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“Let’s stroll down memory lane for a minute,” Pat announced this morning — referring to the prolific history of lies told throughout the Anthony Weiner “sexting” scandal.

“Let’s remember how this whole situation unfolded,” he continued. “First there was the picture, then there were the questions about it.”

Watch Anthony Weiner’s timeline of lies unfold below…

“That’s about as clear-cut as you can get,” Stu said after hearing the clip. “You are telling me New York City, you are telling me this guy won’t do this exact same thing with every important role in your city in you are telling me he won’t be offering jobs, favors, payouts for sex and God only knows what else.”

“One of the bigger dirt bags we know of,” Pat added. “And he lies to a degree where he might actually convince himself of the lie as he’s lying about it.”

It’s no question that Anthony Weiner is in the running for ‘Liar of the Year.’ What’s uncertain is whether or not New York City cares. But if the people of New York elect this guy they deserve the repercussions that will most certainly follow.