For The Record host Laurie Dhue opens up about her 15-year battle with alcoholism

Veteran broadcast journalist Laurie Dhue is one of the newest members of TheBlaze team. She joins TheBlaze as host of the investigative news magazine For The Record and she will do other anchoring and reporting projects for the network.

Laurie’s career has taken her from MSNBC to CNN to NBC to Fox News. But throughout her very successful rise, Laurie harbored a secret – she was an alcoholic. While she initially kept her 15-year battle with alcoholism and treatment private, Laurie is now vocal about her struggle and recovery.

Last week, Laurie sat down with Katie Couric on her daytime talk show Katie to discuss how she was able to keep her alcoholism a secret and why she ultimately chose to seek help.

Much like the audience who had grown accustomed to listening to Laurie’s news reports, Katie said she was shocked to learn Laurie was living what she described as a “double life.”

“How did you keep it together,” Katie asked.

“I don’t know how I kept it going for as long as I did,” Laurie said candidly. “When I think about the way I drank and trying to keep a full time job with a television network, I don’t know how I got out of bed everyday, frankly. It is hard enough getting out of bed some days anyway, but when you are dealing with a major hangover -sometimes I look back on that and think, I can’t believe that was my life. I had no control over what I was doing. My motto was: Work hard; play hard… I really had this impetuous attitude toward it.”

When Laurie first revealed that she had sought treatment for alcoholism, questions flooded in as to whether or not she had been drunk during her broadcasts. While she admitted to Katie that she was regularly “hung over,” she reiterated that she was never drunk on air.

“What you were getting was probably a hung over person,” Laurie said. “Seemingly, from the outside, I had it all. In reality, I had nothing.”

She revealed that she was drunk, however, when she met President George W. Bush.

“I was fairly drunk when I met President Bush. This is something I have never said publically, so I am telling you that I had a pretty big buzz going when I met President George W. Bush,” Laurie explained. “I was invited to a small reception, and I got the chance to meet him. But there was no way I was going to do that sober, so I had a few pops in my room at the Washington Hilton before I went downstairs, and there it was.”

Rock bottom for Laurie came through a series of embarrassing moments – from getting into a drunken fight with a “really good friend” to making a “blackout phone call” to a man she was dating at the time. But it was when she found out her sister was pregnant that she decided it was time to turn her life around.

“And my sister was pregnant. It was this unborn baby, who is now my 6-year-old nephew, who was really the deciding factor for me because I never wanted this unborn baby to see me drunk. So I like to say that my nephew Robert saved my life,” Laurie said.

Her treatment included visiting a psychiatrist and a 12-step program.

“First, I went and saw a psychiatrist who specialized in addiction, and he said, ‘I can help you with this, but first you have to admit you actually have a problem,’” Laurie explained. “And for years and years I though, Oh, I have a little drinking problem. I am not an alcoholic. But once I said the word out loud, he said, ‘Ok, that’s the first step. Now you can get treatment.’ And I went into a 12-step program.”

Laurie has been sober since March 14, 2007. Her partner, Joe Schrank, is also in recovery and is the CEO of Rebound Brooklyn, an abstinence based recovery program. The two are parents to their foster son Andrew and Joe’s son Paolo.

“Thank you for talking about this because I think it takes a lot of guts,” Katie said. “If there is someone out there watching and they are hearing your story and they are think, I am a lot like Laurie was, what would you tell them?”

“Recovery is possible. It works,” Laurie said emphatically. “Help is out there, and hope is out there. You are not alone.”

Watch the full interview below:

  • Sam Fisher

    If I had to work for MSNBC I might become an alcoholic to. Glad to see you well.

    • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    A word of caution: The oldest 12-Step Program I know of, AA, speaks strongly of anonynymity for good reasons.  First, so one can go on with life without so much of the B.S. that is part of the lifestyle; another is that in the event of a relapse the world doesn’t point to that person as an excuse… “It doesn’t work for X, why would it work for me?”  Yet another is to keep one’s ego in check; sobriety is a gift freely given, but it is easy to fall prey to “I did it my own self”.  Been there, done that, now sober for quite awhile.  AA has reiterated this recently with emphasis on anonymity at the level of press, radio, film and electronic media… for good reasons.

    • Anonymous

      Would you expect anything less from a self promoting sleaze bag like Beck?

      • Euna Rugg

        What hole did you crawl out of critten? Talk about a sleaze bag, have you looked into the mirror?

        • Anonymous

          Hey, do think Laurie sucked dicks for coke like Glenn did?

          • Sam Fisher

            And your proof is what? 

      • Anonymous

         “…self promoting sleaze bag,” critten?  Are you talking about yourself or your Mama?  You’re a pitiful piece of shit!

        • Anonymous

          Its an honor to be insulted by some traitor loving Beckbot SOB. Don’t forget to send Snowden a card when he moves into his comfy digs in Moscow,traitor

          • Jaamoose

            Critten, I like your style, these Beckerheads are too far gone down the rabbit hole of crazy to be polite to…

          • Beckaboo

            Well said critten. Beck’s paranoid fantasies have done a lot of damage to innocent people. He needs to pay for it now.

    • Lauri Donnell

      That is probably why she stated “a 12 step program” and NOT specifically AA – which is what most sober people in any type of limelight or celebrity do.  The recent concern regarding press, radio, film, etc (also known as Tradition 11) is more toward Facebook and Twitter.  Facebook pages for people in sobriety or that claim to be in AA, have their last name already posted and, thus, are technically violating the Tradition (which we also have to remember are ALL only suggestions – there are NO set laws or rules in the program).  Some say, however, that they are using FB pages more as a support than as a means of ‘bragging’, and that those on such a page are also sober.  Last I heard, World Services was meeting/discussing changing the wording of Tradition as it was becoming a big problem and really giving program a bad name for reasons you stated above (also found in Tradition 12). 
      In ANY event, saying –  ‘a’ 12 step program vs. Alcoholics Anonymous is much different and how it is commonly handled:) Peace to you Micko:) Keep Comin brother and God Bless!

  • Scorpion

    I always wondered where she went.  She had and still has a great screen presence.
    Congratulations Laurie, all the best to you. Hang in there.

  • Anonymous

    Laurie is GREAT on the RECORD.  I appreciate her delivery of the issues she hoasts.  Watch THE RECORD IT’S WONDERFUL.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn Beck was a huge alcoholic and cokehead before he got his Mormon on. He used to suck an African American cock dealer’s cock in a bathroom stall at his Morning Zoo gig in Arizone, while the drug dealer defecated. “Beck’s Blumpkins” were how he paid for coke when he was out of cash. Now he shits out stuff like Man in the Moon.

    • Anonymous

      You sound a bit jealous of cock!

    • Keith Howard

      You are one sick puppy. How dose it feel to wake up with so much hate inside every day? I bet you are miserable, and make everyone near you so also.

  • Anonymous

    Dhue went public about her addiction in 2011.  Beck has already talked about it.  I guess Beck is publishing it yet again just to fill air time.

  • Jaamoose

    Such a promising early career ruined by jumping on Beck’s wagon O’ crazy….

    • Beckaboo

      She’s toast now. Game over man. Game over.

  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous
  • Yvonne Pollard

    I missed the episode that aired last night is there any chance it will run again?

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