Ed Schultz tries to paint Detroit as a Republican failure

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Ed Schultz: Thanks to a lot of Republican policies, the city is now filing for bankruptcy. Now, it’s the largest public sector bankruptcy in U.S. history, and the consequences could be devastating, if you care about people. The already small force of police, firefighters, and EMTs are in danger of future layoffs. That’s only going to make it worse. Roughly 30,000 retired workers are concerned about their pensions, you know, things that they’re counting on. Make no mistake: Detroit is going bankrupt is exactly what the Republicans want.

Let me give you the history of Detroit. As Pat said a minute ago, they haven’t had a Republican since 1961, but it’s really, it’s really important to understand 1961. Let me ‑‑ let me start with the situation today and then we’re going to go back to 1961. In 1960 Detroit had the highest per capita income in the United States. In 1960 they had the highest per capita income in the United States. Now, what happens when somebody is rich, when somebody is fat and sassy? We know it because we’ve seen it with our own society in the United States. As a whole, the United States, when it was sitting at the top, that’s when we started saying, but you know what? We can screw with this a little bit. You know these principles; we still have some poor. And I hate to quote a crazy person like Jesus, but there will always be the poor among us, always. You are never going to get rid of all of the poor and lift every soul out of poverty. How do I know? Because I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor. I will probably be poor again someday in my life. But it doesn’t matter, as long as I have the opportunity to try again. And there will always be those people that you can never help. There will always be those people ‑‑ I have friends in my life, and I know you do too. I have friends in my life that they ask for help, but they will never do the things that really will change their lives. You know what it is. And I speak as an alcoholic. I know. There were people, when I was drinking, that would say to me, “Glenn ‑‑” you know the truth, in fact, I’m sitting really close to a friend who said, “It’s not that hard. It’s not that hard. The truth is really simple. You just have to do a few things.” Well, I didn’t want that truth and so I wouldn’t change my life and so I destroyed myself. But that’s okay because that worked out in the end. We have a great opportunity… unless we don’t learn from the past.

In 1960 Detroit had the highest per capita income in the United States. Today poorest large city in the United States. Once the fourth largest city in the nation, Detroit’s population was shrunk from 1.5 million in 1970 to less than 700,000. Detroit’s median household income today is $27,000 compared to the state median income of $48,000. Detroit’s poverty level is 36.2%. The rest of the state, 15%. Detroit’s unemployment rate is now over 18%. Only 53% of Detroit’s residents can be part of the labor force. 45.7% have no job and are not even looking. 35% of Detroit’s residents are now on food stamps. The out‑of‑wedlock birthrate in Detroit is more than 75%. 363,281 housing units are in Detroit. 99,000 of them are vacant. The Detroit murder rate is 11 times, 11 times higher than the murder rate in New York City. Detroit currently faces an estimated $14 billion in long‑term debt. Now how, how did a city that was the highest per capita income in the United States in 1960 get here? Well, as I said, Detroit hasn’t had a Republican mayor since 1961 and has only had one Republican elected to the Detroit city council since 1970. So there’s no way this is a GOP failure. But let’s not make this about politics. What happened?

In 1960 they had a Republican mayor. They were riding high, but a new guy came to town. A new democratic mayor. 1961 was the year. He was white, but he understood civil rights, he said. He was a democratic mayor and his name was Jerome Cavanagh. He was elected by promising to give the black population the civil rights they lacked, which is great. We want to make sure everybody has the civil right to be who you are. You know, the reason why Detroit grew so fast is because Detroit didn’t care for a long time, compared to the South, didn’t care what your color was; could you do the job.

Once he was elected, he did everything in his power to bring the taxpayer‑funded government benefits to the black community. He was the only elected official in the U.S. to serve on President Johnson’s Model Cities task force. Now, what was the Model Cities task force? What was that? What was he trying to do to Detroit? Well, he thought that there was a model out there that was great. He thought there was a model out there that could take the most prosperous city in the United States of America and make it even better because there was somebody else who had done this before. When they had revitalized Europe, but not Europe ‑‑ Eastern Europe ‑‑ to rebuild the urban areas in Eastern Europe, they looked to the model of the Soviet Union. At the time the socialists hailed the centralized approach to urban development. They said this is the Soviet innovation. This is it. That’s why when you go and you look at New York City and you see things like Co‑op City, it looks like Poland. It looks like Russia. Because it was. They actually in the 1960s looked to the Soviet Union and said they have solved the problem. So he took the most prosperous city in America and said, we need to do the things that they are doing in the Soviet Union, a place that didn’t have toilet paper for their citizens! And they implemented the model city system in a nine‑square‑mile section of Detroit.

To finance the project, he pushed a new income tax through and a new commuter tax. He promised the mostly poor and black residents of the model city area that the rich would pay for all of the benefits. He bought their votes with money he was taking from the rich residents. More than $400 million was spent on the model city program. The federal government democratic city mayors were soon telling people where to live, what to build, what businesses they could open, when their businesses had to close. In return the people received cash and they received training and education and healthcare.

This caused the greatest resentment among the population of Detroit that anybody has ever seen in America. It helped trigger the breakdown of civil order and the shrinking of the city’s population. In 1967 after the police broke up a celebration at an after‑hours club, one of the neighborhoods began to riot. It ignited the worst race riot of the decade. Black‑owned businesses were looted and burned to the ground. 40 people were killed. 5,000 were left homeless. Democratic administrations after Jerome left engaged in massive giveaways in the form of high salaries, lucrative pensions, health benefit packages that you just couldn’t get anywhere else. Public service was no longer service. This was the cream of the crop.

This caused the city’s debt to grow quickly and dramatically. Public unions were also allowed to implement inefficient work rules and requirements that raised the cost of doing business in the city. Today more than 80% of the city’s $14 billion in debt is due to the pensions and the benefit packages of those government workers. The same Democrat‑fostered union mentality took hold in the private sector as well, to the point where Detroit’s auto industry which had formed the city’s employment backbone began moving to right‑to‑work states in the South that were far less hostile. Much more affordable. They took a city where everybody ‑‑ I shouldn’t say everybody. There will always be poor among us, but it was the most prosperous city in the nation. And they drove business out and they started just racking up the debt. And they made service inside the government much more appealing than actually getting a job someplace else. The private sector’s demise reflected the fact that half of Detroit’s top 10 employers, half of Detroit’s top 10 employers are governmental entities. The city has 11,400 workers, followed by the Detroit public schools at 10,951. So the schoolchildren have less than 11,000 but the city government itself has 11,400. Two healthcare systems and the federal government round up the top five. The big government mentality of teachers unions harmed the Detroit public schools. In 2003 there was a Detroit businessman. He was a philanthropist. His name was Robert Thompson. He offered to give $200 million to a foundation to open 15 new charter high schools in Detroit because he knew things weren’t working in 2003 and we had to do something. He withdrew his proposal, said “I can’t do it anymore because the teachers unions.” They argued that the charter schools would drain millions of dollars from the public schools. And then the excessive regulation in Detroit, multiple inspections and inspection fees, incomprehensible building requirements, expensive mandatory public hearings, arbitrary discretion of the officials, lengthy process delays the entrepreneurs from starting their own businesses. Nobody even wants to start a business venture or improve their existing one. According to one survey in Detroit, 56% of small business owners don’t even know if they’re operating in compliance with Detroit law. They have no idea. Detroit has the highest big city property taxes in the nation, the highest per capita tax burden in Michigan. Property assessments remain overly inflated, amounting to as much as ten times the market price on the property.

In 2011 Detroit ranked first among the 50 largest U.S. cities in taxes and last among property values. Detroit taxes on a $150,000 house were $4,885, twice the national average. And then you go into corruption. And that’s a very long list. This is not, this is not a Republican or conservative failure. This isn’t even a democratic failure or idea. This is a progressive/socialist/Communist utopia. And that always fails. Don’t let them rewrite history.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The Democrat Socialists have ruled Detroit since 1961.

    They sought to turn it into a Utopian ideal, and they only managed to demonstrate for the last sixty years that the left only understands how to destroy and inflict misery, despair and pure hopelessness on those who become enslaved to their will and whim.

    Welcome to Obama’s ultimate dream, which is the nightmare for all who see the truth.

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Here we see the truth of the differences between the left and the right:

    The left = big government, massive debt, massive spending, massive taxation and regulations that crush body, spirit, mind and strangle business to death.

    The right = individual freedom and limited government which allows the people to succeed on their own merit and determination. In short, PROSPERITY.

    • cecicijywop

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      They sought to turn it into a Utopian ideal, and they only managed to
      demonstrate for the last sixty years that the left only understands how
      to destroy and inflict misery, despair and pure hopelessness on those
      who become enslaved to their will and whim.

    • Anonymous

      Wait, where was this individual freedom, limited government which allows people to succeed on their own merit and determination during GW Bush’s time? Let me give you examples, Patriot Act = Freedom? Own Merit / Determination = No Child Left Behind?

      And of course, your capitalized PROSPERITY. Under a Republican President, the economy nose dived. Under Democrat Presidents, both Clinton and Obama, the economy stopped bleeding and now getting back on track = PROSPERITY!!! 

      Simple facts can go a long way :)

      • Anonymous

        LOL…selective history. You forgot that the recovery under Reagan was truly robust. 5 millions jobs created in just one year and 17 million over his 8 years. Bush? The unemployment rate never was above 6.2% during his 8 years and the lowest was at 4.5% (8.3 million jobs created in 4.5 years). Can you imagine the unemployent rate ever getting down to just 6.2% under Obama? Nope. Obama has some people believing that what we have now is about the best we can do in today’s economy. Rubbish. Clinton? He had a Republican congress during his ‘good’ years. He adopted Republican ideas and called them his own. He basically governed like a ‘liberal’ Republican. So, I give him credit for being smart enough to see it the Republicans way.

        Yes, stating all the facts go a long way…

      • Anonymous

        Although, in your case, delusion seems to be much more workable. George Bush was no conservative. He presided over some of the largest government spending increase debacles in history and hastened the demise of Medicare and social security BECAUSE he abandoned conservative principles. You really are delusional though if you think that Clinton, Obama and Carter outrank Ronald Reagan for economic recovery. Your contentions are specious, especially the contention that the economy is recovered under Barack Obama. Only a fool could possibly believe that unemployment remaining virtually unchanged for five long years despite spending the country into oblivion is indicative of a good economy. Or the layoffs to part time workers means prosperity. And why is that happening? Oh, yeah. That would be Obama’s policies.

      • Anonymous

        You’ve failed to stick to the issue of DETROIT.  This forum is about DETROIT and how DETROIT’S socialist policies failed.  Because you have no information to refute the logic of the present topic, you bring up things that have zero to do with it.  NOTHING that is happening now has anything to do with Bush.  He’s long gone.  His policies are obsolete.  He wasn’t from Michigan or DETROIT and never affected policies specific to things that in fact date as far back as 1961!  You are in denial of reality.  You have no sense of what an altruism is.  If you make promises to complete idiots with someone else’s money they will always vote for you as a politician.  It would be more practical to use a dollar bill as toilet paper rather than give it to someone who doesn’t know how to spend it wisely.  It’s not the Democrats’ faults any more than the Republicans’ faults that this country is going down the tubes.  It’s people like you who are sheep fucking socialists and won’t admit to it.

    • Anonymous

       The current people that call themselves the right do not endorse this anymore.  This is where the problem rises.  If someone would just stand up to the Unions, Communists, crony capitalists, etc., nothing will change.  It is probably to late anyway!

      • Anonymous

        Your comment characterizes the problem beautifully and succinctly. The “right” is no longer right. Even in the house where they have the majority, often, there are those of the Republicans who, for no explicable reason, not only don’t fight Obama, they become the targets of his mockery and ranting, then they announce that they will fight him to the death, then the next day, without any contact with the president, they cave and give them exactly what they want. This is indicative of people whose true feelings like more with their reported “adversaries” than with the constituents they were chosen to represent. In my book, this makes them far worse than Obama. At least he occasionally tells the truth. They claim to tell the truth, then turn around and vote more leftist than most of the leftists. That’s why I’m now independent. I despise both parties and usually align more with the Tea Party and the libertarians (although not remotely to the degree that Ron Paul’s supporters do when it comes to drugs and foreign policy).

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    I see the liberals are trying to blame Bush again. How sad. MSNBC should change their slogan for lean forward to fantasy land which is closer to reality.

  • americanathlete

    Those liberal cronies fail with their policies and then are too irresponsible to accept the blame and learn from it. Instead they blame the conservatives, (still blaming Bush after he’s been out of office for five years), it’s appalling! They’re appalling!

    • Anonymous

       The phsychological thing that they have learned is that you can say anything you want & the opposing side has to spend all their time defending the truth.
      BO’s whole campaign since ’08 has been all psychological . I’ve said it for 5 yrs

      • Anonymous

        I’m sure you’ve read it before but Hitler and Goebbels did speeches for several hours a day EVERY day for a number of years to the point that people didn’t even ever hear anything but “Jewish-Bolshevism is the source of all of our problems!”  MSNBC and their “Lean Forward” crap is the same thing.  “Judeo-Christian values and rich people are a thing of the past!” That’s the party line of the Left these days.

  • Draxx

    Next Anthony Weiner is going to say that Republicans are to Blame for him Sending More Lewd Photos of himself to women other than his wife…


    • Anonymous

       WRONG!  The politically correct thing to do is blame it on Bush.

    • Anonymous

       The Weiner needs psychiatric help, he was supposed to mend his ways and curb his obsession.   If his judgement is off on this issue, it will be off on other issues concerning a large city…  Compare his expertise with Rudy Giuliani and it makes one sick to see the difference in competence, knowledge, and ability to manage a big city through trust and confidence from the people.  Giuliani had remarkable skills and changed New York into a better place to live.

      • Draxx

        How can Weiner learn good management from a predicessor like Bloomberg?  Hell Bloomberg only FORCED His Ideals On The People of NY…!

        It would be refreshing to actually see someone more like Giuliani back in charge (I live across the US in Oregon, but I still want what’s best for people of America).

        • Anonymous

           New York, and the American people could use another Giuliani for sure..Many would appreciate someone who is normal, and takes care of the people’s business,  and not pre-occupied with their private parts, obsessions,  and escapades!  

  • Anonymous

    What a BOBO !!Being blue for practically forever,had nothing to do with it,eh.

  • Anonymous

    What comes to my mind is Proverbs 18:2!

  • Anonymous

    Ed just proved a point about the Democrats, they are pathetic liars!

  • Anonymous

    The unions killed Detroit.  The unions support Democrats.  Where’s a valid argument that Republicans are responsible for the graft and corruption in Detroit?

  • Anonymous

    Ed Schultz has a disease. Unfortunately, it is a disease common to liberals. All facts can simply be made up when the real facts do not fit, any claim is A-OK, when even the most specious of “facts” escape you, just scream. When that fails, scream more and louder. When that fails, blame Bush. 

    Ed Schultz has managed to top himself this time, though. He already has a show that hardly anyone watches. This just goes to show how foolish, pathetic and desperate he is. These claims are beyond ludicrous. He can’t even claim that it was federal conservative policies that are at fault because the liberals of the 1960’s and ’70’s would be horrified at the left wing policies infesting even the Republican party now. 

    I would invite Ed to prove his claims. It is completely irredeemable that he can just throw something like this out there with no challenge whatsoever. Anyone who believes this tripe would have to have an IQ of around 40-just enough functional brainstem to tell them that their sexually aroused or hungry.

    • Anonymous

      Ed Schultz has cranial rectitus.  Most Liberals do.

  • 2War Abn Vet

    Say it together, “It’s George Bush’s fault”. Now. don’t you feel better?

    • Anonymous

      Its only his fault because he couldn’t run again against the Obamanation we now have in office.  Typical Liberal mess, and once again who gets blamed.

  • Anonymous

    >”he pushed a new income tax through and a new commuter tax. He promised the mostly poor and black residents of the model city area that the rich would pay for all of the benefits”<

    In other words, exactly what obama and liberals – including the media – are trying to do to the U.S. today. 

    Perhaps it would do them good to look at the history of Detroit, where their socialist nirvana has succeeded … making everybody equally poor. 

  • greywolfrs

    Ed Shultz is a complete idiot. The scary part is, there are left wing dolts who believe this drivel. Look at idiots like sticky chin, vicki tiffany or vicki tiffany’s life partner marburyvsmadisen, these are prime examples of the stupidity inherent in the left wing morons.

    • Anonymous

      Wow Grey you took the words right out of my head thanx for saving me the trouble of tearing sticky a new one and easing my time on doing the same right -on .

  • Anonymous

    I wish everybody in the media would look at what is happening in Detroit.  They need to tell the people the truth about what will come down the pipeline if politicians implement communist ideals.  They do not work and ruin everything which was good before.  The sad thing is that there is proof that the business model of the communist utopia is just a pipe dream.  Just look at Cuba, everything is deteriorating since Fidel Castro took over.  The same could be said about the former DDR (East Germany).  While West Germany prospered after World War II, the East under communist rule declined.  So, many of us know that the dreams of progressives are nothing more than night-mares, but no one dares to speak up because the truth is something too ugly to look at. 

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    I blame it all on Schultz, he knows all!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Anyone with half of a brain living in or near Detroit knows that Democrats controlled the city of Detroit. Some can try and blame some other party all they like but the truth is there for seeing.  Just look it up on the Internet!  But apparently some are too lazy to do that.

  • Anonymous

    And the libs still don’t get IT ! Even with a poster child example as Detroit is, they still think socialism and unions work…wait…isn’t that a sign of insanity?  Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result?

  • Anonymous

    only a liberal could say that with no republicans in control of the city, that they are at fault.

    What a crock.

    Guess looking to go where you aren’t taxed to death, and have no safe neighborhood and failing schools isn’t what people are to do.  They are according to libs, supposed to stay and pay taxes for failures and suck it up.

    Nope, not going to happen and wait to those making the money start to leave California to areas with less taxes, and less control.

  • Sapere Vedere

    When in doubt, go to the source.  Hear the voices of those in the inner cities crying out for help against the progressive supremacists below. 

    Below is a must read article and a must watch video of those living in the inner cities of Detroit/Chicago telling it exactly like it is.  Generation after generation has been deceived by progressives and they are finally awakening and beginning to see the light.  In the video you’ll see them touring the inner city and they are realizing all the destruction stems from the corrupt democrat leaders that have been voted in year after year for the past fifty years.  One guy even says, “It ain’t the Tea Party doing this to us, it’s the liberals.”  (see the powerful story below)  – be sure to bookmark it for later reference and pass it on. 


    Perhaps someone should forward this to Ed Shultz.  Oh wait, he’s too busy being bought and paid for by the union bosses.  (see link below)



  • Anonymous

    Ed Schultz is one of the biggest idiots of all time!  Take a look at every city, county, state, agency that’s been run by a Democrat and you’ll see the complete failure they always are.  Wrong again, Ed!  You really should learn how to read so you can get the truth instead of the garbage spouted by your rotten, corrupt and incompetent Demorat party.

  • Sandi

    Actually, it is the left wing policies that have destroyed the city, and they planted the seeds long ago. 

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    ugh, glenn i just hate it when you refer to the left as being “genius” especially when their result is to achieve deception.


  • Anonymous

    Sergeant Shultz is always good for a laugh.  He claims to know all, but we know— “he knows NOTHING, NOTHING.” 

  • Anonymous

    Detroit collapse has been a long time in the making under Democratic control.  Obvious that the same insane policies do not create a prosperous environment.  Perhaps the unions are waking up to the fact that there hours will be cut too.  There are many Republican governors who have turned their states around with good sound management principles, balancing the budget,  creating jobs, and lowering taxes. 

  • Snorri

    Mr. Schultz is using standard Communist and Nazi tactics by blaming the Republicans for what Democrats did. Since it’s not politically correct to blame Negros, Jews, Catholics, the Irish and other ethnic groups, and it’s voting suicide to blame an act of God, or the religious groups, its the white, rich Republicans that have to be blamed. And guess what they all look like George W. Bush.

  • Anonymous

    Ed has 2 nuerons connected by a syphillis organism for his brain power.  Good example of the democrrapic party brain power. Go Ed!

  • fire lion

    Detroit was dying already when manufacturing was dying. When the blacks rioted under an extremely racist government, the whites who had money to move, moved.  Basically white power knew that detroit was going to die and disconnected all their money from that place.
    They wanted to punish the uppity blacks.

    • Anonymous

      ORRR, you could have just read the transcript above, which contained a small history lesson and actual facts.  But you’re in denial as you always will be.  

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1583942084 Jay William Weed

    I have just figured out what the socialist democratic disease is


  • Anonymous

    How can the failed Detroit business crime model be wrong when the same plan for jobs and prosperity is approved and even accelerated by even more debt and printed money by the Obama administration?

  • Don

    While there are some valid points here… this is simply an over simplified glossing over of the series of events that led to Detroit’s current state of affairs. Beginning the explanation in the 1960’s ignores some of the most important history that really counts and that goes back to the turn of the century which involves the birth of the automotive industry and the migration of masses to a city offering opportunity in the form of a $5 a day offering by Henry Ford.   I never thought of Detroit as a “Communist Utopia” but more of a gritty city constantly going through fits of rebirth and then self destruction. The riots of the 1960’s were tragic but were only asymptomatic of a larger racial divide happening across the county.  Looking at this under a more microscopic  lens there is much more to the story than just this simple glossing over by Beck.          

  • stnicks

    Many highly educated blacks left the city.. and landed n the south. It happen thru the 2000 decade. I worked with 7 of them..they were teachers and IT professionals.

  • stnicks

    I will never forget when i was a young teenager n the 60’s. One of the bog 3, at the time announced something like a BILLION DOLLAR + profit. Well, here on the news comes the heads of the unions…”That money is ours”…they had a press conference.. threated to
    strike… UNION LEADERS IGNORED THAT THEY WEREC IN A WORLD WIDE ECONOMY AND ALWAYS WANTED MORE AND MORE.. They never took ECONOMIES 101. Those profits w.ere a part of the portfoloies of millions of americans. UNIONS ARE CONROLLED BY VERY INSECURE GED DROPUTS.

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