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Sydney Leathers, Anthony Weiner’s newly discovered “sexting” partner, has spoken out. And — warning this may [not] break your heart — Anthony Weiner is not the man she thought he was.

Shocking? Actually…yes.

“Who did she think he was?” Stu asked stunned.

Great question considering he was the guy cheating on his wife with her over the internet with explicit messages and grotesque “selfless” that would embarrass the likes of Geraldo Rivera.

Surely she didn’t think the guy lying to his wife, his constituents, his child…and well most other people he came in contact with was supposedly an honest individual.

“I guess she thought he was worse that that?” Pat questioned

“What is it that he didn’t deliver for you that you already knew about him?” Pat added.

The sad fact is, he is exactly the dirtbag America already knew he was. Even if Leathers was somehow misled that their relationship was more than just an Internet-based/sexting fling, it was public knowledge this is something Anthony Weiner does.

As New Yorkers are jumping off the Weiner bandwagon (thank God), no one is buying her ‘sweet, little-miss-innocent’ act.

“You don’t get to do that now, especially after all the stuff you’ve discussed with him, after we’ve all seen what you had to say,” Pat noted.

“By the way, the only reason we saw it is because you told us about it,” Stu pointed out of Leathers.

At 24-years-old, the sympathy act is definitely not going to work with the American public — especially with New Yorkers. In fact, she initiated the relationship with a Facebook message almost immediately after he left office for the first scandal. She knew what she was getting herself into, Stu noted.

“I’ve got to say, I’m not a defender of Anthony Weiner here, but he seems to be exactly the person she should have thought he was. I mean, he told you specifically who he was,” Stu said, referring to one of the internet exchanges the two had where Weiner described himself as “an argumentative, perpetually horny, middle-aged man.”

“She’s the only person in the world he didn’t lie to!” Pat added sharply. “It’s amazing. And now she says if she could speak with him (good luck with that), her message would be to stop lying and embarrassing his wife. To get help.”

She cares about his wife? Is anyone buying this?

It’s amazing to think that a 24-year-old woman who would get involved with a married man has the gaul to think that informed adults would believe she is somehow a victim.

“This is the culture we’re in right now,” Stu said. “You’re allowed to stay on your mommy and daddy’s healthcare until you’re 26 years old now and we’re supposed to think that no one has any responsibility for their actions until they turn, I don’t know, 60, 70?  And at that point you’re not ‑‑ now you’re just elderly or something and you’re not allowed to make decisions there, either.  This society has taken all responsibility out of the people who make decisions and tried to put it on other people.”