Anthony Weiner’s prolific history of lies

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“Let’s stroll down memory lane for a minute,” Pat announced this morning — referring to the prolific history of lies told throughout the Anthony Weiner “sexting” scandal.

“Let’s remember how this whole situation unfolded,” he continued. “First there was the picture, then there were the questions about it.”

Watch Anthony Weiner’s timeline of lies unfold below…

“That’s about as clear-cut as you can get,” Stu said after hearing the clip. “You are telling me New York City, you are telling me this guy won’t do this exact same thing with every important role in your city in you are telling me he won’t be offering jobs, favors, payouts for sex and God only knows what else.”

“One of the bigger dirt bags we know of,” Pat added. “And he lies to a degree where he might actually convince himself of the lie as he’s lying about it.”

It’s no question that Anthony Weiner is in the running for ‘Liar of the Year.’ What’s uncertain is whether or not New York City cares. But if the people of New York elect this guy they deserve the repercussions that will most certainly follow.

  • americanathlete

    Tony’s Weiner is an absolute joke! He’s about the same breed of Obama, Bloomberg, Pilosi…they are all a complete joke!

    • baxiwolecexo

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      Go get him Glenn. You have the power now to disrupt Big D!cks plans
      for a come back, and all you need to do is tell the truth and let D!ck
      do all the talking by playing his own words over and over. Do what all
      Liberals would do – run an attack ad in New York of Big D!ck lying over
      and over to the American People. Let him know you are the one funding

  • Niko DePofi

    Typical modern politician. “The sky is green!”  (Ten minutes later) “I NEVER said the sky is green!  It’s PURPLE!”  This one is just sleazier. 

  • batmanroxus

    Weiner can’t possibly be any worse than the POS trash they have now.

    • Josh Williams

      Is that to say that he would be acceptable? One piece of trash replacing another does not make for a clean house.

  • Anonymous

    I tweeted Dana Perino and asked.  I emailed Bill O’Reilly and asked.  I emailed Fox News and asked.  No one will tell me why Geraldo Rivera is getting a pass on this and not even getting mentioned.  I’m going to really hate it if I find out Fox is not really “fair and balanced.”

    • Anonymous

      May be because he was not sending pictures of his junk to women or maybe its because Geraldo sent it out to the general public himself. There was no cover up, lies, solicitation for sex, sending sexting messages to underage girls, quid-pro-quo about it. May be because Geraldo is not a member of Congress or attempting to become Mayor of NY.

      I think your liberal slip is showing under your dress. You are comparing two totally different events in an effort to redirect which has failed miserably.

      • Anonymous

        Actually, I’m a staunch Christian conservative.  I simply don’t want “our” party to be guilty of doing what we accuse others of doing.  It was a legitimate question.  Sorry if it wasn’t viewed as such.

        • Jesustheonlyway

          I don’t like Geraldo ‘with’ his clothes on and certainly ‘not’ without them! I agree with you Roberta13 – it seems Geraldo is getting a pass.  Don’t care who it is – exposing oneself is immoral and disgusting.

          • Anonymous

            And I’d never take another drink in my life if I did something that stupid—-he only had himself to tell himself how good he is!
            Why the pass is puzzling.

        • Sam Fisher

          Geraldo is also liberal. I watched his show for some time and he leans left more than right tho sometimes he can be reasonable. That being said I really think Fox should can him for it if only for the reason it makes the brand look bad.

          • Anonymous

            I agree.  At the very least call him on the carpet for it.  It just makes us look no better than the left by allowing things we obviously don’t tolerate from them.  I simply do not understand this turn of events.

        • Arlinda Hoxha-Hill

           Geraldo is not a conservative, and just because he works for Fox News doesn’t make it so. I am not excusing what Geraldo did, but the fact that he is not running for public office should give you the answer to your question. Totally agree with Ben_Franklin.

      • Sam Fisher

        Geraldo is also liberal man. 

  • Anonymous

    Something like this can lead to blackmailing someone, such being a way of securing confidential and critical information to someone not having the license to know. Weiner should know about the game he is playing with our security.

  • Anonymous

    Mr Wiener-himer has been introduced to Karma. When Glenn was at Fox, Wiener-schnitzel tried to destroy Glenn’s business through attacking Glenn’s advertisers using the full might of OscarMayer-Wiener’s position in Congress. It was all lies from the Big Winnie then to attack a private citizen. Now its payback.

    Go get him Glenn. You have the power now to disrupt Big D!cks plans for a come back, and all you need to do is tell the truth and let D!ck do all the talking by playing his own words over and over. Do what all Liberals would do – run an attack ad in New York of Big D!ck lying over and over to the American People. Let him know you are the one funding it.

  • Anonymous

    And then there’s Tony Weiner

    Who brings us lots of fun

    A priggish New York weiner

    In a socialistic bun

    He’s really fond of twittering

    To girls he doesn’t know

    Of sending private body parts

    In photos, don’t ya’ know

    He’s just a New York liberal

    Of the rude and haughty kind

    Who’ll tell how to live your life

    Ironic, don’t ya’ find?

    When he appears on Fox News

    He’s a good ‘ol party hack

    The trouble is, on substance

    Tony Weiner “don’t know jack.”

    I love it when he slaps his thigh

    impatient with the host

    Spewing mindless liberal points

    Is what he does the most.

    If Weiner starts a twittering

    Your daughter to ensnare

    Parents better take some steps 

    Of Weiner to beware.

    His conduct sure has caused the man

    Supreme humiliation

    And made him a big laughingstock

    All across the nation.

    It’s really not surprising

    inside the New York border

    Cause Weiner’s just more proof

    That liberalism’s a mental disorder.

    And now his dear wife Huma

    It should be understood

    Is right between the covers

    With the Muslim Brotherhood.

    And now he runs for mayor

    I’m sure that he is nuts.

    It’s time for voters to reject

    this perverted little putz.




  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Wiener is garbage but we should be worried about his wife: Huma Abedin is a high Muslim Brotherhood/Saudi operative concealed behind a profile as a ridicule and unthinkable couple.
    She has a role to fulfill in American political power where these two are related; .
    first as Hillary Clinton personal assistant and now in NYC connected with the Cordova project an other for the Islamist infiltration in the USA.
    A very ambitious dangerous couple lack of moral and dignity willing to hurt our country.

  • Jesustheonlyway

    Anthony Weiner is a disgusting waste of breath.

  • Anonymous

    Since Huma Abedin, Anthony Weiner’s wife, was raised in a muslim family – her mother brother and father are/were members of the Muslim Brotherhood – it’s perfectly understandable why she accepts the lies and deceit. It’s perfectly acceptable in her world view to lie to and cheat infidels. The only thing that surprises me is that more people don’t understand it.

    • Anonymous

      And Huma was the Deputy Chief of Staff to Hillary while Hillary was S of S and maybe still is—Huma whole family ARE MUSLIMS and are practicing TAQIYYA is a “pass” for Muslims so that they can worm their way in—in other words—they are given permission to lie–cheat–disavow their Muslim faith IF IT WILL BENEFIT THE MUSLIMS!!
      That’s what Obama is practicing when he says that he converted to Christianity—no he didn’t–he’s still a Muslim determined to destroy this country so the Muslims can have their One World Order–we are really the only country in the world who can stop them so, according to them, we (the U.S.) need to go. Once we understand that Obama’s actions click–otherwise–why is he doing what he is doing?

  • john drakeford

    He should fit in NY rather well.

  • Elena

    It’s a good thing for Weiner that in Muslim society only the men can get offended or humiliated.  If it goes further, look for a DB eating its wiener to show up in a public place, courtesy of Huma’s menfolk.

  • Anonymous

    A democrat can kill innocent Americans and get away with it, so a democrat texting pictures of their penis is small stuff. Obama-Benghazi, Obama-Fast and Furious, both times Americans lost there lives and Mexicans are still getting killed from the illegal guns that Obama sent across the border. Democrats have no morals, they are not ethical, they kill innocent people and could care less what anyone thinks

  • dennis reilly

    He and his wife want power like Hillary and Bill. That and money is all they care about.

  • dennis reilly

    Both Weiner and Geraldo look horrible without clothes. 

  • Matt

    Weiner should be Obama’s SEX CZAR.

  • Gene Lentz

    Roberta………I am not a Geraldo fan, but not getting something here.  Since when is taking off your shirt, posting photo/s of your shirtless torso, since when is that “Exposing yourself”????  a) he did it   b) not indecent    and c) other than looking pathetic, who did it hurt?

    no minors involved, no indecent photos of his private parts involved, no propositioning of interns involved, no spending Govt $ on Hookers involved……..don’t like it?  don’t look

    I think Geraldo’s kind of a jerk, so when he’s on, I change the channel………your call

    • Anonymous

      Gene, thanks for your insight.  But I didn’t “look.”  I “saw.”  I didn’t “look” again.  Perhaps you are right. I don’t believe I said he was “exposing himself,” but that’s semantics.  I think we are so jaded we don’t realize how far down we’ve slid.  Just because we “can” do something, doesn’t mean we “should.”  It seems to me that each iteration deteriorates.  It typically doesn’t improve.  Some kid sees it and thinks, “the adults do it, so it can’t be that wrong.”  But they don’t always have discretion and the foresight to know when enough is enough, or see the potential problems down the road.  That is my only concern.  Expose yourself to the max to anyone you choose in private, but when you are in the public, you don’t know who you are affecting.

  • Anonymous

    I’m a bit dismayed at the amount of time and video invested by The Blaze on the matter of A. Weiner and trying to laugh it up going on and on.  It really isn’t funny and there is nothing humorous about it.  I think it’s sad and despicable.  It deserves nothing more than a 15 minute exposure on Glenn’s show, Pat and Stu’s segment, and then the evening broadcast.  Instead there is all this mock-up, reading of texted scripts, etc., etc.  We should all be angered and disgusted, even if the majority from NYC are not.  Why do you insist on trying to carry on a mocking someone and their persistent behavior, finding humor and sarcasm when the over-riding reactive sentiment (or maybe it’s just me) is disgust, anger, and condemnation of a public figure who lies, cheats, mis-represents himself and his actions, and would obviously continue to do so on behalf of the public he is seeking to represent and conduct business before.  Enough already!

    • Anonymous

      You forget that Glenn and sidekicks still live in fraternity row, even if they never went to college other than Shock Jock U. Rarely if ever, does GB let a sex scandal pass without sideshowing it. I heard Beck try to right the ship this morning on the radio-I will give him kudos for the five minutes I heard when he talked about lack of character as the main issue.

      Substantively, Weiner deserves a full rebuke by any political commentator of any stripe. The fact that he joked about it at the candidates forum Wednesday night is further damning evidence of his lack of character. Engaging in immature teenage boy behavior, behavior that would get teen age boys suspended from school, is not something any adult should joke about. Much less someone who wants to be mayor of New York. At a minimum, his behavior shows a lack of self control; more importantly, it suggests a personality prone to addiction (beyond that normally found in politicians–the addiction to self image).  If some other candidate cannot knock him out after this, that is an indictment of the City’s democrats.

    • Anonymous

       YouGottaBe, Anthony Weiner was the congressman that tried to use his power of office to shut down Glenn Beck when he was on Fox. Not only did Mr.Weiner go after Glenn through Fox, but he also went after Glenn’s sponsors and attempted to ruin their business too.

      If I was Glenn, I would have a good time concentrating public attention to Weiner and his past. If I had Glenns money, I would run attack ads against Mr. Weiner using his own words or lies. He is power hungry, corrupt, and cannot be trusted to hold any office. 

  • Gene Sibbett

    I fear too many NY’ers won’t even care if Wiener is a deviant.

  • Anonymous

    I’d be stunned if New-Yorkers gave Weiner a second thought for mayor.  Just let him embarrass himself, then go away.  On the other hand, DC re-elected Marion Barry, Spitzer is as popular as ever, Mark Sanford was re-elected, and how about KKK recruiter Senator Robert Byrd.

  • Sharmane

    Lies fly out of his mouth with such ease.  There is something fundamentally flawed about him.  He does not belong in any kind of public office, period.  We have enough liars and deceitful people at all levels of government already, we certainly don’t need more.

  • Anonymous

    The votes have been tallied. The results are IN. It’s OFFICIAL.
    Anthony Weiner is the LOWEST FORM OF LIFE ON EARTH! Descending below pond scum, amoebas and viruses. 

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