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Today on radio, Glenn looked at some of the disturbing parallels between FDR and Obama – particularly the state of the country in the buildup to World War 2. Are we about to repeat history?

Glenn gave the audience a quick history of FDR’s administration, focusing on his second term. He was able to pass a lot of progressive legislation, most notable The New Deal. FDR was elected in 1933, and this is where Glenn said things started to fall apart. The Supreme Court overturned a lot of the New Deal programs, and members of his own administration became critical of his policies.

“Well, just like with FDR, I think things are falling apart,” Glenn said. “And if you look at, for instance, the economy, when the American people…there’s going to come a time where everybody’s going to know this. 75% of all jobs that have been created in the last year are part time. 75% of all jobs.”

Stu added that the ratio of part time jobs to full time jobs is currently 4:1, but usually they are almost 1:1. One of the main causes for the high number of part-time jobs is that employers do not want to have to pay the healthcare costs associated with Obamacare.

“It takes a while to fundamentally transform a nation, and remember the last time this was tried was with FDR,” Glenn said. ” This time we have exposed the progressives for what they really are and didn’t let them get away with it in the cover of darkness. And I think there was enough people where it didn’t happen last time, there’s enough people in the country that stood up against the GOP, where that wasn’t happening last time. They weren’t talking about throwing all of the GOP out and starting something new.”

In addition to the economy, Glenn said that the latest polls show that Americans are opposed to the President’s healthcare plan.

“So now the economy is starting to fray. 75% of all jobs are part time that were created this year. Healthcare is over.”

“Healthcare is over. That is the centerpiece. If you don’t have healthcare, that weakens the IRS and everything else that he has done. The dollar and the debt, the Fed is completely out of options. There’s nothing left now. There’s no gas in the tank. You now have to pretty much come out and say, ‘All we’re doing is printing money’ because there’s no rhyme or reason for it anymore.”

Glenn also said that the President’s approval ratings will continue to decline as more information about the NSA and IRS scandals emerge.

“So all of those things are happening here in the United States. Then you have the Muslim Brotherhood. This is really important. They are exposed here. People are starting to go, ‘Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute, what’s going on with the Muslim Brotherhood? What’s all of this all about?’ and they are over in the Middle East. We picked the wrong horse. Who would have seen that one coming? And so they are over in the Middle East. So that thing is bubbling over.”

“And then you’re at the point now where the proxy war is about to be discovered. And when I say ‘proxy war’, we have been in a proxy war with Iran and Russia for a while now. We have picked sides, and we have picked the side against Russia, I believe against China as well, although I don’t believe they’re involved in this proxy war. They’re just going to be there to hold ‑‑ they’re just going to be there to buy everything up after it’s all over. But Russia has picked Iran, we have picked the Muslim Brotherhood and Libya and Egypt, and we are going in and we’re fighting. It’s the United States versus Russia.”

“This is what all of us who are my age grew up worried about. This is it. It’s been a Cold War, it’s been a proxy war, it’s been one where nobody really understands it yet, but I think you’re about to. I think this whole thing in the Middle East is the beginning of the end of the proxy war and the covert war. You’re now going to see an openly hot war, I fear, and the beginning of World War III, which changes everything.”

“Remember, if you look at ’33, if you consider ’33/’08, that makes 1939 when war started all over the world 2014. We’re on the same timeline. Same timeline. This doesn’t work very long and so progressives, just like Woodrow Wilson, just like Woodrow Wilson and just like FDR, A, what their policies do is stir up all kinds of trouble and so the world goes into war, but they also need war to help cover what they’ve done.”