On last night’s Glenn Beck Program, guest-host Dana Loesch sat down with Mayor Mike Dunafon of Glendale, Colorado to talk about the community he has created based on libertarian principles. Dana, who has visited the small town on the outskirts of Denver, said Dunafon “has made it in way you could achieve only in America.”

Dunafon’s background and rise in local politics has certainly been unique. “He owns a castle, he owns a strip club, and he owns a church — oh and he’s also the mayor,” Dana quipped.

A former NFL player, Dunafon returned to the United States after sailing the British Virgin Islands for over a decade and met his fiancé. She owned Shotgun Willie’s, a popular strip club in the “crumbling little place” of Glendale, which the city was trying to shut down. According to Dunafon, the city was jealous of her success – she employed over 300 people – and wanted her land.

That was the catalyst that began Dunafon’s political career. With just 31 days to go before the next election, he went door-to-door to register voters, and he ended up winning the election in a landslide. Today, Glendale is known as Rugbytown USA, and it is flourishing under the principles of small, deregulated government.

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