Glenn reacts to Bachmann interview: ‘Let’s not become everything we despise’

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Last week, Glenn was surprised to learn that Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) had voted to reject an amendment that would defund the NSA program that collects information on American’s phone records. In addition to voting against the defunding measure, Rep. Bachmann actually argued on behalf of the NSA surveillance techniques. On radio this morning, Rep. Bachmann joined Glenn to defend her position. But in the aftermath of the interview, Glenn still found himself searching for clarity.

“So we just had Michele Bachmann on. I respect Michele, and I think she’s a very intelligent woman. I think she’s a patriot. I think she’s a God centered woman… Her life is based on her God,” Glenn said. “And I have profound respect for her as a congressman and also as a person. She’s a friend. However, I believe she is wildly miss guided on this NSA thing, and I don’t know where the disconnect is.”

During the interview with Rep. Bachmann it became abundantly clear that she and Glenn agree on a lot of things. For starters, they both believe that the government has access to everything – all phone calls, all keystrokes. And they have the ability to collect and store all data, including health records, family relationships, and personal employment information.

Furthermore, Glenn and Rep. Bachmann agree that the incidents at the IRS and the AP are not “phony” scandals. They agree that the government has lost credibility and trustworthiness, and there is a lack of transparency and oversight to catch the lies and stop them quickly enough.

“That’s what we agree on,” Glenn said. “Now, Michele, somehow or another, disconnects at that point.”

Glenn looks at the government’s ability to collect and store all of that personal information as an overreach of power that could easily spiral out-of-control, while Rep. Bachmann sees it as a means to an end in the name of national security. Glenn understands the importance of national security, but he believes the government is too power hungry to trust with such authority.

“I say, yes, well security, but just because you’re currently a good guy, doesn’t make you always a good guy – especially if you have already presented yourself as pretty much a criminal entity where you lie, cheat and steal, just to hold onto power,” Glenn said of the government.

In the aftermath of September 11, 2001, Glenn supported the PATRIOT Act, as many others did, because he wanted to ensure our national security. But his opinion began to change after the 2004 election.

“Now, you’re going to say, ‘Well where were you under George Bush?’ Let me explain. I’ll tell you right where I was,” Glenn said. “About 2006, 2004, 2006, I had a wake up call. It was right after the 2004 election. I thought something is not right here. I started doing my own homework. I started realizing, ‘Wait a minute, George Bush is not the guy who he says he is.’ I didn’t understand what progressivism was at the time… And I didn’t understand that because I was dumb enough to think we all believed in the Constitution.”

Instead of using the Constitution as an absolute authority, Glenn saw a pattern of the government picking and choosing to use the Constitution when it was convenient. “See, so I was somebody that had not enough information. And the reason why I’ve changed is because I have been given additional information,” he said.

“If you were somebody who said, Death Star, Nazi, Darth Vader, the silencing the press, you lemming, can you point to the information that has shown me that this situation since when you were ringing the bell and I was saying that you were a conspiracy nut,” Glenn asked. “Can you show me the information that made you pivot back to where I was, show me the information that says, ‘No, no, no, Glenn.’”

“So, tell me what changed your mind,” he continued. “And because I know the standard that you will hold me to, I certainly hope that your mind started to be changed during the Bush administration and just suddenly, magically changed as soon as your guy got in. And that’s my biggest problem with Michele. We can agree on all of these things. We don’t have to have the evidence that it is worse. We don’t have to have the evidence that they are actually storing… stuff. I can point to those, but we don’t even have to go that far.”

“Why exactly would we think this government agency was going to keep us safe,” Glenn asked. “Borrowing a George Bush line, ‘I had to destroy the free market system in order to save the free market system,’ how is it any different to say, ‘I had to destroy freedom, to be able to preserve freedom.’ It doesn’t make any sense. It makes no sense whatsoever. No matter how big the threat is, you cannot destroy freedom to preserve freedom. You cannot destroy the free market system to save the free market system. Help me out… Let’s not become everything we despise.”

  • Sam Fisher

    Sorry Glenn but I don’t stand with you on this. She is not defending the Constitution so there for not a patriot.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

      I have lost all respect for Bachmann, she had her chance and blew it.

      • Anonymous

         And your respect for Glenn ?

  • Anonymous

    Well Glenn, I believe this is one area that you don’t understand the purpose and actions of NSA.  You need desperately to talk to an NSA employee or retired…I have…My brother and sister in law are retired from NSA and have a lot to give relative to understanding of the system of collection of this information…It is saved, not read unless the calls are criminal or terrorist in nature and then given to FBI or CIA who then get a court order to examine the collected information for the protection of this nation…Remember we have the enemy within nowadays.  How do you expect our national security to have an effective ability to protect and serve us?

  • Anonymous

    I can’t respect her for coming on and doing the political dance. That’s nothing to respect any person for and it’s silly to say she should be. There’s something the NSA has on her, or else she’s trying to hide her complicate actions in their unconstitutional data gathering and monitoring.

  • Anonymous

    “Show me the information…… tell me…. what the turning point was for you…. when did you wake up?”  ~ Glenn Beck
    I was born awake, Glenn, literally, because my parents and grand parents were already awake and separated from the abjectly ignorant masses.
    Murray Rothbard, F.A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises, Ayn Rand, Henry Hazlitt, Henry David Thoreau and all of the other classical thinkers et al. were all in the family library. Moreover, both my family and mentors were able to pass on to me an erudite, clued-in perspective of politics, religion, economics, healthcare & nutrition and human nature which saved me years of searching.
    I was one of the lucky ones, because I didn’t have to learn everything the hard way like you did.
    Frankly, Glenn, you still have a long way to go, yet. I would recommend that you mend your relationship with Peter Schiff and reach out to others who you have bad-mouthed in the past. They were right, and you were wrong.
    Good luck on your journey of enlightenment, Glenn, and I really mean that.

  • Anonymous

    My “rock-bottom-wake-up” was 9/11. How can a building, that was not struck by an airplane, fall into it’s own foot print 9 hours later?

    • Anonymous

       Stop it, stop it, stop it ..

    • Anonymous

      Are you Alex Jones’s mother?

      • Anonymous


    • skydancer


    • Anonymous

      Easy. If a major structural member is destroyed, the part of the building supported above collapses, placing too much load on the supporting columns underneath causing the building to collapse like a house of playing cards. It’s simple structural mechanics. Both buildings were struck by airplanes. Millions have seen it on TV.

  • Anonymous

    We have the U.S. Supreme Court, who can give out warrants, and we have the F.B.I. who can carry out search and seizure procedures.  Then there is the CIA who gathers intelligence from abroad.  IF those three entities are doing a good enough job…at their jobs…then what do we even need the Patriot Act for?  Oh yeah, because the Bush Administration said okay to this act in the wake of a scare.   The Obama Administration has simply taken advantage of this egregious act of Congress and will take down not just Conservatives but anyone who thinks this is all kind of fishy.  

  • Anonymous

    Hey Politian can’t believe a word you speak Almighty pretender time to give it a think.

  • Anonymous

    Beck is making the same mistake as everyone else has made in defending the enemies of freedom throughout history. He is judging their words because “they come dressed in sheep’s clothing but are really ravenous wolves….”
    Mainstream Republicans are as much about power as this current administration. Michele Bachmann, Mitt Romney and John McCain would all make lousy Presidents. You both believe in the Constitution of the United States and swear to defend it; or you should look for another job.
    The kneejerk reaction to 9/11 is indefensible. You never sacrifice your freedom for security otherwise you lose both. It is the same as paying protection money to the mob. It will never be enough. All of us should be prepared to challenge the premise that what we hold dear is being destroyed to save it or recreate it. Interpretation: IT IS DESTROYED. You will never have complete security but you can have freedom if enough believe in it. Up until now the alleged defenders of freedom have made a laughing stock of themselves because of their inconsistencies.

  • Anonymous

    To correct a minor point that Glenn made — yes, Utah is a desert overall, but that storage facility is built immediately adjacent to the Jordan river, an excellent source of cooling water.

    Years ago, the Geneva Steel plant was built alongside Utah Lake for the same reason — cooling water, and also inland to be away from the coast and possible enemy attack. That was during WW2 and functioned for many years afterward, but was now removed a few years ago. I personally know of  that — I watched it being built, and saw its destruction and removal. History.

    Glenn is correct in his concerns, and his efforts to shine light on our national problems are going to be questioned by his detractors. A pertinent comment is a paraphrase from WW2 Air Force — “You know you are near the target when you start getting flack.”

    Remember Benghazi. Who said, “Stand down.”?

    Laus Deo

    • syradobomako

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      The sixty-six books of the Bible were critically analyzed three times
      per week in my family, so, needless to say, I had a real head-start in
      understanding the Word of God. And even though I’m an agnostic , I read
      the Bible more often than many Christians do. Frankly, I think that’s
      what holds you together, Glenn, i.e., your biblical convictions.

  • William Wruble

    This is why I stopped supporting Michele when she was running for president and started trolling for support through surveys to invade Mexico. Michele is really no different philosophically than the democrats. Both think that government can be used as a positive force. History always shows that this leads to tyranny. Historically war and disasters have been used by government to subvert laws and centralize power. That is why they push global warming or cooling, or terrorism, and safety to push centralization of power. The end result will always be the same. Since 1913 America has been in the process of transforming into a totalitarian country along communist lines. In the last fifty or so decades these people have become more coordinated in their activities through organizations such as “The Council on Foreign Relations”, and “Trilateral Commission”. They effectively control the Democratic and Republican parties at the national level along with academia and news outlets. Ted Turner (CFR) is major media, presidents Carter, Bush I and Clinton are or were members of either or both CFR or TC. The communist weather under ground terrorist organization, and who planned on murdering at least 50 million Americans became college professors.

    If you want to understand where America is going I would suggest reading “Mexico, No God Next Door”(1935), and “Red Mexico” (1928). Mexico had a civilization every bit as advanced as America’s until the communists and certain Masonic orders placed brutes like Calles into power and maintained through assistance by the United States government. You will learn among other things that sex education began in government school to break down moral and social order and replace it with desired outcomes. For example from No God Next Door, page 5:

                       “Education must be socialistic and scientific, and hence must be
                        directed against all religion and its practices, which are denounced
                        as degrading superstitions; and social relations, which are based
                        upon sex, must be exemplified scientifically.”

    I would also recommend “Toward Soviet America” (1932, reprint 2012), by William Z. Foster. For example, on page 316 we find the following:

                       “Among the elementary measures the American Soviet government
                        will adopt to further the cultural revolution are the following; the
                        schools, colleges and universities will be coordinated and grouped
                        under the National Department of Education and its state and
                        local branches.”

    I recommend also reading “without A Shot Being Fired”, by Jan Kozak. This is the blue print used by the communists in Czechoslovakia to peacefully conquer that country. In it you will find one of the necessary ingredients is to control all major political parties. “Education Free & Compulsory” is also necessary to understand why government took over the education system. “The New American” magazine of the John Birch Society is also very helpful for understanding what is going on and why. For example in the June 3, 2013 issue in an article titled “Not Like Us”, by William Jasper, page 16 we find this:

                     “In his book Darkness at Dawn: The Rise of the Russian Criminal State
                      (2003, Yale University Press), Satter amassed impressive evidence  to        
                      demonstrate that the “Chechen” terror attacks in Russia were indeed
                      provocations of the Russian intelligence agencies, the FSB and the GRU.”

    These false flag attacks were used to gain popular support to centralize power. “Shamil Basayev the most infamous “Chechen terrorist” was an agent of the GRU.” He was also in the Breslan school massacre. Makes you wonder why our government has turned public schools into killing fields available to any and all social misfits strung out on legal psychotropic drugs. In a prior issue of “The New American” they discussed Benghazi as not being a a consulate, but a meeting place for the United States Saudi Arabia and Quatar to meet and arrange arms and fighters to be infiltrated through Turkey into the created civil war in Syria. That would make sense in this administrations desertion of Americans to their fate to cover this up. Can anyone say Islamic Caliphate in the making? That is my theory. In a prior article, issue they also mentioned that John Kerry has an honored place in Vietnam’s dedication to that war as one of those who aided the communist takeover, they did not say whether it was next to “Hanoi” Jane Fonda, or if she was even included.

    Sadly Americans do not know and do not know that they do not know. It has happened over and over throughout history and can and will happen here. Read “When Money Dies” to see what is coming to this country and why. Socialism needs chaos to grow!

  • greywolfrs

    Who cares what committee she is on, there is NEVER a good reason to shred the Constitution. That is exactly what the Patriot Act and NDAA have done. She voted for the original Patriot Act and didn’t even bother to vote on the NDAA. How can she claim innocence or that she is a Constitutionalist? She is neither.

  • Anonymous

    Michele lied when she told Glen in the first interview, “Your name, your address is not in this national security database.” If you have the phone number you can get the name and the address. Does Michele think we are that stupid to believe that they don’t have that information? The metadata they collect with the phone numbers also contains the location and duration of the call. Surely Michele knows that. Why would she try to lie to us?

    Glen Greenwald told ABC News last Sunday that, “The NSA has trillions of telephone calls and emails in their databases that they’ve collected over the last several years. … all an analyst has to do is enter an email address or an IP address, and it does two things.  It searches that database and lets them listen to the calls or read the emails of everything that the NSA has stored…” The NSA disputes this by saying that an analyst can’t get access to the data without FISA approval. But they seem to forget that Snowden did just that, and he has other materials that he has not yet released. 

    Either Greenwald and Snowden are lying or Bachmann is lying. I know that Bachmann lied in some of her statements about the NSA, as did others in Congress. Clapper lied to Congress and apologized after he got caught. The only one who hasn’t lied, as far as we know, is Snowden. If I had to rank professions by their honesty, I would put Congress and the President at the bottom of the list, below traitor.

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