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In an unbelievable case of mistaken identity and overreach, a woman has lost all of her belongings because a bank foreclosed on the wrong home. They came in and repossessed all of her belongings, but they had no right to do so. Then they had the nerve to tell her they were ‘not paying retail’ in order to help the woman retrieve her belongings. The bank, First National Bank in Wellston, Ohio, better have a good team of lawyers.

“They repossessed my house on accident, thinking it was the house across the street,” Katie Barnett explained to

“They told me that the GPS led them to my house,” Barnett said. “My grass hadn’t been mowed and they just assumed.”

TheBlaze reported:

She took her problem directly to the bank, presenting its president with a list totaling $18,000 for her stolen belongings.

He refused to pay.

“He got very firm with me and said, ‘We’re not paying you retail here, that’s just the way it is,’” Barnett said. “I did not tell them to come in my house and make me an offer. They took my stuff and I want it back.”

“They ruined her house, foreclosed on it, took all the stuff, broke things, trashed the place and now she’s left with nothing,” Pat summarized.

Glenn promised that TheBlaze would continue to cover this story until the bank rectifies the situation.

“First National Bank in Wellston, Ohio, I would recommend that you do the right thing. And it’s really shameful that you have to be shamed into it, and I would recommend that all those who have accounts with the First National Bank in Wellston call the bank and say, “What are you doing?” I mean, I’m doing business with you because you’re a local bank. Stop being a dirtbag. Do the right thing. Settle with these people. And if you haven’t, on Monday we’re going to do a nice long expose. And then on Tuesday we might even do a longer one. And on Wednesday we’ll do a huge one. And maybe if it takes a couple of weeks, we might be parked in front of your stinkin’ bank.”