Could this be the candidate to take down Lindsay Graham?

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Nancy Mace, the first woman to graduate from The Citadel, announced her candidacy for U.S. Senator for the state of South Caroline, officially throwing down the gauntlet for progressive incumbent Sen. Lindsay Graham. Glenn has been desperate for a strong candidate to rise up and challenge Graham – is Mace the answer?

During the interview, Glenn pulled no punches and asked tough questions right out of the gate. He wanted to press Mace as she should be facing some tough obstacles in her quest to be the new Senator from South Carolina.

“$6.3 million war chest. You’re going to run against (Sen. Graham) in a state that allows the Democrats to vote in the Republican primary. There’s a ton of Democrats that don’t want to see Lindsey Graham go anywhere. He has a fortune. The last person that spends the most amount of money in the last 30 days is going to be the winner and this guy also is going to get all of the democratic votes. How do you think you’re going to beat him?” Glenn asked.

Mace said that she feels like she has to force a run-off in order to make sure a true conservative comes out on top.

“I disagree with you on part of the remarks because no one in this race is going to have the mountain of money that he has. He has special interests, he has PACs, he has a lot of money. And no one’s going to raise that kind of cash. But what we are going to do is build a grassroots network around this, around the state. And that’s the only way you’re going to win in this race is if you’re able to have a message that, I think that most people can believe in and also have a grassroots network. And that’s what we’re doing right now. I mean, we’ve been overwhelmed by the response of people to be included in this race. And in South Carolina, it’s a runoff state. So the goal here is to force a runoff. And I believe the most conservative candidate wins the primary after the runoff,” she said.

What is the biggest issue facing the country? Mace said it was the lack of trust in government.

“I think the biggest problem facing this country today is trust. I mean, do we trust this government to do what it says it’s going to do? Do we trust this government with our individual liberties to protect us?” she said. “I look what’s happening with ObamaCare and I look what’s happening with our individual liberties when our personal e‑mail records and phone records are being gone through with the NSA spying program.”

Glenn also asked a tough question of her, but one that he has asked a lot of candidates over the past year: How is your soul?

“What I can say about my soul is that, I mean, I am founded on very specific principles and I do not waver, and I believe I’m on the right side here, on the right side of the angels. And when I go to Washington, I’m not going to waver from that. I mean, I have shown consistently in my life that I’m a very hard worker and I’m self‑reliant and that’s what I want to bring to D.C. I mean, I see what’s happening up there and it’s very frustrating,” she said. “I believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. That’s what our country was founded on and that’s what I believe in.”

Glenn wished Mace luck in her race, but when he came back from the break he seemed a little less than impressed by the interview. Pat and Stu wondered why he threw her some obscure and unusual questions about the state of her soul on her first major outing since announcing her candidacy.

“She’s the candidate that has announced now, the first one that was announced and I’m getting all kinds of heat here in the studio because I was tough on her. Well, are you kidding me? I was a piece of cake compared to what she’s about to show up and face,” Glenn said. ” A, that’s my job; and B, if you are a small government person and you can’t handle an interview on the Glenn Beck Program, you can’t handle it.”

“When I was asking her about her soul, what do you believe?” he said. “Tell me what it means to you. What is the core of who you are? What makes you stand against that lion? Because I guarantee you when that lion is unleashed and it’s coming toward you, you’re going to question everything in your life. And he’s going to make you question everything in your life. And the media is going to then eat your entrails. So you better know who you are and what keeps you moving and why you’re doing it.”

Glenn said that he hoped in future interviews that she would make a point of talking about what it was like to be the first woman to go through The Citadel and how the obstacles she faced shaped her into a fighter and the woman she is today.

Do you know what it’s like to go to the Citadel? As the first woman to graduate? They didn’t want me to graduate. They put me through absolute hell. I had to be torn down, and I was alone. And I was torn down to the very fiber of my being. I know who I am. I know what gets me through life. And it’s these principles that I had to hold onto at the ‑‑ tell the story of the worst time you were at the Citadel, when you thought, there’s no way, nobody wants me to succeed, there’s no way I can succeed. Tell me the story of what got you to succeed. Give me a reason to see that you’re a fighter. Give me a reason to see that you’re not ‑‑ once you get your teeth into it, you are not letting go. That’s what I want to see,” Glenn said.

  • snowleopard (cat folk gallery)

    Well done Glenn, well done, and a grand game you played. Press her hard and fast on the next interviews (if she grants them, if not, she is holding something in the shadows and needs to be dumped then and there).

  • JETS#1

    Democrats want Graham to stay in?! Are we sure Beck has stopped doing drugs?

    • Sam Fisher

      Please he is a liberal with an R in front of his name. 

      • JETS#1

         An anti-gun control, anti-gay marriage, pro-Iraq war senator from SC is a liberal?!

        • Sam Fisher

          Sure why not and besides a conspiracy theorist like you don’t live in reality anyways how would you know.

          • JETS#1

             A conspiracy theorist?! What the hell have I said that is any shape or form a  conspiracy theory?

          • Sam Fisher

            Oh siding with idiots that think the police are targeting black people in hunting parties.

    • Dave in Houston

       damned straight they do.  McCain has consistently stabbed the gop in the back to appear like he’s looking for progress.  Graham is a butt buddy of McCain and will do anything to garner McCain’s approval.  Dems can count on both of those two twits to vote their way.

      After Benghazi, these two phonies were about the only republics upset with the Benghazi murders committed by the incompetency of Hil, Panetta, Jarrett and the moronic childish prez.   The indignation was very short lived and I bet they both would duck any questions about why they rolled over and quit demanding answers like they did initially.  Two cowards if you ask me.

    • Anonymous

      Since Amnesty McCain’s lapdog, Lindsay, has capitulated to the liberals on every important issue, why WOULDN’T they want to keep him?

    • Anonymous

      they are not democrats they are progressives like graham and mccain. there is no more democrat party the progressives ate them…they used the word democrat to hook people in…democracy is what hugo chavez and fidel castro has…and what king hussein-obama wants.  We The People of George Washington are a Republic–For and By The People! dems buy the people

  • Anonymous

    Another HOT Conservative Woman! No wonder Lefty Liberal women are so jealous and hateful.

    • Cecil

      I wonder how much money she made on that rape video which demeaned women when she was co-owner of that site trafficking in filth and nudity? Maybe this is the Tea Party’s new idea of the war on women.

  • Sam Fisher

    Anyone that is not Graham would be better.

    • soybomb315

       Yea, where is Glenn’s “Lesser of two evils” ideology?  So he can support McCain/Romney but not Nancy Mace in a republican primary against Lindsey Graham????

    • jadytemowysi

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       I will not forget Beck’s very critical interview of Rick Santorum after
      Santorum rose to the top of the Republican Primaries in 2012 briefly.  I
      felt then and now that even though Beck liked Santorum, his criticsms
      didn’t help Rick’s case.  In that interview Beck stated “…I am
      nobody’s shill”.  Well, Glenn, I can tell you that the rest of the media
      doesn’t play that way – they do shill for Progressives

  • Anonymous

    Thought you were too hard on her Glenn, a sentiment echoed by Pat & Stu.  Hell, I don’t know how I would have answered off the cuff to some of your brutal questions, and I can guaranteee you that I have the Cahonies to stand up to Fidel Obama and any of his kind, if I were elected to a D.C. office.

    • greywolfrs

      If you think Glenn was hard on her, wait till she does an interview with anyone from the left, they will rip her apart if she isn’t ready.

      • Anonymous

        She gets enough crap from the LEFT.  She needs to be supported by those like Beck.  Beck needs to understand that the LEFT isn’t going to criticize their own, so we don’t need Conservatives criticizing other Conservatives – because the playing filed is not level.

        I will not forget Beck’s very critical interview of Rick Santorum after Santorum rose to the top of the Republican Primaries in 2012 briefly.  I felt then and now that even though Beck liked Santorum, his criticsms didn’t help Rick’s case.  In that interview Beck stated “…I am nobody’s shill”.  Well, Glenn, I can tell you that the rest of the media doesn’t play that way – they do shill for Progressives
        like Obama and Graham.

        • greywolfrs

          I was not claiming it was right or wrong. I was simply pointing out that if she does an interview with any of left wing dolts, it will be much more harsh than this.

    • soybomb315

       They were not hard questions – they were stupid questions.

      Hard questions can be answered but stupid questions should be ignored

      • Anonymous

        The ‘Stupidity’ here is NOT in Glenn’s questions, but in your post.  Because you are unable to understand ‘hard’ questions merely suggests your own ignorance.

  • Destroy All Morons!

    getting rid of graham would be awesome, but you know if she wins she will sell out just like everyone else has…that’s the way of the U.S. Senate :-)

    • Anonymous

      DeMint kept the faith and fought a good fight against the liberals.  Perhaps Mace would do the same.

  • greywolfrs

    Hmmm…I am just curious why Democraps vote in a Republican primary, that seems to be a bigger problem.

    • Karen Boswell

      If it is like in Tennessee (my state) there is one primary-   When you go to vote, you are asked  which ballot you want – Dem or Repub.  It isn’t like I can vote in the Repub primary this Tues and next Tues go vote in a Dem primary or vice versa.  In my state you don’t register with a party when you register to vote.  You decide at each primary election which ballot you want – you get a dem or repub slate of candidates and if there are any general elections at the time of the primary – you will get the generall election ballot

      • greywolfrs

        Not that I doubt what you are saying, but can you not see a problem with that? Let’s take the last election: Democraps knew Obamao would be the candidate, so they request a Republican ballot to get a candidate they believe Obamao can beat.

  • Anonymous

    Unforunatly, I was not impressed.  We need someone with strong constitutional principles and knows how to articulate them.

  • Anonymous

    Ms. Mace is incorrect on one of her statements.  She says the biggest problem in the US is a lack of trust in our government.  I TRUST them implicitly . . .  to screw us over at every  turn and continue to destroy our once great republic.

  • Anonymous

    Grahamnesty is pretty bad, but whenever they get rid of a Rino the Rinos destroy that one and back the LibDem…thats the problem… thats what Rinos did to Wendy Long she won the peoples vote and Rinos put Gillibrand (Schumers puppet)in! its so ridiculous how democraps can vote for Repubs.

  • BlackBeaver

    Ms. Mace was totally unprepared for the ‘Beck challenge’. She was like a ‘deer in the headlights’. In fairness, though, no one asks the kind of questions Mr. Beck asks, and- even had she been a devoted listener to Mr. Beck’s shoe- they probably would still seem like ‘trick questions’ (which they were). After all, who else asks, “How’s your soul?”
    I truly hope she will come back, better prepared, and that Mr. Beck will ask better questions, so that we can learn about her. After all, she is our only hope of defeating Mr. Graham.

  • Jim

    I wish her luck, but I don’t think she knows the sh**storm that she heading toward. I hope she has some good advisers to help her prepare for it.

  • Robert Starkand

    I thank Glenn for this interview and he wasn’t too tough on Ms. Mace.  The interview would not be too tough for someone who is ready to run for the Senate.  Ms. Mace seems to be a really nice person who is conservative and who will work hard, but we should demand more from a Senatorial candidate.  This is the big leagues, and Lindsey Graham is a formidable opponent.  He has political skills, legislative skills, the Republican establishment, the media on his side, and he is a national figure with great communication skills.  The Republicans have an open primary allowing Democrats to effect the primary.  But Jim DeMint won so its a challenge that can be met with the right candidate.

     Ms. Mace could not answer Glenn’s questions directly, which if you break down his questions to their essence asks, why are you running and why should we vote for you.  What are you passionate about?  That was the first question, which she never answered and she went into unpersuasive talking points which she did again and again throughout the interview.  She said she is unwavering in standing by her principles and when Glenn asked what her principles were, stammered and gave an inarticulate answer.  She said “Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness” which really isn’t a principle but are among the rights we are endowed with by are Creator.  Which brings up Glenn’s question, “How’s your soul?”.  It seems odd that a South Carolinian who is a graduate of the Citadel cannot talk easily about faith and the role it plays in her life.  When Pat asked her about defunding Obamacare, she harumphed for a few sentences before she said she would vote to defund it.  A direct and quick answer that she would absolutely defund that monstrosity without question or hesitation; its a disaster, would have shown something.  But then she would have to articulate why Obamacare is a monstrosity, how the passing of the law was an abomination, as was the Supreme Court ruling validating the indivdual mandate.  I don’t believe Ms. Mace is up to that.

    Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Rand Paul are steeped in political philosophy, history and economics.  Rand Paul has studied and knows the Constitution, and Mile Lee and Ted Cruz know the Constitution on an intimate and profound level based on their backgrounds in constitutional law.  Besides arguing cases before the Supreme Court, Ted Cruz actually published scholarly papers on the Tenth Amendment when he worked for a legal think tank in Houston.  We are fortunate to have these people of such a high caliber in the Senate.  Most Senators do not come up to that level.  But in order to beat Lindsey Graham, we need someone of that caliber.

    I don’t mean to be harsh on Nancy Mace, I like her.  But we need to be tough on our candidates if we are to field candidates who can defeat our opponents.  Glenn is on her side, as I am.  But if she stumbled here, how will she do in a debate with Lindsey Graham?  Cruz, Lee, Paul became who they are through years of study and thought; determining who they are, what they believe in, what their principles are, applying them to the issues, and articulating them to others.  Quick study and coaching won’t turn someone into a viable candidate unless you already have this substance to work with.  .We have a little time to find someone to run against Graham, but the right candidate may not be there.

  • Anonymous

    If you want to know what principles she stands on, which beliefs bolster her decision making ask her that.  You sound like an ephemeral liberal:  How’s your soul?  Come on.  Liberal detractors aren’t going to ask her that type question.  She’ll have to be prepared but this genre of question won’t arise because Democrats hate and don’t accept the soulish aspect of life.

  • Anonymous

    Democrats are allowed to vote in the Republican Primary?  Something is terribly wrong with that picture.  How can you not always have a Rino as the Republican candidate if Democrats are allowed to sway the election with their stupid Liberal idea votes.

  • Anonymous

    I really hate to disagree with Nancy about what is the greatest problem facing the USA.  It is not trust.  It is very simple.  It is the ignorance of the American people just like the Germans of the 30’s were ignorant of Hitler.  If all you know is what is going on in the entertainment World and know nothing and do not follow what your government is doing then you will lose your freedom just like the Germans did.

  • suz

    in her first year as a senator, could she do any worse than graham?


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