolutely nothing good about Islam. I tried reading the Hadith and it is even worse, so bad I had to stop. Islam is the most hateful, intollerent, ignorant , jealous, not to mention murderous religion ever to gain mass popularity. I am convinced that if one were to create a religion that is the complete antithesis of Judeo-Christian ideal and religion you would be hard pressed to do better than Islam. Satan (if you believe in such) himself would find it hard to do better than Islam to introduce a religion that totally throws a wrench in the Judeo-Christian machinery.

      Bottom line the Muslim Brotherhood are just doing what the religion demands of them. Its the moderate muslims that bother me. Any sane, peaceloving person who actually read the Quran would have left Islam long ago. Anybody who blindly ignores the horror that is Islam and still participates, willfully displasy their ignorance, or are just plain lying to themselves and or the world (of course there are provisions in the Quran that demand that Muslims lie if it will better serve the cause, defense, and spread of Islam, especially to non-believers).

      • Anonymous

        I’ve only read it once.  I studied Islam with the intent of possibly joining it, because I’d become one of those college dropout, hate America, hate God morons.  Once I read the Koran, it made me realize how full of crap Liberal America really is on the subject.  It’s the descendants of Ishmael (i.e. Arabs) who were taught by Mohammed that they, not the Jews (of Jacob, holders of the TRUE birthright and the REAL chosen people), were the people of God.  Anyone who opposes them be damned, and according to the Koran, quite literally damned.  You know that you are %100 right here because you know the Koran and you know what Islam really is and you know that anyone who tries to debunk your accurate assessment here has nothing to do but crack open their brain and LEARN.  Good day and laus deo.

  • jdgalt

    If the US is going to provide weapons to anyone in Egypt it should be the country’s Christian minority.  Neither the Brotherhood nor the Army has shown they can be trusted to behave.

    • fire lion

       Maybe the christian minority needs to stop wearing hoodies and listening to rap music.

      • Anonymous

        What are you talking about?

        • Sandie

          That one was too loony to even think about! lolchristian minority needs to stop wearing hoodies and listening to rap music.

          • Anonymous

            I don’t have a problem with atheists, just the ones who are asshole pieces of shit with no life, like this fire lion.

  • Anonymous

    no muslim brotherhood didn’t go away hussein-obama is the leader and is leading them in the alQueda takeover! they just changed their name like hussein-osama’s union Acorn!

    • fire lion

       You sound like those really stupid 2 minutes of hate videos in Orwells 1984

      Dont get your white robes in a bunch, Gotta keep them good for the KLan rally wedding.

  • Anonymous

    they have had this vendetta against manKind since the crusades and are not giving up they are living in Hussein-Obama’s Group Al-Queda! not just the crusades but cain and abel, Jacob and Esau, Isaac and Ishmael, God and Lucifer……they are the reverse of God! Hussein-Obama lives on the kuran and RulesForRadicals playbook dedicated To Lucifer!

  • Anonymous

    Question;  “Do you think the Muslim Brotherhood will go away quietly after Egypt coup?”

    Answer; No.

  • suz

    great show last night and an even better one the night before with buck.

  • Anonymous

    The Muslim Brotherhood is not going away, any group of people who feel they have got to behead others who disagree with them to maintain there existence will be around until some other group of people decides they have had enough of there crap

  • fire lion

    They wont go away just like the TEAliban didnt after Obama stomped romney.

    • Anonymous

      There is nothing called the TEAliban.  You are either referring to the Taliban or the Tea party, two things that are in no way similar at all in creed or deed.

  • fire lion

    The muslim brotherhood is pretty close to the christian right. except they are far more better at getting government seats. 

    The ironic thing  is that what separates the Morsi from Pat Roberts is that Roberts is more LIBERAL.  In the bible its says not to suffer a witch to live. yet christians disobey god and not murder people who are openly engaging in sorcery.

    christians used to sentence homosexuals to death but dont and disobey their god. They also let women vote even though their god forbade women from being anything more than a slave baby oven.

    But oh how wing nuts want to be like the brotherhood. 

    • Anonymous

      Muslims stone homosexuals to death as an adherence to the Koran.  They also stone women who get gang raped if they weren’t adequately clothed beforehand.  Exegesis will tell you that Exodus 22:18 has parallel verses in both Deuteronomy and Leviticus suggesting that by not “suffering” to witches can be just as easily interpreted to mean that you simply don’t have to let them live AMONG your society.  This is a motion to send someone into exile, not to their death.

      Christians disobey God on a constant basis.  It’s the basis of why we feel we need God and should depend on HIS wisdom instead of our own.  CHRISTIANS never stoned homosexuals or those into beastiality.   Jews who existed before Christ did engage in some of these practices.  Jesus nullified Old Testament laws.  If you want to know what God expects from Christians, read the Sermon on the Mount.  Follow the words of the Sermon on the Mount, and I guarantee you that your soul (and you as a whole) will be at peace.

  • ken.

    only when there are none left.

  • Anonymous

    Stakelbeck’s weak tactic: feaaaaaaaaaaaar mongeeeeeeeering!!!

  • Snorri

    Now that voting really didn’t work out for the Muslim Brotherhood, in Egypt, violence is the alternative(s) which includes civil war, political murders, and even booby trapping flush toilets once they figure out what they are.

  • Carol Waltman

    I have it all figured out and I bet you too have figured it out.  Obama hates America.  He is close to his brother Milik Obama who is either part of the muslim brotherhood or works for them.  Saudi likes the muslim brotherhood.  President Obama is a puppet for Saudi because he hates America.  Everything he does is for Saudi Arabia.   That is why we will never be free from their oil.  He will say it is because of EPA but it is not.  Saudi would lose money.  It make sense. He is not working for us at all.  He is a socialist boarding on being a communist.   

  • Anonymous

    And to think America has one of those brotherhood sons a bitches as ‘president’ and HIS moslem brotherhood pals/tsars in the white house too.  And some Americans are so goddamn stupid and so wrapped up with what Honey Boo Boo is doing, that when the moslem Obumhole announces that America is now officially a moslem nation under sharia law, they’ll stand and applaud. Stupid is as stupid does. First this bastard was put in office. What comes next is obvious.

  • LaDonna Rae

    OMG I have been going mad, and I just watched a video Mr. Beck made in 2011 that has me going even MORE mad.
    The U.S. has decided to get into bed with terrorists. There’s a whole list, but WHAT can I do about it?
    As for SNOWLEOPARD’s comment, I don’t know how you uproot the Muslim Brotherhood completely.
    I CAN tell you that, based on my studies of Israel, Israel was behind the coup. They are actively involved in this, and that gives me a LITTLE peace. But Obama is going to get us killed. And, poor PM Netanyahu. He has been SO kind and gracious to us. Obama has just spit in his face at every turn.
    It’s revolting.

  • LaDonna Rae

    To be honest, I am not nearly as interested in the price of oil as I am the security of Israel and the United States.
    I think Israel has their borders under control as much as is possible. PM Netanyahu has worked tirelessly to do that.
    In America, that is another story. We have been playing “kissy-face” with terrorists ever since Obama took office. And I saw where the NSA INVITED a terrorist leader to have “talks” in Washington.
    Are you KIDDING ME?
    Why doesn’t Obama just hand them an airplane and aim them at the Sears Tower?

  • LaDonna Rae

    What Americans do not seem to understand is stated clearly in the speech PM Netanyahu gave on 3 May. This is a “clash of modernity vs. medievalism.”
    Until we stop looking at terrorists as poor little babies (like the Boston Marathon bomber who shouldn’t have lived anyway) and start understanding they are savages, we will never get serious about terrorism.

  • G. C. Hobbs

    The word “awry” is pronounced ə-ˈrī (like the “ari” part of “arise”).  I mispronounced it the first time I set it out load and was immediately corrected.

  • americanathlete

    The muslim brotherhood is like a bad case of hemorhoids, they will never go away.

  • Anonymous

  • jianmei


  • trudie weiser

    islam is a cult…this is not religious freedom as we define it..any cult supporting the destruction of the usa  and other western civilizations…needs to be stopped…

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