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These days, Rush Limbaugh rarely appears on TV for interviews, but he made an exception this week when he appeared on Fox News. During an interview with Greta Van Susteren, Rush lashed out at the GOP saying a “battle” for the Republican Party is underway between “mainstream” Republicans and true conservatives who rely on principle over politics. Meanwhile, he lambasted President Obama for “relishing the opportunity to put into play what the leftists have only dreamed about in faculty lounges for 50 to 75 years.”

Lead story up on TheBlaze is Limbaugh just ripping in to the president in a rare TV interview. He says he is ‘relishing in the opportunity to put into play what those in faculty lounges only dreamt about’ for years. And that’s true, absolutely true,” Glenn said on radio this morning. “He also says that the media and those in Washington are doing everything they can to discredit those who identify with the Tea Party, and he specifically points out Ted Cruz as being a guy who has it going on, knows what’s happening, and he says what people have to – listen to this, this is from Rush Limbaugh – ‘work within the Republican party to take it over.’”

Glenn admitted to not listening to much talk radio as of late, but he found himself overjoyed at the idea of Rush admitting to problems within the establishment GOP. “Never thought I would be able to say to you Rush Limbaugh said ‘do everything you can to work within the Republican party to take it over,’” Glenn said. “Honestly, Rush was a little like Bill O’Reilly at times, where he had his blinders on, about five years ago, kind of going down that road. I thought he’s kind of just going down and he’s a Republican, but that’s not who he is. Not at all. And he has come out strongly.”

Stu, who is more familiar with what Rush has been covering on his radio program, pointed out that both Rush and Glenn have been arguing for the importance of maintaining values for quite some time.

“I think the fundamental point you both make is the actual values – he’s been talking about this a long time – conservative values,” Stu explained. “We talk about the libertarian leaning of it, but it’s not about the politicians that fold all the time. Rush Limbaugh’s been calling out people like John McCain for a long time.”

Sadly, much like Glenn, Rush rarely gets a fair shake from the mainstream media. Words will be taken out of context, mistakes will be exploited, and credit will rarely be given. Glenn encouraged his listeners, however, to continue to be vigilant and do their own homework.

“Do your homework, America. Be intelligent, be informed, and find out who is giving you the news. When you can watch the news and decode it, the whole world changes, but it is up to you to do it, because they are never going to report what Rush Limbaugh is actually saying,” Glenn said. “What Rush Limbaugh is actually saying is there are forces in the GOP world that want nothing more than to destroy anybody with an independent voice that stands for the Constitution and Tea Party.”

“It’s interesting. It’s a fascinating story on Rush Limbaugh today,” he concluded. “And Rush Limbaugh, I am proud, proud to be on Premier Radio Networks with you, and I am proud to be on talk radio, which you, sir, are responsible for and carried on to many AM radio stations, which you, sir, are responsible for keeping alive.”