Glenn: No more right and wrong, just political agenda

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I want to talk to you a little bit about the truth tonight and if it matters, and I want to start with a story that is getting very little play in the mainstream media.

In fact, this is the way it’s reported by the Associated Press, and I just want to give it to you, an incredible story. “Authorities are investigating the rape of a 13-year-old girl in Central Texas who was assaulted by several men, some of whom used cell-phone cameras to record the attack. Court records filed in Austin indicate the girl ran away from home June 29 and was approached by a car with three men inside.

The girl was driven to an apartment about a mile away. Records say up to 10 men were at the apartment, with some taking turns having sex with the girl. She told police that some cheered…Two men have been charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. Twenty-four-year-old Juan Lozano Ortega and 26-year-old Edgar Guzman Perez were in custody Thursday, each on a $30,000 bond, after being arrested a day earlier.”

That’s the end of the story. That’s all they thought. That’s the best they could do, no other details that they felt were important enough to share because they’ve got other things to do, I guess. But there’s a little bit more to this story. If you take the Associated Press story and throw it out, there’s more, more that you probably should know.

First of all, she was a runaway. Did she run away from her parents? No, she was living in a place called The Settlement Home for Children. The Settlement Home is a place for…it’s a placing agency for foster children, so this isn’t some spoiled brat teenager mad because I didn’t get an iPhone, mom, for my birthday. This is a child who has been rejected her entire life. At 13, she probably understands she’s most likely going to age out of the foster care system in and out of homes, in and out, in an out.

So she runs away from The Settlement Home. She hitches a ride with three men she didn’t know, first mistake. They take her to this nearby apartment complex. The young girl is escorted into an apartment, only to find ten other males inside waiting for her. The next few hours have to be described as hell on earth, thirteen grown men up against one frightened 13-year-old girl, taking turns one after another after another after another.

Demented animals, and they reveled. It was a party for them, taking out their cell phones and recording all of it, one cheering another one on as they viciously raped a helpless 13-year-old girl, a girl with no family, no one really looking for her, no one coming to help, alone in the world, surrounded by men. Well, this gruesome attack goes on for hours and hours, all the way through the night and into the morning.

I just spent time with Elizabeth Smart. She told me when I was out in Utah she didn’t think she would live to see that morning. I’ll be you this 13-year-old girl didn’t think she’d see another sunrise. Well, finally they had enough, and they called off the attack. And one of these animals was kind enough to let her use his cell phone so she could call her foster brother, but her foster brother, not being a brother or a man, refused to help.

So, surprisingly, they had the compassion to drive her to a nearby neighborhood. They kicked her out of the car. They told her you gotta go find someplace else. Go find someplace else to go. She did find someplace else to go. She actually met a woman who brought her to another apartment, another apartment complex where this man was waiting for her.

Unbelievably, this 13-year-old girl was sexually assaulted yet again in the same 24 hours asking someone for help. Well, of the 13 attackers in the first attack, these two have been arrested. What the AP and the rest of the media haven’t bothered to point out is that these two and the other 13 appear to be all of them illegal immigrants. The others are still at large. Where is the outrage? Where’s Al Sharpton? Where’s Barack Obama?

Shouldn’t the president give a speech and say something like this girl could have been my daughter, after all, my daughter is just turning 14? Boy, he could give that speech, couldn’t he? How about the speeches on the dangers of letting illegals live in the shadows? How about the speeches of let’s just be good to each other? Where are the marches – no justice, no peace?

It’s not going to happen, because see, nobody really actually cares about people anymore. It’s really only about politics. It’s not about Trayvon Martin. They had to make him look like a little 13-year-old boy when he wasn’t. Why? Because it would help them get elected or reelected or get them to cause trouble or get them to get more power. But you see, this little 13-year-old girl, you don’t have to doctor a picture of her to make her look 13. She is 13.

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Does anything even matter anymore? Does the truth matter? Is there such a thing as right and wrong? I don’t even recognize us anymore. I’m in our New York City studios today, New York City that has Michael Bloomberg as the mayor and soon could possibly have Anthony Weiner of all people, a man – do you think Anthony Weiner should be – look at this. Should he be anywhere near elected office, let alone leading the largest city in North America, one of the largest on the planet?

You know what’s really amazing is people are actually saying oh, you know, we shouldn’t pay attention to this. One week, one week before his big redemption video or interview goes to print in People magazine, he posed for pictures. There he is. That’s the pictures from People magazine, but as this was being printed, he actually starts up a sexually charged online relationship with a 22-year-old progressive activist.

He didn’t even try to hide it. He used his own name most of the time – the arrogance and the insanity of the rest of us. And here’s the biggest disgrace – this is still being defended. It’s all being defended by people. Andrew Sullivan actually came out and said sexting shouldn’t exclude anyone from public office. Really? Sexting shouldn’t?

Let me read it to you. “In this new Internet age someone has to be the person who makes sexting not an excludable characteristic for public office. If it becomes one, then the range of representatives… we can choose from in the future and present will be very, very different in experience and background than the people they are supposed to represent.” Andrew, may I just point out, I don’t think it’s sexting.

I mean, if he was sending, you know, explicit pictures and you know, hey, honey, I’m so hot and bothered by you right now, can you put the kid down early tonight so we can have animal sex on the kitchen table, I wouldn’t care. That’s up to him. It doesn’t matter. And if he wants to do animal sex with somebody else, I don’t care either, but he shouldn’t be trusted with our cities. It’s the fact that he lied about it. It has nothing to do with this sexting. He’s lying while asking us to trust him.

Is there no right or wrong anymore at all? Any? Is there any concept? Everybody else is doing it. Just accept it. Why not? Let me show you and what they’ve said. “Anthony Weiner’s sexts don’t make him look like a sexual predator or even a freak. They make him look very, very ordinary.” Really? Wow, I mean, do you have a girlfriend that you’re trying to put into your Chicago love nest? What does he call it, a fallout shelter?

He calls this some bizarre name, someplace where they could go and just live out their wildest fantasies. Do you have a high heel fetish? Because I don’t. I mean, if that’s normal, I’m so proud to be abnormal right now. Spending all of your free time telling a stranger on the Internet that oh, you’re so hot, I love you, and sending naked pictures of yourself while you know, your wife is just down the hall, you know, with your firstborn kid, just a year old – that’s normal? Really, is it? I don’t think so.

We’re witnessing a society that is completely detached, and we’re detached from anything because we have an agenda. Why didn’t we tell the girl, why didn’t we tell the story of the 13-year-old girl? Because of an agenda. The second rapist was black. The others were illegal immigrants, so we don’t tell a story. That’s not a good story. That doesn’t help us with our agenda.

Right now MSNBC, they’re praising her for her courage. Imagine that, praising her for her courage – really, the people who fancy themselves as warriors fighting the good fight against the war on women? You want a war on women? It’s this guy, and they’re praising her staying with him. She’s been humiliated how many times? How many times does she have to have…not just once but twice. She’s not a woman – that’s pathetic. It’s pathetic.

I’m all for forgiveness in a relationship. I’m all for that. Nobody’s perfect, etc., etc. This guy is a sexual predator. That’s who he is. He’s a freak. He’s out of control. If she wants to do it, fine, but I’m not going to praise her for it. And look at me, I’m not attacking her. I’m just saying what are you thinking? What are you thinking? If this is my sister, get away from the monster. This guy relentlessly objectifies and corrupts all young women. He does. I mean, and they’re fine with it.

Let me give you another story. How about Nancy Pelosi’s progressive pal? This is the Mayor of San Diego. He’s refusing to step down despite the fact that he’s groping women at the office. He can’t even be trusted with women in the office. We’re a people who have no shame. We have absolutely no shame. He won’t step down. Nancy Pelosi was asked how she feels about him, and she says, you know, what happens in San Diego should be left to city residents. Oh, should it? Is it Vegas now, San Diego is? You have no opinion.

America, we have got to get a hold of our children, and I don’t know how we do it in a country – I mean, we look like the old fuddy-duddies. You just don’t understand sexing. Yes I do. Yes I do. Got it. The future of American Progressives, we are in deep, deep trouble. The ones we are growing, the 22-year-old Weiner sexting partner, she said that Weiner could send all of his naked pictures, all of them that he wanted as long as he kept legislating the way he was.

But if we continue to disregard right and wrong, and it doesn’t matter what anybody does – this is so far beyond anything that Bill Clinton ever did. We make fun of countries like Italy and France because they elect perverts and liars. What are we doing? This is our fault. And New York will probably elect this guy, and we will go the way of those countries. And those countries are on a timetable. They’re on critical – they’re on life support now.

No one’s going to be able to trust anything. The truth doesn’t matter. We turn from the truth, and they’re perverting absolutely everything.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Good becomes bad, bad is made into good; the respect of mankind for his fellow man waxes cold and indifferent. 

    We are now, in my opinion, at that stage; and if our nation does not return to God, we are finished. Once and for all.

    • Bonnie Somer

      if we stand by and ignore the now amnesty bill there will be no jobs and worse off 11 mil more of these men.   if it were my child i’d talk and talk til she or he knew what life was and how preciious it is but progressives don’t value anything but social chaos we know the divisive horrors being lashed at us but if we the people stand we will outlive obama and his band of communists as we have others our kids must be taught self defense and guns freedom america capitalism and GOD

    • Anonymous

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      Are you on crack Landree? Glenn never said “nobody reporting the
      story,” in fact, he said “I want to start with a story that is getting
      very little play in the mainstream media,” MAJOR difference. In fact,
      you actually agree with him. And he never said anything about “the
      internet,” he said the “mainstream media.” Again MAJOR difference.

  • JETS#1

    Sexual predator? he didn’t even met these women god this is bullshit and god knows what Glenn will do if Quinn (lesbian) gets elected 

    • Betty Lou Schwartz

      Sorry Jets– you are the one spouting bullshit– you really need to get a clue. Weiner is a sick man…sexting is not normal behavior…most people in this country actually have some morals – we just don’t holler about them all the time. 

      • Ian Plumlee

        Isn’t that the truth Betty Lou.  We should’t have to report when people do things right because it shouldn’t be a amazing and unusual thing when they do, that should be the way things are all the time.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn wants to know why Obama is not giving speeches about bringing illegals out of the shadows.  Glenn, you should listen a little more.  That’s one of the main arguments for immigration reform.  Heck, “bringing them out of the shadows” is even front and center on the Whitehouse website .  As for “nobody reporting the story” about the girl, FOX reported it   Washington Times reported it . As a matter of fact, this story is all over the internet.  Glenn’s reporting is nothing more than copying what everyone else is reporting.  He uses this story as an excuse to say “Why isn’t the media reporting this”, or “Why isn’t Obama saying that?” while one minute if internet searching reveals that the media is reporting the story and Obama is fighting for exporting illegal alien criminals and immigration reform.  I find Glenn’s somber tone to be totally insincere the way a bad actor might try to show emotion.

    • John James

      Are you on crack Landree? Glenn never said “nobody reporting the story,” in fact, he said “I want to start with a story that is getting very little play in the mainstream media,” MAJOR difference. In fact, you actually agree with him. And he never said anything about “the internet,” he said the “mainstream media.” Again MAJOR difference.

      If you want to criticize someone’s article, you might want to actually be able to comprehend what was written.

      • Anonymous

        I listened to the video. FOX is mainstream media.

        • Steve V

          FOX is a conservative media outlet.  I’m pretty sure Glenn was referring to CBS, NBC, ABC without naming them.  I can hardly believe you are too thick to realize that, so you are just trolling.  I also agree with Glenn’s outrage concerning the President who speaks only to fan the flames of a liberal manufactured racial crisis, while being silent about the horrors suffered by other Americans at the hands of some of his constituents.  Glenn asks the President a valid question, “Where are the speeches?”  If the President and his party aren’t part of the solution, then they’re part of the problem.

          Without knowing either of you personally, I believe Glenn Beck to be sincere and I believe sir that you are not!   

    • Betty Lou Schwartz

      Landree — you are just what Glenn was talking about. Nasty, hateful, lying, twisting the truth– on and on.His somber tone?? THIS IS A SOMBER SUBJECT IDIOT!!!! The national media is NOT reporting the story…and OBama idiot is not doing anything about illegals — you need to pull your head out of the sand(I’m being nice)  — hope you really enjoy the world you and Obama and all the others are creating.

    • Anonymous

      Landree, please!  STOP BEING A DUMBFUCK!

      • Anonymous

        Elaborate on what is dumb about my statement. Please be specific with evidence of your position as I presented.

        • Anonymous


          • Anonymous

            Just as I thought.

          • Anonymous

            Yes, just as you thought.  Are you going to continue to suck as a person or not?  It’s up to you.  

          • Anonymous

            Name callers can rarely present a proper counter-argument.

    • Anonymous

      Chris S

      • Anonymous

        Elaborate on what is dumb about my statement. Please be specific with evidence of your position as I presented.

    • Anonymous


      • Anonymous

        Fox named the detained aliens and even showed their pictures. How are you linking this poor girl’s victimization to a governmental system? Are you suggesting immigration policy is at fault and no American citizen would do such a thing? Well, if you’re pointing to immigration policy, these people are criminals, that are here illegally and Obama has deported a record number of them, more than any other president. It seems to me Obama’s accelerated effort to detain and deport illegal alien criminals is a step in the right direction after so many administrations did less. This is what Beck misrepresents.

  • Natalie Sezov

    Not sure how this is beyond anything that Clinton did.  Have we forgotten the cigar?

  • Melanie Dupree

    Oh Jesus please come get your church. We have had enough.

  • Shirl Liebig

    Saint Michael the Archangel defend us in battle.Be our protection against the wickedness and snares of the devil.and all evil spirits who prowl about the world and seeking the ruin of souls. Amen. We need to pray for protection every day ..many many times a day…

    • Anonymous

      This prayer was said, at the end of Mass, in the Catholic church.  Then it stopped.  Since then the Catholic church has fallen into hard times.  Coincidence?  I don’t believe in coincidences.  The arrogance of the Catholic Church was the beginning  of the end for them.  Hopefully with the direction of the new Pope Francis, things will turn around.  It well be a slow move but all must turn to faith as faith is our salvation. 

  • Gene Jenkins

    They’ll elect him, you’re right… but it’ll happen because of that same old “PC” mindset. “we need to overlook his actions and believe his intentions”. These PC liberals are so out of touch it’s become abstract and enigmatic.

    • Anonymous

      Out of touch dude, no more like complete morons in denial and with no moral compass.  We are all sinners but only those who acknowledge their own shortcomings will have their name written in the Book of Life.  

  • Anonymous

    I agree, and I know what you mean!! Even some of the comments on the bottom of the page here. You can see a lot of people don’t care and it is sad.. Sad that we as a society is blind to the truth but even the bible talks about the truth is not in them.. it is sad we are Sodom and Gomorrah, we are the Babylon. Are country acts like everything is okay and the sexting is normal and it don’t matter that that poor girl was raped to them it is normal!! what is this word coming to? Her foster brother sucks I had a foster brother too and no they don’t care..  I am getting sick to my stomach thinking about this crap.. no one cares, where is this 13 yr olds justice?

  • Larry Lobash

    So someone tell me what hope is left? Who can be elected to defend core values?  Who can run on a platform of personal responsibility? Who can defeat a candidate that promises free stuff. The stupid out number the thinkers. How can this cesspool culture turn around?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know about you but I don’t want normal average people as leaders. I want exceptional people to lead. Normal people don’t win Gold metals at the Olympics. Normal people don’t start Ford Motor Company/Microsoft/Apple/Wal-Mart etc… Chesty Puller, Audey Murphy, Chris Kyle, John Glen, Roy P Benavidez were not Normal people. These were people of exception. That is who I follow.

  • Anonymous

    People today feel it is not the reality that exists that is the truth but the reality they verbalize that defines their lives. They feel they can change reality by voicing an alternate one which is acceptable to their own self image. When the facts are bluntly presented to them they become defensive and even violent toward the one who has disrupted their vision of reality. A symptom of this is that they can never be wrong, their self image will not allow them to be. This type of mental illness is becoming an epidemic in this country. “Truth is what I say it is!” Unfortunately this sickness is supported when they see identical behavior by people who are supposed to be leaders in this country.

  • Anonymous

    This is ONLY the beginning.  

    • Anonymous

      I believe you speak the truth horror right around the corner stay focused.

  • Linda Barkmeyer

    After the horror of this poor child,  where is  she?   Was she sent to a hospital?  Does she now have a place to live?

  • TheDoctorWhoCuresCancer

    No way the creep should be elected to anything.

    Meanwhile, the only thing that would make Huma truly upset is the thought that Hillary might be in bed with Bill. 

  • Elena

    We have been in the Age of the Great Apostasy for about two decades or more.

    It was what happened to the Roman Republic just before Caesar Augustus took over and moved the Empire toward good traditional Roman family values.  That worked only as long a Augustus was in power.  His successors in the dynasty were, in the end, all consummate immoral losers.

  • Anonymous

    The Blaze reported an alleged illegal alien raped and brutally beat to death a 93 year old woman in Omaha. Sick.

    Don’t you lefties get it: undocumented drifters are dangerous. That’s why cities try to bus out or lock up homeless people. Illegal aliens are the same. They have annonymity and know it. Criminals seek this kind of invisibility. They know they’re next to impossible to trace, so crime is easier. Responsible citizens have id’s, home addresses, job histories, references, neighbors, cars registered and under insurance, and other things that add to a stable community of accountable people. Illegal aliens can commit heinous acts like this rape because they’re in the shadows.

    • Natalie Sezov

      I’m not a leftie… My comment was in regards to Weiner.  I view what Clinton did as worse than what Weiner did.  Granted, I think both of them are scumbags and I would be ashamed to have Weiner as my mayor if I were a New Yorker.  But I don’t see how how Glenn can say that what Weiner did is worse… “But if we continue to disregard right and wrong, and it doesn’t matter what anybody does – this is so far beyond anything that Bill Clinton ever did. We make fun of countries like Italy and France because they elect perverts and liars. “

  • Anonymous

    What a sad story!  This little girl will be ruined for life because there is no support system for her to receive proper mental help.  The churches need to get more involved. We as a people need to get more involved.
    The Weiner story is an outrage.  People should be disgusted by mentally unstable politicians instead of forgiving them and trusting them with a political office. Are we becoming slowly a society like ancient Rome?
    High society and politicians can do what turns them on and innocence, truth, honor, sincerity
    and virtue fall by the way-side.
    You should take pause when you hear Obama compare the communist dictator Ho Chi Minh,
    who killed 100.000 to a million people to one of our greatest president “Thomas Jefferson”.
    (In the news today)
    There is definitely something wrong in our nation.  Wake up America!!     

  • Anonymous

    You are talking about braindead democrats

  • Anonymous

    “Should he be anywhere near elected office, let alone leading the largest
    city in North America, one of the largest on the planet?”

    Yes.  I think New York *absolutely* deserves Weiner if that’s what they want.

  • Anonymous

    Nancy Pelosi is a political prostitute. She resisted the Patriot Act, yet spearheaded the attack on Justin Amash’s amendment. She likes her position, she loves the power, she tells you what you want to hear, she panders like no other, and she gladly takes the money for political sexting.
    The taxpayer to these people is a common fool. Sadly, it’s become mostly true. 

  • Anonymous

    Think of this. How many women forgave Bill Clinton for his womanizing and sexual behavior, cheating on his wife? Conservative women? No, because they know who they are and have sense of self. Socialist women? Yep. IF the money and financial security, the perks, exist in their political “marriage”, millions of Socialist women will “get over it” because in the long-term, the perception of security, political freebies and sweet political nothings whispered in their ears trumps the love (and the trust). Many look the other way, the fingers go into the ears, and the tune of “la la la la” commences.

    Weiner? Same thing. He is named appropriately, isn’t he? He’ll be the new Pied Piper Pervert of New York. This leftist American culture is starting to resemble an episode of Caligula.

    • Anonymous

      This is exactly why we keep seeing total douche bag men getting laid while nice guys sit on the sidelines.  It’s because women as a general rule don’t want to be with manly men.  Do you know why?  Because you have to sacrifice and show love to a manly man because if you don’t he will move on to a woman who will.  Men are getting equally inept at lover’s intuition.  There are a lot of good women out there…and they are almost all taken.

  • Anonymous

    Landree – your a dumb-o-crat.. We know!!

  • Anonymous

    We are well becoming Sodom and Gomorrah.  God is taking is mercy and love from us and we are left with sinful and really bad people.  We have to have a revival and turn back to God.  Once he with draws all of his love and mercy then look up for your redemption is drawing near. God help us!!

  • Anonymous

    A way to know what is going on people I hate to say this but if you listen to the song by
    Led Zeppelin it’s not a happy song at all but we are now living in the times of :
    THE BATTLE OF EVERMORE  Christian or not listen  and wait for the evil pray for enlightenment we need it he’s here .
    God did not help them write this song Jimmy Page your master is calling.

  • suz

    i think the left thinks that people on the right are puritans, puritanical.  which, to them, means archaic.  so, if you are turned off by infidelity or other bad behavior then you’re prude and naive.  they think they are hip and cool and explain weiner’s behavior is what ‘adults’ do so we (right of center) are uptight sexually and well, just uptight. the french and italian woman ‘tolerate’ the mistresses of their men — they don’t like it. the slimey libs want that here.

    this is their narrative of good people.  they want to make acceptance of disgusting behavior an everyday-happenstance that it no longer is viewed as loathsome.

    they’re building a schlock society.  to create sexual beings who make choices on a whim and have no center of gravity or ability to know even what their center is.
    accepting weiner’s behavior also allows them to be low-lifes as a political way of life w/o interruption of purpose so, eventually, they (politicians) won’t have to explain their indiscretions and, of course, they’ll be no access to them to even ask the question.

    sexual robots who need programming by the government…zombies.

  • Vivian Malits

    I have ministered to victims of sexual abuse for 50 yrs. and thought I’d heard everything. But this tops them for lack of compassion and irresponsibility on the part of the media and authorities! Spread the word.

  • Anonymous

    I believe the BIGGER more important story here is Huma Abedin and her connections with the Muslim Brotherhood! Which would explain her motives for “standing by” her sick twisted freak of a man (and I use that word,man, loosely)! Check out Huma’s family connections to Islamic infiltration of the west.

  • Anonymous

    Better yet, why don’t we ask Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan about why they support these men becoming citizens? 

  • Sam Fisher

    What else is new Glenn liberals are also ignoring the sex slaves
    being sold in this country and being smuggled threw Mexico. Where are these
    same liberals claiming we had a war on women because we did not want to pay for
    them having sex. They can care less about women’s rights because their actions
    speak louder than their words. 

  • Jim

    Anthony is a problem, but Huma is a bigger problem. She has ties that are questionable…at best! What else is hidden that she could be holding over his head?

  • Lorraine

    I know it’s not possible for everyone, but if you want to protect your kids from these types of things, you’ve got to move them out of the cities. Illegals are able to blend in very well in large cities and find support with other illegals who’ve come before them. Also, you’ve got to have fire arms training and be proficient at it. Talk to your kids (I realize this girl was a runaway) and let them know about the dangers out there and how to protect themselves and avoid situations like this (getting into a car with strangers). There’s only so much you can do to protect your kids, but give it your all.

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone else think that Beck is getting as big as Christie?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t know why we all aren’t in Washington protesting all this madness!

  • Anonymous

    The fact that there are people in this country that prey on children this way is just plain wrong. We can’t get justice for her because, were they to report this, people might realize that it is not just the innocent who want a better life here, it is the worst of the worst that also take advantage of the literal invitation to break our laws that they find here. However, there is one unifying commonality between them. They are both criminals. 

    The people of this nation are, overall, kind hearted. Unfortunately, we are sometimes kind hearted to the point of idiocy. We agonize over the plight of the illegal immigrants who come to this country, yet, no discussion whatsoever occurs as to the responsibility of their home nations. In one of his last visits to the United States, outgoing Mexican president Vicente Fox spent much of his tour of my state lecturing the people of this country on how we are so evil, mean and selfish towards those who come here illegally from his country. It didn’t even seem to occur to him that it was HIS failure, HIS uncaring and HIS country’s selfish squandering of vast resources as well as a general hatred and misuse of the rule of law that has allowed more power in the hands of corrupt government officials being funded by drug cartels than in legitimate sources. 

    President Bush, during this visit, finally was fed up with Fox’s provocations and announced that the United States would be very open to specifically mirroring Mexico’s immigration laws for the United States, since President Fox said that our system was racist and discriminatory. Vicente Fox’s reply? He accused President Bush of racism and human rights abuses. Why? Because, if a central or South American enters Mexico illegally, they can pretty much plan on the men being robbed and/or killed and the women are almost all raped…by LAW ENFORCEMENT. And what does Mexican law do to those officers who commit these atrocities? Nothing. See why our mirroring their laws would be racist and civil/human right’s abuse? 

    Yet, still our own people and the country of Mexico demand that WE solve their problems. In response, we hear the sob stories over and over again. Yes, that’s sad, but WHERE IS MEXICO? Instead, we hear about how it is our responsibility to pay for their children’s education, their food, their medical care, their every need. I have news for you. Mexicans think we are morons and frankly, they’re right. 

    WHY do we have a responsibility to pay for any of these things? Why do we have any responsibility to nanny those from another nation from (literally) birth to death. And here’s another thing that has developed in my area, which is populated at 51% by immigrants. The sob stories come from the FIRST generation in this country. Many of these people are hard working, moral people. Unfortunately, that is often where it ends. By the second generation, the children comprise the bulk of the gangs here in my home city and state. They reconnect with Mexico…through the cartels. THESE are the illegal immigrants that committed these acts against this little girl. 

    But now we have arrived at a point in which we cannot talk about the facts because, to do so could result in an accusation of racism. When we cannot talk about fact because of the skin color of those to whom those facts apply, then we obviate science and we deny the truth of the problem. You may not like the fact that there are horrific people who are little more than predators that are in this country and it is OUR FAULT because we refuse to close the border. After all, to even speak such things makes one a racist, correct? Sorry, but you saying it doesn’t make it true. I’m a scientist and I’ve seen this stupidity infuse the world of science to a degree that so dilutes the meaning of some areas of science that it is laughable that they are even considered “scientists”. Race based social sciences are a complete joke. Like global warming climatology, they start with a preconceived result and all data that does not support those results is “tweaked” or simply left out. 

    We all know the facts, folks. This is a deadly serious problem and the solution is sitting right in front of us. No one wants to be accused of being a racist. I no longer care because I would rather tell the truth than fit in with a group of malicious liars. The facts are the facts. It’s too bad that this little girl will never see justice because, unfortunately, with the mainstream media who determine what is “court worthy” or not, this case is never going to see the light of day OR truth because it reveals the truth of what they simply cannot allow to get out there…that illegal aliens are ALL criminals. Think about that first word…”ILLEGAL”. 

    Until we seal the borders and are willing to NOT educate their children, NOT allow access to medical care that we can’t ourselves afford, and immediately deport them, whether it separates families or not and start holding people accountable for their choices so that they can then hold their OWN government accountable for its failures that have led to their poverty, lack of medical care and education, we will only see MORE of this. The idea of allowing wholesale amnesty is a misnomer… it is a TRAVESTY.

  • Take 2

    (Glenn) How about the speeches on the dangers of letting illegals live in the shadows?

    How about informing Mexico to spend some of their hording of Billions of Gold bars on reestablishment cities for Mexican criminals needing deportation out of American soil.

    (Glenn) I’m all for forgiveness in a relationship.

    I’m all for self responsibility! 

    Christ when turning a cheek…did not mean forgiveness for wrong or evil acts! 


    (or try it again buster and see what can happen!)  

    He didn’t mean cheat on me again and again because I must ‘enable’ you to continue ‘abusing’ my kind spirit/heart! 

    It is very important to remain kind – perhaps gentle forgiving but there is a tipping point that the turning the cheek example has been misconstrued and or abused to take advantage of those believing some Pastor or Parent misinterpretation of Christ meaning’s in general.

  • Anonymous

    I’m as shocked over Americans acceptance of Weiners Lewd and Lascivious behavior as you are Glenn! This is a “Pig” of a man! If New Yorkers are so immoral and stupid not to recognize that this man is a complete pervert, and has absolutely No Moral Authority to be a leader over any human being, then they truly have a huge problem as a collective people, and will definitely get. A real life Roman Cesare, for a leader. Weiners sanity should be questioned. He is a complete fool!

    The young people in America don’t even seem to know or understand the meaning of The words “Lewd and Lascivious”. We can all thank the wonderful education by UnionTeachers telling them that nothing is immoral unless “they” personally feel it is.

    I cry every day for the demise of our “Real” America. This doesn’t even resemble the America I grew up in!

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