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Pat and Stu both harshly criticized Anthony Weiner for his pathetic behavior – especially in light of this being all done after he claimed he turned his life around. But one caller took exception with criticism of Weiner’s wife, who decided to stand by Weiner and tell America he’s totally fit for Mayor.

“Have you enjoyed sitting on the couch with your psychoanalysis of this woman?” Joanne said to Pat and Stu. “I’m listening to what you say and I know from experience that you don’t know all the nuances in this woman’s life.”

Joanne told Pat and Stu that their comments made her “blood boil” and that they should take into account that she has a family with Weiner.

While Joanne may be right in saying the public doesn’t know all the facts about what happened between Huma and Anthony Weiner, Pat and Stu both insisted that her statement in support of her husband was more about getting him elected Mayor of New York City than it was about the state of their marriage.

“Here’s the thing, Joanne and for anyone else who made the decision to stay with their man. That’s not — we are not attacking you. We are say that in this situation, where she had the whole body of evidence from before, and fine, she forgave him for that, then he did it again,” Pat said. “Now she’s out, standing by her man at a press conference where he’s trying to remain in the race, to become the mayor of America’s largest and arguably most important city.”

Pat continued, “It is America’s most important city. It’s New York, 8 million people live here, and it is
a hub of the western civilization. So it’s a big difference between you, Joanne, who stood by your man in Arizona, and I don’t know all the circumstances, nor do I give a crap, and Huma and her circumstances, with Anthony Weiner. Is that not understandable?”