Sen. Rand Paul dubs Chris Christie the “King of Bacon”

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Apparently Gov. Christie believes that Senator Rand Paul will be an eventual nemesis in the 2016 GOP primary, because he’s lashing out at him…again.

This time the NJ governor went after Paul on “pork” spending, and went on to accuse him wanting to bringing home the federal “bacon” more than anything else.

Really? The senator who is trying to cut spending across the board in the federal government and cut the budget not only in his own office, but across his entire state. Needless to say, Senator Paul isn’t one to back down, and his response to Gov. Christie is nothing short of epic.

Watch Christie’s statement here:

As you probably noticed, the statement that started on a seemingly amicable note, took a quick turn.

“I find it interesting that Sen. Paul is accusing us of having a ‘gimme gimme gimme’ attitude towards federal spending when, in fact, New Jersey is a donor state. We get 61 cents back for every dollar sent to Washington,” Christie said. “Interestingly, Kentucky gets a $1.51 on every dollar they send to Washington. So if Sen. Paul wants to start looking at where he’s going to cut spending to afford defense, maybe he should start looking at the pork barrel spending he brings home to Kentucky.”

Paul hit back Tuesday during an appearance on CNN’s “Situation Room”


“This is the king of bacon talking about bacon,” Paul said about Christie and his own brand of “pork barrel” spending. He also explained that the majority of federal spending in Kentucky goes to military bases in the state.

“What does he want to do, shut down military bases in Kentucky?” he continued. “In order to have enough money for national defense, which I think is a priority for the government, you have to be willing to cut spending in other places, and Governor Christie and others have been part of this ‘gimme gimme gimme’, gimme all this money.’”

Paul went on to warn Christie that “it’s not very smart” to “pick a war with me.”
“And it’s not a good way to grow the party,” he added. “Why would he want to pick a fight with the one guy who has a chance to grow the party by appealing to the youth and appealing to people who would like to see a more moderate and less aggressive foreign policy?”

“Somewhat of a low blow,” Pat pointed out, while continuing to laugh.

“Paul’s budget by the way,” Stu interjected, “slashed spending in every area, and eliminated many departments. He would be more than happy to cut spending in Kentucky. He will not shy away from that.”

“Yeah, I mean you can’t get into a spending argument with Rand Paul,” Pat added. “That’s ridiculous.”

“Yeah…stupid,” Stu continued. “You’re going to lose that one…badly.”

  • Sam Fisher

    Looks like he ate the whole pig as well. 

    • Anonymous

      The more I hear from Christie, the less impressed I am with him. He had no problem embracing Obama for more money when it served him politically. He was once a favorite of mine but not any longer.

    • greywolfrs

      Wouldn’t that make him a cannibal?

  • harrison j. bounel

    well, christie is losing weight with the staples in place.  still he could crush paul in a wrestling match….if he could catch him

  • harrison j. bounel

    why would he embrace and kiss obama’s butt and then turn on a fellow republican?  reagans 11th commandment :  talk no ill of a fellow republican.  time to go to confession, christie.    and to reduce the gravy the fed pays into kentucky,   christie wants to close the military bases?  and send blue grass music to nj?  time to practice the 11th commandment and stop looking stupid gov

    • Anonymous

       Use the “SHIFT” key for the first letter of  all proper names.
      You are showing that you are a product of union run public schools.

      • Anonymous

        I personally NEVER capitalize the proper names of people of whom I have no respect.  I suppose bigjohnl is an officer of the pc grammar and usage police… knucklehead.

        • Anonymous

           Neither do I…and gov christie doesn’t deserve my respect, he sold his soul to obama, he is a BIG RINO.

      • Anonymous

        Sorry BigJohnL, but some people think the message is more important than the spelling of said message as long as it is able to be understood. If you can’t decipher who he is talking about without the first letter being capitalized, then perhaps your “non-public” school should have been focused on reading comprehension.

        • Anonymous

          That is so good!!!  That is a gotch ya!! moment…

      • Pam Dunn

        SO somebody made bigjohnl the Hall Monitor and spell checker for the website? Back to your basement.

      • Myles Standish

        I haven’t capitalized obama’s name for five years. It is a sign of disrespect that I was hoping would catch on.

        • Anonymous

          To Myles and others here: 

          It’s not about respect for Obama or anyone else — it’s respect for the dominant language in your nation, and it’s also respect for your readers. Using disrespect as an excuse to be lazy with your cultural heritage has no place in the conservative viewpoint. Obamanuts doesn’t deserve any respect at all from right-thinking Americans — but the English language does. So, by the way, do your fellow commentators. 

          Now you know how your elders think. 

          • Watch it

             Do you know what artistic license is?

    • greywolfrs

      How exactly do we “close” Fort Knox?”

      • Watch it

         First it has to be emptied out. I’ll volunteer to help.

  • Anonymous

    One thing about Governor Krispy Kreme, he knows his food !    Paul’s pork remark may not be a big hit with a  certain religious group but who cares. Pass over that BLT.

  • egbegb

    Did Christy know 50+% of federal spending in KY goes to military bases?
    Can Paul verify his ‘majority’ (50+%)?

    If either or both can’t then

    “Loose lips sink ships” would be appropriate.

    Wouldn’t you say?

    Ed Bradford, Ph.D. Physics, retired from IBM
    Pflugerville, TX

    • Pam Dunn

      A post with much ado about nothing

    • greywolfrs

      Hey Ed, you do realize that Fort Knox is in KY, right? How much do you think it costs to guard the nation’s gold? Nice try, but I bet Rand is right on the money, considering he is proposing a budget that cuts EVERYTHING.

  • Becky Nicely

    Are we sure Christie is still a Republican?

    • Anonymous

       We have too many RINOS, hes an eastern RINO.

      • Anonymous

        мy coυѕιɴ ιѕ мαĸιɴɢ $51/нoυr oɴlιɴe. υɴeмployed ғor α coυple oғ yeαrѕ αɴd prevιoυѕ yeαr ѕнe ɢoт α $1З619cнecĸ wιтн oɴlιɴe joв ғor α coυple oғ dαyѕ. ѕee мore αт…­ ­ViewMore——————————————&#46qr&#46net/kAgk

        BigJohnL, but some people think the message is more important than the
        spelling of said message as long as it is able to be understood. If you
        can’t decipher who he is talking about without the first letter being
        capitalized, then perhaps your “non-public” school should have been
        focused on reading comprehension.

      • Draxx

        I’ve Never Heard Of RINO Bacon Before…  Doesn’t Sound Good At All…!

    • Anonymous

      just another loud mouthed RINO

    • Javier Deleon

      That guy is a demoncrap, Christie!

    • Mike Rogers

      He has the bulk, he is the hulk, he is a RINO.
      Attacking Rand Paul and Ted Cruz for “Extreme Libertarianism” was a BIG RED FLAG.
      Rand is “the palatable Paul”, because he knows how to straddle the divide between NeoCons on the one hand, and Isolationists on the other, to come up with smaller government and a strong-enough defense.
      We all know who won the battle of David vs Goliath….

  • Anonymous

    Chris Christie is the bacon…i hate insult pigs. Christie has a chance at anything as much as McCain’t did when he ran. Its time to vote out the RINO’s and get a good candidate for the next election.

  • Anonymous

    What a great name for the Meat Locker, spending like he does, we are laughing at this title.   Rand Paul is a logical, tactful, intelligent, determined, knowledgeable, Constitutional Senator, we really admire and respect him!

  • Anonymous

    Christy in any other state he’d be labeled a moderate liberal democrat, but because nj is a far left progressive entitlement oasis, he looks(or appears) republican. He is a classic “rino”; and I  don’t know a single moderate or conservative that would support(give money to) him! Think of him as obama light(pun intended).

    • Anonymous

      How ’bout “Obama heavy”?

  • Anonymous

    I was sad to see over a year ago that Christie wasn’t who we all hoped he was.  He took
    the Republican party line “a Rhino”, which is why true conservatives have been turned off by

    And of coarse the liberal media will love to repeat all that Rhino Christie says.  Just like
    for years McCain was their favorite.

  • Anonymous

    someone needs to tell Christy that it isn’t wise to poke at a hornets nest!! Rand Paul will chew him up and spit him out!!

  • Anonymous

    If Republicans want to win in 2016, they better get behind Christie this go around.  He is liked even by Blue Dog Democrats, and is known and liked nationally because of his superior leadership in New Jersey during the major crises due to super storm Sandy.  He is also credited for his success in the ability to negotiate with the unions and Democratic leaders in the state; he is seen as someone who gets the job done honorably, no matter what that takes, and does it out loud, up front, in the open, and personal, which gives the appearance of honesty.  Rand Paul doesn’t stand a chance against Hillary, she will eat him for dinner, so, if you don’t run Chris Christie, Hillary will win… period.

    • Pam Dunn

      Spoken like a TRUE left wing democrat troll with not a brain between the ears.

    • greywolfrs

      B S, any one with half a brain would never vote for Billary. By the way, the Republicans tried to run a moderate, Romney, how did that turn out?

  • Stephen B. Childress

    Double Meat & Cheese Super size it, Double Standard, Double Speak

  • Anonymous

    I would not vote for Chris Christie just because he eats too much “bacon.” I think he also knows the name, “Turncoat.” Ohhhh, my!! I just profiled!!

  • Anonymous

    Governor Christie shined up to Obama on the famous fly-over to implore fed. dollars for NJ and now he supports Obama policies.  Gov. Christie should keep his eyes on the state of NJ welfare as he previously guaranteed he had no future national agenda.

  • Anonymous

    Christie is a DEMOCRAT in heart.  Obama lover progressive.  He must not get the nomination

  • racindavid

    KY has 2 military bases… that skews the numbers fat boy… 

    • greywolfrs

      Including Fort Knox…

  • Live Free or Die

    Christie=RINO.  Buh-Bye, fraudster.  Chumming around with the imposter-in-chief spoke volumes to those of us that love the Constitution.  Christie, King, McCain, Graham, Boehner, Cantor, RINO, RINO, RINO, RINO, RINO, RINO.

  • Anonymous

    I am a conservative at heart but Rand Paul doesn’t have what it takes to win a Presidential election. He needs to stay active, as he is a valuable asset, but he isn’t a public figure that fuses the opposition together. The Democrats have the Republican Party in a corner. Unfortunately but at the same time thankfully the Republicans have to shift on social issues like gay marriage, immigration and abortion to survive. Right now the Democratic strategy thrives off of of  these niche groups that maintain their survival because their political policies keep them at a level where (they, those who are targeted) require their power to survive…at least so they believe. We are at the fork of change. Change that will rock every corner of the globe whether you’re a direct citizen of the United States or not. Be ready whether you believe the crazy to happen or not. Every community feels and sees it differently ,but we all will see it the same eventually…once it is all too late. Be active for the truth, the morally correct, and love for all attitude now, because your elected officials won’t stand for it. Believe in him or not, the world needs the gospel of Jesus Christ as a standard to follow. Governing seems to be a game to political  representitives, and they get paid for it, sadly.  We the people regulate, but I THINK IT’S TIME WE INFORM THE PEOPLE AND THE ELECTED ELITE REALLY WHO CONTROLS, AND HOW THIS SYSTEM REALLY WORKS. Don’t be silent, I’m sick of it! 

    • Pam Dunn

      Nothing but blather and nonsense.

    • greywolfrs

      You are absolutely incorrect. The largest voting block in the country is the Independents, neither the Democraps nor the Republicans can win without getting the majority of their votes. The Republican party continues to put up clowns like McCain or Romney and then wonders why they lost the election. On another note, the Republicans seem to think they can win without Libertarians, nothing could be more false. We Libertarians will no longer vote for these clowns simply because they have an R at the end their name. The Republicans do NOT need to change their stance on immigration, they need to handle business and close the border, as the majority want. Tyhe Republicans need to let people be free to choose on gay marriage and abortion. That’s  the beauty of freedom, one can also choose not to participate.

  • Jim Donovan

    Chicago Tribune, 1931: “For Chicago, W.H. ‘Big Bill’ Thompson has meant filth, corruption, obscenity
    and bankruptcy… He has given the city an international reputation for moronic buffoonery, barbaric crime, triumphant hoodlumism, unchecked graft and a dejected citizenship. He nearly ruined the property and completely destroyed the pride of the city. He made Chicago a byword for the collapse of American civilization. In his attempt to continue this he excelled himself as a liar and defamer of character.”

    82 years later, not much has changed in Chicago, but the model has become Federalized.

    Neither Christie nor Paul are the problem. Their spat is just for light Summer reading.

    • Pam Dunn

      And YOU need a window to replace your belly button so you can see where you are going and the truth !!

  • Anonymous

    Sorry, but I just can’t stop thinking about little fairy police flying around chasing criminals. 

  • Anonymous

    Pat and Stu you’re right his budget definitely slashes federal spending, but the niche groups that have become the majority don’t pay attention enough to give a damn about that. Until people on the Republican party recognize this they will be defeated every time.

  • Glenn

     Rand Paul vs Christie 80 to 20%  When he hugged Obama he showed his political colors!!!!  I don’t agree with Mr Paul on all his points but a lot more than Christy.  Rubio, he lost it all in immigration no chance for him!!!!
    Cruse from Texas #1 Rand Paul #
    Cruse for Pres  Paul for Vice Pres

    • Pachy Serrano

      Because his hug Obama? That’s a lame excuse to say I didn’t like the guy since the begining. Christie’s State was in crisis after the storm, families and children were suffering and you have the guts to say he should not be with our President. What kind of American say something like that? I hope you never in that position. That’s why, conservatives like you and their leaders will NEVER put a President in this great country, because you guys are blind and have no heart, people is not stupid they can see it coming from a distance. U guys dont love America, you guys love only your kind and the rest, “que se joda”. I bet my car that Rand can’t take Christie, wanna bet??

  • Jim Donovan

    Chicago Tribune, 1931: “For Chicago, W.H. ‘Big Bill’ Thompson has meant filth, corruption, obscenity, idiocy and bankruptcy… He has given the city an international reputation for moronic buffoonery, barbaric crime, triumphant hoodlumism, unchecked graft and a dejected citizenry. He nearly ruined the property and completely destroyed the pride of the city. He made Chicago a byword for the collapse of American civilization. In his attempt to continue this, he excelled himself as a liar and defamer of character.”

    82 years later, not much has changed in Chicago, but the model has now been Federalized.

    Christie and Rand are not the problem. Their spat is just for a little airtime in the Summer doldrums. 

  • Edward Harrison

    Christy hasnt changed….The Repubs are just now willing to admit it.
    If it werent for being Governor he would be selling used cars in Detroit. Rand Paul is the last remaining hope of the republican party, Id suggest Gingrich, Boehner and the rest of the “old guard” step aside.

  • Anonymous

    Christie, aside from being a phony republican, is a typical bully who talks tough but then cowers under the strain of real leadership. He is great at talking smack to middle aged teachers but collaspes when his state is hit with a disaster. He practically got on his knees to Obama to come and save NJ. When Ike hit Houston you didn’t see Perry crawling on his knees for help.
    Although Bush was proactive in offering help much of the heavy lifting was done by Texans. It was the costliest hurricane in Texas history. Christie would make a horrible president he needs to find a hobby for life after NJ.

  • TLC

    Bad move of Paul’s part.  He’s not always right.

    • Pam Dunn

      Another brainless one spews nonsense and rino nonsense.

    • greywolfrs

      No one is “always” right, but if you can not see the problem here, you need to pull your head out of your ass.

  • Anonymous

    If Christie is trying to impress he is only filling me with doubt of his character and capabilities.  I think it’s too late for Christie to impress anyone, anyway, because of his Obama patronizing.

  • Myles Standish

    Christie has been ultra-cuddly with obama as of late. NEVER a good sign. And then he suddenly turns on Rand to create dissension within his own party. Hmmm. Isn’t THAT convenient timing!

    And we all know that Rand is a major thorn in obama’s side (GO RAND!), so what are the odds that Christie would suddenly pick a pork fight with one of the biggest anti-pork senators in existence?!? Makes ZERO sense = democrat logic.

    Afterthought: I wonder how many bacon strips it takes to make one belt for Christie?

  • Anonymous

    Wolf Blitzer is definitely taking Chris Christie’s side against Rand Paul. If I knew nothing else, that would convince me to support Paul.

    I remember watching Christie speak at the 2012 Republican convention. The Chris Christie show! He was impressive. He had great shtick. Funny thing though, he had nothing to say about Mitt Romney, the Republican party nominee for President. No, it’s all about me.

    Another Christie moment, groveling and praising Obama in the hopes that he would open the spending spigots wide to pay for hurricane relief. Any Republican asking for responsible spending became the enemy. As far as I can see, Christie learned from the McCain/Graham school of politics:  attack conservative Republicans in the hope of winning plaudits from the liberal press.

    As far as Rand Paul goes, make sure you listen to his entire response to Christie. Christie has attitude, but Rand Paul has reason on his side. Also watch the interview of Rand Paul at Uncommon Knowledge:

  • Take 2

    If, I was able to afford blocking those three bad years of my history… I would run for President.

    There is something seriously wrong with 90% of all these politicians.  A few have fifth grade Mathematical skills BUT absolutely no born with street and book smarts. Dorks and over fed cheese heads.    

  • Anonymous

    Gov. Christie is a DAMN Democrat  —————– Is that plain enough for you to UNDERSTAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    christi is a turn coat.  he definitely drank the kool-aid and is most certainly a turn coat.  don’t know what christi is about – can’t read him, but I certainly don’t trust him.

  • Susan

    Rand Paul has such a Logical and quick mind.  

    How refreshing when there is such a stream of vomit and sewage coming from the Leftist Marxists who are so irrational and immoral.  The Leftists even are corrupting our kids and forcing sick ideas in their heads–“Pride” in anal sex–to erase Christian Ethics and force the Satanic/occultist/Muslim worldview on our Children.  They even are trying to corrupt reality of children by forcing “transgendered” bathrooms—-to create the Afghani Religion where the little boys are in harems and sodomized and dressed in dresses.  We need government OUT of schools—and quit the indoctrination.  

    Leftists/Marxists are extremely evil.

  • Anonymous

    With Christies’ stance on the 2nd Amendment, he will never get my vote. At this time my vote would go to Rand Paul or Allen West. Maybe a 1-2 punch and it could go either way.

    • Pachy Serrano

      Allen West, are you nuts?? The former congressman who thinks he is a political Rambo. Allen has no chance, he is full of crap, full of hate mongering, and “un sucio” (check that one up). A man like Allen, who likes to pick fights with women and young people is not a man to represent this great nation. He become President, he will be the Hugo Chavez of Capitalism . . . pure big mouth and no susbstance or caring.

  • Yoikes

    There is no doubt in my mind that this country needs Rand Paul as the next President of the United States.  And I am not some crazed libertarian.  I would never vote for Ron Paul, but Rand makes much more sense on both domestic and foreign policy issues.

    • greywolfrs

      And people like you wonder why Republicans lost the last two elections. You idiots call us Libertarians crazy, kooks and plenty of other names, until you want our vote. We have become wise to people like you and will NOT vote for your RINOs any longer. The Republican party is as big of a joke as the Democrap party, yet people like you think you have some reason to be on your high horse. Libertarians will stand for the Constitution, even when it does not suit us, too bad you and Republicans can not say the same thing.

  • greywolfrs

    Unbelievable, christie has the nerve to attack Rand Paul. The obamao dick sucker has the nerve to question Libertarians and Rand Paul. This idiot was correct about one thing, Libertarians and Rand Paul are “dangerous”…to the establishment clowns like chris.

    Be afraid chris, be very afraid.

  • Anonymous

    Christie, is NOT a republican. He has tasted the power of political office and wants moreof it. I do believe he will run for office in 2016, and taking steps to lose weight was first indiction. He doesn’t want the cruel taunts he faced when running for governor. I wouldn’t vote for him. Nor, would I vote for Hillary, “what difference does it make?” No one is going to take either one off the fore mentioned to the grove, so don’t waste our time. Both are socialist progressives, imo.

  • Anonymous

    What’s wrong with Bacon, it’s my favorite food.  I would be a vegetarian if bacon was a vegetable.  By the way Patty Murray is the Queen of Pork, maybe she and Christie ought to run for President together.  They could run on the campaign promise, “A Pig in every Pot!”

  • mary strouth

    You Go  Mr. Paul!

  • Anonymous

    I was not comfortable with Gov. Christie’s embrace of Obama, particularly as FEMA really didn’t do a good job with the devastation of Sandy. But I’ll quarrel with those who call Christie a RINO. I am from New Jersey, born in NYC and moved to NJ in 1942 (age seven). I’ve lived either in NJ or Manhattan or down state NY all my life. I’ve watched my state become “bluer and bluer” over the years – Governor Christie is making significant moves back to the red side (no plays on communist red please, referring to Republican red).

    I might point out that NJ also has military bases, and more conveniently located to major transportation facilities than Kentucky. I like Rand Paul, but his argument that the Federal spending in his state is defense oriented and therefore justified is specious. Fort Dix, McGuire AFB, Fort Monmouth (although it is closing), Earle Naval Ammunition Depot, and a number of Coast Guard installations are all included in that 61 cents on the dollar that NJ gets back.

    I’m all for National Defense and an effective military, but what do military bases in Kentucky have to do with that. Most of our military bases within the US are pork arranged by the congressmen and senators of the various states. Some states have unique properties that are needed for training – mountains, swamps, deserts, etc. – it is logical to have bases in those locations. Others have easy access to the oceans (not much sense to have a Naval Base in Kentucky, luckily we don’t have one) or shorten the air distance to other continents. Given the relative width of the Atlantic and Pacific it is logical to have major air bases in the western US to they can go either way. There is no logic to military bases in Kentucky, other than a bit of pork for the constituency.

    I repeat, I respect Rand Paul – and I like Gov. Christie for what he is doing in my state (but wish he’d be a bit more careful with his mouth – but he is Joisey). He has bucked the entrenched teacher’s union and is trying to consolidate municipal expenses (we have more municipalities than much larger states, each with a school budget and administrators). Come to think of it, I live in Manalapan Township, but within the Township there is the historic boro of Englishtown (Washington marched out of there in the Battle of Monmouth). Manalapan has a police department of about 100, the boro of Englishtown has two police officers. All serious problems in Englishtown are handled by Manalapan’s police force – Englishtown is one square mile. This is proliferated throughout the state, the overlapping responsibilities. Christie is trying to handle these problems, but is working with a democratic legislature.


  • Take 2

     In 1814 we took a little trip
    Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty Mississip.
    We took a little bacon an’ we took a little beans
    And we caught the bloody British at the town of New Orleans.

  • buzzo

    Christie certainly looks like the king of bacon!

  • Andy Driggers

    Is it just me, but does anybody else find it comical to hear Christie talk about who brings home more pork?  Look in the mirror Chris and I think you will find your answer.

  • Bill Cass

    never did trust christie

  • Pachy Serrano

    AGAIN, Rand Paul has NO CHANCE to become the new president of this nation. Hear me again folks . . . No chance if he can’t win independents, conservative dems, and moderate republicans, plus u add minorities, women, etc. etc. The guy do not have personality, likes to trash International policy (US is not the only country with power in this world, dude) he is bully and in America we don’t like bullies. I bet my car he won’t win . . . anybody??

    • greywolfrs

      The only person that has no  chance of becoming president is the one who does not run. Your crystal ball is in great working order to be able to say that people would not vote for Rand. By the way, a Libertarian leaning Republican has a better chance of getting the Independents, Moderate Democraps and Republicans, along with minorities and women. Nevermind that though, that doesn’t fit into your left wing stupidity, fudgepacker.

      P.S. I don’t need a broken down Yugo.

  • Anonymous

    How interesting that Christie the Hutt should be accusing Rand Paul of bringing home the bacon when: a) Rand Paul refused to accept a penny of any of the stimulus money, b) Rand Paul refuses to accept his own salary, and c) at the end of every fiscal year, Rand Paul actually RETURNS money to the government.  Can you say the same, Chrissy, you weasel?!  Now why don’t you slither on back to that cesspit you call New Jersey and SHUT UP?  We are wise to your fat mouth and we will make sure by all fair means that you NEVER run our country!  You are DEAD to us!!!

  • bucketnutz

    The Large man shows how small he really can be

  • Watch it

    Looks like Christie put his foot in it .

  • jalina susan stutte

    Christie and Peter King are not conservatives but very liberal, along with McCain, Boehner, and a few old establishment republicans. It’s time to replace them with real Conservatives and next election it will happen. They know it and that’s why they attack Cruz, Paul and many others from the Tea Party They forget that the Tea Party is “WE THE PEOPLE!” Christie is a fat liberal who only got his fat surgery so he will have a better chance at President seat in 2016 but not a cold day in hell will he win.

  • Dawn Garland

    I don’t think Chris Christie is even a republican………he’s right up obummers azz

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