Updated: Glenn discussed Geraldo’s bizarre selfie on radio this morning, original story can be found further down the page:

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While Glenn did post the photo with some mockery, he did make a serious point on radio about the dangers of vanity and self-absortion that comes with being on TV every night.

“So here’s what this is: Television does horrible things to you. It really does. It does horrible things to you. And you get so self‑absorbed and so looking into that camera and then seeing that image come back at you all the time. I mean, you ‑‑ what you gaze upon you become, and you’re gazing upon yourself all the time and so they become ‑‑ and I shouldn’t say “they.” We become ‑‑ we’re in television ‑‑ become self‑absorbed. You ‑‑ it’s a very weird phenomena. And you notice every wrinkle, every ‑‑ everything that is going on with your body and your face,” Glenn said.

“But this is why you can’t trust the news. This is why you don’t get the truth from news anymore because they are so focused on the image, they’re so focused on the ‑‑ what they look like telling you. They’re not using their brain. Look at what he’s just done. Do you think there was any brainpower attached to this at all?” he continued. “It was total ego.”

Geraldo isn’t the only one to succumb to ego, Glenn said that he’s experienced this phenomena himself.

“I don’t mean to select him out. I’ve fallen into this trap too. Television does this to you, and it’s a really bad thing. That’s why ‑‑ I mean, I’ve said this before: It’s Hotel California. You go in, and unless you get out in the right time, it ain’t no ‑‑ it’s just, you don’t ever leave. And I say this as a guy who’s still on, you know, television. But I started my own network. So I don’t care as much anymore. For some reason once you’re the boss of it, you don’t really care.”

“But I will tell you that it ‑‑ when I’ve said to you before this was a very hard year, the previous year, not this year, previous year (2012) was a very hard year for me, it was because going from ‑‑ and Roger Ailes and I talked about this in his office. I said, you know, I’m lucky enough to know ‑‑ he said, what are you going to do? I said, not really sure. We’re going to do Internet. I don’t really know exactly how it’s all going to work out. And he said, you’re not leaving here. And I said, yeah, I am. I’m lucky enough to know who I was coming in the door. So I know what the power of Fox was and what my power is. And my power is nothing. Power of Fox is huge, and I was lucky enough to remember that. But walking out of that door and having that vacuum of this ‑‑ the power of a network, I mean, I can’t even imagine what NBC or CBS in its golden days. Can you imagine what it was when Bill Cosby was on television, you know, or you were on Cheers? Imagine the power of somebody like Lucille Ball where 70% of all televisions were on. Or Monday Night Football in its heyday?”

“The power and walking away and then becoming a normal citizen again. It really screws you up. Really screws you up. And I think that’s what’s happening with Geraldo Rivera is he’s lived in that bubble for so long that there’s two things happening: One, dig me because that’s all my world is really all about: Dig me. Look at me. Look at me. Look at me. And two, the possibility is, as all of us do when we get older, you start to think to yourself, ‘Do I have it anymore? Am I anything? Did I make a difference?’ And it’s really kind of, it’s a sad cry for help.”

Just to show that Glenn hasn’t always been as level-headed as he is now, below is an artists rendering of a shirtless Glenn Beck…which is absolutely, 100% accurate (in his dreams):

Original Story:

Why in the world would Fox News host Geraldo Rivera think it was a good idea to tweet a nearly nude photo of himself?

“70 is the new 50,” Geraldo tweeted before adding “(Erica and family are going to be so pissed…but at my age…)”.


Glenn saw the photo and couldn’t help tweeting one of his own:

“Okay 49 isn’t 70. But still – check out my bathroom towel pic! Sorry ladies I just can’t turn this off!” Glenn said, poking fun at Geraldo by appearing in his bathroom mirror with more layers than you would wear on an Antarctic expedition.

Glenn has gotten his own share of criticism, with most criticizing his “over-the-top” bathroom: