MSNBC guest: Bill O’Reilly is ‘surprised black people don’t throw bananas at each other or swing from trees’

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Bill O’Reilly made headlines last week for giving one of the most impassioned monologues of his career in the aftermath of the George Zimmerman verdict. Though last Monday’s ‘Talking Points Memo’ had less to do with Zimmerman and more to do with the major and dire problems facing blacks in America, the reaction was heated and widespread. But one MSNBC commentator, Michael Eric Dyson, may have taken his criticism just a little too far. During an appearance on Melissa Harris Perry’s show on Sunday, Dyson claimed that O’Reilly is not qualified to talk about the problems facing the black community:

DYSON: Asking for equal attention paid to crises at a time of enormous distress for our vulnerable children to be assisted, so Mr. O’Reilly, I would love to have that conversation about protecting yourself behind white picket fences. Come in the streets where you went to Sylvia’s and were surprised black people don’t throw bananas at each other or swing from trees.

“That unbelievable,” Pat said exasperatedly. “That’s unconscionable.”

So what did O’Reilly say that could possibly cause Dyson to imply that he must think black people throw bananas while swinging from trees?

O’REILLY: The reason there’s so much violence and chaos in the black precincts is the disintegration of the African-American family. Without much structure, young black men often reject education and gravitate toward the street culture, drugs, hustling, gangs.

Watch the full Talking Points Memo HERE.

“Stop,” Glenn said. “The same thing could be said for the white, quote, culture. Same thing could be said. As the family disintegrates, so does society… I fear all our communities are starting to do this, to where you minimize the effect that men have on families and society. And men aren’t necessary… When you start to do that, you start to have trouble on the street, because guys, I don’t know if you have raised kids, but women and men and boys and girls are different. I mean Pat, when you come home with your sons, were there times that you could speak to your son that your wife could not? Are there times that your wife could speak to your daughters when you couldn’t?”

“There’s no question about that,” Pat responded. “It’s just that the numbers are higher in the black community, about 70%. When you have those kind of numbers who are fatherless, bad things are going to happen… there’s a mother and a father for reason.”

In his monologue, O’Reilly was speaking to the fact that in the absence of a stable family, children are more apt to get involved in a culture that is ultimately destructive.

“And so what happens to society,” Glenn asked. “Boys will look for something to join. Boys will look for somebody who has some power. Boys will look for someone who’s settling some scores. It’s not a race thing. It just happens to be African-Americans are farther down the road.”

“But when O’Reilly point that is out – look at the stats, you can’t cite statistics anymore without saying that you believe blacks are throwing bananas at each other and swinging from trees,” Pat explained. “It’s unbelievable.”

“Bill O’Reilly luckily has enough clout and power that he can stand on his own,” Glenn concluded, “but no man is an island.”

  • Anonymous

    Does Michael Eric Dyson contend that the content of Bill O’Reilly’s message is incorrect?  O’Reilly couldn’t have chosen his words more carefully and he sounded like a man who was deeply concerned about the plight of black Americans.  He sounded that way because he IS CONCERNED!  Mr. Dyson cannot make the WHITE picket fence remark with any credibility because he is also a well paid TV personality.  I bought a book by Dyson called “Know What I Mean?” that systematically tried to excuse the profanity in many hip hop lyrics.  I couldn’t make it past page 60 because Dyson is full of crap.  He was defending the degeneracy of hip hop through and through with pure BS (btw SOME hip hop isn’t all that bad, I’ve listened to a lot of it).  Michael Eric Dyson won’t admit it, but he feels that Bill O’Reilly can’t have an honest conversation about the African-American community, simply because he is white and he just will never understand.  I for one am sick of the racial divisiveness.  Those poll numbers they showed from the Pew Research Center, the ones that reflect that black people reacted to the Trayvon Martin case in a more outraged way…well we can thank Al Sharpton for that.  The ghost of Tawana Brawley’s rape case is alive and well.

    • Anonymous

      You are right.  And, what if we reversed that philosophy you stated above; namely:
      “Michael Eric Dyson won’t admit it, but he feels that Bill O’Reilly can’t have an honest conversation about the African-American community, simply because he is white and he just will never understand.  I for one am sick of the racial divisiveness.”  Would Mr. Dyson also feel that people in the black community cannot have an honest conversation about whites in America?  Come on, Mr. Dyson!  Aren’t we all in possession of enough intellect to observe and make conversations about cultures other than our own?  If we followed his logic, we would all have to remain within our ethnic/racial group and never venture an opinion about anything else.  How stupid is that?

      • Anonymous

        He has a condescending look on his face every time he talks about people who don’t fully agree with him.  Mr. Dyson is a Leftist shill.

        • Pachy Serrano

          Wow, you based intelligence on looks only . . . that’s racist dude!! Cause many blonde girls are beautiful, but really stupid and I still believe is a cliche’ So, let’s stick with the honest conversation.

          • Mr_TrueReality

            Coherence in expression is first required in order to have honest meaningfull conversational exchanges.
            May I  ask you a question: Have you stopped sniffing glue yet??

          • Anonymous

            Where did I talk about intelligence or looks or beauty…are you sure you replied to the right comment?

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    MSNBC = messengers of hate for the Democratic party. 

    • Mr_TrueReality

      It really is an acronym for:
      M  any
      S   ee
      N   othing
      B   ut
      C   ommunism

    • Pachy Serrano

      FOX News = “Full of X” with no real answers. Got you!!

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    O’Reilly is concerned about all families, and the disintegration of which is causing more and more of our society to come undone – and that is across all ethnic and social groups. 

    Only to the left is a message of such concern interpreted to mean racism and hate-speech. In short, MSNBC demonstrates the hypocritical methodology of the left, and the truth that they encompass hate-speech against anyone who values family, decency, equality and is willing to stand up for what is right.

    Democrat = insanity and enslavement to the collective and death of the individual.

    • Anonymous

      I want to know how it isn’t racist for Dyson and Sharpton and Jesse Jackson et al and that ilk to say that a white man can never understand what a black man is going through.  OH WAIT IT IS!  THEY are the ones who have dishonored Trayvon Martin, by using his death to exploit racial chaos in a country that is about to explode.

      • Watch it

        They have an interest in keeping racism going. They make money and fame off the Civil Rights Industry, and if racism goes away they become nothing and their pockets are empty.

        • Anonymous

          Racism can’t go away, that would be like all sins going away.  But they need to foment it to their advantage, THAT much is clear.  That’s how the race pimps make their money.

          • Watch it


          • Pachy Serrano

            U right! But they are racist folks in this country still even if we dont want to accept it, so we just need to keep pushing for these type of conversations. I think they are helpful for everyone no matter what color or race you are.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Well said, what we have seen here is the depravity of the left in full measure: it will only grow worse as the election cycle closes upon us.

  • Sam Fisher

    I am surprised that MSNBC news reporters don’t throw bananas at each other or swing from trees. I mean they seem to be like devolving in front of our very eyes and taking race relations back during the time of slavery.

  • Anonymous

    You can tell what progressives think, all you need to do is listen to what they accuse conservatives of doing or saying.

  • Anonymous

    Dyson himself is a bigot and a liar.  Hence why MSNBC is so cozy for him. Filled with the same kind of people.

    • Anonymous

      As is Melissa Harris Perry!

  • Anonymous

    July 15  I was a tad ahead of Bill O which is highly unusual!
    A challenge to my fellow Americans as they contemplate what has happened in the aftermath of the Zimmerman trial: 1. Who did Zimmerman take to the Prom, who did he tutor including after the tutoring program ended and who did he grow up with in his home? 2. Who withheld this evidence from the Zimmerman Defense team? 3. Who smashed in store windows owned by which ethnic groups and burned garbage on… city streets in what ethnic neighborhoods? Answers to the above: 1. Black, blacks and blacks 2. POTUS, Attny. Gen. FBI, FL Gov. FL Attny. Gen. 3. Racists, non-black, and non-black Knowing this my personal belief is that 1. A racially biased mainstream media in virtually all cases thru out the race card to harm Zimmerman, the country and provoke the riots. 2. A politically motivated President, US Attny. General, FL Gov. & Attny Gen. bowed to the will of racists who would divide our country in lieu of rule of law. By so doing they became the gutless wonders they are as racists . Under the facts above who do you think the REAL racists are??

  • Anonymous

    Glenn used to use his mouth as a sex orifice for an African American cocaine dealer

  • Anonymous

    If you work at MSNBC one of the requirements is wearing a diaper, because these people have a problem of crapping themselves spontaneously

  • Anonymous

    Buffoons showing off their buffoonery to keep their audience of 112 fools.

  • Anonymous

    O’Reilly was correct. When families of the uneducated break down, this is what happens.

  • Anonymous

    Dyson and perry aren’t sophisticated enough to swing from trees and throw bananas at the same time. Perhaps the two of them could scratch their butts and throw poo at one another.

  • dennis reilly

    Dyson is a rich punk not sharing his wealth with anyone. He has never helped anybody with his own money, nor has he ever gotten anyone a job from any race. His character is a big zero!!!!!

  • greywolfrs


    It is better to be thought a fool, rather than open one’s mouth and remove ALL doubt.

  • punababe808

    All Sharpton has never apologized for his a**hole behavior and rants and comments about Tawanna Brawley. Which, after all this time should have proved by now what a skanky, low life, worthless piece of humanity he is. An upstanding, decent person would have owned up to the error and poor judgement by now. It would have been the respectable thing to do.

  • Take 2

    You can’t cite statistics anymore without saying that you believe blacks
    are throwing bananas at each other and swinging from trees! 

    Or can you walk into a Black Sambo’s Restaurant…right!   Or visit the White House? right kids!
    Or the Atlanta Braves Baseball team w/Tomahawk’s! Or tell females they can’t smoke!
    Or actually believe Bill O’ was right on target and only highly intelligent – deep thinking people understand.

    Pat: If you mention actual core statistic regarding the black race in America –

    “THEY” folks like Sharpton will accuse you of being raciest i.e. making up silly stupid idiotic untrue – old school (1960’s era) comments.  That’s all that the MAN meant… its very clear and on target.  

    Remember all the (50’s – 60’s era) POLISH jokes! 

    I never hear Polish people issues or come across an entire Polish American populaces remains stuck in 1950’s melting in era…shouting out poo’ e’ or!          

    This Obama clan are wanting a Black on White War or 1960’s remix or revolution!  However, the revolution was won and died in 1972.  No more Black Sambo Restaurants!  All this stuff of Obama and or Sharpton is make believe for a revolution that is past.

    There is so much love in America for young teen black children. I do not know (personally) one human in America that would not want the black teen – early black adult criminal statistic(s) or related negative statistic(s) to melt into ‘average’ levels of all other’s. 

    This starts with parents and relationships in all communities i.e. statically black communities need focus verses being stuck in a tree trunk or 1960’s. 


  • ttlax

    I am thinking we (white USA) are getting a real personal look at what it is like to be on the opposite side of racism. Not a bad thing in a way because now we can relate when a black man brings up race complaints. Hopefully, this will help to look for possible solutions. So unfortinate we have to learn this way but maybe we can put this new insight to good use deal with it and move on! Myself, I see now racism for what it really is and there is no good use of any form of it! The current display of racism by blacks (and liberal whites) toward whites hopefully will get these people to the same place racism got white racists. (ignored)
    Oreilly does not always share my views. Is he qualified to speak out about the plight of minorities? I cannot say but I can see where he is getting a real close up and personal dose of what it is like to be labeled racist. Statistics he quotes (like all) can be altered to suit anyone’s point of view. However if one ignores the message and reverts to diverting attention by shouting at the messenger we’ll never help the conditions I believe are real as described.
    How can “reporters” argue against the points he brings up? Are more minorities, NOT, growing up in single parent homes and does this affect the issue? Are minorities not leaving school in greater numbers sooner than others? Etc, Etc.If he is indeed reporting incorrectly then I can sleep better tonight because minorities are not experiencing the problems reported and the means of fixing the problems they do have in place are working. Detroit? Calif? New York?
    Is what he is saying ALL not correct?
    One point he repeats is some minorities ( and some whites) leaders are attacking his statements and refuse to address the things he brings up and seem to want to continue down the road without trying to fix what’s broke.
    I am dismayed by all the energy and treasure expended in trying to shut him up and seeing no good results then when someone speaks the obvious then that person is lynched for asking for some thought on the subject.
    I think the issues deserve a closer look. If they’re not real then let’s move on.

    • Anonymous

      You are pretty much spot on here, but…we have yet to experience the kind of racism that blacks have endured.  It’s only because white folks remain the majority number wise.  We would have to go to a nation where we were the minority to really get a taste.  Really the closest you could come is being a Christian in a Muslim nation.  THAT might give you a taste of real prejudice.

      • Pachy Serrano

        Right on Bert!! U are a tru conservative with heart and smarts. Cause there are some tea baggers here that they can see Jesus coming to Earth, but if he is black or brown, they would say . . . That’s not Jesus! Obama resurrected!!

        • Anonymous

          Jesus would look kind of…Jewish. That’s his ethnicity. I respect the work of the Tea Party and take exception to the tea bagger comment.

  • Pachy Serrano

    I support many of the points Bill made on his Talking Points and I also believe many blacks do as well. However, the issues of racial profiling, white power, and innequality can’t be blamed on blacks. We all have something to do with that. We are all in this together, as Americans, so we all need to do a bit to resolve this issue once and for all. Damn it! We are in 2013 and we still fighting between each other??? Let’s grow up and “make love” (not real sex, though) with each other and we might learn something good from each other. Thank God our children, the new Generation X, are no so “close-minded” as we are, cause if we go back to 1960s again, this nation is done for good. Next stop . . . Hell or Haven? I might pick Hell, I have been a bad boy.

  • Anonymous

    You reap what you sow, act like animals get treated as such…………………

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