Angry caller lashes out at Pat & Stu for being ‘judgemental’

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Pat and Stu both harshly criticized Anthony Weiner for his pathetic behavior – especially in light of this being all done after he claimed he turned his life around. But one caller took exception with criticism of Weiner’s wife, who decided to stand by Weiner and tell America he’s totally fit for Mayor.

“Have you enjoyed sitting on the couch with your psychoanalysis of this woman?” Joanne said to Pat and Stu. “I’m listening to what you say and I know from experience that you don’t know all the nuances in this woman’s life.”

Joanne told Pat and Stu that their comments made her “blood boil” and that they should take into account that she has a family with Weiner.

While Joanne may be right in saying the public doesn’t know all the facts about what happened between Huma and Anthony Weiner, Pat and Stu both insisted that her statement in support of her husband was more about getting him elected Mayor of New York City than it was about the state of their marriage.

“Here’s the thing, Joanne and for anyone else who made the decision to stay with their man. That’s not — we are not attacking you. We are say that in this situation, where she had the whole body of evidence from before, and fine, she forgave him for that, then he did it again,” Pat said. “Now she’s out, standing by her man at a press conference where he’s trying to remain in the race, to become the mayor of America’s largest and arguably most important city.”

Pat continued, “It is America’s most important city. It’s New York, 8 million people live here, and it is
a hub of the western civilization. So it’s a big difference between you, Joanne, who stood by your man in Arizona, and I don’t know all the circumstances, nor do I give a crap, and Huma and her circumstances, with Anthony Weiner. Is that not understandable?”

  • JETS#1

    Unleashed him? Um Weiner is just a sexter not a rapist

  • Lisa Renee’ Jones

    Once a cheater always a cheater.  WOW Joann?? 
    Maybe it’s the fact she is used to the lifestyle of the MB and this is normal?? hmmmm
    Wonder if Joann, i.e. Puddin’,  knows how bat crap crazy she sounded on the radio and why in the World would she stand behind someone who is endorsing a liar and a cheater????

  • Anonymous

    Sorry about Joann. Don’t like it when people try to say that a person should divorce because the creep had affair. That is their business and convictions. But fully agree with you that I would not want him holding any kind of power. I also tend to also believe that women who’s husband is in politics and has affairs and they stay time and again, it is just to ride the coattail as high up the political ladder as possible.

    • baxiwolecexo

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      Wonder if Joann, i.e. Puddin’,  knows how bat crap crazy she sounded on
      the radio and why in the World would she stand behind someone who is
      endorsing a liar and a cheater????

  • Freestar

    How could anyone trust A. Weiner to do the right thing.  His wife has been lied to repeatedly.  She is of the same ilk as Hilary who also lied and covered up for Bill.  (At least Bill had a personality.)  I believe that they just want the power.  If he doesn’t make it in politics, I doubt that Mrs. Weiner would stand by her cheating husband.  He is a sexual deviant.

  • Sam Fisher

    No he just being unfaithful to his wife why wouldn’t she stay? Maybe for power.

  • Anonymous

    The Clinton’s come to mind, when I read all the sorted details of lying and cheating politicians and their wives. Why do we let them get away with this unpleasant behavior?  We should vote honorable people into office.  Yesterday we talked about trust.  How can you trust people you know have no regard for the truth nor decency?  Why do we as a society think that liars will change?  They won’t!!!  I feel sorry for those wives who can not find the strength to leave their tainted environment out of fear or because they are used to the rich lifestyle their husbands provided for them.. 

  • Anonymous

    huma collects both a public and private paycheck. she’s just like hilary,both in private and in public. it’s all about politics.

  • Anonymous

    He is fit to be mayor of Detroit City, I believe all that’s left there I a few slum buildings with no plumbing, no electricity, and a bunch of wacked out druggies working with SEIU union shirts on them.

  • Linda Todd

    Of course she wants him to be mayor of New York, then the Muslim brotherhood will have an easy in. She learned from Hillary how to get what she wants politically when a woman stands by her man.

  • Anonymous

    Reminded me of my ex/wife hence ex/wife this lady was a gem a few of those tampons would be perfect for that chicks yap .

  • Gary


  • Anonymous

    Sounds like a money for sex wife to me she has no self esteem but must love the lifestyle what
    LADY would put up with that oh maybe the lady part is just my bad.

  • dennis reilly

    Joann must like the Weiner pics or she wouldn’t be defending him. Joann would make a better mayor than Weiner yet she will follow this moron rather than run for mayor herself

  • dennis reilly

    I wish Pat would have done the Gore imitation for her

  • Anonymous

    Why wouldn’t she stay, at least until after the election?  If he wins, she is the Mayor’s wife.  Right now she is keeping her options open for another job in politics for herself.

  • suz

    joann said “…there’s a child involved” — shouldn’t she be angry at weinie?  she’s got to be a liberal or she’s kristen wiig in disguise who performs a character w/that same high pitch shrill on snl.

    huma is just as scummy as weiner for thinking her husband is an acceptable candidate for anything but a porno.

  • Anonymous

    Ooo … She has a family with Weiner. That makes ALL the difference. That makes HIM qualified to be mayor … 

    … of Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto. 

  • faxxmaxx

    Here’s the real reason this woman is staying: she has close ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and wants to get Weiner into power to strengthen the Brotherhood in NY politics. That’s the ONLY reason for this charade. If Hillary wasn’t so power hungry, do you think she would have stayed with Bill? Stop looking at this like its a domestic issue. It’s a political issue, plain and simple.

    • Anonymous

      You’re so right Faxx. A Mayor Weiner insures the Muslim Brotherhood building the Ground Zero mosque and Gamaal Bros as well as Slum Lord Imama Faisal Abdul Rauf will no accountability for funds secured to build the mega Ground Zero mosque.  

  • Anonymous

    The most difficult part of Joann’s phone call–besides the absolutely unbelievable stand she took–was the fact that she seems very bitter and angry, which the entire time I was listening to her, I got the impression she may regret the decisions she made regarding her marriage.  And it really sounded like she never forgave her husband, and it feels like she reminds him of his ‘mistakes’ every day.  So, either way, whether one chooses to stay in a marriage or not, does have repercussions that last long after the ‘forgiveness.’  
    We should all be worried if Anthony Weiner is able to get elected in this country–any city of this country.  Can you imagine being a female staffer?  As a society I believe these are the exact judgements that we must make because our society is failing faster than I ever thought possible.

  • harrington

    Huma Weiner is taking advice from her mentor, Hillary Clinton.  And guess what?  It worked for Clinton politically, both for her and for her disgusting pig husband slick Willie.  I don’t agree at all with what Huma & Anthony are doing, she may very well hate him for what he has done, but Huma is in thick with Hillary.  She has been described as a type of daughter to Hillary.  Guarantee, she is staying for political reasons only, not because she loves him and what he’s done.  Hillary is a prime example of STAYING POWER in the political arena.  For some perverted strange reason in this country, people have forgotten the seedy political trail of both Hil and Bill, and Huma is watching that, and she will do as she is told.

    • Guest

        Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton’s aide and Deputy Chief of Staff   has been with Clinton since 1996.  She was never properly screened and is potentially dangerous:  she can leak state
      secrets.  She is closely associated with her Muslim Brotherhood family
      and even joined Clinton
      at an event with her mother, Saleha Abedin, at Dar El-Hekma College in
      Saudi Arabia.  Also present was a close associate of Saleha
      Abedin—Suheir Qureshi.  Qureshi’s name later appeared in several
      prominent Arab newspapers when it was revealed that she belonged to a
      list of 63 members of the secret arm of the Muslim Brotherhood
      called The Sisterhood.  The full list was later revealed—Huma Abedin’s
      mother is on it
      .  Huma’s brother—Hassan Abedin—also collaborates with Omar Naseef and Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, two of the most influential terror supporters in the world.


      than Huma Abedin, has there ever been a case in which a family member
      who either belonged to the Muslim Brotherhood or was a prominent
      Islamist did not denounce a Muslim female relative who married a
      non-Muslim male?  It’s a question with only one answer:  Her family made an exception for her because Huma has a higher calling.
      erroneously compare the “Middle East” mindset with that of the
      “Midwest,” and fail to shift gears to understand the Muslim worldview. 
      They do not comprehend the seriousness of a Muslim “daughter” or
      “sister” marrying a Jewish male, particularly because the Islamic
      Shariah Faculty in Kuwait has deemed Huma Abedin’s marriage to a male
      Jew null and void.
      …. Hmm she was working for SOS Clinton, and married to a US senator. Think about it, Do you really think she is staying with Weiner for the baby? Especially after he has repeated his disgusting behavior after claiming he was getting treatment?

      See article:  U.S Ignores Hillary Clinton’s Powerful Aide Huma Abedin at Its Own Risk

  • jalina susan stutte

    This woman is a stupid as Weiners wife. I don’t feel sorry for Weiner’s wife, theirmarriage is a cover up for his perverted ways and her is because she is a member along with her mother in the muslim sisterhood which is a terrorist group. Her father and brothers are in the muslim brotherhood, a terrorist group. She has been a lover to Hillary for over 15 years and having a baby was only another way to cover up all these scandals.

  • Anonymous

    Wait just a minute.  If she is a muzzlem, and she is, how can she marry a jew and not be killed by her father and/or her brother?  Aren’t those bastards supposed to take her out and bury her up to her chest and throw rocks at her head until she is dead?  Aren’t they supposed to “honor kill” her?  Either her father/brother are  not very good muzzlems OR there is something nefarious afoot.  OR, maybe I am wrong.  Thoughts?

    • Anonymous

      You’re an asshole.

  • greywolfrs

    This woman is an idiot. Fox just put out a story how this woman was allowed to work from home, at the State Dept., and collect 135K for her “part-time” work. At the same time she collecting 335K from an investment company, for consulting. That would seem to be a conflict of interest and could go as far as insider trading. So, I guess we know what she is, a gold digger. She isn’t anything that Pat and Stu said, she thinks she is going to get something out of staying with Weiner. Again, a gold digger. Just call a spade, a spade.

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