What has happened to American’s ability to endure?

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Last night when he got into D.C. last night for his speech, Glenn saw two stories on TheBlaze that affected him deeply and brought to mind a conversation he had with his kids about the nature of endurance. In one story, a woman shot a man in what could have been self-defense, but then she ended up taking out her cell phone and taking a picture of the body before driving off. And then in another, a man was so fed up with his wife’s temper tantrums he decided to secretly videotape her with his cell phone. What is happening in America?

“Last night I saw on the front page of TheBlaze, I saw two stories that really impacted me in a way that I don’t know if I’ve been impacted this way, this deeply before. There are two stories on the front page of TheBlaze,” Glenn said.

“One is a woman at a gas station in Houston who has an argument with a man, they’re not even sure if they knew each other. They’re looking now for witnesses that were close to find out exactly what happened. But a woman is grabbed at a gas station and she kind of shakes him off and she goes in and she grabs a rifle and she points this rifle at this guy, and they’re just talking. And nobody really knows what happened. And then she shoots him in the chest. He dies. She takes out her cellphone, takes a picture of his dead body, gets into her car and leaves. What the hell is that?”

Watch video of the incident below. The woman claims the man, Louis Daniel, was making unwanted sexual advances and she feared for her life. She did not wait for the police to arrive, according to TheBlaze:

“Then there was another story,” Glenn said, “There’s this woman in the car and the headline is Man uploads wife’s tirade and files for divorce. And I’m ‑‑ I don’t know why I even clicked on the story because it just doesn’t even sound interesting.”

“I click on it, and I start watching this woman,” he continued, “and it’s probably midnight and I click on the story and I just want to see what it is real quick, and this woman is sitting in a truck and the guy is filming her and they’re driving. And she starts saying, take me to the lake. I want to go to the lake. I just want to go with a boat to the lake. Why? And he says, honey, I’ve got to take care of my truck. I’ve got to ‑‑ all I want to do today is I want to clean my truck and I’ve got to, I don’t know, rotate the tires or something. ‘It’s always about you!'”

“And she just goes crazy. And she starts acting like a 2‑year‑old and it is so deeply disturbing because, quite honestly, it says something about parenting. We have parented people who aren’t even able to function anymore in our society. We have parented a group,” he said, “but some of us have parented, some of us are still parenting, but our parents so lost track of what’s real. And I’m sorry, Little Miss Princess, but you don’t always get your way. Life doesn’t always work out the way you thought it would.”

Watch the video below:

“Best thing that we ever did I think as a family for our older kids is we put values and principles on our chairs at our kitchen table, and there were about eight chairs at this table and each one, one said hope on the back, one said charity, one said honesty. And sometimes, you know, if one of the kids was having a bad day, you know, I’d say, ‘You know what? You need to sit in the self‑control chair. You need to sit in the honesty chair.’ And sometimes I would say it to myself: I need to sit in the honesty chair today. And there was one value that we wanted to put. We had the kids decide with us what are the values that are ‑‑ that we want, what are the ‑‑ what are the things that are important in life, and there was one and it was endurance. And my kids fought against it: ‘Dad, you always make life sound like it’s such a drudgery! No, endurance doesn’t belong here!’ And I said, yes, it does. ‘Dad, man, you don’t have to endure life.’ Yes, you do.”

“Much of your life, you will just have to get up in the day and endure until you can put your head on the pillow that night. Most of life is just endure ’til the end, just endure this. You think I ‑‑ and this wasn’t popular. ‘Do you think I wanted to go to all of your dance recitals? There were a lot of those things I just had to endure. And I did it with grace and a smile. I wanted to kill myself every time.’ They’re like, ‘I’ve got another recital. I’m in a new play.’ ‘Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me. That’s great.'”

“Endurance. Nobody can endure anymore. Everybody’s special. Everybody gets their own way. Life has to be fair. Everybody has to have their portion. ‘This is what I was promised.’ You’re not promised anything! Nothing! Forget about the government. If the government goes away tomorrow, who’s making you promises?”

“Hutch said last night on TV, he said, ‘Glenn, we just have to get people to ‑‑ just have to get people to realize that when they’re hungry, I guess they will work.’ He was making great points on we’ve got to cut welfare. We have to cut this giant state and we have to require people to work. And I got so frustrated, I said to him, ‘Hutch, at what point do you think people are going to work?’ ‘Well, if they’re hungry enough.’ If they’re hungry enough somebody is going to come and say, ‘You know why you’re hungry? Because those people over there, they have all your stuff and they don’t want you to eat.’ And they’ll organize and they’ll kill that person for that food! Our society has completely broken down. And if you don’t see the handwriting on the wall, I ‑‑ it’s probably because you’re watching ‑‑ did you hear about the new prince that was born yesterday?”

  • Bonnie Somer

    glenn the problem is the part of the nation that believes the disgusting racist crap being spewed by the progressives.   they destroy b/c they cannot prosper anyother way we the people must stand now is the time the war started and big govt is a ruination of people and what our values r

  • Draxx

    The Tantrum woman was way out of control, I believe that she represents pretty well the Entitlement Generation…

    I was wondering how long they were married before he made the video.  She was also trying to use Facebook in a Malicious way to make him look bad to her friends, but if she does have True Friends they would know she was Not Innocent in the matter!  I would never have married a woman like her in the first place…

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    Because we became a country that has no responsibility you know do what feels good a screw everyone else mentality. It what was OWS was all about. It was the reason why Obama got reelected the people don’t want responsibility for their own actions.

  • Anonymous

    Oh god, take this screaming cunt to a lake and drown her.

  • Anonymous

    Could it be the husband has been selfish for a great length of time, doing only what he wants to do?  Maybe she’s at the end of her rope because he has hung her there, not caring one iota about her wants or needs.  Marriage is a two-way street; maybe theirs has been one-sided much too long and she couldn’t hold in the hurt and frustration any more.  If so, I don’t blame her.  That could happen to anyone …

    • Watch it

       This is disturbing. I think they both have problems. He is taking too much pleasure in this whole thing, and she seems to either have been brought up spoiled rotten by mummy and daddy, or she has a bipolar problem that needs to be treated.

    • Anonymous

      This was a set up by him because he was enjoying this. I was somewhat like this guy to two wives. Learned my lesson. A happy wife is a happy life. That approach does not always work though. Working well with my third so far after 20 yrs.

  • Anonymous

    Need more background info to make a judgement. There are men who like to taunt their wives until they are screaming. I did work with a man and woman, the woman was a loud mouth brat, and was constantly manipulating her husband and any man that would go along with her desire and give into what she wanted. If she didn’t get what she wanted, she would bully the person who rejected her. She might have been this type of person. In the beginning he probably thought she was fun and he was young and as he got older he grew up and moved towards working and she didn’t want to grow up or he likes to taunt her and he set her up. I don’t know. 

  • Anonymous

    What a self-absorbed, vile little bitch. Dump her, bud…..as FAST as you can. Find a REAL woman. Good God…..

  • Anonymous

    I was married to one of these little sweethearts she was so into herself and was taking another man and got pregnant and wasn’t sure if my daughter was going to be mine she drowned her .

  • Anonymous

    So, she has a DUI and can’t take her own car in to get serviced, and it’s her husband’s fault? As if he poured alcohol down her throat and told her to swallow. And then he says that he wants to get his car serviced rather than go to the lake; and she has a meltdown. By the tone of his voice it seems as though he knew that she’d have a meltdown and was promoting it and recording it. Either that, or he knew that it was going to happen and wanted to prove to everyone that he wasn’t the evil stink that she tells all her friends that he is. Either way, she’s bipolar.

    I employed a female who was bipolar, who would write me some of the nastiest emails telling me that I didn’t know how to run the company and so I met with her personally, at Chili’s for lunch do discuss the problem. She comes in dressed like a hooker. The first thing that she does is apologize for the rants and emails that she’d sent to me because she was bipolar, and tells me that she’s probably not dressed for a business meeting. Ya think?

    I was never so glad as I was when the day came that she called me and told me that she wasn’t going to be working for me anymore because she was going to be training for Ultimate Fighting Championship and that she had a fight in a few days. She then sent me an invitation to the networking site Linkedin ….. or something like that. I don’t even Facebook, Twitter, Twurk, Blog, Bog, or Smirk; or whatever the social-inept or terminally self-absorbed do. Why would I want to be Linkedin?

  • Slayer88

    She needs her ass beat, and i would bet shes on dope too,
    Dude needs to kick her to the curb quick, fast, and in a hurry

  • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.vanbuskirk.39 Jennifer VanBuskirk

    July  23, 2013,    No  more   Welfare  checks,  No  more  Food   stamps,   No  more  Marijuana  and  No  more  drugs  of  any  kind….No  more  Cigarettes….No  more  Tobacco……No  more  Beer….No  more  Alcohol…….No  more  Sugar……..No  more  white  Flour……..And  No  more  Credit   or  Debit  Cards…..No  more  cheap  breakable  plastic  toys……No   more  Candy………And  more  Farms……No  more  Sports  and  No  more  sports  fields…..use  the  Football  fields  for  Farms   or  to  build  Houses  on……….No  more  than  2  cars  per  family…..  No  more  Ladies  facial  make-up  ……Send   Military  and  Missionaries  to  other  Countries  to  show  them   how  to  have  what  America  has…..The  Bible  and  GOD……….No  more  Immigration……Everyone  stay  in  the  Country  where  they  are  born  and  wait  for GOD  to  Save  them  and  to  Bless  them……….No  more  letting  people  into  our  Nation………!!!!!  No  more  Immigration  and  absolutely  NO  Amnesty………Close  all  of  the  American  Borders  all  around  America  on  every  side……….Term  Limits  in  Government……And  people  like  Hilary  Clinton,  Feinstein,  Boxer,  Jerry  Brown,  Bernanke,  John  Kerry,  Reid,  Soros,  Polosi,   Weiner  and  many  others  must  not  be  allowed  to  ever  be  in  GOV….   anymore….!!!!!   And  make   65%  of  all  the  Race  Rioters  and  Hate filled  Negroes  to  go  back  to  Africa  and  start  all  over  again……!!!!   No  more  Evil,  Wicked,  Rotten  stressful  Loud  horrid  music……..No  more  bad  horrible  Nasty  Movies…….No  more  Abortions  at  all……No  more  Homosexuals  and  no  more  lesbians……no  more  perverts….and  no  more  evil  Hatred…….

  • http://suzeraining.wordpress.com/ suz

    with reference to the dispute between the man and woman, we know nothing of the dynamic between them but the thing that stands out to me was the begging “please can we go to the lake please.”  she did mimic a child.  getting mad and having ‘strong loud words’ would sound more like an angry adult but she really puts on a show.

    were the kids in the back seat?

    G-d give me strength…to endure.

  • Anonymous

    These two videos have the same thing in common with each other. Also with others that have ben shown on your show over the years. Those things are that people want to have their fifteen minutes of fame because they are staging events and putting those vids up on YouTube. Which doesn’t say as much about endurence as it does about how needy people are for people to like them. How self-aborbed they are that even the most vile things should be shown to the world like they were reporters or something. Then they sit back, see all the hits the video gets and how people who are bothered about how America is breaking down from within can’t wait to talk about and show the videos. You’re being played, Glenn. Why not show uplifting videos instead of this trash and keep reminding us that society can do better. Betcha for every trash video there are a few really nice ones just waiting to be found.

  • Snorri

    A wife, or girl friend, throwing a temper tantrum. What is new or different about that? What would be new or different is the husband giving an ultimatum “get treated or get divorced”. As for a boyfriend, well he is in the cat bird seat, just smile and walk away; with luck she won’t call or sent cards. However, if she does come back, take the recording to a judge ad get a restraining order. On the other hand, the husband has already “stepped in it” by marrying her. Oh well. What was Forrest Gump’s classic analysis?

  • Anonymous

    this video reminds me of my  brother wife except the opposite she  doesn’t do anything

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