On radio this morning, Glenn lifted the moratorium on saying President Obama’s name in order to cover a new music video that has gone viral in Egypt called “You Obama, Your Father, Mother.” The nearly four and half minute video features performer Sama Elmasry brandishing a sword next to a photo of the President, as well as photoshopped images of Obama dressed as Osama bin Laden and as a baby in diapers

“Okay, we’re going to lift our ban on the use of the president’s name because this one’s going to be enjoyable for about 15 minutes,” Glenn said. “The [new] song that is out in Egypt is all about the president. This one you’ll love.”

To get the full effect, watch the entire video below:

“So here let me tell you, let me give you the translation, because this is dramatic,” Glenn said. “This is what she says: ‘Hey, Obama. Hey, Obama. Hey, Obama. Support the terrorism, traitor, like the Brotherhood members. Obama say it’s a coup. That’s not your business, dirty man. Obama say it’s a coup. That’s not your father/mother business. And you Paterson, stop messing old b**ch woman.”

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“I mean, it’s pretty obvious that that’s a solid tune right there,” Pat joked. “Tell me this isn’t going to be in your iTunes stash later on today.”

Despite the apparent translation issues, the point of the video is obvious: Obama is not the great unifying force he claimed to be.

“Yeah, I mean, [Obama] was supposed to heal not only the oceans but all of our relationships around the world,” Stu said. “And it seems like people hate us more than ever… And I don’t actually understand their complaint here. They seem to be opposed to us just being involved?”

“[The Egyptians] were for the Muslim Brotherhood when they thought the Muslim Brotherhood was going to be everything that Hillary Clinton said they would be,” Glenn explained. “That they would just be this great, open, very Jeffersonian style ruling party. And once they started, you know, not being so Jeffersonian and started ruling with an iron fist again, [the Egyptians] started going crazy.”

Glenn likened the situation in Egypt to that of Detroit. When things go wrong, everyone is looking for someone to point the finger at. In Detroit, they are blaming conservatives. In Egypt, they are blaming America.

“Once people get behind the eight ball, they’re not going to blame it on themselves if somebody will give them a scapegoat,” Glenn said. “This is a very uneducated society. The Egyptian populous is hungry, and they don’t have a very high education. So you have hungry run by out‑of‑control clerics. The religious organizations are doing what, you know, the Christians were doing back in the days of the knights…That’s exactly what’s happening. [The Egyptian people] are not thinking for themselves because they can’t. They don’t have the time. They’re hungry. And when anybody is hungry, jobless, and they have people over them telling them, ‘You know whose fault it is? It’s their fault over there. You should go get them,’ they’ll do it. We’re seeing it in our own country. Look what’s happening to our own country.”

“This is why capitalism solves war,” Stu interjected. “This is why capitalism destroys those conflicts because once you get the prosperity in your life, you back off of those things.”

“This is why capitalism or the free market system, coupled with a society that understands moral framework and a rule of law that is blind, frees people,” Glenn added.

“And this is exactly why I’ve always said, ‘Hey, Obama, your father, your mother, your Israel, your Turkey, and your Qatar, all of you, go to hell,’” Pat quipped.

“Right,” Glenn concluded. “I think we’ve heard actual song lyrics here in America on the radio very similar to this.”