Mike Slater discusses recall effort against San Diego Mayor under slew of sexual harassment allegations

Glenn’s in San Diego today and happened to swing by City Hall. Above the door it reads, “Good government demands the intelligent interest of every citizen.” To get a better Mayor it’s going to take an informed and active electorate. Consider Bob Filner San Diego’s wakeup call. Hopefully they take it.

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Glenn’s in San Diego today, one of the very, VERY few conservative places in California and, unfortunately, home of disgraced Mayor Bob Filner.

Filner, who has recently undergone a slew of sexual harassment allegations, announced he that despite the claims of kissing, groping, and assaulting women in the workplace, he will not be resigning from office.

TheBlaze.com reports,

“Filner apologized to voters, his staff and the women he allegedly harassed, but added: “Words alone are not enough. I am responsible for my conduct. And I must take responsibly for my conduct.”

The allegations resulted in widespread calls for him to resign, plunging the nation’s eighth-largest city into political turmoil.

When the allegations surfaced, Filner apologized for disrespecting women and said he needed help. But soon after, he said he was innocent of sexual harassment and resisted calls to leave office.

The chairwoman of the Democratic National Committee called on Filner to resign as did leaders of the San Diego Democratic party.

The former congressman was San Diego’s first Democratic mayor in 20 years.”

Not a good start for San Diego’s first Democrat mayor in 20 years. Hopefully the voters won’t make the same mistake again. But as horrible as Filner already sounds from the reports, he’s worse. And the Democrats holding him up right now aren’t much better.

It’s rare for conservatives to side with Debbie Wasserman-Shultz, but when it comes to this dirtbag, they do. The DNC Chairwoman called for Filner to step down, calling his behavior “reprehensible and indefensible”.

Filner is less than eight months into his four-year-term, has refused to discuss the allegations and doesn’t seem to see the need to step down. Instead, he will undergo therapy.

That’s not sitting well with many in San Diego, who are working to gather signatures to recall the mayor. Among those leading the charge is radio personality and friend of TheBlaze, KFMB’s Mike Slater. Mike joined Glenn on air in San Diego this morning to discuss not only the effort to recall Filner, but to explain to the national radio audience just how bad this guy really is.

“For 20 years he was a Congressman and was able to get away with this stuff,” Slater explained. “No one paid attention to him.  He’s been mayor eight months and acquisitions from my high-profile women at a dean, a — top-notch women saying he would grab around their necks, pull them closer and try to, quote, stick his tongue down their throat. You would work better without your panties on at work tomorrow. Awful stuff.”

“Did anyone file assault charges?” Glenn asked.

“Not until now,” Slater answered. “We have been approaching that question a lot of different ways and we talked to a lot of women. ‘If you have ever been assaulted, why didn’t you come forward?’ And a lot of genuine reasons. Worried for their jobs or didn’t want to be branded as a “woman that Bob Filner assaulted”. That’s not what they wanted to be known as. And this is all about a lust for power. Eliot Spitzer, Weiner, those are lusts for sexual gratification. Bob Filner has a lust for power. Every woman he did this to, he had a position of strength over them, whether they wanted an endorsement from him or they wanted some come bane contribution organization whatever.”

“A sick pig like that at the head of that city that’s unbelievable,” Pat interjected.

Two make matters worse, there are two women on the city council who have claimed to stand for women’s rights their entire careers standing by Filner’s side.

“Is there a chance this guy — this is the death of shame. We thought we lost it in the ’90s.  You are seeing it in New York, which is you kind of expected; but you are seeing in San Diego, California. This is a — one of the only conservative places in California,” Glenn explained.

“It’s about an eight-month long recall effort to recall this man and we’ll send an a message to the entire country,” Slater said. “We’re going to do better than this.”

“Democrats are standing by him because of the progressive agenda,” Glenn added. “It is a power of the collective over the individual.”

  • http://www.artinphoenix.com/gallery/grimm snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    The Democrat Socialists will ensure any recall effort is defeated either at the polls or in the courts. They waited for a long time to ensure he is in power for the progressive agenda to be carried out without restraint and will allow nothing to stop them.

  • Anonymous

    Why would anybody stand up for this guy?  For any woman in the San Diego area who would back this man or say anything nice about him, aren’t you thereby waging a war against yourselves?  

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    Liberalism the true war on women. 

  • Well Done

    “good government demands the intelligent interest of every citizen”.
    Wow.  there must be a lot of very stupid, detached people in America.

    • James Hull

      After the re-election of Obama I came to the same conclusion.

  • Anonymous

    The reason people still support him? (And they do) Because they’d rather have a snake dem than a straight Republican. It’s one of the many signs that San Diego is slipping into the liberal abyss.

    From one of the first interviews with a “victim” ~ before they got the talking points:

    “She said the mayor did this to many women, and many people knew about it.“It’s one of the worst kept secrets in town,” Woman One said. “Everyone in the power structure knew this,” she said of people in local government.
    “I heard more than once, that people would rather have a single man in office that disrespects women, than a man in office … representing an entire party that disrespects women,” she said.”


  • Anonymous

    In order to be the mayor of San Diego don’t you have to be in the lesbian and gay zoo on exhibit for one year, nude, and chained to a post in cage to qualify as a contestant in the campaign for office 

  • MaryEllen Smith

    If San Diego is so dang conservative why is this pig govenor in the first place??

  • Anonymous

    How very lucky for the pervert he’s getting help will anyone take the time to stick a board to his skull and were does that line form  those assaulted get the 1st 50 swings.

  • Anonymous

    “Why is this dirtbag still in office?”

    Simple:  he’s a Democrat!  When caught in bad behavior, they are not expected to resign, encouraged perhaps, but not expected to get out.  As a result, they don’t!  They will say they are cured but we know they aren’t, and the next woman he assaults will be bought off with a big payday to keep quiet.

  • Anonymous

    We did not demand Bill Clinton be removed from office when he was impeached….now, less than 20 years later, we have career political liars on all levels of government and anything goes when it comes to their sexual behavior it seems!!  We really, really screwed up!!

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    Did he and Pelosi have something going when he was in Congress? She refuses to denounce this perv

  • Anonymous

    Obvious politicians don’t really ‘stand’ for anything, are just as deviant and perverted as the ‘little people’, and accomplished liars. but folks, we live in a time when books are written on how to be better liars, tips on deviancy are widely given and sought out online. The government protects the ‘free speech’ of rap artists and the exploitation and sexualization of children on tv, then gives child molesters a slap on the wrist, but wants to take your guns away. In other words it encourages devilish ways, encourages violence (rap AND tv) but wants to leave you DEFENSELESS. AND NOW our politicians act like Hollywood actors with” I’ll get counseling”—are we supposed to applaude their ‘bravery’ now?!? Next thing you know we will be letting child rapists work in a classroom while they ‘ undergo therapy’…or the surgeon continue to operate while he ‘undergoes therapy’ for murders he committed..or the rapist continue to work as a security guard while ‘undergoing therapy’…Undergoing therapy IS NOT a badge of honor, he Hollywood mentality has not only been adopted, but I assert, has been INJECTED into mainstream thought-as if there were ever any semblance of REALITY with these people. Ever notice how VERY FEW of the h***ywood types go NUTS after an amount of years in ‘the biz’?? Could it be that they are never REALLY THEMSELVES? Always ‘playing a part’ must take a toll on the human mind-and the public feeds into it SO much that now they accept it from national (supposed) leaders…one twisted brain game of mega-manipulation…. Btw-the liberal indoctrination of the youth of America has been a POWERFUL tool-it occurred to me with Clinton’s “rock the vote” campaign, that these kids, with brains totally underdeveloped, emotional, and easily manipulable were being rigged and USED to further this AGENDA. It not only angered me, but gave me the inclination raise the voting age, with possible requirements attached to that as well! The founding fathers had something there, how can one vote on schools, property taxes, MARRIAGE, ETC, when not only do you have zero life experience, cannot in most cases buy alcohol, but more importantly aren’t even fully cooked yet (I used to say fully baked-but they are definitely getting ‘baked’) as in their brains are severely immature, and frankly that maturation process is severely retarded by alcohol and drug use. As oblama might say “I’m just sayin’ (fist bump)

  • Jaamoose

    Glenn and Stu can probably appreciate “massive” perverts…

    • greywolfrs

      You are projecting again. You really should look up the term Psychological Projection or Freudian Projection, as it is sometimes referred, then look in a mirror. Dunce.

  • Anonymous

    I have served on an elected body and during that time had received complaints about our city’s Mayor’s conduct at a local salon. He frequented a salon that offered manicures, pedicures and massage. The young woman alleged that the Mayor placed his hands on her backside, and between her legs stating “this is how I want you to touch me”. She was to afraid to go to the police and was embarrassed about the alleged incident. I confronted the Mayor and made it clear that a woman had made a complaint to me about untoward conduct on his part. I strongly suggested he not frequent the salon again and to leave the complaintant alone. He just stared at me and said nothing. Days later the complaintant stated that the Mayor called her employer asking “why” he had been removed from the client list and had placed numerous facebook messages to the young woman in an effort to meet with her to discuss their misunderstaning. 

    These types of indiscresions are too often the “norm”. Until victims can stand strong and file complaints with the proper authority, there will be no resolution of powerful men getting away with criminal behavior. The title, or office they hold is not an entitlement, it is a trust. If they abuse that trust then they must be held accountable.
    Here is how our Mayor chooses to depict himself on facebook, note the picture cropping behind his profile picture:

  • Anonymous

    Democrat women don’t care how they are treated, they only care that what they want is going to get done. 

  • Anonymous

    Filner has always been a big-spending “take care of government workers and unions first” Democrat. That’s what got him elected by a well-organized local union effort and smearing his a gay conservative opponent. So, it’s no surprise that some local government true-believers in “the cause” are still hanging on to this slimeball until “Filner From The Black Lagoon” makes some sort of secret “legal” deal to protect himself and his cronies’ nesteggs. Then he will slither back into the progressive-politician swamp of shame

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