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Glenn returned to radio this morning and kicked off the show addressing the biggest news of the past week, George Zimmerman’s acquittal in the murder of Trayvon Martin. While Glenn has always been clear that he doesn’t agree with Zimmerman and his actions, he never thought that Zimmerman was guilty based on the evidence presented in the case. The jury came to the same conclusion, as they found him “not guilty” of both second degree murder and the lesser charge of manslaughter. But in the wake of the verdict, America seems more divided on race than ever. Do we no longer believe in innocent until proven guilty?

“Something hit me yesterday. I was in church and I actually wrote this, wrote this down: We all used to believe that all Americans wanted America to succeed. And we were all shocked. After, after 9/11 we all thought we were all in the same boat, that all Americans wanted America to succeed. We were wrong. We all now currently believe that all people just are pretty much alike and they just want to be left alone and just to live out their lives, and they generally all believe in truth, justice, and the American way. That’s not true. That’s not true,” Glenn said.

Glenn said that America has gone from a country divided by political parties to one that has seemingly become divided along racial lines, and that it seems to have become a reverse from the perceived injustice and inequality that led to the Civil Rights movement.

“We’ve gone now from parties to just color of skin. And if you’re white, you’re bad. If you’re black, you’re good. Please help me out. African‑American community, help me out. How is this any better? Unless you’re engaged in revenge, how is this any better than the society that you say you wanted to change?” Glenn said.

“Most Americans don’t care. Some do, in the white community, in the black community and that Whitespanic community. Some do care about liberty and justice for all. But I think there’s a great number of people that don’t. And you’re never going to change their mind.”

Glenn specifically pointed to Al Sharpton who has been one of the most divisive voices since the verdict was handed down. He has organized several “Justice for Trayvon” protests across the country in the wake of the verdict and used his TV show to express his frustration on the outcome of the Zimmerman trial.

But has there ever been anyone proven more wrong when juries weigh the evidence than Al Sharpton? Sharpton supported Tawana Brawley who was found to have fabricated her tale of rape at the hands of white police officers. Much like the Zimmerman case, Sharpton tried to make that about race, and in the end he was proven wrong. He also spoke out in defense of the Crystal Mangum who falsely accused members of the Duke lacrosse team of rape.

And what does Sharpton get for dividing Americans and obscuring the belief in truth, justice, and the American way? A bigger platform to deceive the American people.

Stu said, “You go back and you look at the Tawana Brawley case, you see footage of Al Sharpton, this big, fat, overweight sort of guy on the steps of, you know, a building with a megaphone screaming and screaming and screaming. He’s now doing the exact same thing on national television for NBC.”