Ken Hutcherson: “Jesus before blackness” in wake of Zimmerman trial

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Today on radio, Glenn was joined by Pastor Ken Hutcherson to discuss the aftermath of the George Zimmerman trial, specifically the increasing division along skin color. Hutcherson said that much of this division has emerged because the black community has been living in the mindset of victimhood, and he told Glenn the only solutions were going to come from God.

“In the black community, we have a real bad case of victimhood. We consider ourselves victims. So if you’re a victim, it’s very difficult to think that you are wrong. It’s everybody else’s fault. And so in the Trayvon/Zimmerman issue, it’s very difficult for them to accept the fact that, you know, Trayvon could have done something wrong in this whole incident and that is because they put their blackness before they put everything, including Christ, including the Holy Spirit, including truth and including the Holy Spirit. Because if you put your blackness in front of the Holy Spirit, you can’t get through it,” Hutcherson told Glenn.

Hutch said that people need to pray that God breaks through and wakes people up, noting that it will take more than politicians and even more than pastors bring about change.

“First thing a person should do who believes in God, who believes in Christ, who believes that God is the way, we just start praying for them because God’s got to come through.  We give the truth as we pray for them and we pray for the Holy Spirit to break through.  Politics is not going to break through.  Politician is not going to break through.  Pastors are not going to break through because most of the pastors are evangelicals, are just afraid of their sheep more than leading them.  You heard me say that.  Pastor’s not going to do it, churches are not going to do it.  It is God through the Holy Spirit that’s going to do it, and I am one who believes this the power of the Holy Spirit can turn this country around when we get unified because God will bless unity.  He always has and he always will.  And that is the only hope for America today,” Hutch said.

He also told Glenn that Jesus has to come first in people’s lives or things will never change and America will will continue down the same path it’s headed now.

“I mean, the biggest problem we got, Glenn, is like I said in my article is that anytime you put your blackness in front of Jesus or you put your whiteness in front of Jesus, you put your political views in front of Jesus, you put your patriotism in front of Jesus, it’s a bad deal.  It doesn’t work.  And until black people learn to put Jesus in front of their blackness, they will never be the great people that God expects them to be.  Never.”

Read Hutcherson’s comments on race and faith in the wake of the George Zimmerman trial at TheBlaze.

Full Transcript of the interview is below:

GLENN: Warning: What you’re about to hear will be controversial because it is the truth, and that is the only thing that is shocking in our society on how somebody really, truly feels or what the truth really is. Pastor Ken Hutcherson from the Antioch Bible Church in Seattle, Washington is with us. I warn you, he is not one to mince words, and he’ll tell you exactly how he feels because he has stage 4 cancer and so he would rather go out telling the truth and spending his time doing something worthwhile than wasting it playing politically incorrect games.

Ken, how are you, sir?

HUTCHERSON: Hey, how are you guys doing this morning?

GLENN: Well, you know, I’m really actually really frustrated. First of all, you have an article that is out on TheBlaze now and the Christian Post. You speak frankly to blacks about Trayvon Martin. So this is actually a highlight of the Trayvon Martin case as somebody who is actually telling the truth. You want to recap some of this before we start our conversation?

HUTCHERSON: That’s up to you. I was, just want to let you guys know I really appreciate you calling a brother so early. You know this is Seattle out here.

GLENN: Yeah.

HUTCHERSON: And you guys are always calling the brother early, man. You know, I have to get up, I’m standing here right now, Glenn, in my ‑‑ with a towel wrapped around me. Want me to tweet you something?

GLENN: (Laughing.) Ooh, that was disturbing.

HUTCHERSON: (Laughing.)

GLENN: So Pastor, let’s start with, you said James Manning, who’s a guy I don’t usually agree with ‑‑

HUTCHERSON: We don’t. Neither one of us.

GLENN: Yeah. And you say he hit it on the head when he said black people have a difficult time accepting truth simply because they’re black. Explain.

HUTCHERSON: Yes. The biggest problem that we have here in America, bruh, is we have allowed in the African‑American community and, you know, I like to just consider black. I don’t hear white Americans, you know, Hispanic Americans, everybody putting subtitles on who we are. We are Americans. But in the black community, we have a real bad case of victimhood. We consider ourselves victims. So if you’re a victim, it’s very difficult to think that you are wrong. It’s everybody else’s fault. And so in the Trayvon/Zimmerman issue, it’s very difficult for them to accept the fact that, you know, Trayvon could have done something wrong in this whole incident and that is because they put their blackness before they put everything, including Christ, including the Holy Spirit, including truth and including the Holy Spirit. Because if you put your blackness in front of the Holy Spirit, you can’t get through it.

GLENN: So here is the real question: How do we solve this? Because ‑‑

HUTCHERSON: By telling the truth.

GLENN: But is anybody listening to the truth anymore?

HUTCHERSON: Evidently. It made it to an article. You saw it. You liked it. Blaze printed it up. There’s people calling me all kinds of names and telling me I’m a traitor. They called me, you know, the Oreo. As a matter of fact, man, an Oreo with some milk is not bad.

STU: (Laughing.)

GLENN: But where does this get us, Ken? I mean ‑‑

HUTCHERSON: It gets us in trouble, but it also gets us heard. It gets us to make people start thinking, Glenn, and that’s the most important thing in the world about someone who’s got a closed mind.

I tweeted this morning people that’s lived by the flesh can only influence other people living by the flesh negatively. It is those who have lived by the spirit that can produce a positive and uplifting message. So Christians, get on your job and start doing what God called us to do. I don’t care about fearfulness. I’m not fearful about anything. God is ‑‑ he walked the valley of the shadow of death, I walked with no evil, for my Lord and savior and the baddest one in the valley.

GLENN: Do you ever fear death? When you found out you had cancer, did you fear death?

HUTCHERSON: That was the first ‑‑ that was the last thing I needed to break this whole concept of not fearing anything, to be like Christ. Once I got cancer, brother, I go, oh, man, the world’s in trouble.

GLENN: Because you were kind of like that, you know, when you were ‑‑ I mean, you were a racist when you were a teenager.

HUTCHERSON: Oh, yes. Glenn, you would never ‑‑ people can’t even comprehend how I felt about whites. Like a smile on your face ‑‑ you know my motto was if you can’t beat them, use them.

GLENN: What does that mean?

HUTCHERSON: That simply means, you smile, pat them on the back, kill them and beat them up when you can. Ain’t no one can catch ya. I didn’t believe in that joining stuff. I believe that I was superior as a black person, superior mind, superior capabilities physically. God proved it over and over again. I didn’t know it was God using me to get me ready for this fight, but it was ‑‑ I hated white people. I didn’t just dislike them. I hated them.

GLENN: So you were changed because God showed you what love meant.

HUTCHERSON: Oh, Glenn, when you look Jesus in the eye and you allow your heart to know how much he loves you and what he did for you, how he died on the cross for you. I even have people in my own neighborhood, I have family members talk about dying, but you know, we get in a fight and they will run off and leave you. I had two brothers that we was coming from ‑‑ two black brothers talking about, coming from the game during our junior high year, bro, after our homecoming celebration and we got surrounded by about 20, 30 white guys walking home. You know what my two black brothers did? They ran and left me. Ran off and left me. Man, I was fighting like a crazy pent‑up panther to get out of that crowd. But Jesus would never run off and leave me. And he said to me, I love you. I died for you. I rose again for you, I love you so much.

GLENN: Ken, now here’s ‑‑

HUTCHERSON: And I also died for white people. So who are you to think you have the right to hate anybody.

GLENN: Here’s the problem. I don’t know what mindset you were in at the time, but we have a ‑‑ we will a whole nation of people that are being told by very big authorities you ‑‑ and it’s almost now universally accepted that you are being held back by this group of people, they’re in your way, and no matter ‑‑ no matter how many cities are destroyed, no matter how many children are made illiterate, no matter how many families are destroyed, this, this lie continues to grow and seemingly gain strength, and you have a ‑‑ I’m not just talking about black people. I’m talking about white people too.


GLENN: You have people who are just willing to take it because it’s easier that way. How do you get people to do things that are hard?

HUTCHERSON: Number one ‑‑

GLENN: You’re asking people to change ‑‑

HUTCHERSON: Number one ‑‑

GLENN: ‑‑ and stop taking stuff.

HUTCHERSON: Yeah. Number one: We’ve got to pray for them, Glenn. Prayer breaks things ‑‑ I was supposed to have been dead 5 1/2 years ago. Prayer’s kept me alive through all this, right? Now, if prayer can do that, there’s nothing I said I don’t think prayer can accomplish. First thing a person should do who believes in God, who believes in Christ, who believes that God is the way, we just start praying for them because God’s got to come through. We give the truth as we pray for them and we pray for the Holy Spirit to break through. Politics is not going to break through. Politician is not going to break through. Pastors are not going to break through because most of the pastors are evangelicals, are just afraid of their sheep more than leading them. You heard me say that. Pastor’s not going to do it, churches are not going to do it. It is God through the Holy Spirit that’s going to do it, and I am one who believes this the power of the Holy Spirit can turn this country around when we get unified because God will bless unity. He always has and he always will. And that is the only hope for America today.

GLENN: Do you believe that we are ‑‑ you know, I said right before you came on that I’m beginning to believe that a reset is coming and is necessary. Do you believe we are at the point of reset, or do you think that we walk away, we walk away, you know, by the skin of our teeth just saying, whew, that was a close one”?

HUTCHERSON: Oh, no, no, no. There’s no way in the world we’re going to walk away by the skin of our teeth, brother. If God don’t do something to break is up, he’s going to have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

GLENN: Well, that’s a happy note. Back to you standing in your kitchen with your ‑‑

HUTCHERSON: Say what I, Glenn, it’s not good to have silence on radio, you know.

GLENN: I know. Sometimes, sometimes it is. Sometimes people need to ‑‑ sometimes people need to hear the silence and ‑‑

HUTCHERSON: Right. It’s no way in the world, Glenn, he’s not going to reset us, man, to save this nation. It’s going to have to happen. I mean, just look at scripture. Look at prophecy. Every prophecy in the Bible has come through and will come through that has not come forth yet. You can put your money on the bank on that, bruh, and God’s going to do something here to America. But we also have to remember that America’s not mentioned in front of is I.

GLENN: Okay. Thank you for that too. You know, I was in church yesterday and I ‑‑

HUTCHERSON: That’s a good place to be.

GLENN: I know. And I thought ‑‑ I wrote down on the, you know, the little thing that they pass out. What do you call them?


GLENN: Yeah, the bulletin. And I wrote on there, we all used to think that we were alike and that we all wanted America to succeed and we all believed in America.


GLENN: We found out that not to be true.


GLENN: We all now believe that most people are alike; they just want to be left alone and let live. I don’t think that’s true either.

I think evil is on the rampage in our nation.

HUTCHERSON: You know why evil’s on the rampage, Glenn? Because righteousness is feared. Silent and fearful. See, the only way ‑‑ what was the statement said? The only way evil is to promote itself and grow is good people stay silent?

GLENN: Well, here’s what ‑‑ and let me ask you this: Here’s why that has happened. I mean, it is ‑‑ it takes everything in me now to say black as opposed to African‑American because it has been drilled into us and drilled into us and drilled into us. And even when I say black as opposed to African‑American, even though I fully believe that African‑American is wrong and everything else, there’s still part of me that goes, well, I don’t want to make anybody ‑‑ I mean, most Americans, the reason why political correctness has succeeded is because most Americans, they’re not politically correct. They just ‑‑ you know, if that makes somebody feel better, fine. I’ll do that. And I just don’t want to cause any trouble. That’s the way most Americans are.

HUTCHERSON: Most Americans didn’t change history, bro. There’s only a few that can do that. And that’s the reason I like to work with you: I think we want to change history and make the future better. But don’t you worry about calling people black, brother. Let me tell you, black people come through a metamorphosis of names. We’ve had so many names, we don’t know what we ought to call ourselves.

GLENN: Hutch ‑‑

HUTCHERSON: The NAACP still don’t know what to call each other.

PAT: What do you identify with, Hutch? Do you identify with ‑‑

GLENN: No. Black.

PAT: Because I don’t think I’ve ever heard you refer to yourself as African‑American.

GLENN: No. He’s just black.

PAT: Yeah.

HUTCHERSON: Yeah, man.

PAT: And I’ve heard others say that as well, that they’ve never been to Africa. Why would you call yourself African‑American?

HUTCHERSON: I tell you the only true African‑American I’ve ever seen is Rabbi Lapin.

PAT: Yes.

GLENN: Yeah. Well, you know, you talk about, you know, African‑American and black, and we’ve made this culture to where you can feel comfortable calling yourself black but if you’re white, you immediately feel uncomfortable and being made to feel uncomfortable for calling you anything but African‑American. And then you have the N‑word, which I think is a despicable word, especially ‑‑ I mean, you know, I didn’t need to talk to you to know how horrible that is, but I have to tell ya, after sitting down and talking to somebody like you who went through living in the South in the Fifties and the Sixties, I’ll tell you, Hutch, it’s an experience that, a guy who grew up in the Seattle ‑‑ in the Pacific Northwest, I didn’t grow up around any of that. I didn’t recognize any of that. And to hear it is stunning and is so unbelievably shameful and yet, people like Al Sharpton, I’ve talked to him about it. Why don’t you stand up against that? Why don’t you ever stand up against that? “Well, I do.” No, you don’t.

HUTCHERSON: But that don’t make money, Glenn.

GLENN: What did you say?

HUTCHERSON: That don’t make money for him.

PAT: Isn’t that the truth.

STU: To be fair, he did march on that against rappers using that word and in, in fact ‑‑


PAT: And you joined him, did you?

GLENN: I did join him.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: Because I ‑‑

HUTCHERSON: I really appreciate him marching against rappers.

STU: Fair point.

GLENN: Go ahead, Hutch.

HUTCHERSON: I mean, the biggest problem we got, Glenn, is like I said in my article is that anytime you put your blackness in front of Jesus or you put your whiteness in front of Jesus, you put your political views in front of Jesus, you put your patriotism in front of Jesus, it’s a bad deal. It doesn’t work. And until black people learn to put Jesus in front of their blackness, they will never be the great people that God expects them to be. Never.

GLENN: Well, that’s not happening. I mean, you know, black people ‑‑

HUTCHERSON: I’m going to help it happen.

GLENN: You look at the values of the average black family and they’re very conservative. Very conservative.


GLENN: And you don’t see any of that in the way we vote or the way people speak or anything. It just doesn’t happen. It happens in church, but it doesn’t happen any place else.

HUTCHERSON: Have you seen the movie Lincoln?


HUTCHERSON: Brother, that movie, to have Argo beat that out? You know that’s Hollywood. I don’t have the slightest idea how Argo beat Lincoln out for the award. I’m going to tell you something, man: Every black person in the world should be made to sit down and watch that movie and see how Democrats was the one that stood against freeing the slaves. They ought to sit down and read some black history in America, which, history isn’t taught at all in America anymore, to find out just who the Jim Crow laws and the separate but equal people who pushed that mess. We are stupid as a people ‑‑

PAT: And then see who it was that ‑‑

HUTCHERSON: ‑‑ when it comes to knowing who to support.

PAT: And then find out who it was that opposed the Civil Rights Movement in the Fifties and Sixties, again, Democrats.

GLENN: Not just Democrats. It was London B. Johnson.

PAT: Yeah.

GLENN: It was Johnson.

PAT: Al Gore’s dad.

GLENN: Yeah. Al Gore’s dad is Lyndon B. Johnson’s?

PAT: No. Just an addendum to it.

GLENN: Yeah, okay. Thank you very much.

PAT: In addition to Lyndon B. Johnson.

GLENN: A very confusing conversation.

Hutch, we love you, man. I’ll talk to you later.

HUTCHERSON: I’ll see you this afternoon, right?

GLENN: Thank you ‑‑ yes, sir. We’ll see you at TV tonight. Thank you.


GLENN: Pastor Ken Hutcherson, former NFL player, former racist, and a guy who has very little time left and has the truth, knows what it is. Will America listen?

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      You mean Sharpton or Jackson or both? 

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    Thank you, Pastor.  You are an inspiration.

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    Keep telling it the way it is pastor.

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    You don’t have to be any particular color to be a fundamentalist nutjob, do ya preacher?

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      You don’t have to have the guts to be racist spazz either.

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      How disgusting. More hatred towards a dying black preacher who is telling the truth.

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    More than just the black man excellent advise pastor but this is a nation wide problem .
    America forgot God
    God never forgets
    May you be blessed Ken nothing but respect for you my brother in Christ.

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      so refreshing to see an anti-dote to the hate, racism and division
      fostered by the so-called “Reverends” Sharpton and Jackson who have
      spent their entire lives race hustling.

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    To All Constructive Poster’s of Comments:
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    Pastor Ken Hutcherson or little Kenny needs to stick
    to football. This current audition to be the whitest black man in America who denigrates
    blacks is not polite, not popular to Black’s and his observations are not true.
    I think he left out the “not true” part in his own description of his
    comments. I have a short description: MR. PASTOR KEN HUTCHERSON IS A ANAL
    ORIFICE SPEWING OUT FECAL MATTER (FM = BS). Pastor Ken Hutcherson’s education has
    surpassed his ability to reason if you were not aware Ken you are an unabashed
    RACIST not fit to be trod under a hog’s foot. Little Ken do you actually
    believe in Jesus; maybe you are still trying to convince your Caucasian friends
    in Alabama and your current locale that you are Caucasian enough to be
    embraced? You need to consider some true facts concerning the observation you
    have so loosely spouted about Black. How on earth could it be statistically
    possible that Blacks that are less than 30% of the US population could
    committee 70% of all crimes in the U.S.? That is statistically impossible
    unless we Black folk are truly an anomaly and very much different than
    Caucasians. Then we would actually be fulfilling Pastor Ken Hutcherson comment
    “black people have a difficult time accepting truth simply because they are
    black.” I guess you actually believe there are more African Americans on
    welfare than Caucasians. Try this on for size Little Ken and clan: African Americans
    are charged and convicted of 70% of all crimes; Blacks are not committing such
    a disproportionate amount of crimes, just that Blacks or African Americans are
    placed into the IN-JUSTICE System at an alarmingly disproportionate rate. Don’t
    let some bean counter and racist bureau give you the old head fake by making
    stats say whatever they want to promote. A young black teen TM is convicted of
    causing his own death at the hands of an adult with superficial injuries, I’ve
    gotten worst injuries on a B-Ball court, falling out of bed or bicycle wreck;
    where will TM’s stats fall in the FBI statistics??????????

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      A typical hateful rant from an Ameria-hating liberal. Young black males have the highest violent crime rate in the USA. That’s a fact. Deal with it and stop making excuses for black criminals.

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      So, anyone who disagrees with your left wing drivel is obviously a racist against their own kind or maybe you could just call him an uncle tom. The true racism is displayed right here, by you. Moron.

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    andrew sullivan looks forward to the day when in 20 years america will not be the world’s greatest superpower.

    when dr. hutchersen mentioned that the prophecies don’t mention america, chills went through me.

    if we are ‘white’ — blacks are black.

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    The best response to all of this came from Bill OReilly tonight on fox news, watch his news segment that was broadcast tonight July 22

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    It’s so refreshing to see an anti-dote to the hate, racism and division fostered by the so-called “Reverends” Sharpton and Jackson who have spent their entire lives race hustling.

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    Since Jesus WAS Black I think he would feel differently then this useless uncle tom…Why does he put all of the blame on Trayvon who was being stalked and who was unarmed….typical house-nigger response to this from a useless fake pastor….

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      I see your time machine is working great, since you know for a fact that Jesus was black. I can also see that anyone who disagrees with you and the left on this issue is a house-nigger and uncle tom. Why have you not posted anything about those fake pastors Sharpton or Jackson? Oh, that’s right, you are ignorant.

      You have no clue what truth or real mean, idiot.

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        First of all Adolf not only was Jesus Black but all the holy man chosen by God were Black or men of color..Naqzis like you want your knee-grow quiet and worshipping a white Jesus..That’s why you can’t handle Rev Al or Rev Jackson…,or Rev Wright..Racism is still going strong and when a Black person exeriences racism do you think that person will call this fake ass Hutcherson uncle tom for help..??..Black conservatives have no respect in the Black community and they have no power in the GOP…the on going GOP voer suppression drive is proof of that…But MLK said it best…

        Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote in his autobiography:

        Republican Party geared its appeal and program to racism, reaction, and

        That was his description of the 1964 Republican
        National Convention. He also referred to the Republican convention as “the
        frenzied wedding at the Cow Palace of the KKK with the radical right.”

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          So, you believe religion when it says what you want it to say. Actually Jesus was said to be a Jew, nevermind that, that doesn’t fit into your stupidity.

          You are a complete joke, everyone who disagrees with you is a Nazi. The point the pastor was attempting to make, which you failed to realize, is that color has no place in Christian beliefs. Yet, you still attempt to make it an issue.

          Did you just assume that I am a Republican? Hey stupid, assumption is the mother of ALL fuck-ups. Only stupid little kids don’t know that. I happen to be a Libertarian.

          In your rant about MLK Jr. you forgot a few facts. His father was a Republican. The Klan was started by Democraps. Robert KKK Byrd, the Grand Wizard, was a Democrap. Al Gore Sr. was a racist, which party did he belong to? Nevermind wha William :the Zipper” Cunton said about Obamao, before he was elected. You know, about how Obamao should be serving him coffee.

          I find it funny that ignorant wretches can not see any of that. You choose to believe whatever stupidity falls in line with your own stupid thought process, never realizing just how ignorant you truly are.

          Like I said before, you have no clue what the words true or real mean, dunce.

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            Jesus was not a Jew but was an Essene…now what is an Essene..?? do some homework and found out..It really hurts nazis like you to know that Jesus was a Black man…well get over it  because the truth will not go away no matter how many times people like you try to change the word of God…That was done several times which is why we have the watered down King James Version..The truth is so plain to see…A “version” of the Bible is what you idiots believe instead of the true Bible with all the chapters including and nothing changed…study the Nicene conferences if you have the courage…Hey , nothing wrong with being a Christian but don’t think that gives you or people like Zimmerman the right to kill unarmed teenagers and call it “Gods will” and then says he would not change a thing about what happened that night…Nothing Christian about that but I know that you right wing racists love any white person that kills Black people….in the name of a white Jesus…

          • Sam Fisher

            You know if you look up the definition of an Essene it says member of an ancient Jewish ascetic sect of the 2nd century bc–2nd century ad in Palestine. Again moron you just proved you have no freaken clue what reality is or is the internet a white evil conspiracy as well. You know what is real funny moron a KKK member said the same thing so again why so racist to Arab Jews?

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            Sharpton and Jackson have been on the front lines fighting racism and they still fight it..Not so much Jackson but Sharpton is still fighting racism..That’s your right wing racist nazi nightmare…Any Black man fighting racism….People like you hated Dr King and for the record Adolf your “conservative in chief” Ronald “I support Aparthid” Reagan said the MLK “had it coming” after King was assassinated..And you also failed to address the fact that Black conservatives have no respect in the Black community and NO power in the GOP…If so they would stop the GOP voter suppression drive….nice try Adolf but you can whine like a school girl all day long about racist democrats from 50-100 years ago…Meanwhile a peek at current events causes the rest of us to deal with racist republicans….and  racist liberatrians

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            Remember Jesus is black because he had black followers. LOL!

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            Jesus was Black because God made him Black…Adam was also Black..The first man to receive the breath of life was a Black man and all of the phophets were Black…do some homework son and get over the fact that the truth may hurt your little redneck feelings…thus ended the lesson…good luck…

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            And your proof is what? Nothing thought so.

          • Sam Fisher

            I did not know that you can turn your racism of white people into a religion. Let me guess you think Farrakhan is a prophet and not a crazy racist.

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            Sam he is playing games if the truth be it known Arab is correct now for Adam same thing Now for Cain & Abel when Cain killed his brother God said Cain what have you done with your brother and Cain tried to hide God told Cain he will cast him from the garden !
            The 1st thing Cain said was Father GOD don’t throw me out of the garden those people out there hate me God said I WILL put a mark upon you so they will not know you .That mark was a much darker skin put that on the falsevoice4real if Adam & Eve were the 1st then who was Cain speaking of , that were outside of the garden.
            God bless ya brother don’t fight with that dick he is just that and he is well aware of it ,be good bro :)

          • Sam Fisher

            I might differ on you about the one part because I think the races where started when the tower of babel fell and God scattered the human race. I don’t know about you but I am sick of these people lying about our king. Some people try to paint him socialist this guy tries to paint him as a black panther and some try to paint him as gay. None are Biblically accurate. What these people don’t seem to get is the Lord’s massage of salvation.

          • greywolfrs

            I guess. Just so you know, this idiot is vicki tiffany with yet another account.

          • Sam Fisher

            Would not shock me.

          • Anonymous

            Sam salvation is the key you are right we will know all the answers when the time comes just remember that it says that at the tower peoples(ALL) were divided by tongue not by color either way in this point in time we should be way past this race crap but I believe this could be the end fight that our not so Pres. is working towards.
            P.S if you have an answer about who Cain was speaking of I would love to hear your thoughts just what people were outside the garden that were not permitted to enter this gets people pissed in a rather rapid pace so please do it respectfully.
            You brother in CHRIST

          • Sam Fisher

            It just a theory I had it can’t be supported in the Bible but I think it does make some sense for God to do so. Like take example white people majority of their ancestors lived in the most northern and southern parts of the world and there for would not need such dark skin in order to live out in the sun. The closer you get to the equator the more dark skin you would need. The Asians look the way they do because they live in volcanic regions. Again this is pure speculation on my part because the Bible does not give many clues why God made people with different skin color and looks.
            Not sure what he meant by that. You could be right but then again it is possible that they were other children of Adam and Eve. Then there is a Jewish story of a woman name Lilith who was supposed to be Adams first wife. Well long story short she refused to follow Adam’s lead and was kicked out by God. She hooked up with demons and had children it could be that but little to no evidence of her existence in the Bible. I know the question you asked me is something I always wonder about tho. I have not been a Christian long I been an atheist in the past.

          • Anonymous

            Sam you make excellent points I have been a Christian for 35yrs (doesn’t mean I am a the first to run to for answers) I have heard everything from she was the first to commit adultery and was the real tempter in the garden to eve her problem was that she would not commit to missionary style sex she was the aggressor in that form. I’ve also been told that she was really Satans wife but really bro I think that as far back as the story of who ADAM & EVE  where I think that they most likely fall into an early form of Jewish origin and this is what the muslims can not deal with this is also just my speculation bro but there are very interesting things to read if you just google Lilith and biblical history I think there could be a large secret that is being hidden and look into God Satan and Lilith (strange)anyway  Sam the other people who Cain may have feared were the 1/3rd of the angels that fell from heaven when Satan was cast out it is nice to correspond with someone who just wants to learn from each other and I do appreciate not being torn apart for just having my own thoughts .
            OH just a word from a older guy this Vicki sticky chin dick and all the other Bruno dinks & vaacuumm dick don’t even give them the time of writing them a response they have been here a long time let them babble they just insight crap & grey wolfers is a real decent guy so he is well worth serious discussion .
            Well wife is calling for dinner gotta go so you have a great evening and may God bless you bro and your family look forward to talking sometime soon .
            Later brother.
            Check out about Lilith a lot of interesting read

          • Sam Fisher

            I believe all the questions we have about God’s word will be answered when we meet him in person or at least have a better understanding. I think will do more research on Lilith because to be honest the only reason why I heard of her was watching the History Channel and when it comes to God they can be a hit and a miss on a lot of things.
            I call some of these people out for a few reasons. This guy here for example taking God’s name and word and rewriting it to fit his own views of the world. Though God’s guidance I turned I young woman away from Louis Farrakhan just by pointing out all the racist things he said about white people. If it just turns one person away from these false teachings than I think it is worth a try. Just sometimes I got let a cooler head do the thinking if you know what I mean.

          • Anonymous

            Sam how are ya bro
            Yeh check out the different theories on Lilith the one thing that I have learned that most always comes true on her is that she was a whore throughout most historical & Biblical texted always seem to come to the same conclusion. I totally think its great that you are willing to try to help others , the cooler head thing I understand I also get in some heated exchanges and don’t do right by the Lords teachings, we aren’t perfect by any means don’t forget that ,12 yrs ago I had a tattoo on my back done its a back piece of the battle of good and evil my point is the guy that did it was hard core (scary) leader of the El Forastero’s affiliate of the hells angels,and he accepted Christ after 8mo’s of tattooing on me which took a yr and a half so your 100% right to try to tell the good news about our savior and I would not tell you what to do brother I was just told by my elder Christian brothers and sisters that sometimes its ok to plant the seed and the LORD will send another to water that seed your a good brother Sam just try to move on if you feel the LORD knows you did your part some folk’s will never listen so just save yourself the frustration don’t give them your time others may be looking for a good heart just like yours do ya feel me brother God Bless you SAM

      • Anonymous

        Indeed, Jesus was a Black man, and there are numerous early paintings, statues
        and icons that graphically depict both Mary and Jesus as Black people. According
        to Godfrey Higgins (author of the monumental historical document Anacalypsis),
        who visited the cathedrals of Europe before the anti-religious period of the
        French Revolution, all the madonnas and Christ-childs were depicted as black:
        “In all the Romish countries of Europe, in France, Italy, Germany, etc., the
        God, Christ, as well as his mother are described in the old pictures to be
        black. The infant God in the arms of his black mother, his eyes drapery white,
        is himself perfectly black. If the reader doubts my words, he may go to the
        cathedral of Moulins – to the famous chapel of the Virgin of Loretto, to the
        Church of Annunciata; the Church of St. Lazaro, or the Church of St. Stephen at
        Genoa, to St. Francisco at Pisa; to the Church of Brixer in the Tyrol, and that
        of Padua; to the Church of St. Theodore at Munich, etc. This is further
        supported and documented by the work of J.A. Rogers, Albert Churchward, Yosef
        ben-Jochannan, C.W. King, J.S. Matthews, Gerald Massey and various other writers
        who give detailed accounts of the original Black Mary and Jesus. It was with the
        advent of Michaelango, who used his family to pose for the paintings that he did
        of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, etc. – coupled with European white racism – that we
        begin to see Jesus portrayed as a white man. But how could it be otherwise? How
        could a group of people simultaneously proclaim and practice white racism and
        justify slavery under the guise of bringing the message of Christianity to the
        ‘heathens’ or ‘pagan black savages’ in Africa – and at the same time tell the
        truth that Jesus was a Black man and that in fact Christianity started in
        Africa, where Panteus and Boteus reported that Jesus was born in a cave in
        Ethiopia? And that it was not until the Nicene conference that Jesus’ birthplace
        was changed to a stable in Bethlehem.

        • greywolfrs

          So, you choose to believe the rants of one person over another. Your ignorance knows no bounds.

          • Anonymous

            I believe the truth…what do you believe…???

          • Sam Fisher

            Truth is not lies made up by a mad man that belongs in a mad house.

          • greywolfrs

            So, you believe one guy rant, from over 2000 years ago, instead of another guy’s rant from over 2000 years and claim your guy’s rant is the truth. You are an idiot of epic proportions.

            By the way, what I believe is none of your damn business, vicki tiffany the coward. What, did you think I wouldn’t know it was you, with yet another account? You may be a moron, but the rest of us are not.

        • Anonymous

          You my friend, are a heretic at best, knowing nothing.
             So my quess is, you discredit God’s Book, the Historical record HE kept,the BIBLE, that we may know HIS Truth, in all that He has done, is doing, and is going to do, pertainng to His Saving Plan for mankind’s lost sinful soul, have I got that right ?
            My friend, HELL is a real physical place, and just as your birth day is on the calender, so is also your death date, its coming, and with what I have read of your post, your in big trouble, and heading down a dangerous road. Get off that road while you still have breath in your lungs, recieve God’s Christ, believe God’s Record, The Bible, trust in God’s provision for deliverence from sin’s death grip, which brings one down into the very Flames of Hell, where millions who are there right now, are alive and in torment, as I am writing this, call upon the Name of Jesus,( a Hebrew / Jew, in the Flesh, but 100% God ) and be ye saved !

          • Anonymous

            Nice try fanatical one but you still have not address the facts I posted….Maybe if you got off your high horse and actually did a little research on the Bible you might learn something….Jesus was a Black man that prayed to God…he didn’t pray to himself…but nioe try…

          • Sam Fisher

            No he was not why so racist to Arab Jews Hitler? 

    • Sam Fisher

      And your proof is what? I hate to tell you moron but sigh he was born in the Middle East not Africa. To different races numb nuts and another thing race meant nothing to Jesus he came to save souls not become a racist like you but go ahead prove how stupid you are.

      • Anonymous

        You take a situation where you have a group of people – namely white people –
        who have actually taken philosophy, religion, education, science, liberal arts,
        everything that you can associate with the word “culture” from Black people.
        They have taken it, distorted it, adopted it and used it against the very people
        from whom they received it as a justification for slavery. So, it was convenient
        to enslave Blacks in Africa under the guise of spreading Christianity when it
        fact the religion as developed in Africa (there were 27 bishops and seven Popes
        of the North African Church before the first one in Rome – this is documented in
        the book Libers Pontificals, which, when translated into English, is Book of the
        Popes). I should also point out here that few references are made to the fact
        that three of the earliest fathers of the Christian church were Blacks. St.
        Augustine (born at Tagaste, Numida, North Africa in 354 A.S.), who set the moral
        doctrine of the Christian Church; Tutillian and Cyprian. How could white people
        tell Blacks that they had no history or culture other than that which Europeans
        gave them and at the same time tell them that Christianity was not only
        developed by Blacks, but that its master, Jesus, was a Black man? This could not
        be done.

        • Sam Fisher

          Again no proof Jesus was black just because he had black followers proves nothing. Just because I hang out with a black woman does not make me black. just because I have black children as cousins does not make me or the rest of my family black. and to say Christianity was all about slavery is a load of bull. Why don’t you drop the bull?

          • Anonymous

            Read my post again Adolf…and then go to the Churches that are mentioned in my post and see for yourself…Christianity was not all aboiut slavery but like Islam it was used to further the cause of slavery….Next time do some homework…

          • Sam Fisher

            So because I disproved your stupidity with reason and logic that makes me Adolf Hitler how old are you two? And what does Slavery have to do with your moronic theory that Jesus was black? Why are so racist to Arabs that you have to paint the Arab Jesus black? You said white people stolen the black culture but yet you do the same thing with Jewish Arab culture that Jesus belong to? Why so racist?

          • Anonymous

            Concerning Essenes…..I said research it…not google it in wikipedia…this may help…

            The life that Jesus purportedly led, the activities in which he engaged, his teachings, his trials and sufferings and eventual death and resurrection, are identical to those of Horus and Osiris (two ancient Egyptian gods) and the other 14 crucified saviors. This point of view or revelation, though potentially shocking to the mass of believers, is nevertheless common knowledge to scholars. So Jesus and the belief system that he represents are thus a reappearance of one of the most beautiful ideas of the ancient black Africans of Ta-Merry – now called Egypt – which represented the eternal Father by the ever- coming Son, as in the Child Horus. This was the child of a mother who was the eternal virgin. The doctrines of the Incarnation, i.e., the word made flesh: the virgin birth, the resurrection, the Father-God who is identical to his own son and other doctrines (believed to be specifically Christian) were Egyptian long before there was even the concept of Adam and Eve, Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

            Jesus was an Essene. Essene doctrine is directly traceable to its African-Egyptian roots. In short, Jesus was one of the world’s 16 crucified saviors whose beliefs and teachings were founded on the doctrines and principles of the ancient African Mystery System..

            You have to go beyond the internet and beyond western historians to get to the truth about african culture and it’s history..
            You now have some homework to do therefore our time is finished….thus ended the lesson…

            By the way , I merely state facts and this has nothing to do with Arabs…just the truth 

          • Sam Fisher

            Oh moron thinks Wikipedia is credible. Here is an article on Wikipedia that claims that Reptilians aliens are real. and you trust this web site moron?

    • Anonymous

      Who told you “truevoice4real, that KING Jesus was “black”?  Scriptural speaking (kjv Bible, God’s Word in the English), LORD Jesus IS Jewish, and His lineage is of the Tribe of Judah, one of the 12 son’s of Jacob, whose name was Changed to Israel, from whence comes the Isralites,  being the 12 Tribes. Jesus IS not black, He is God !!!
       AS for the Travon Martin / Zimmerman case, the Law has spoken, nothing can change that outcome. Although Travon was being “watched” by Zimmerman, who was the “Captain” of the Neighborhood “Watch” group, Travon Martin became the aggressor in this unfortunite tragedy, who attack and assaulted Zimmerman, who was simply being a watch for his neighborhood, and being blungered by Martin, he feared for his life, and pulled the trigger…..sadly, it cost the life of a young Travon Martin, and that is unfortunite !!
        Now, it is better just to move on, so that healing can begin, to continue to drag this through the media, only serves to keep the wounds open, wherein the media profits from….HELLO ! 

      • Anonymous

        Zimmerman violated all the rules of neighborhood watch and he was told to not follow trayvon…Zimmerman is a racist killer who will get his justice soon enough..It was Trayvon who was screaming and anybody with common sense and honesty knows that..As far your nonsense about Jesus…Jesus was a BLACK MAN…as were most of the men in the Bible and Koran..The KJV is just that…a version..something watered down and with chapters omitted…By the way , Jesus NEVER SAID HE WAS GOD…That’s a western trick that keeps white bigots like you thinking you are God and stupid knee-grows like Hutcherson thinking white people are God….more like devils if you really want to get real about it…And Jesus was not a Jew ..he was an African or better said he was an Essene..I know it’s hard for white people like you to accept the truth about Jesus and to be real about it…Some white people like yourself would rather be athesits then to believe that Jesus was Black….but the truth is still there and it will not change so …get over it…also check out the Nicene conferences….that’s where a lot of the Bible was changed to give us the watered down King James version….

        • Sam Fisher

          Moron he was an Arab not black racist. 

          • Anonymous

            No Adolf…Jesus was Black…get over it…

          • Sam Fisher

            No moron he was Arab Jew I can’t help it that you are racist.

  • greywolfrs

    Look at the left wing idiots in this forum, they are the perfect example of racism. Anyone of color who disagrees with them is an uncle tom or house nigger. They attempt to project their racism on to others and think someone is buying their line of B S.

    • Anonymous

      Disagreeing with someone is not the issue..But when a Black person defends racism that is a real problem..which is why people like Hutcherson is correctly labled a useless uncle tom….Most Black people do not respect uncle toms like him and for good reason…

      • greywolfrs

        How is claiming that Jesus should come before color, racism? You are one ignorant M F er.

        • Anonymous

          First of all Jesus was Black and it is stupid to ignore and do nothing about the racism that is going on..This stupid fake preacher thinks that we should go back to the 50s and whine about what democratics did then but at the same time ignore what the racist GOP is doing now…Only a useless uncle tom would act like that…And any Black person that supports the racist tea party is a useless uncle tom…Got that Adolf…???

          • greywolfrs

            As I stated before, Jesus was a Jew, dumb M F er. This PASTOR is saying that Jesus should come first, before color. The only one making it about color is YOU, but you are too ignorant to see that. Now, just go back to posting as vicki tiffany the coward, you are fooling no one.

          • Anonymous

            That depends on who you ask…There are some Bible Historians that claim Jesus was not a Jew but last say that he was a so-called Jews…that would still make him an African…

            It is a well-known fact that before the Greeks, Romans, Europeans, and Arabs went into Egypt to colonize, rape and evict the original Egyptians, the inhabitants were all dark-skinned Africans. In the tombs of Egypt, what color are the Egyptians and the Hebrews depicted as? They are shown to be different shades of brown, not with blond hair and blue eyes! This is one of many archeological proofs! Herodotus, an ancient historian, described exactly what the ancient Egyptians looked like, which he witnessed with his own eyes. Herodotus, who visited Egypt about 457 BC, states in his Historical studies that: “The Nubians, the Egyptians, and the Ethiopians have broad noses, thick lips, woolly hair, And they are burnt of skin.”The dark color of the Egyptians is an important fact, because you must consider the case of Moses, a Hebrew Israelite who was adopted by and concealed within the court of the pharaoh. If Moses were a Caucasian it would have been impossible to conceal his race in the presence of dark Egyptians! At first glance, Moses was even called an Egyptian, as recorded in the Bible:
            “In the year 65 B.C. the Roman armies under general Pompey captured Jerusalem. In 70 A.D. General Vespasim and his son Titus put an end to the Jewish state with great slaughter. During the period from Pompey to Julius, it has been estimated that over 1,000,000 Jews fled into Africa fleeing from Roman persecution and slavery. The slave markets were full of Black Jewish slaves.”Many top Jewish historians and scholars agree that the West coast of Africa was a major area for Jewish life and culture at one time. In 70 A.D. If the Israelites had ran towards Europe, they would have been captured and killed. Europe was their aggressive enemy, specifically the Roman Empire, which sought to exterminate them. Jesus Christ had prophesied that the real Israelites would escape from the Roman Empire by running towards the wilderness into Africa.

          • Sam Fisher

            You know what is real funny he disproved himself when he dragged the name Essene out saying that is the people Jesus belonged to which the definition is member of an ancient Jewish ascetic sect of the 2nd century bc–2nd century ad in Palestine. I goggled it but I bet it is a part of an evil KKK plot to rewrite history. Funny thing is a month ago I had this very conversation with a KKK member trying to prove that Jesus was a white man that was not Jewish and also said that the proof was that he claim he also came from the people Essene. Here to irony friend. Guess racist think alike.

          • Sam Fisher

            If Jesus is black because he hanged out with black people than MLK must be white. Your logic not mine.

      • Sam Fisher

        Pot meet kettle your entire belief system is racist. 

  • Anonymous

    “Every black person in the world should be made to sit down and watch that movie and see how Democrats was the one that stood against freeing the slaves”

    Ken Hutcherson

    Maybe we can all board a time machine and beat up all those bad democrats…However , most of the racism today is coming from the GOP so when this fake preacher gets his head out of the behinds of white racist republicans , he can see just how much of a useless puppet he is…

    • Sam Fisher

      No not really and your proof that racism is alive in well in the Democratic Party. Oh by the way since MLK had white friends and followers I guess that makes him white by your logic. If you don’t believe he was from the tribe turkey because the turkey tribe is a tribe of white people in up State New York and started the civil rights movement don’t goggle it! See moron I can make up crazy shit to.

  • crazy betty

    Pastor James Manning RULES!

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