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MSNBC’s Chris Matthews recklessly called Senator Ted Cruz a terrorist on his show “Hardball” after Cruz called for Republicans to unite in an effort to defund terrorism. While Matthews has said some pretty crazy things in the past, but was this too far? On radio Thursday, Glenn explained why Tea Party groups should actually be happy that progressives are getting so scared of Cruz’s efforts that they’ve been reduced to the worst kinds of name calling.

“I believe it’s terrorism: This is the first time I’ve seen a political party, or even a fraction of it, say that their number one goal is to shutdown the American government, kill a bill that’s already been passed by congress, and refuse to pay bills already run up by congress in an attempt to basically risk default,” Matthews said.

On radio, Glenn said this was just evidence of how scared progressives like Matthews are.

“Ted Cruz and the senators are saying stand up. Stand with us and we can change the course of the country. You know that it’s working because you have people like Chris Matthews say that Ted Cruz is now a terrorist. Not a bad guy. Not a guy misguided. Not just somebody who wants to shut down the government but a terrorist. So you know that it’s working. You know that they’re afraid of it,” Glenn said.

WATCH Matthews comments below: