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Yesterday afternoon, TheBlaze broke the story about the coalition Senator Mike Lee is building to block and defund Obamacare. The Senator from Utah has recruited more than a dozen Senate Republicans so far and foresees that list of names growing quite a bit in the coming days.

Fifteen Republican senators, including Sens. Marco Rubio (Fla.), Ted Cruz (Texas), John Cornyn (Texas), Rand Paul (Ky.), James Inhofe (Okla.), David Vitter (La.), Roger Wicker (Miss.), John Thune (S.D.), and Chuck Grassley (Iowa), plan to block a continuing resolution to keep the government funded beyond Sept. 30 if it includes funding for Obamacare.

“The president has said that he’s not willing and not able to enforce Obamacare as it was written,” Sen. Lee told TheBlaze in a phone interview. “And so he has chosen instead to enforce this law selectively.”

“He has picked out two things that he has said he won’t enforce. One is the employer mandate and the other is the requirement that the government obtain some kind of proof for those who are claiming eligibility for Obamacare exchange subsidies,” he added.

The senator continued, arguing that the president “doesn’t have the power” to selectively enforce and amend laws passed by Congress.

“Once a law is passed by Congress, in order to amend that law, you have to go back to Congress and you have to amend it in the same way that you passed the original law,” he said.

“If the president isn’t going to enforce this law, the American people shouldn’t be required to fund it.

“Those that feel this way should stand up and say they won’t vote for any continuing resolution that contains funding for further implementation and enforcement of Obamacare,” he added.

“Now, let me explain this to you,” Glenn began. “The Republicans fought but then they started displaying politics and they thought, you know what?  We’ll just, we’ll get that 2010 election. Well, the 2010 election happened and then it failed to overturn anything.  It didn’t do anything.  Then they thought, we’re going to wait — we’re going to wait on healthcare because Mitt Romney will get in, and Mitt Romney will change everything.  And that failed.  “Well, we have the Supreme Court and when it gets to Supreme Court, that will change every‑” and that failed.  And every time we delay, we delay for political reasons.  “Well, this, we can use this.  We’ll use this in the presidential election.  We’ll use this in the congressional election.”  They’re going to tell you right now that this is going to hurt the Senate election.  “You have a chance to take over the Senate!”

“The GOP is on the verge of taking over the Senate!  Let’s just — shhh.  Don’t do that.”  Because what is a continuing resolution?  A continuing resolution is the way we have passed our budgets.  This is a country out of control.  Continuing resolution means we can’t agree on a budget.  We just can’t get one through.  Nobody will come and actually present a budget.  The president had, what is it, 99‑0 the last budgets that he has tried to pass?  Nobody will pass — his own party won’t pass his budgets.  And so what does that mean?  So if the president can’t come with a reasonable budget, then we have to shut the government down.  Because nobody’s proposing a budget that makes any sense.”

Basically, the President is trying to spend money the government doesn’t have on policies the American people do not want. And to make matters worse, neither party is actually discussing any real cuts to the budget.

“There are no more lines in the sand,” Glenn told listeners. “There are no more lines of defense. Stand. Stand for something. You want to pass a budget? Pass a budget. You want another continuing resolution because you want the house and the bling and the pool and apparently the plane? No.  No. You’re not going to bypass congress on healthcare. We’ll give you everything you want but not healthcare. That is the line in the sand, and this is the last opportunity. But this is going to require you getting on the phone with all of your friends and calling every senator in your state and say, “You sign on with Mike Lee. You sign on. No continuing resolution that includes healthcare.  No continuing resolution unless it has a carveout and we defund healthcare.  No more.” You call your senator.”

“This is not just about healthcare. This is about a president saying, “I’m going to pick and choose which laws I enforce,” and he does not have the right to do it. This is about the Constitution,” Glenn emphasized. “Get on the phone and call your senators right now. No continuing resolution without a carveout that excludes universal healthcare.”