Who is really dividing the U.S. based on race in the aftermath of the Zimmerman verdict?

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The President of the United States rarely if ever now delivers remarks without the assistance of his teleprompter, and when his teleprompter malfunctions, as it did in Germany, things get ugly, and he starts to sweat, and it’s just…well, it’s lackluster at best.

You might remember this awkward encounter from last month when his teleprompters went down.

President Obama: I want to thank everybody who’s here. I think there’s only one problem, and that is that my remarks are not sitting here. People?

He turns to thank the people that are standing there, and he looks at the teleprompter and –

President Obama: I’m going to answer a question at the end of the remarks, but I want to make sure that we get the remarks up. People?

So smooth, nobody would’ve noticed that there was a problem. He’s slick, isn’t he? Now, that’s the way the president is without a teleprompter. We have talked to people who have met with him actually in the Cabinet Room where he had to have a teleprompter with eight people in the room.

But on the flipside of that, just hours last week after the Zimmerman not guilty verdict, the president made a surprise appearance in the White House briefing room and gave a controversial yet well-polished speech on race, and this time, he did it without the aid of his trusted teleprompter.

Now, why does this matter? Well, because out of all of the issues that you would want the President of the United States to be fluent in – economics, jobs, foreign policy, individual liberty, the Constitution, any of that, this president cannot speak off the cuff without any kind of teleprompter or notes in front of him. But when it comes to the police acting stupidly or anything to do with identity politics, this man is ready to roll for hours. It’s his lifelong passion.

The man who was supposed to unite the United States of America is an expert on the most divisive form of politics in existence today that pits people against other people, placing them in little boxes and then convincing those people that you’re only in that box because of those people over there. They’re the cause of all of your problems.

Now, the press, many even on the right, are calling this speech that he gave one of the most important in his presidency. They’re singing his praises. What’s new? Even though the Zimmerman trial had nothing to do with race, and that’s not me saying that; that’s both the prosecution and the defense. Both sides said this has nothing to do with race. Still, the president is using this opportunity to further divide us.

He said the outcome of the case could have been different if Martin were white.

President Obama: If a white male teen was involved in the same kind of scenario that from top to bottom both the outcome and the aftermath might have been different.

Okay, so is he saying that Zimmerman was guilty, and somehow or another the system broke down? Because I haven’t heard that. I haven’t heard that the system broke down with any kind of specifics. And once again, he places himself square in the middle of the story.

President Obama: You know, when Trayvon Martin was first shot, I said that this could have been my son. Another way of saying that is Trayvon Martin could have been me.

I just want you to know, that’s not another way of saying that could have been my son by saying it could have been me. Listen to this.

President Obama: There’s a lot of pain around what happened here. I think it’s important to recognize that the African-American community is looking at this issue through a set of experiences and a history that doesn’t go away.

Okay, got it. He said a couple of important things here. The African-American community is looking at this situation through the lens of history and experiences and pain. Okay, well that’s why justice is blind. That’s why we don’t have people involved making the decisions, because you might look at it differently, either with rose-colored glasses or a tainted view from something that went on with your own personal life. That’s why you’re not involved, to keep the verdict pure.

But then you also say that that pain just doesn’t go away. Mr. President, may I humbly suggest that you need the atoning power of Jesus Christ if that’s not going away. What’s happening in your life, Mr. President, where pain does not go away? And why is that pain not going away? Who’s perpetrating this myth that there is still the same amount of experiences for African-Americans today as there was in the 1960s?

And by the way, if the word “myth” sounds harsh, in the same speech, here’s the president:

President Obama: As difficult and challenging as this whole episode has been for a lot of people, I don’t want us to lose sight that things are getting better.

I don’t think he believes that, but he’s right. The reality is there are still problems, but believe it or not, even with all of the stuff that’s going on, race relations in America, they are getting better. But Al Sharpton doesn’t let you know that. Jesse Jackson doesn’t let you know that. Anybody on MSNBC or Harry Reid, they don’t let you know that, otherwise, they’d be out of a job.

They’d be out of a few more voters, you know, if they weren’t told to vote for a Republican, I mean, if you voted for a Republican, it’d be like returning to the Jim Crow days. That would put these people out of power. Jackson, Sharpton, and the president have all used their pulpits to make the Zimmerman trial about race.

Again, both sides say that it’s not about race. And they feign outrage. I know this guy. He feigns outrage. But where is the outrage at the dropout factories that are inner-city public schools? How about the churning out of generation after generation of doomed children, slaves? If you can’t read, you’re a slave.

Where is the outrage at the failure of massive government programs, progressive governments, like Detroit, that have left citizens begging for politicians just to give ’em a few more crumbs or begging for the police to show up? Where is the outrage at the Planned Parenthood abortion mills whose founder wanted to eliminate the undesirables of society which were the blacks?

Where is the outrage at the other American war zone, Chicago, where four more were gunned down just this weekend and nine others injured in yet another shootout? Where is the outrage? Where’s the outrage at the mind-boggling and tragic black-on-black crime rates? You don’t hear about it.

According to the Bureau of Justice, approximately 8,000 blacks are murdered annually, every single year, 8,000 killed. That accounts for 49% of all of the murders in America – 49%. Twelve percent of the population is 49% of all of the murders? About 93% of black homicide victims were murdered by someone in their own race, so 93%, black on black.

Now, here’s the most shocking statistic. The murder rate among blacks in America is an astonishing 19.5 per 100,000 people. So you have an idea of how astonishing that number is, that’s a tick under Brazil and the Democratic Republic of Congo. That’s a nation mired in constant civil war – again, a city so mired in murder that the murder rates among blacks is 19.5 per 100,000 people. That number is nearly 5 times higher than the murder rate in the Palestinian territories. That’s a real problem.

Now, why isn’t any politician standing up and saying that? Why isn’t anybody saying that? Well, because those are real problems. Those are real problems. They’re undisputed facts. And real problems are going to have to be solved, but to solve them, you need some answers and answers that empower people.

If you want to empower yourself, you’re going to have to manufacture some problems like the Zimmerman trial. It’s not about race, yet half of America thinks it is. Why? Because of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, and the President of the United States just told them so. And then he has the gall to blame the racial tension in the aftermath of the verdict on that racist jury.

I’m sorry, but I’ve never seen a leader behave this way, ever. Leaders do not blame people. Leaders don’t lie for their own personal gain. Crooks, crooks do. Leaders tell you the truth, the hard truth, and then, just when you think you’re at your lowest, a leader doesn’t lean down to you and say “and you know what, you’ll never, ever make it without me.” They never do that.

They inspire you to reach higher than you ever thought you could. That’s what a leader does but not socialist leaders. Che is a big hero. Che is the leader, of course, you know, with the communist revolution, but who was Che really? Che championed that blacks weren’t doing enough for the revolution. He referred to them as lazy and unwilling to do anything to help.

He said about blacks, “The black is indolent and a dreamer; spending his meager wage on frivolity or drink; The European has a tradition of work and saving…” Well, that sounds racist to me, but you’ve never heard anybody on the left called Che a racist, have you? Every town in America now has a Cesar Chavez Boulevard. Well, what’s his story? Well, he was standing up for the little people. He was standing up for the workers. Was he? Was he?

Do you know that Cesar Chavez blamed the labor woes on immigrants? He was so upset that he said that there had to be a wet line on the border. The UFW, the United Farm Workers Union, they sent their thugs out, and they physically beat any illegal immigrant trying to cross the line. Now, that’s not a story that you hear today, is it? No, but these are the truths about the leftist icons, and they have a lot in common with the leftist icons of today.

Leftist icons generally inspire people to do what, to stand up on their own two feet, pull themselves up, or to riot, to fight, to burn, destroy, to hate, eventually kill people? Che didn’t free people; Che killed people. Martin Luther King, he freed people. He led people towards the promised land, and he did it without playing the blame game.

Quote, Martin Luther King, “A group of ten thousand marching in anger against a police station and cussing out the police chief will do very little to bring respect, dignity, and unbiased law enforcement.” He also said, “We are out to defeat injustice and not white persons who may be unjust.”

If Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson and yes, Barack Obama, lifted people up instead of pointing fingers, perhaps we’d be closer to that promised land that MLK talked about and that we all know exists. It’s hard not to believe that the Sharptons of the world really don’t want to get to any kind of promised land. They’d rather remain in power, or in the president’s case, want to be your parent, because see, that’s what Progressives do.

They are your parent. They know better. That’s the whole theory behind Progressivism, somebody else knows better for the collective. Now, let’s just assume for a second that that is the right thing for them to do. So who do we have now as our parent in the Oval Office? Who do we have? Are they a good parent? Well, yes, he cares about – okay.

May I ask you, did your parent or any – if you had a good parent – or any good parent that you ever witnessed or you know, Bill Cosby, anybody, any good parent, any mom or dad, did they ever tell you to focus on the past? Did they ever encourage you to take from others because you didn’t get your fair share? Did your mom or dad ever tell you you’re not going to make it? Did they ever continually pick at old wounds and tell you that they’ll never heal?

Now, maybe I’m the only kid that wasn’t raised by Frank Marshall Davis or Bill Ayers, but my parents always told me that it doesn’t matter what others do; it’s what you do that counts. My parents always told me that life wasn’t fair and never would be fair and to get over it. But see, if you have a parent that does that, then they have to follow it with you stay focused on what you know to be true, who you are, where you came from, and that requires you to look at facts.

So let’s look at some more facts. There are racists in America, both black and white. Yep, that’s it, both left and right. Our job, I guess, is to figure out who’s who. Everybody calls each other racist now. Oh, you’re a racist because you – really? Okay, great. But there are racists. How do we tell? Well, somebody who’s trying to use race to gain power, I think, and will only tell the stories that are good for them.

For instance, why isn’t Al Sharpton talking about this story? Why isn’t the president talking about this 76-year-old man in Milwaukee? He shot and killed this little kid here, 13-year-old black kid. He comes out, and he’s got a gun. Now, look at the kid backing up. This is clearly, this is clearly not self defense.

Eventually, the mom comes out and says hey, hey, hey, what’s going on? And he says, you want to know what’s going on? You want me to stop your kid from stealing? I’ll teach your kid. Any points a gun right to the kid’s chest, shoots him. The kid starts running down the street. He shoots him again. He misses, but it’s already too late. The kid collapses and dies in the hospital a couple of hours later. Why is nobody talking about this?

This is a racist guy, right? How about the 29-year-old mentally disabled Hispanic in Arizona that was walking the dog in the parking lot at a Taco Bell? He was shot dead by a black man. Where were the calls for the justice for Daniel? Or in Chicago, Leslie Freeman, her 22-month-old son, Demonte, gunned down as she was sitting with her child in the lap in a van. She was sitting there with a van, a car full of people.

The child was shot. Just last year, Leslie lost her son, Deon, shot by a gang member. Where’s Sharpton on that one? Or the white baby that was shot in a stroller in Atlanta by two black teens? Why aren’t they talking about that one? I’ll tell you why. Nobody wants to talk about any of those because they know that both black and white agree, and whether it’s for power or for ratings, when everybody agrees, there’s just really nothing there.

They choose carefully the stories that they know divide America. It gives you ratings. It gives you power. That’s what it is. It makes you honestly into a bully. No one in the media is talking about the black guy that shot the white kid or the white guy who shot the black kid or the black teens that shot the baby, but that’s where we need to focus as Americans. We need to find the big issues that bring us together, because there’s a lot more of those stories than of Zimmerman stories.

But we’re just focusing on the Zimmerman story when the real story of all the murder and all the death is going by us at a high speed, and we just ignore that one. We can’t as a people – look, we’re not going to be able to convince everybody, and it doesn’t really matter, but here’s what we have to do. We have to find out the real facts, know what’s going on, and then without anger – and that’s the hard part, without anger – stand up to bullies.

We need to identify first who the bullies are and then stop giving them so much power over us. The Zimmerman trial should have never ever happened. The only reason why it did is because the President of the United States and his Justice Department and the wound pickers like Al Sharpton applied mob justice. I’ve never met a black man yet who actually thinks that Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson actually speaks for them.

The Reverend Jackson is out there producing love children, and Reverend Al has literally made things up. I don’t know how he sleeps at night, but he does. He makes things up to promote his own career. Jackson rushed to defend the black stripper who made the rape allegations against the members of the Duke lacrosse team which was completely false. He said his Rainbow PUSH Coalition would pay for her college tuition. It turned out to be false, and he was wrong, but there was no outcry there.

Al Sharpton, he lied about Tawana Brawley. He didn’t care about the truth. He cares about himself. I can’t think of anything more damning than proclaiming to be a reverend, a preacher, and then to use that power and that platform for personal gain. I’ll never forget when I sat down at CNN, and I did an interview with Al Sharpton. And I said “nice watch, Al,” right before we went on the air – nice watch. It was a Rolex. He suddenly became very self conscious. I don’t even…somebody gave that to me as a gift, and he covered it.

Judgment Day…Judgment Day is already scary enough, but I think anybody who claims to speak with the power of the Lord’s words are going to receive kind of a stricter punishment. There are a lot of people that think I fall into this category, and maybe I do. I try, but maybe I do in the end.

I know there are many things that I have done and I’ve said over the years that I regret now, and I think there’s a lot of people out in America that think I shouldn’t be successful. Whatever, I mean, okay, I get it. I understand. Life isn’t fair. I get that, but rest assured, if you’re right about me, justice for me will be swift and severe in the afterlife. It will be; however, if I’m right, the same will be said for Sharpton and Jackson and Wallis and President Obama.

The president is going way out of his way to comment on a single trial, and in doing so, he is – what is that commandment – oh, bearing false witness, and he’s doing it by using race. This isn’t about race. It’s not my job or your job to judge a man’s heart, but it is our job to look at the tree and then look at the fruit of that tree. What is that tree producing? Is it producing good fruit or bad fruit?

This tree is producing lies and anger, division, unrest, violence, poverty, and suffering. When will Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, or the president rise up at the injustice to blacks and women that has happened in progressive cities like Detroit or currently happening in Philadelphia? Or are they just going to continue to turn a blind eye to the truth in favor of their own political and personal agendas?

And if we continue to be quiet, if we continue just to take it because what am I going to do about it anyway, where do those personal agendas take us as a nation?

  • Anonymous

    Only in America can white people be accused of racism, for acquitting an Hispanic/Jew, who killed a black.

  • JETS#1

    Yeah stupid dividers unlike Beck who always talking about civil war and after the election said that his viewers should buy farm land and get away from Obama voters he unites people

    • Mlsflt

      So, you don’t like the message, because its true, so, you don’t comment about what you just read. You attack the Author? To try and do what, discredit him so you don’t have to believe the message? If this were said by a hate filled Klansman, would it be less true? This is what is wrong with America, too many people are worried about their side, their team. 

      • JETS#1

         I dislike the message cause its a load of bull you want to talk about race baiting lets talk about Brietbart putting out edited acron and
        Shirley Sherrod tapes or Eric Bolling on Fox saying Obama “drinks 40’s” or the whole stupid black panthers at the polling place that fox still pushes. Obama saying “Travyon could have been me 35 years ago” is not dividing America

        • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

          The whole thing at the polling place is called racism. I guess you don’t have a problem with racist.

        • greywolfrs

          Hey stupid, maybe you missed Obamao talking about punishing “our enemies,” while speaking at a hispanic ralley, before the election. Now, who would those enemies be? The answer: Conservatives. Stop making out like Obamao has done nothing, you make yourself look like the moron you are.

          • JETS#1

             So saying “our eneimes” is more racist then “drink 40’s” Uh look who’s calling who a moron grey

          • greywolfrs

            My bad, you left wing idiots will never admit Obamao has done anything but good. As you try to place blame on Fox and anything Conservative, but never bother to look at your own side.

    • greywolfrs

      You are a moron.

      • JETS#1

         Name calling how mature greywolfrs

        • greywolfrs

          Just telling the truth, something you obviously can’t handle, moron.

  • Sara Nichols

    Good Monologue, Glenn. Welcome Back!!

  • Bonnie Somer

    for a progressive lke obama the only thing he knows is division he wants poor people but not himself for him he wants slaves to govt , power and control that is y he wants ur kids to b afraid of guns to grow up to b sheep that is him he will never change Americans r not that way however, we love America and believe in her he does not and wants us to hate America like him we do not only he can divide and lie that is who he is

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4HAW7OERGSC7VZM72V7IGDJ3B4 Sharmane

    In my opinion, Obama is intentionally dividing the country on race or class.  A house divided against itself cannot stand.  He, along with the career race hustlers like the so-called “Reverends” Sharpton and Jackson, continue to pimp this case and stir up division because that is what they do best.  The jury heard all the evidence and a verdict was reached.  Race was not an issue in this case.  Yet, we hear nary a peep about the poor little white baby that was shot point black in the face by two black thugs because the mother didn’t have any money to give the thugs.  Where’s the media and the race pimps on this one?    It is beyond inappropriate, from the very beginning of this case, for the president to have poked his nose into it without even knowing the facts by saying “if I had a son he would look like Trayvon…”   Really?  Is that presidential?  Not in my view. 

    • Anonymous

       Yes, our Commander and Chief – “The Greater Divider” — I was pleasantly surprised that Bill Cosby and NBA superstar Charles Barkley among other blacks — spoke out in favor of the verdict …one thing correct that Obama said – is that if the roles were reversed and a white teen was killed (allow me to completely reverse the roles) – by a black man and he was acquitted – there would be a totally different outcome – Indeed there would be… the black community would be rejoicing and celebrating “their” victory in the streets. We have not seen one public, in the media, white celebration transpiring over the verdict of this trial – We are all deeply saddened that such a young life ended so abruptly – although tragic this is not saying that Trayvon Martin is innocent of a any wrong doing.  Also, for Eric Holden to look into this case further, is another miscarriage of justice and waste of tax-payer dollars – also for the demands on the Florida courts to overturn this – if followed through with – this will be a violation of both Zimmerman’s fifth amendment rights (double jeopardy) and sixth amendment right (to a fair and speedy trial by his peers). keep in mind, that there was also a black member on the jury that agreed with and supported the verdict. It is all to easy to say what should have taken place looking from the outside in – but if you leave emotion out of it and look only at the facts – the jury did a great job on acquitting Zimmerman. It is also very sad to me, how minority communities, immediately will pull the race card when things begin to go awry  and not according to their script…and it longer matters what or who was wrong (or right). 

      • Claudia Bird

         the jury consisted of 5 white women and 1 hispanic woman.

      • cecicijywop

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        a progressive lke obama the only thing he knows is division he wants
        poor people but not himself for him he wants slaves to govt , power and
        control that is y he wants ur kids to b afraid of guns to grow up to b
        sheep that is him he will never change Americans r not that way however,
        we love America and believe in her he does not and wants us to hate
        America like him we do not only he can divide and lie that is who he is

    • Claudia Bird

       the jury consisted of 5 white women and 1 hispanic woman. 

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4HAW7OERGSC7VZM72V7IGDJ3B4 Sharmane

         So, your point is what?  The jury was selected by attorney’s from both parties which is standard procedure.

        • greywolfrs

          SHHHH….that doesn’t fit into their stupidity.

    • Anonymous

      Divide and conquer.  The strategy has been around for eons but it still works brilliantly.

    • Anonymous

       this come from some back would redneck

      • http://www.facebook.com/adam.wade.161 Adam Wade

         ^^^ is this the prosecutors key witness?  Stay in school. :)

      • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4HAW7OERGSC7VZM72V7IGDJ3B4 Sharmane

         Please learn how to construct a proper sentence and learn how to spell before posting.  The proper sentence would be “this comes from some backwoods redneck….”

    • Anonymous

       You are right and I can not stand to put Reverend in front of Sharpton and or Jackson. God is not in favor of what they are inciting in the people. A Pastor, Reverend etc are suppose to bring the people together by the Word of God and Unite the people in times of discord and stress. Sharpton or Jackson do not know how to perform a good deed like that nor do they walk by the Word of God in how they conduct themselves. Hate is not who God is or ever will be. God is Love and Unity. They will have to answer for the hate and hurt they have inflicted into the minds of people who seem to want to follow and not get facts to make decisions on their own. Seems that Americans are too lazy today to dig for facts and weigh decisions according to what the Word of God and our law says. Wake up America we need to have the Peace restored to America again and treat each other as brothers and sisters as God meant us to. Have a Jesus blessed day everyone.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent article Glen..excellent…sure you wont run for office

  • Anonymous

    I blieve this was excellent article and I wish Glrn would run for office

    • Pemi-Man

       Unfortunately Glenn wouldn’t be able to keep his religious views out of his politics…

      • Steve V

        There is nothing wrong with religious view in politics.  That is not what was intended by the separation of church and state.  Many of the problems we are experiencing as a society are due to a trend toward GODlessness.  If more politicians had strong convictions and followed them, we would all be better off…   

        • Wanye

          You do not necessarily need religion to have strong moral convictions. I would say that instead of the problems being a problem of Godlessness, it’s more of a problem of lax moral upbringing. I would agree that a religious upbringing is more likely to establish a moral foundation. However, I also think religious views should be left out of politics simply because there would be no consensus or peace in government considering the wide variety of religious views we have in this country. 

          • Anonymous

            The USA basically only has one religion. If your not Christian, statistically you are probably an atheist.

            FROM WIKI
            As of 2012, the majority of Americans (73–76%) identify themselves as Christians and about 15–20% have no religious affiliation.[3][4]According to the American Religious Identification Survey (ARIS) (2008) 76% of the American adult population identified themselves as Christians, of which 25% identified themselves as Catholics and 51% identified themselves as Christians spanning some 30 religious groupings.[3][5] The same survey says that other religions (including, for example, Judaism, Buddhism, Islam, and Hinduism) collectively make up about 4% of the adult population, another 15% of the adult population claim no religious affiliation, and 5.2% said they did not know, or they refused to reply

          • Wanye

            Even among Christians, there exist a number of differing views. Let’s also not discount the other religions just because they are a minority. Of the 228 million adult Americans estimated by ARIS in 2008, 4% of them are non-Christian religious, which is roughly 9 million people. That is certainly nothing to sneeze at. Also, note that there are a number of non-Christian religious elected government officials as well.

  • Anonymous

    Perfect, Glenn. We have some more mountain to climb with all Americans who understand what is going on. It is possible, but the word of Al, Jesse, the president, and others must be diminished to a simple wimper in the desert. The media must continue to find their falsehoods and indoctrination tools melted in the fire of their own construct. We once again, must become ‘America strong’.

  • Anonymous

    Yet another charge to add to Obama’s criminal onslaught.  Inciting to riot.  Sharpton, Jackson and this president are culpable on this charge.

  • Anonymous

     What you
    are is a greed self-righteous egotistical selfish destructive right-wing
    nut job. Conservatives like to argue that they have moral imperative
    based on their religious police and ideology. But the truth be told
    there is little truth behind this rhetoric. The fundamental basis behind
    Republicans ought to privatize and maximize profits for corporations at
    the same time, hiding behind religious doctrine to justify their
    destructive behavior. Jesus would be ashamed of your behavior and
    justification of your actions in his name. I love how you argue in
    support of the right to bear arms for we all know the truth behind that
    rhetoric. You are simply insecure that lack of manhood that would allow
    you to be comfortable in your own skin. You also believe by virtue of
    your skin color that somehow you have an inalienable right for dominance
    over others that you deem inferior in your eyes. The only known illness
    that I can see would be the assumption that you have any idea of how
    things work in the real world.The space suits at the rate that
    you’re going right wing conservatives will live in this country will
    soon become a third tier party with little more than the abortion issue
    and supportive extremists and the companies behind them to argue your
    twisted arranged ideas.

    • greywolfrs

      Keep believing that and showing what a complete fool you truly are.

    • Anonymous

      I can see you now stop trying to act like you are educated we all see you booby.

  • Anonymous

    just another right wing nut on the loose…small dick small drain

    • greywolfrs

      Sounds like you speak from experience.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_4HAW7OERGSC7VZM72V7IGDJ3B4 Sharmane

       You lack vocabulary, writing and reasoning skills.

  • Claudia Bird

    Glenn Beck you have so eloquently spoken the truth.  It’s sad that it will go mostly unheard by the ones that need to hear it the most…

  • Tom Johnson

    It’s Alinsky rules for radicals tactics to the core.

    …to create a guide for future community organizers to use in uniting low-income communities, or “Have-Nots”, in order to empower them to gain social, political, and economic equality by challenging the current agencies that promoted their inequality.

    Just another means by which he can collapse the institutions.

  • http://www.gunstar1.com/ Edward Kimble

    Zimmerman is a good litmus test for loopy. Is it OK to hit the neighborhood watch guy over the head as you run serpentine between easements?  Is it permissible to bad mouth and to attack people who lock their doors when confronted by shuck and jive artists with tattoos, tilted heads, and bad English (kept out of school by endless jealous entitlement wastoids).  Or can you jam up people who clutch their wallet or purse when they are approached by your stinky drug soaked body, 15 piercings, a tattered Che tee-shirt, and a Glock nine or switchblade hanging off your tattered sagging pants?   Respect is a funny game: Want some?  Show some!!   See some….  And there are bad neighborhoods, whole mini-cities that would kill you for no reason whatsoever.  And so the face job fun part of it, BECAUSE there are SO MANY jerks out there, the only respect you may ever get, or ever have a chance to give,  is to yourself, maybe a few close friends. Clean up, find a passion. Don’t be afraid to find a neighborhood with more respect.  But then don’t yell at those people or hit them over the head and expect smiles and civility!   Those people are just you in the mirror!

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    Reading most of the liberal comments here only proves to me racism never left their party they just switch the race they hate.

    • greywolfrs

      They have not even done that. They continue to give minorities handouts to keep them on the plantation. Obamaocare is just the latest handout. You think they actually like any minority? William “the Zipper” Cunton said Obamao should be serving him coffee, not running for president. Al Gore Sr. is one of the biggest racists there have ever been. Let’s not forget about Robert KKK Byrd being a life long Democrap and the Grand Wizard of the KKK. On and ON AND ON.

      You can see the comments in these very forums by people like that fat fuck, Stephan Bruno, Sticky Chin or Fudgepacker Serrano, they are the racists and are on the left.

      • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

        I stand corrected I think they should just rename their party to the party of hate.

  • http://www.facebook.com/brian.brunson.37 Brian Brunson

    hit the nail right on the head 

  • Anonymous

    Only in America the land of the not so free and double standards
    Black people call each other the N word all day long and it is ok but don’t let a white person use it Facebook will suspend your account for using the N word but not for using the C word another liberal media circus racial double standard. Abe Lincoln is rolling over in his grave. Obama and his brother Holder have to go.
    Here is the real big problem most blacks today including the Obamas still don’t trust the white man and the system due to slavery and other social injustices. Abe Lincoln realized this but it was to late for him to fix it now he is rolling over in his grave. If you don’t like the truth just delete and move on.

  • Anonymous

    You are!
    Well you used to. 
    lol now that people have to pay, I suppose your audience is down quite a bit.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe its time for 4yr old children to act like adults racist should be happy that there teaching the same stuff that’s way past to old  I believe I’ve become a racist myself  adults look at your lives time to beat you all .
    Here’s a childhood blast from the past you got nothing nice to say shut your mouth now go to your room !

  • Anonymous

    Obama’s comments were ridiculous. There is no person alive that does not “profile”. Why would anyone profile a person based on the way they dress, talk or act? Because we aren’t stupid. 

    A person dresses in a certain way because of how they identify themselves. I’m not talking about wearing Prada vs. lesser clothing lines, I’m talking about style choices. Someone wearing a dew rag underneath a canted baseball cap, a wife beater undershirt and pants 30 inches too big that have to be held up by hand, with the waistband below the rectal orifice, so large as to be capable of service as a shelter for the homeless, obviously is not dressing that way because they are poor. They dress that way because that is exactly how they want to be perceived. 

    A person who is virtually unintelligible in speech, excepting inserting F-bombs in every sentence, sometimes multiple times, is not an appropriate candidate for any employment. A stroll through the Cabrini Green projects in the president’s home city of Chicago could cost a person of ANY color their very life if they happen to be wearing the wrong color clothing OR skin color. 

    Anyone with a shred of intelligence knows innately that a person acting aggressively should be avoided. While living in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin during school, I knew that nearly every day, I was going to called “honky” or worse because of nothing more than the color of my skin. I learned where NOT to sit on a bus because even in a moving public vehicle there were zones considered gang territory. 

    According to Barack Obama’s words, I should be ashamed of myself for judging any of these individuals prior to getting to know them. Who actually believes that a black man in a suit or who is dressed plainly but is well spoken experiences daily racism? 

    The president had a chance to draw America together in his speech, but instead, he chose the path of the self serving leftist and poured gasoline on the fires of racial division. He has shown his true “colors” and it has nothing to do with the color of his skin…but EVERYTHING to do with the content of his character. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/graham.salvesen Graham Salvesen

    Why was there no outcry when OJ was aquited of stabbing 2 x unarmed WHITE people or when Michael Jackson was found NOT GUILTY of molesting children ?????

    • greywolfrs

      Because the left wing dolts only like the justice system when it does what they want.

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    Right on about the judgement day, I know I’ve screwed up, but the aformentioned individuals go out of their way to cause chaos for their own gratification, and most people on this earth haven’t done that

  • Anonymous


  • Take 2

    Federal Law forces numerous professional instantiations that require a license to be color blind e.g. Obama is out of line being part white making ‘any’ references about T Martin.

  • Anonymous

    From the man who accused our president of being a racist…

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely correct, Glenn.  Obozo has made everything worse, including the racial problems.  The misery index is HUGE in our country and suicides are higher now than during the Great Depression.  Ask any doctor who works at an emergency room; I have a friend who is one as well as another who works for the County Coroner.  We’ll all be better off when that jack*** is out of office.  God help us and help our beloved America.

  • Anonymous

    Glen beck the idiot

  • Anonymous

    This was never a racial issue.  Mr. Zimmerman was on a neighborhood watch due to recent burglaries.  Anyone concerned with their properties would do the same thing.  Shocking how the black race has been given every opportunity and helped immensely by white people, who are not the racists by the way, (that went out after the 60s.)  Sharpton and Jackson always make money when they bring up racial issues and pit whites against blacks, they really should not be serving as reverends because they are dividing the bretheren, something that is against God’s nature. 

  • joe michael villa

    A brief history:

    Following the assassination of RFK, Johnson called for a national commission on violence and race.

    “Violence may bring down the very best among us,” Johnson said. “And a nation that tolerates violence in any form cannot expect to be able to confine it to minor outbursts. For this reason, I am appointing with the recommendation of the leadership of the Congress … a commission of most distinguished Americans to immediately examine this tragic phenomenon.”.
    Johnson appointed a 13-member commission chaired by Dr. Milton Eisenhower, the ex-president’s brother, and was called the National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence. The report dealt with television and violence, racial inequalities, and the breakdown of social order.

    Johnson, after Selma in 1965, pushed for the Voting Rights Act, and, after the Martin Luther King Jr. and RFK assassinations to get gun control in 1968.

    Kennedy in 1963 pivoted off the Birmingham bombing that killed four little black girls in a church to start putting the wheels in motion on the Civil Rights Act.

    Obama gives a heartwarming speech on race and all hell breaks loose over at Fox News.
    Heads are exploding on Breitbart and at The Blaze.

    Is it any wonder minorities in this country want nothing to do with the Republican party?

  • Anonymous

    Nothing good can happen until virtue is restored in America. Trust follow virtue. Unity follows trust.

    us restore virtue in America through the acceptance of personal RESPONSIBILITY–
    based on common sense, the evangelical protestant church’s 1st requirement
    and the mainline church’s 4th sacrament.


    start by finding a Christian T-shirt, bumper sticker and store window sloganeer
    entrepreneur willing to
    advertise “I AM RESPONSIBLE” slogans? Slogans should include:


    I am responsible for my own behavior.

    I am responsible for my own children.

    I am responsible for how I drive.

    I am responsible for the support, security and happiness of my

    I am responsible for how I vote.

    I am responsible to not pay tithes to my church if it does not

    I am responsible not to defile my body.

    I am my brothers brother, not his messiah or custodian.

    I am responsible to keep my word.

    I am responsible not to tithe to my church if it receives
    government grants or other favors.

  • Anonymous

     “Judgment Day…Judgment Day is already scary enough, but I think anybody
    who claims to speak with the power of the Lord’s words are going to
    receive kind of a stricter punishment.”  Whoa, Glenn. Isn’t that a bit “off the reservation” for Mormon doctrine?

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your snide attack on a man’s character by attacking his religious beliefs. Don’t tell me…you’re an expert on Mormon doctrine, right, hence your low mentality reply? Try addressing the issue. Let’s see how brilliant you truly are when you stick to the topic. I guess that would just be too difficult for you.

      • Anonymous

        Dude, I love Glenn Beck and I am Mormon. I was just point out that in our doctrine there is no “Judgement Day” where people are punished. I don’t know if I am an expert or not. I went to Mormon seminary for 4 years during high school and am a returned missionary. You really misunderstood the sentiment of my original post.

        • Anonymous

          All that time in the Church, yet you don’t believe that there is a judgment? The punishment is not a literal lake of fire, but it will certainly feel that way being separated from the presence of God for not caring enough to take advantage of the atonement. I don’t know what you taught on your mission or what you have done with your life since, but I’m a seminary teacher and what you’re describing is not part of Mormon doctrine. And so far as the sentimentality of what you wrote, perhaps you should go back and read it. Glenn’s (or anyone’s) religion had nothing to do with this issue.

          • Anonymous

            If you are Mormon, well, what I am talking about the three kingdoms. Joseph Smith after having a vision of the telestial kingdom, (you know, were most people are going to start out the afterlife), said that people would kill themselves to be there. “The punishment is not a literal lake of fire, but it will certainly feel that way being separated from the presence of God” That’s interesting. Never heard that before. But maybe it’s because I’m an East Coast Mormon? As to my sentiment, I know exactly what it was, I wrote it. Good day sir.

          • Anonymous

            What does the East Coast have to do with Mormon doctrine? Are you saying that the doctrine changes depending on where you’re located? I think that’s why the church puts out manuals. So that people don’t start developing doctrines based on the culture of wherever they happen to be from.

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