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Since the news of Trayvon Martin’s death hit the news cycle, the mainstream media has portrayed the teenager as a sweet young-man, drinking fruit punch and eating skittles, when, out of know where, George Zimmerman attacked him. Forget innocent until proven guilty, George Zimmer was guilty of Second Degree Murder, without a shadow of a doubt in the eyes of the mainstream media.


Race…obviously! (…forget the fact that George Zimmerman is a multi-racial Hispanic American, that doesn’t matter to the MSM.)

“From the beginning, they were trying to make every element of it [the Trayvon Martin case] about race,” Stu said.

Well, after nearly a year of the media doing nothing but paint Martin as a strapping young man and Zimmerman has a racist killer, this Florida community is now being told that Zimmerman will walk. Whether you like him or not, the facts are revealing that his plea of self-defense could quite easily be a legitimate one. But sadly, that doesn’t matter to the public. They’re not going to react well to this.

“You get a year of this, then you get one week of a little bit of evidence that completely contradicts every element of that story.  And then you expect people to not react and get upset?  Of course.  I mean, the media has been inciting.  It has nothing to do with a particular community.  I think any community that was targeted by the media, given a bill of goods like this, would be a risk to riot,” Stu continued.

Stu continued, “I mean, the media has told us for a year that there is a huge injustice if this man walks free.  Without any evidence, without anything to back it.  And now that we find out that the evidence is on the other side, it’s a much smaller focus, it’s in a much smaller period of time.  It’s more technical evidence and everything else.  It’s not the emotion of this black man was killed by this white man.  You know, it has to be, it has to run through your head.  I mean, just ‑‑ it just, of all logic would run through your head.  I think on any group of people that was sold a bill of goods like this.  And the media is responsible for it.  They are responsible.”

“There’s no doubt about that,” Pat agreed.  “And they’re still, they’re still beating that drum now.”

Well, they’re trying anyway. Only now that evidence has been laid out, it’s not quite as easy.

Cable news hosts like MSNBC’s Al Sharpton are saying things like, ‘There’s little hope Zimmerman will be convicted.’

“Why are you hoping for conviction when there’s no evidence to convict him on?” Pat rhetorically asked. “It’s really bizarre.”

“Think about the fact that Al Sharpton has a television show in this country,” Stu began (now THAT is bizarre). “This man who’s been discredited for false accusations over and over and over again, has intentionally ruined the lives of public servants for no reason. And the man is rewarded with a television show every night where he’s now spouting the exact same things he said about, you know, Tawana Brawley and Duke Lacrosse. Now it’s George Zimmerman.”

“The guy who’s yelling on the megaphone on the steps back in the eighties,” Stu continued, “he’s now the authority on television every night for a major corporation!  I mean, we’ve come a long freaking way.  So to say that there’s no chance of this happening as far as rioting or, you know, looting or who knows what else I think is absolute — you’re in denial if you don’t consider the possibility.”

Luckily for Zimmerman, Sharpton’s ratings are abysmal. Unfortunately, Al Sharpton’s not the only one who painted him in this light.

Here are just a few examples of the mainstream media’s “reporting” on the case…