Glenn: Are we on the path to war with Russia, Middle East?

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Today on radio, Glenn looked at some of the disturbing parallels between FDR and Obama – particularly the state of the country in the buildup to World War 2. Are we about to repeat history?

Glenn gave the audience a quick history of FDR’s administration, focusing on his second term. He was able to pass a lot of progressive legislation, most notable The New Deal. FDR was elected in 1933, and this is where Glenn said things started to fall apart. The Supreme Court overturned a lot of the New Deal programs, and members of his own administration became critical of his policies.

“Well, just like with FDR, I think things are falling apart,” Glenn said. “And if you look at, for instance, the economy, when the American people…there’s going to come a time where everybody’s going to know this. 75% of all jobs that have been created in the last year are part time. 75% of all jobs.”

Stu added that the ratio of part time jobs to full time jobs is currently 4:1, but usually they are almost 1:1. One of the main causes for the high number of part-time jobs is that employers do not want to have to pay the healthcare costs associated with Obamacare.

“It takes a while to fundamentally transform a nation, and remember the last time this was tried was with FDR,” Glenn said. ” This time we have exposed the progressives for what they really are and didn’t let them get away with it in the cover of darkness. And I think there was enough people where it didn’t happen last time, there’s enough people in the country that stood up against the GOP, where that wasn’t happening last time. They weren’t talking about throwing all of the GOP out and starting something new.”

In addition to the economy, Glenn said that the latest polls show that Americans are opposed to the President’s healthcare plan.

“So now the economy is starting to fray. 75% of all jobs are part time that were created this year. Healthcare is over.”

“Healthcare is over. That is the centerpiece. If you don’t have healthcare, that weakens the IRS and everything else that he has done. The dollar and the debt, the Fed is completely out of options. There’s nothing left now. There’s no gas in the tank. You now have to pretty much come out and say, ‘All we’re doing is printing money’ because there’s no rhyme or reason for it anymore.”

Glenn also said that the President’s approval ratings will continue to decline as more information about the NSA and IRS scandals emerge.

“So all of those things are happening here in the United States. Then you have the Muslim Brotherhood. This is really important. They are exposed here. People are starting to go, ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, what’s going on with the Muslim Brotherhood? What’s all of this all about?’ and they are over in the Middle East. We picked the wrong horse. Who would have seen that one coming? And so they are over in the Middle East. So that thing is bubbling over.”

“And then you’re at the point now where the proxy war is about to be discovered. And when I say ‘proxy war’, we have been in a proxy war with Iran and Russia for a while now. We have picked sides, and we have picked the side against Russia, I believe against China as well, although I don’t believe they’re involved in this proxy war. They’re just going to be there to hold ‑‑ they’re just going to be there to buy everything up after it’s all over. But Russia has picked Iran, we have picked the Muslim Brotherhood and Libya and Egypt, and we are going in and we’re fighting. It’s the United States versus Russia.”

“This is what all of us who are my age grew up worried about. This is it. It’s been a Cold War, it’s been a proxy war, it’s been one where nobody really understands it yet, but I think you’re about to. I think this whole thing in the Middle East is the beginning of the end of the proxy war and the covert war. You’re now going to see an openly hot war, I fear, and the beginning of World War III, which changes everything.”

“Remember, if you look at ’33, if you consider ’33/’08, that makes 1939 when war started all over the world 2014. We’re on the same timeline. Same timeline. This doesn’t work very long and so progressives, just like Woodrow Wilson, just like Woodrow Wilson and just like FDR, A, what their policies do is stir up all kinds of trouble and so the world goes into war, but they also need war to help cover what they’ve done.”

  • Anonymous

    Yes, the proxy war ends soon.  Glenn is correct.  We are fighting Assad’s regime.  That is at odds with Russia’s and Iran’s agendas.  We back Israel (at least for now).  That’s at odds with the entire Middle East.  We’ve closed 19 embassies for the time being.  The terror is going to be aimed somewhere else now.  The literature has been out there for years.  The Muslim Brotherhood has been a terrorist organization from the beginning.  The only reason they don’t fully align with Al-qaeda is that they want the credit for the bloodletting that will stir up the Muslim world.  Watch this movie, if you can bear to keep your eyes opened.  It won’t end well.

  • Pachy Serrano

    THis is NOT news GB!! and You are not the first one to think that way . . . It is due . . . America will be at war with Russia, or Iran, or China, at some point in history. History shows when you have super powers at each other’s neck something will happen. When?? That’s the question>

    • greywolfrs

      That’s not exactly true. Why would China want a war with us when we are buying ALL of their P O S products. Why would the Russians want a war with us, as we hand them “foreign aid?” The problem will come in when those things stop happening. Nevermind that though, reality is not your forte, fudgepacker.

  • Sam Fisher

    How about we avoid war all together and let the idiots on
    the other side of the Earth kill each other. We should not be in the Middle
    East or anywhere else but this country.

    • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)


      Though the progressives and the Fabyian Society of Soros wants the third world war to begin; in such a means they seek to reforge and restructure the world into their own concept of insanity at its finest.

      • greywolfrs

        OK, the NWO idiots surely want to do this, but Soros is peon. Everyone keeps talking about this guy and he is NOTHING compared to people like the Rothschilds, Morgans, Rockefellers and Kissingers.

    • greywolfrs

      Well, the Republicans have done their share of warmongers also. The hypocrisy of the left wing is duly noted, but they are too dumb to see it.

      Stop the stupid wars, vote Libertarian.

      • Sam Fisher

        Yes they did so as well. I just don’t get why we police a world that hates our guts as far as I see it they don’t like us then they really don’t need our help.

        • greywolfrs

          Very true, no argument here on those points.

  • Anonymous

    Glenn’s modus operandi appears to be: keep prophesying doom and gloom and scare the holy sh*t out of your gullible audience. Eventually the odds are that some disaster will occur that you can say “See I told you so”(now send me your money and I will tell you more). And if nothing happens the fools will forget. After all it is drama and the fear factor that is so appealing to Glenn’s followers. Those who buy into Glenns type of snake oil feel much more secure with a “known” enemy than they do with the possibility of an “unknown” friend.

    • greywolfrs

      You are a complete moron. Hey stupid, EVERY economist says the system WILL collapse under the unsustainable deficits and debt. The only place the differ is at what percent of GPD it will happen. Stay stupid, that seems to be working great for you.

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for your sage advise greywolfrs. I must admit “EVERY economist” is a lot of economists. And we all know how much economists know,  now don’t we? Throw in a few bible quotes and you have an ironclad argument for collapse. It would be helpful though if you could be a little more specific than a percent here or there of GDP. I’d like to get my teeth cleaned before the collapse so a date would be helpful.

        • greywolfrs

          So, moron, you think the US government can continue to spend money it does not have and everything will be peachy-fucking-keen. My bad, you are not moron, you are a fool of the highest order.

          • Anonymous

            The United States is a very wealthy nation so if we wanted to we could spend a lot more than we are now spending.The bigger problem is what we tend to spend it on and what we don’t spend it on but should.
             Our overseas military adventures have been very expensive and have achieved nothing positive. We haven’t considered the long term costs of our sprawling infrastructure. We don’t educate ALL of our children in an equitable way. Our safety net is underfunded and poorly organised. And a large portion of the population (a third) thinks that government is the problem.
            I suppose one option would be to wait for the collapse to come. But what if the collapse doesn’t come for another two thousand years. That’s a long time to wait.

          • Guest

             “The United States is a very wealthy nation” – – – uhhhh, how much do we owe China etal? We are  $16.7 trillion in debt.

          • greywolfrs

            How exactly can you claim the US is a “wealthy nation?” Our Federal Government is over 16 trillion in debt. Our State governments are in debt. Maybe you should look up the US debt clock. It is spinning so fast I could use it as a fan to keep me cool.
            Being a Libertarian, I don’t disagree with the military ventures overseas. By the same token, those “safety nets” are unConstitutional and should NEVER have been there. We have considered the long term costs of infrastructure, Congress put 18 cents per gallon of gas to pay for it. Where did that money go? A large portion of the population are correct, the government IS the problem.

            I guess you can stay blind and believe that the system will not collapse, but all economists agree it will, as the debt grows. Some say at 150% of GDP, some say at 250% of GDP. There are a bunch who say somewhere between those percentages. Those numbers are NOT two thousand years away.

            It’s OK, keep head firmly planeted in your ass and ignore this, then you can be surprised when it happens.

          • Anonymous

            Umm…. says $125.14T that we’re on the hook for. We are a wealthy nation? I’m confused?? Personally, professionally, business-wise?? It seems our government definitely knows how to “cook the books” so to speak whilst we go about our Days “thinking” all is well, nothing to see here.

  • Anonymous

    If America continues to stand with Israel, war with Iran and Russia (together with a number of Arab Muslim states across North Africa and the Middle East) is inevitable. Read Ezekiel chapter 38 & 39 – God warned us over 2 and a half thousand years ago! If America abandons Israel, God will not spare His judgement. Either way, what is written will come to pass and all anyone can do is prepare for it. Jesus is the only hope anyone has of living through the next decade. “Behold, I set before you a choice; life or death, blessing or curses, therefore choose wisely.”

    • greywolfrs


      Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death,I
      will fear no evil…Because I am the meanest M F er in the valley.

      • Anonymous

        There is always someone bigger, someone tougher, someone meaner and anyone who says they have no fear is like a liar or a fool. Your problem is that you lack understanding. You don’t understand the scriptures – as your misquote of psalm 23 above makes clear – or the power of God who has the ability to destroy not only the flesh but the spirit as well – and you better start fearing Him! I pray that He opens the eyes of your understanding and gives you the courage to seek the truth while there is still time, God grant you the strength to overcome your fear of the Bible and the courage to read it for yourself.  If anyone lacks wisdom, let him ask God who gives liberally…It will take all the courage you can muster Greywolf.

        • greywolfrs

          Wrong again, I have no reason to fear any man or God. You idiots claim that “fearing” God is the way it is. Why should I fear my God? That makes no sense what-so-ever. As for your religious rant, take it to someone who gives a shit. You are another person who believes that their God and book are the only way, you sound like the Muslims.

          • Anonymous

             I asked a minister why anyone should “fear God.”  He said that the translation from Greek should have been LOVE.  Since I am not a linguist, I would have to take his word for it because it has been proven that some words in the Bible were erroneously translated, some of which were deliberately mistranslated.  I never use the words “fear God,” but I do use the words to “Love God.”

          • greywolfrs

            Well, it’s proven that the bible was poorly translated, but continuing to say things like “fear God” only makes a person sound uneducated and frankly quite stupid.

        • Draxx

          I have lived a Good Life, I have lived a Hard Life, and I have been in combat and seen the most horrific things first hand (I understand that man has Free Will and can choose Evil, that is what I saw out there!  If God were to snuff free will then he could prevent wars and famine as we know it, but I would rather have the Freedom to Choose Heaven and Appreciate it then to be a lemming without free conscious thoughts!).  I have seen people die in an instant in front of me, I have Zero Control over whether someone can and will kill me if they have a determination to do so… I Refuse to Live In Fear of Things That Are Beyond My Control (Man or God, which I try to carry respect for at all times)!  I have come so close to death too many times it no longer has a hold on me, if I were to die tomorrow things will be just fine.  Because, I have a Strong Relationship with the One True God and Jesus, I have reconciled with them and people in my life!  Am I Truly Forgiven, I don’t know; but I have Forgiven those that have done me harm…

          Note: I don’t believe Courage is the answer, Fortitude of Faith goes so much farther in Life (and I am guessing in Death Too).  Fear and Anger will drag you down just as much as Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, Criminal Activity, etc…

    • Anonymous

      Two and a half thousand years is sure a lot of warning time. You would think that with that amount of warning people would be prepared for something. Exactly what do you think I should prepare for northernwatchman.
       I was raised in a “Christian home”, however the Jesus you speak about I’ve never met. Perhaps I was mislead or maybe I was spared. Either way I hope you have a wonderful day today and a wonderful when ever that happens to be.

    • Draxx

      I am a Believer in God/Jesus and I think the Bible has many great things in it…

      But, I don’t remember ever reading about “America” in it, and yes it does say that those that abandon Isreal (Holy Lands) then they will feel the punishment that comes with that action.

    • Anonymous

      Look, I have nothing against Israel per se, but I don’t agree with those who treat Israel like it’s a religion.
      Israel is not a religion, it’s a country. I think it’s time to get that fact straight. 
      It was a massive mistake allowing Israel to acquire nuclear weapons. Israel is a very, very small country, and if the Israeli leadership ever thinks that their tiny little speck of holy dirt is going to be wiped off the map by a weapon of mass destruction, then they will exercise the “Samson option”.
      Remember the Biblical story of how Samson killed himself along with as many as he could take with him? That’s what the Israeli leadership will do: And one of the first targets that will be attacked is anti-Semitic Moscow.
      Now, what do you think the Russians will do if they are on the receiving end of an Israeli nuke?
      You think 9/11 was bad when a some skyscrapers fell and over three thousand people died?
      Continued American aid to Israel should be contingent on them surrendering control of their nuclear weapons to the U.S.
      End of story……..

  • Anonymous

    I wouldn’t fight Russia. They’ve been on the right side of things.

  • Anonymous

    Beck is an ass clown!

    • greywolfrs

      Sounds like you speak from experience.

  • suz

    great radio.

  • Snorri

    The one big, and I mean really big, fly in the ointment of war, any war, is the use of nuclear weapons. Given the itchy trigger fingers of some “Wackadoodle” conservatives and the knee jerk reactions of some “Nutzy Fagen” liberals, a marked terrorist attack upon the U.S. would very likely result in a escalating use of nuclear weapons, i.e.: tactical to strategic. Political, economic, ethnic, and social tensions are approaching a breaking point in the U.S. where a spasm of projected hatred could be vented on despised and / or ungrateful “foreigners” rather upon the justly deserving politicians and bureaucrats. The results of any nuclear weapon use will mean that humanity and civilization lose.

  • ken.

    the russians and chinese have been using the middle east to overwhelm our military and keep our troops busy overseas to weaken us enough for the sleeper cells to have the opportunity to damage us enough at home so they can then use central and south america to base russian and chinese troops and equipment to come in and finnish us off.

  • ken.

    being the worlds police force has been used against us to bring our destruction. the founding fathers warned us about becoming involved in other countries civil wars and issues that are not a direct threat to america or it’s interests. the founding fathers used libertarian principles to guide a republican form of government. there is a big difference between isolationist and minding your own business until it becomes your business. leading by principles and not force is what america was founded upon.

  • BrooklynSWAMI

    If you believe the Bible then war with Russia is inevitable. Everyone wants to control the Middle East mostly for oil but Jerusalem is the real topic. God will not allow Jerusalem to be taken from the Jews again no matter who’s the more dominant country. The muslims want Jerusalem badly so they will fight to the death to get her. I’m excited because I know who wins. Whoever is on the side of God will win. If the USA turns on Israel God help us because we would be so screwed.

  • Anonymous

    I think you’re spot on Glenn in this comparison.

    Back then we had ‘friends’, even a rough ‘relationship’ (if we call it that) with Mr. Stalin, to pinch the Nazi Machine, on multiple fronts. Then we come forward to today….. the ‘friends’ column has been trimmed a bit but trying, ever so desperately, to be-friend countries/peoples that seek our ruination….. at any cost. 

    The friends of old have depended on a strong America to CTCA. NATO, is a joke. Half of those nations dislike US passionately. We are a joke in the UN. (why are we apart of that deconstructionist union of so-called friends?) We’ve [people in power] lost political will & backbone and show our backs to problems, issues, scandals, law, even our own founding principles. Currently, we haven’t got the leadership skills in place. We, the US, are perceived as being weak begging for buttermilk; and unfortunately everyone knows it. When we walk into the room we are not the ones putting our hands out there firmly & first for the handshake but provide a limp response.

    We, America, since WWII, kept its hands on the pressure release valve of the world and we’ve let go; it shows too!! Don’t even need sight to know that!! The world is spinning out of control – because we let go of the wheel. We’re in, what, 75 countries, seemingly stating that the War on Terror is over but still fighting the same battles. This admin. is distancing Israel, even arming their enemies….. this our closets ally?!!

    You can feel evil. You can feel oppression, even a pressure of sorts. Thank God the darkness can not stand in the Light lest it be destroyed. America does not seem to be there in The Word. Maybe it just plays a supporting role or ‘X’…. I don’t know? I just push around a piece of plastic, hit keys and make pretty pictures whilst I constantly review My Walk through The Way.

    I was just reminded of a period in history. Rome. 414AD. Rome was the valve-tender back then. I’m not saying we’re like Rome but we are the apex of history lived, learned, and tried. Will all our armies be defeated in the field, will we fall back to Rome, and await the Visigoth’s final sack? I pray God I hope not!!! Without Rome, the world saw 800 years of darkness and despair.

    If we continue down this path of wrong is right, right is wrong, up is down, etc, etc….. We, US, had better learn to pray, do, think, seek provisions. This time, their are no 6 meter thick walls to thwart an attack and our lofty, zeppelin-sized government, through appeasement, quiet capitulation of Sovereignty, regulation, taxation, and meddling in its citizen’s affairs, has all but assured US a provision-less siege.

    Its up to God & US – We The People – and I hope we’re ready for it… 

  • Anonymous

    Huh, I remember WWII.  It got the unemployed working again. But, at what a cost!

    There should be another way better than that.

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