The B.S. of A.: Is Doc Thompson cool?

  • Calvinator

    Yeah… jeeze, the problem is, guys that the unsuspecting “cool” wannabe ultimately “gets it”. That is simply TOO FAR OUT THERE; the fantasy is inevitably unbelievable. 

  • Az Murry

    No, love the blaze but Doc Thompson is an insufferable blow hard that makes Rush look like a humble monk.

    • Sam Fisher

  • Robert William Cadrain

    doc Thompson is so very very cool..he coughs too much though  ha ha…no it is great   he hits the nail right on the buttin….But please get the girl with the beautiful black hair that took becks place two weeks ago   you really need a womans voice & knowledge on the air..go get em doc

  • Mort Telford

    Yeah, Doc Thompson has it all figured out and he’s going to let the great unwashed what is really happening. The working public has been fooled by Obama and the great liberal cabal, but Doc Thompson will expose them, using info cribbed (without attribution) from Rush, Savage, Levin, etc., for the socialists they really are.

    Doc is strictly a second-team bench warmer as far as conservative talk shows hosts … only I suspect that he is the only one who doesn’t realize it.

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