Oprah’s Extreme Trayvon Comparison

Oprah Winfrey made a controversial statement that has made a lot of headlines over the past few days:

“It’s so easy during this time — Trayvon Martin, Trayvon Martin, parallel to Emmett Till, let me just tell you — in my mind, same thing. But you can get stuck in that and not allow yourself to move forward and to see how far we’ve come,” Winfrey said.

While she’s not the first to make the comparison, she could easily be described as the most notable to do so.

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TheBlaze.com laid out the two cases to paint a clear picture of the incidents Winfrey just tied together.

Martin was shot and killed in Sanford, Fla., following a violent altercation with George Zimmerman in February 2012. Zimmerman, who claims he shot Martin in self-defense, stood trial and was found not guilty on murder and manslaughter charges by a jury. At least two members of the jury have publicly stated there was simply not enough evidence to convict Zimmerman.

In contrast, Till was savagely murdered by a group of white men in 1955 after he was spotted apparently flirting with a white woman.

The men took Till to a barn, beat him viciously and gouged out one of his eyes before shooting him in the head and dumping his body in the Tallahatchie River in Mississippi.

While both deaths are tragic, the sheer horror of the unprovoked gang-like violence and toruture that was inflicted on Emmett Till stands out in the minds of most as a clear and distinct evil. The murder of Emmett Till is far from a case that would be debated in the media or a court room, it would be labeled evil and racist, and a horrible reminder of a very dark time in American history.

After hearing Winfrey’s comment during the radio program, Pat couldn’t help but highlight it later in the interview. After making the comparison, Winfrey went on to say what she does every day is “all the truth to speak through her.”

“And that truth to her on this, on this particular day was that Emmett Till, who was kidnapped and brutally murdered by two guys just because he talked to a white woman is the same thing as George Zimmerman defending himself being brutally beaten with his head being bashed against the pavement and defending his life by shooting the guy,” Pat said. “Same thing, though.”

Glenn and Stu agreed.

“That’s — I mean, that’s such a disgrace,” Stu said.

“It’s despicable to compare the two,” Glenn said. “Despicable.”

Watch Oprah’s comments here:

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  • DaveGinOly

    The speciousness of the comparison aside, it’s interesting that Oprah had to go back more than half a century to find a case such as that of the murder of Emmett Till. That alone is actually an unintended positive commentary on the state of race in America today. On the other hand, the Reginald Denny case is not that long ago, so what conclusions can be drawn from this? Probably none that would actually withstand scrutiny – both incidents are extraordinary because of their rarity (i.e., they are so rare as to present too little data to analyze); but this would not necessarily stop someone with an agenda-driven, ideological axe to grind from coming to one, as Oprah has done.

  • JETS#1

     Oh please spare me the head smashed in comments while hes not Emmett Till Trayvon death has one thing in common it has shown the ugly side of racism I’ve seen from Beck, Hannity, and all these a-holes who think Trayvon had it coming

    • Anonymous

       If you find Glenn Beck to be so offensive why are you on this site?  Just one more Soros troll, I suspect.

    • Dan Williams

       Jets#1 (haha),
      Nobody has said Trayvon had it coming.  What they have said is George Z had the right to defend himself from being seriously hurt or killed, like he said Trayvon threatened to do, and was in the process of doing.  What in the world is so hard to understand?  It is very simple until you liberal race baiters get involved and twist it, like you do with everything.  Get off this site and crawl back in your hole.

    • rbrossrocks

      Funny how you come to the conclusion that it was race that caused Trayvons death when the his lawyers and his parents said it had nothing to do with racism.  Even the Governments investigation comfirmed there was no racism.  But you have found it?  I guess we know who the real racist is, YOU!

    • nomofreebe

       yeah, he had it coming…good riddance…one less dope addled yoyo gang boy on the street breeding like a retarded rabbit…wanna breed em?  Look at the great architecture and production achieved in the Old South when the trayvon’s and shamiquas were properly owned and operated..suck it up…the man was scum.

      • Susan Wilson Ivey

        you are as bad as oprah, and worse. you are a true racist, while the rest of us, including glen beck and most conservatives, are not.

        • Anonymous

          Could be he’s a conservative racist, Susan, but also possible he’s a Soros troll trying to make conservatives look bad. It happens. Either way, we don’t need people like that around. 

    • greywolfrs

      Your ignorance knows no bounds.

    • Anonymous

      Jets, you sound so much like that loser Critten.  Maybe you are him, just with another name.  Some people have no class and you are one of them.  Why do you constantly use such foul language?  Did your mother not teach you to be respectful to your peers?
      You always miss out on stating facts so people would be able to take your comments seriously.  Maybe you are being paid by the Left to malign those persons who do not
      think like a Liberal.  It seems you are full of malevolence and you need a lot of growing up to do.  You do not have to respond to this post, I just wanted others to read that it is not ok to use bad language.  I understand that not all people think alike, that is ok.  So, state your opinion, show facts on which your opinion is based and then you might accomplish something.

      • greywolfrs

        Actually, he reminds me of vicki tiffany’s retarded son.

    • lissa

      Sure the two cases are “the same thing” – except for the fact that Zimmerman shot Martin in self defense (and was acquitted by a jury), didn’t defile Martin, he didn’t strike first, he didn’t profile him and he’s not a racist (according to an extensive investigation by the FBI) – oh, wait yeah, there are 2 black kids who are dead. THERE’S where the similarities end. FYI, Zimmerman isn’t white. Where is the connection? Any comparisons between the GZ-TM case and any other civil rights case (especially decades old) are based on racism alone. Not the racism of the principle personalities involved but the racism of those drawing the parallels. Oprah, Obama, and present company included.

    • Anonymous

      Martin-Zimmerman has certainly shown the ugly side of racism, but it’s from race-baiters like Sharpton, Jackson, and now Oprah. And yeah, let’s include you in that group. 

    • Anonymous

       How do you know he didn’t !!!!

  • SheNemo

     Oprah is a big part of the “new age thingy”.
    She, above all others, should and does see the truth here, just shows you no blacks want the truth, they simply don’t care!
    They all want this racial divide.
    It makes news, they get to show up and shine for the day.
    And then we have the Oprah’s of the world, the illuminati’s of the world, the ones that are rich enough to control all.
    They can’t control the Christians though, and know this, and they also know they will be judged by the one true GOD one day, soon, I hope!
    What happened to Till was sickening, and soooo sad, but does NOT HAVE A DAM THING IN COMMON WITH TRAYVON MARTIN AND GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, for GOD’S sake Oprah, stop stirring all this chit up!!!!!!
    Try being a person, not black, not white, a person, a Christian, a human being!!!

    • smogdew


    • Anonymous

      “She, above all others, should and does see the truth here, just shows you no blacks want the truth, they simply don’t care!”
      Be careful that could be easily a racist statement and it simply is not true. There are many black people that want the truth and they care a whole lot. A lot more than you believe.

      • http://www.facebook.com/jack.hunt.754 Jack Hunt

         If that is a racist statement then by God almighty I’m guilty of being a racist and so is my BLACK grand daughter!

      • Mike Nelson

        When you read that whole post (instead of only the part that makes you cringe) it’s clear what is being said, and there’s nothing racist about the truth.

        By comparison, your statement that “…A lot more than you believe,” could also be considered discriminatory, since it assumes knowledge of the bias of the person you criticize.

        This is the pitfall of PC thinking.

      • SheNemo

         Thanks for the reply, and thank you Jack Hunt for what you said.
        Ya know what BAFCour, I do know that “all” blacks do not actually think Oprah’s way, thank GOD!
        She just preaches a good clean living,  righteous way of life, and then she comes out with some chitt like this, she is the racist here, not me by a long shot.
        And ya know what else about me? I am as white as Casper the ghost, and I would vote for Dr. Ben Carson tomorrow for president of the USA!!!!
        He’s by far the best, smartest, most honest, and most righteous I have heard that might even “think” of running! Now there’s a real man, and a good one!
        Bet Oprah can’t stand him…………??
        And I (as far as Oprah goes) still stand by what I said, pertaining to her!!
        I think a lot of blacks are afraid to take a “non-racist” stance because they don’t want the other blacks putting them down, GOD, grow up!!
        This country has enough problems now, more than ever in our history, and it’s 99% due to the 1st 1/2 black and 1/2 white president!!!!
        I DID NOT VOTE FOR HIM, DAMMMM GLAD I DID NOT TOO, BUT YA KNOW, I HONESTLY though “maybe” – just “maybe” he would do good, because of his black blood – to leave a nice legacy for his family, and the blacks, WRONG…MAN WAS I WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        #1, he’s not 1/2 black, he’s 1/2 white, and 1/2 muslim, has proven that!!!
        He would have honored his oath before GOD that he took, he did not, and will not, and we are toast, cause we do nothing, we did nothing, we let this happen.
        God Bless us all, and yes, I pray for our government, hasn’t done any good that I can tell, but I try, and I will on the prayer day coming up, 9-11-13!!!!
        If we don’t come together as a nation, as Regan said, we will be a nation gone under!!!!

        • M. Fazio

           I am so amazed that Oprah just showed her prejudice  in that statement.  I grew up believing that we are the same but with color.  I never put anyone down because of race, but I found out shortly after high School (1969) that there was a racial divide and it was so deep on the black side.  I couldn’t understand the hate and now, I believe it’s bad to be a white man in this country, and the prejudice is so strong.  Oprtah just threw gas on a burning fire of “HATE”.  That’s too bad too.

          • SheNemo

             Yes, Oprah could go a long way to stop this hate, seems she is taking the “black” way out now………..sad…………
            Money does that to a person??…….again……sad……..
            I am nobody, cept to the Lord, a few family members, not many left.
            But I can get up at 2: Am, and I have a nice, clean, private bathroom, with a cozy nightlight, (or 3) and I thank God for that and for the fresh cold AND hot running water in my pretty sink……then I go crawl back into the softest sheets an angel ever spun and thank God again, for a bed of a princess, with 4 king sized pillows, allllll for me, but from Him, God, even though I am nobody………….He has Blessed me with so much!
            I thank Him – GOD – a lot of times, every day, for little things, and big things, and thank Him for the Bible under my pillow, and thank Him for the gun beside that Bible, my right to own and protect myself with!!!
            God Bless……………and remember…………….

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000158970778 Lynn Dellaria

        AMEN to that SheNemo

        • SheNemo

           Thank you Lynn!

      • jalina susan stutte

        Well Oprah isn’t one of them! No one died and left her God, although she thinks she is all that. She is a communist and trash. You can take the girl out of the Ghetto but you can’t take the Ghetto out of the girl. Oprah proves that.

    • Anonymous

      I’m appalled, but not surprised at her response. Racism in America has been in a steep (er) decline since Obama took office. The Martin case should be looked at as a case of “a punk kid in a hood who chose to violently assault a guy who used a gun to defend himself.”  Period. And never should a sitting President have commented, let alone given his personal opinion on the case – either before or after. I am fed up with racism being a one-way street. My entire life, I’ve never seen a black be confronted, let alone admit, to racism toward a white. But whites (and even white-Hispanics) are assumed to be racist – no matter what the situation.
      The comparison that Oprah made is criminal and a hate-crime in itself. There’s no excuse for her behavior. She touts how evolved she is in seeking the truth – she actually embodies the racism she so haughtily condemns from her billionaire mansions. She, and others like her, keep the conflict fresh and keep millions enslaved to their twisted beliefs of victimization and somehow provide self-justification for their own sorry shams of rich lives made on the backs of millions of gullible believers. I’m with you, I’m sick of the constant stirring of the pot. And this administration has just made it worse. I’m so disgusted. 

      • SheNemo

         Thanks Dee,
        Yes, racism is in a steep decline, and yes, it is the government doing this, and yes, for obama to even THINK of opening his mouth over this matter was sooooo evil and wrong, and showing a picture of Trayvon as a 12 year old , not the big , drunk, 17 year old thug he was!!!! His mom kicked him out, the school kicked him out, he was a thief, he probably was the neighborhood thief that Z was on the lookout for, don’t know, but it had just happened, those thefts!!!  But someone KNOWS WHO THAT JEWELRY BELONGED TO PICTURED IN HIS CELL PHONE, ON HIS BED!!!!!!
        I was heartbroken for Trayvon’s parents, they didn’t deserve this either, but they knew he was trouble, allllllll his friends knew – they knew- he was looking for a fight 24/7!!!!
        Did this kid deserve to die, no, did he mess with the wrong person, yes, as a young man, and having a neighborhood watchman, a “hi, nice nite-I live here now” , and walk on home shoulda happened, not death!!!
        Yes, Oprah was wrong – dead wrong!!!!!!!!
        But, I’ve seen her in a different light ever since I knew she promoted the new age chitttt, which is ushering in the antichrist, and she’s been doing this way over 20 years now, she is the illuminati – big time!
        A woman stood up on her show one day, and yelled out – there is only one way to Heaven, through Jesus Christ, Oprah shut her up real fast!!!
        The woman was right, Oprah was wrong, again, dead wrong!!!!
        I too, Dee, as so many are, am disgusted with this racism, it really is sad, and it helps no one, it only hurts, and the more that die by this action, the less the government have to come after one day!!!!
        Maybe that’s why the government seems to love it, they jump on the Trayvon story, stir up things like in a wasps nest, but say not a dam word about allllll the murders elsewhere, especially in Chicago, obama’s playground! Or the little white girls being murdered by blacks – nor a dam word about the 3 black 15 year olds that beat the chittt out of the 13 year old white kid on the bus, and the driver did nothing either!!!
        That hurts!!

        • Anonymous

          What little white girls being murdered by blacks? do you know that if you are white you are more likely to be murdered or raped by another white, same thing goes for blacks. Whites kill whites and blacks kill blacks, interacial murders are fairly rare. Also maybe not in Chicago but overall violent crime is actually down nationwide including black on black crime. Also I didn’t know Treyvon but to me he seemed like just another rebellious teenager, there are lots of white teens that are also out of control, and none of them deserve to die including Treyvon. The kid is already dead, no need to dance on his grave calling him a thug and what not.

          • jalina susan stutte

            Trayvon was a thug! Crime is not down but soaring in the black communities and if your white go into a black neighborhood and within 5 mins. harm will come to you. It’s a fact. I don’t know where you get your data but it has to be on a liberal site, cause its all wrong.

          • Larry W

            I don’t think there is legitimate evidence that proves he was a thug and whatever evidence you have surly doesn’t prove that he initiated the fight with Zimmerman. I’m not saying that Zimmerman was guilty but we only have his side of the story. For all we know he may have pushed Trayvon and then got his butt kicked. It’s one thing to say that Zimmerman was not guilty based on the evidence provided, however to assume that Trayvon was this raging thug looking to fight is a bit of a stretch and honestly disrespectful to someone who isn’t even alive to defend himself

          • Anonymous

            I think our news is being sensored…we don’t hear everything…

          • Anonymous

            Our media is so Bias and I think are being threatened also

          • SheNemo

             A spade is a spade, IF he were a little angel – Trayvon – IT WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED!!!!!!  GOT THAT???
            THERE IS NO WAY Z WOULD HAVE PULLED OUT HIS GUN AND SHOT THIS KID DEAD FOR SIMPLY WALKING HOME, NO WAY…………the kid was a thug, a drug dealer, he was high on pot, he was a thief, and he beat the helllllllllllllll out of the wrong man, brave-no, just the opposite, but had a gun, legally too!
             And how dare you accuse me of dancing on this kid’s grave, you are the racist here! The truth is the truth!
            That’s what these forums are for, to tell your side of it, this is not a funeral I’m attending! And yes, my prayers have gone out for Trayvon’s parents, you can’t bring him back now, and yes, this is sad…………….
            This is a forum about how Oprah (and obama) incited this racism!!!!
            M and Z…….and you dammm well know it sir!
            Looking at google now, there was a young white couple – college kids, engaged, think, here they are, Shannon Daughtery and Chris Newsom, died a horrible death by 5 or 6 blacks over 3/4 days. They tortured them for days, burned them with cigs, cut off her breasts, cut off his penis, raped them over and over, was inhumane what happened to these 2, for no reason, and they all went to prison, and think they are now getting a new trial????? Looking……..was in Knoxville, Tennesssee.
            BUT, obama said nothing about them, just showing, YES, our government is biased, and they want this racism!!!
            Crime is UP big time buddy, 45 or 49 blacks killed by blacks last month in Chicago alone, 9 on 4th of July w/end, one was a tiny, precious 5 year old little boy, THERE’S YOUR ANGEL SIR, NOT TRAYVON, DID OBAMA SAY A DAM THING ABOUT THIS LITTLE 5 YEAR OLD???????        noooooooo
            why not??????               why not?????

          • Anonymous

            Where did you hear Treyvon was a thief and a drug dealer exactly? Could you please send me that link? If he was a thief then why didn’t he just steal the skittles and iced tea from the 7/11? I also never said he was an angel, I said he seemed to be just another rebellious teenager, just like a lot of teens of all colors. Like I said maybe not in Chicago but violent crime is down overall nationwide, including in my community which is majority black by the way.

          • M. Fazio

             SheNemo,  I wanted to say Thank You for the wonderful reply.  I love your candor and your love for our Heavenly Father.  Very refreshing.  I hope that we will be able to leave a lot of messages in the future.  Mark

          • Anonymous

            I posted this story about channon and her boyfriend on my wall on facebook and 2 days later it was gone. It was aweful yet not one word in the news or obama running to aide these two families…….None!! The only racist are BLACKS! M/Z YES, justice was done. This wasn’ a case of one murder this was a case of a girlfriend/boyfriend who were carjacked and then 4 days of torture ad ended in both murdered….sick!!!!

          • Anonymous

            There was 1,008 murders in chicago alone from the time TM was killed to the date of the trial. Blacks killing blacks. 1,008!!!!!!!! Obama you and your racist clan make me puke! You have set this country back 50 years…… 

          • SheNemo

             WELLLLLL CRAP, someone tell me how to use this site!!
            I get a reply in my email, and click – reply to it, goes nowhere, says page not found. One is from you, M.Fazio, below here, it’s shows NO OPTION for me to reply to your post even in here, why ? It says “like” only, so – here’s my reply, hope you get it!
            Thank you for the kind words!! Don’t get many in these forums, lol.
            Sometimes being silly gets me through the day, and I know the Lord gets me through it 1st!!!
            Nice to meet you Mark, I know nothing is private in here, (so just call me Nemo) nor anywhere now, thanks to obama, our president that took the oath to protect us and our rights, yeah, right…………….what rights? None left now…….
            psssssst, the muslims still have theirs, and obama is working on giving them their OWN civil rights, golly-geeze—peeee in my britches- how wonderful!!!!!!!
            Our civil rights are not good enough for the poor muslims that CHOOSE TO LIVE IN OUR LAND….SO, our wonderful – wonderful  president is writing up some just for them, golly, what a guy, sharia laws for the muslims, and ya know, they don’t have to suffer like we do under obamacare, BUT-when they get their beloved sharia laws legal in OUR COUNTRY/THE USA…THEN they can honor kill their kids in our front yards, and we can’t do anything, or they can sexually mutilate their tiny daughters, now they’re going to the UK, to have it done!!!!!!!!
            Thank you again Mark Fazio for the kind words, take care. Nemo
            Maybe I can contact the Blaze and see why I can’t respond to my posts’ replies??

          • http://www.facebook.com/randaok69 April Marie Smith Allen

            “Also maybe not in Chicago but overall violent crime is actually down nationwide including black on black crime.”  I disagree….

          • Anonymous

            How about the 21 year old female and the 23 year old male who was raped, tortured cut up, raped over and over and burned in Tennessee by 4 black males and a black female. It started ourt as a car jacking. They made the girlfriend watch s they raped her boyfriend anal, beat him then set him on fire. But he got by good, his girlfriend lived 4 more days and was raped repeaedly, had household cleaning poured down her throat, then killed her. She was found 4 days later in the home of one of these thugs in 4 different trash bags. Where was the NAACP on this one? And did you ever hear this on the news? Mr. B. President, never heard you go public with this one or even give your condolences to these two families. The only racist alive are BLACK!! Did you hear of ANY marches or riots over this?

          • Anonymous

            A 12 year old WHITE girl was riding her bike and 2 black thugs lured her to there home raped and killed her because they wanted to steal her bike……….SICK!!

          • Anonymous

            Mr.. a THUG is a THUG, no matter if they are black or white and no matter if they are dead or alive. If one doesn’t want to be remembered as a thug after death, then dont earn the name while alive. We all have a choice!!!!

          • oac

            Whites are 39 more likely to be violently attacked by blacks than the other way around, and it’s only going to get worse, because the white population is in decline while the black population is going through the roof. Blacks destroy nations that whites build, end of story.

          • Anonymous

            Sir I’m not destroying anything, I have a job, I pay taxes, I went to college, I was raised by both parents in a loving household, and the same thing goes for most blacks that I know and I know a lot of blacks. Soooo which white country did we destroy again?

          • http://www.facebook.com/william.d.prieto William D. Prieto

            Then if you do not want “to dance on his grave” Tell that to his mother! She is bilking the speaking circuit for all that it is worth just to keep the pot stirred. Yes the kid is dead (TM) and you cannot get the black culture to admit it was Travon’s fault he got shot in the first place.

          • http://www.facebook.com/william.h.burnett William Hardin Burnett

             Trayvon is the correct spelling and turn up the music as I dance away, that young man got what he was looking for his whole life an end to his pain. And your made up statistics are waaaaayyyyy off!!!

          • Freestar

            An apple is an apple and a thug is a thug.  Black on white crime is increasing!  Look at the huge decline in the major cities like Detroit, Memphis, Chicago, D.C. and honestly figure out why.  Is it really discrimination when so many people have tried to help.  Is it poverty?  What causes the poverty???  Go back to the root causes as to why there is so much violence, lack of education, promiscuity, drugs.  It is not discrimination.  I believe it is the immoral and violent behavior and the feeling that if they want something, they can just take it. We have children having children and NO PARENTING.  The parents only speak out when their child is killed or has to go to prison or jail, etc.  It is getting worse all the time.

        • Anonymous

          How about this when little Black girls die in their homes with guns blazing in their front yard?  sad…and their Mom’s taking drugs…to stop pain from getting beaten…sad…where is the news about that stuff…my brother’s old house had gun fights every day…another time I will say one thing…it isn’t the guns…it is the meaness to the core that is happening te devil has our minds in his …sad… God Help us…

          • SheNemo

             Yes, Cavy, it is a pure evil taking over here I think, creeping over the entire world! A real evil, yes – from satan! This evil has to happen before Christ will come back.
            NO, it’s not the guns, the more guns, the less violence! This has been proven, just gotta go tell mightguy this now!
            God Bless
            And, ya know, a little black girl, or a little white girl, neither deserve to die over racism, or drugs, or just pure evil in the hearts of people!

          • Chris Frederickson

            Who is “Oprah ??”

        • Anonymous

          I’m thinking of the little white boy, I think in Detroit or Chicago, who was shot in the face as he sat in his stroller by two black teenagers trying to rob his mother.  Where’s the outrage over that??  And it should be from everyone, regardless of skin color.  Yes, Obama has used racism to “feather his nest”, and it’s hard to understand there isn’t more questioning and frustration, if not sheer outrage, over the black unemployment numbers, the “decimation” (to borrow a word from the “prez”) of Detroit, and so much more by true black leaders and role models, such as Dr. Carson .  It’s so sad and terrible to have such a huge chasm between blacks and whites.

          • SheNemo

             Yes, I just looked it up, it was in Georgia! The 2 black boys asked her (the baby’s mom) for money, she had none, they stood in front of her son in the stroller, and stated again they wanted her money, telling her, “we will shoot your baby”, and they did, and it killed him, 18 months old, a year and a half…..and that mom, has to live with that vision for the rest of her life!!!!! obama outraged……..?????…….HELLLLLLL NOOOO!!!!!!! Said one word about it…………???……helllll no!!
            he and family were packing for their “over” 100 million dollar vacation to Africa, our tax money, out of our pockets, with America broke!!!!
            How anyone can be that evil is beyond me, but then, it happens every day, seems more now than ever!
            Now, if those 2 black teens don’t get the death penalty, there simply is NO JUSTICE LEFT!!!!!!!!
            And yes ramblinrosie, you are soooo right about obama and the black racism thing, they just don’t get it, he hates them too!
            So many blacks love every word from his evil, lying, wicked mouth, simply because he is black, or so they think, he is not!
            obama’s unemployment is a laughing stock of the entire world!!!
            I know, I travel………we are being laughed at all around the globe!!! It hurts too!
            And as I’ve said a hundred times, I would vote for Dr. Ben Carson tomorrow for president, and hope and pray that he runs!!!
            He could beat killery clinton fast!!!!
            Pray n Prep!!!!

          • madeuce42


          • Anonymous

            Seems that Georgia baby killing MAYBE was done by the mother and father of the baby for the insurance money and not DeMarquis Elkins.  Gunpowder residue was found on the mother and father of the baby.  Stay tuned…..this isn’t over quite yet.  The case goes to trial August 19th.

          • Anonymous

            Where did you receive your information? I’m interested in this. It seems fairly unlikely that the parents would have hired two thugs to shoot both the mother (she received two gunshots) and a baby. This would require a level of trust in the skills of two thugs to not kill her as well as the ability to meet the right people, hire them without detection, etc. Even the idea of a mother that would ask someone to murder her baby is a long stretch. I’ve never heard of a case in which a mother went to such great lengths to have someone else murder her children. I’m well aware of cases in which mothers have snapped and murdered their children themselves, but the level of trust of people who obviously are completely untrustworthy, the heinous nature of such a cold blooded act and the lack of detection of the plot would seem to be a farfetched possibility. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just incredibly improbable.

          • Anonymous

             It happened in Brunswick, Georgia, where you would think one would be safe.  Several whites have been killed by blacks in Atlanta recently.  A young man at a gas station who was attacked by four blacks, beaten and shoved into the street where he was hit by a car and killed.  A young man who owned a jewelry store who was shot for no reason during a robbery by several blacks. A white couple killed in a home invasion by blacks.  There seems to be something in the news every day.

          • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

            They called that “history payback”. So, let’s not promote, nor being ignorant about the facts. I just found funny when whites call blacks racists . . . I personally never have seen a white friend being discriminated against . . . well not true . . . only whites who are overweight or are gay, are the only ones I seen being pick up by others. That’s it!! 

          • http://www.facebook.com/william.d.prieto William D. Prieto

            Hi, it was in Southeast Georgia, Brunswick is the town where two women were walking the little 13 month child in the stroller at night. Two young black men, 15 and 17 assaulted two out of the three. The mother was shot in the leg and the little boy was shot in the head (eye). Both young men AND the eldest’s mother and aunt were charged with the crimes. However, you do not get the Jackson and Sharpton team out there to march for that injustice. NO MONEY to be made there.

          • Tom Dees

            It happened in broad daylight, mid morning, not at night….a quiet neighborhood. A brutal murder…

          • David Diehl

            it was in georgia

          • Sunny Stufflebeam

             yes, absolutely!!!!!  didn’t hear too much about that incident.. killing of an innocent baby…

        • Anonymous

          Excuse my interruption, but what was a 64 year old bus driver to
          do against those 15 year old thugs?  I guess he would have had
          the chitt knocked out of him or killed. I find it hard to place blame on
          him, but what do I know???

          • SheNemo

             I got your reply in my email, trying to fig. this site out, I click reply in my email, goes no where!!!! Says page not avail. I had to scroll several pages to find this again, to respond.
            Soooo, here goes, he was an adult, he was twice as big as those thugs/punks!!!!!! He is a human being, a grown man, watching 3 punks possibly kill a single younger kid?????
            With you placing NO BLAME on the adult here, you’re right, you know nothing, nor care with an attitude like that!!!!
            The people like you, that will choose to NOT HELP SOMEONE, are part of the problem tooooooo, guess those stupid, dumb, mad, racist mob-like “black” brats, KNEW NO ONE ON THAT BUS GAVE A DAM ABOUT THAT KID……???????
            What a crying shame!!!!!!!
            I’ll tell ya, Jesus would have stepped in!!!!

        • mspatdev

          Trayvon mother didn’t want to watch him and sent him to his father. His father didn’t want to take care of him, so he let his girl-friend watch him. The girl-friend lived in the neighborhood. The parents are divorced. Why wasn’t this brought up in the trial? He was one of the people that was out breaking into homes. I’ve read on the internet about him and there is many people that know the area where he lived. They live there to. I guess obammy’s son will be a liar like him and every body knows all about him.

        • SheNemo

          I think you too, meant it was on the rise? I just responded, and used the wrong term, we’re on the same page, choose the wrong word, lol.

      • Alex Foos

         Racism has been in incline from where I sit, racism is a word that shouldn’t have a racial connotation. There is no such thing as reverse racism, when people protest (legal or not) when evidence was so clear against a non-black male is racist.  The fact that if it were a white on white crime or black on black crime it never would’ve even gone to trial is racist.  Why is it so hard for people to admit that Zimmerman was profiled for being a non-black male which is the only reason this ever saw a court room?  

        • Anonymous

          Some don’t  like people at all…period…no matter what they want to live in their bubble and Mr. Z was wrong not matter what he did…but I beg to disagree…gated communities you don’t meander through them…esp. if you don’t live there…

      • jadytemowysi

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        Also maybe not in Chicago but overall violent crime is actually down
        nationwide including black on black crime. Also I didn’t know Treyvon
        but to me he seemed like just another rebellious teenager, there are
        lots of white teens that are also out of control, and none of them
        deserve to die including Treyvon. The kid is already dead, no need to
        dance on his grave calling him a thug and what not.

      • Anonymous

        I am fed up! Obama makes me puke! We need to send him out on his head!!!!!

      • Nicole Mayernik King

        Oprah showed her true colors when she thought it would be a good idea to walk her big booty into all the homeless shelters to solicit votes for Obama. (Wonder how many OTHER times she’s visited those shelters when it didn’t serve her rallying for her own agenda?)  It’s ALWAYS still about race!  

        Most people don’t have the common sense to realize the majority of us don’t give a rat’s behind what color your skin is – we base our decision on whether or not you’re an idiot on how you BEHAVE!

      • Anonymous

         She just showed her true colors.

      • http://www.facebook.com/rigoberto.serrano.39 Pachy Serrano

        First, Obama did not fostered racism, the Tea Baggers did, when two weeks after getting into office they started protests and trashing the guy for the policies by our previous President. Even the day, Obama won in 2008, there were many whites saying the N-word and upset because a black man won. So, please don’t throw this on Obama . . . racism has always been the stain in our history as a nation, its not new, it has not gone away. Second, if you call Treyvon a punk kid in a hood that says a lot where you coming from. I guarantee you that if Mr. Zimmerman did not have a gun w/ him at that time, he would not go after the kid and he will be alive today . . . hey, he will be alive today. Third, many could wish to have the influence, money, and power this black woman has . . . she is a pure example of the American dream and American exceptionalism . . . so talking junk bout this woman won’t get anybody anywhere, including GB and his totes. Capish!!

    • Anonymous

      Way too many people in this country get up in the morning, look in the mirror, and say, “I wonder how my skin color is going to affect me negatively today. How will I be slighted? How many times will I take offense at comments I perceive to be racist? How many crackas are going to try to screw me today?”

      • SheNemo

         LOL-True, they need to get rid of the mirrors, and open their Bibles, if they have one!
        The Lord will be their bodyguard!!

    • Anonymous

      sad we cannot convince anyone on the left to think about it…the kids on the bus hurt a kid what is happening with that one?  sad…as we try to save the middle east we are going down hill…divided and hurting each other one way or another…we almost got it …Mr. Cosby had it right but we shall never see the love  of each other until we go to Heaven …and see Dr. King… we have to pray very hard for our nation…evil movies have made us worse…and evil shows on tv also…sad…

    • Anonymous

      as Miguel replied I am surprised that people can make $6449 in four weeks on the computer. did you see this link w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

    • Anonymous

      What Oprah said should really not surprise you, SheNemo but how you responded surprises me. You sound as though you are speaking for Christians but I’m not sure a true Christian would respond with such hate. Yes, hate the sin but not the sinner. 

    • Robert Starkand

       You can argue that George Zimmerman was Emmett Till.  With a gun.  Trayvon was enraged by the way George Zimmerman looked and acted.  Trayvon attacked him.  Trayvon pummelled him.  Trayvon would have shot him in the head with his own gun.  But Zimmerman was able to protect himself.  Unlike poor Emmett Till.  That is if you want to bring up Emmett Till in the first place.  I don’t.

    • Anonymous

       That bitch is far from Christian.

    • Anonymous

      Well, not ALL blacks.

      Think of people like Allen West!

      Oprah is deeply stupid. Has always been and will always be. The stupid segment of the American population worships her exactly because she is stupid.

      • SheNemo

        I do like Allen West, I admire him and his beliefs. I would vote for Dr. Ben Carson for president, in a minute.
        There is not a racial bone in my white body, not one.
        I hate liars.

    • Anonymous

      She will NEVER stop stirring it up because she is one of the main stays of the movement. I am sickened by her hypocrisy. She has made her millions using not only her audiences but her own black community.She has given back but always manages to save a little for a rainy day like 89 million.

    • Anonymous

      like Rose responded I didnt know that you can make $6117 in one month on the computer. have you seen this site link w­w­w.K­E­P­2.c­o­m

    • barnRN

      Race hustlers need to keep the pot stirring.

    • Anonymous

      Excuse me but I have friends who are black  very much against this crap.

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CUrbEIqFl_Q Sam Fisher

    You know in 100 years no one is even going to be talking about Oprah Winfrey but leave it to liberals to call an act of self-defense racist.

    • Anonymous

      they  are the racists so they can get their way they play the race card and they can cause the Libs own the media…they literally get away with murder.they play any card they can to get their way…any cars But the Truth. they wouldn’t know the truth if it bit them. Know God KNow Truth No God No Truth!

  • Jon Kohlman

    Oprah’s true colors finally are seen by all. She has lost much credibility with this revelation. I have lost respect for her.

    • http://www.facebook.com/maugaoalii.pele Maugaoali’i Pele

      Get a life opa…yo time is ova…no one wanna listen to ya…bye bye birdie.

    • crazy betty

      her true black colors.

    • Vicki Garrett

      I lost respect for her several years ago, and quit watching anything to do with her when she showed she is one of the biggest racists that there is!

    • http://www.facebook.com/rodrigo.saenz.330 Rodrigo Saenz

      Another typical Hollywood left-wing liberal.  And a racist to boot.

    • Anonymous

      I loved Oprah until obozo came into the picture. She showed her true “colors” then. Sine he has been elected. I do not watch any program w her in it nor her channel. She’s dead to me

  • Anonymous

    Instead of continuing to stir the pot over this case, why doesn’t she use her position to speak about all the crime going on in cities like Chicago that no one seems to be worried about?  All this does is cause more racial strife and division instead of trying to bring people together. 

    • Anonymous

      Oprah is doing “her part, to further Obama’s message of Pure Racism regarding T.Martin, and that a white person did it”.  They’d both do well, to point to their OWN blacks in Chicago that are killing each other DAiLY.  Oprah is an Obama Bootlicker and she has shown during his lst election that “Color DID matter, as she had brought him on her show and Michelle, then, stated she’s not going to have polticians on Oprah…Liar, is what she is, as she touted Obama to the skies, while even batting her false eyelashes at him….meanwhile Obama would RATHER have Stedman looking at him, not Oprah.

      • Anonymous

         “Oprah is an Obama Bootlicker”

        Even after Michelle kicked her out of the White House.
         Oprah, like Sharpton, Jackson and all the other so called Black leaders no longer give a damn about making things better for th Black community. They have become so rich and living such a lavish lifestyle, it’s all about money and power for them now. The racial divide is a cash cow for them now.

      • Anonymous

        Oprah thought Obama would make her an Ambassador for helping him get elected. That was her wish, a payback if you will.  Instead Michelle informed our de facto President Valerie Jarrett to keep Oprah out of the WH.  Oprah is thrown under the bus, said she would not campaign to help Obama get re-elected but should would STILL vote for him a 2nd time.  Nothing you can do with thinking like this, it’s all race and nothing else !

    • Anonymous

      Oprah seems to be “tooting” into Obama’s horn.

  • Anonymous

    Winfrey is a bitter, hate-filled racist who, like Obama and Holder, keeps reliving the past vs perfecting the future. 

    Ms. Winfrey would far better serve other Blacks were she to produce tele/movies featuring the lives of people such as Dr. Ben Carson, Allen West, Daneen Borelli, and Leah Durant – all who serve as role models for other Blacks.  Instead, this woman perpetuates and promotes Blacks as victims vs victors.

    • Anonymous

      yeah and you cant change the future if you hold onto the past…they hold onto the past just so they can play the Race card and invoke their way! the ones who play the race card ARE the real Racists!

  • Anonymous

    What about Chris and Channon? Two white kids kidnapped, raped, tortured and burned by 4 black people in Knoxville – Why is this not the comparison?


    • Anonymous

      Because they were White Southerners,  they can only be accused of BEING racist, not victims of racism.  Face it, to most of the MSM and liberals, white southerners (especially people who live in the Appalachians like I do) are trash.  We don’t count.

  • Anonymous

    Oprah’s just a big brown turd.  She think’s she’s relevant because she’s worth billionS.  Nothing more. She needs another rope ride to get her vajayjay painin’ again.

  • Anonymous

    I thought Opra was smarter than that.  How can she even suggest that those two incidents are the same, they are not even similar except that two black people lost their lives.

  • Anonymous

    It’s a crying shame, and a tragedy for race relations, that ‘leaders’ of the black community fan the flames of racial dissent instead of being encouraging relations between blacks and whites.  Too few, but they are some nevertheless, of blacks speak up against what’s happening in the black community (violence) against each other first, then projecting the hatred towards other races. Beware of upcoming violence due to this kind of egging on.

  • rbrossrocks

    Smart has nothing to do with it.  Beck just had a show on racism and who is a racist the anatomy of a racist.  Opra fits that title to a teeeeee.

  • Destroy All Morons!

    and we care what that fat ass rich bitch says, lol?  oprah hasn’t been relevant in five years.

  • bandit

    Why am I not suprised . . . 

  • greywolfrs

    AHHH, I see Poprah is preaching again. Another stupid comment from a person that doesn’t have the first clue about which they speak.

  • thh0lmes

    Oprah is an air head liberal.  There really isn’t any other kind I guess.  This is pathetic.  Shows zero interest in the facts, another lib strong point.

  • Commish

    The “Truth”, to 47% of America, rarely has ANYTHING to do with what actually happened… or is presently occurring. I look for the city of Seattle to Ban the word any day now.

  • Tom Rork

    Disgusting denial of responsibility and failure to use her voice for good. More racial pot-stirring for no reason. Is Bill Cosby is only well-known black person in America with an ounce of common sense and decency? Sick and tired of the Sharptons and Jacksons fomenting racial hate for self-aggrandizement. Now Oprah and Obama join the chorus? Way past time for black society to join the American mainstream and stop whining about what happened 150 or 100 or 50 years ago. If not, all sympathy for them will soon vanish.

  • Brenda Quintana

    i beleive she said that because rasicm still exist in all cultures.

    • Anonymous

      When you compare the Zimmerman case to Emmet Till, you are demonstrating racism. So I guess you’re right. She wanted to demonstrate that racism still exists, on her part. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1079650852 William Capler

    I never did respect this idiot…………

  • Cassidy

    I watched her show a few times and that was it. She’s all about color – HERS.

  • Anonymous

    Oprah lost quite a following when many found out that she had “never been molested during her childhood.”  It was a lie to get the attention of “see, you can heal too.”
    White women loved her and were her greatest supporters.  IF you ever watched any of her shows, the majority were white women.

    She has ruined herself.

  • Danny Holland

    just another example of the difference between the speed of light and sound                          Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until you hear them speak.

  • farm kid

    oprah should get on her knees and thank GOD for white women. they are the people who made her successful. I recall a white producer from Baltimore when to Chicago and took oprah with her and it all history. if  I am wrong please correct me. oprah is a has been.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jltarbe ‘Jamie Tarbet Miller

    When you use your celebrity and fame to undermine this country, you have stepped over the line. I do believe we have enough of that being done in the White House. There are many blacks that do not take this stand. Unfortunately they are not celebrities or have the money and power to make the difference. Always has been said, Money talks and Bullshit walks, in this case, they both walk and talk…sad

  • Rose Pedid

    Am I the only one that if I never here the name Oprah again, it would be no great loss! She is an OLD UNGRATEFUL BITCH! If it wasn’t for the “WHITE CRACKER” that gave her her first Break she would be a used has been new anchor reporting on road construction!

  • Anonymous

    So Oprah has decided to enter the racist race baiting. There is absolutely no comparsion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/rogerthat2 Roger Sellers

    The best rebuttal to the continuing saga og the Travon Martin remarks by so-called people of didtinction, is a political cartoon I saw the other day saying:  If Travon Martin had been killed in battle in afghanistan noon of these people would even know his name!….Let it rest, for God sake.

  • Rose Pedid

    Everyone who respects the constitution and the American way of life should Boycott her new Movie. Another movie to add to the racial divide!

  • Anonymous

    She lost all credibility with me years ago. I enjoyed her talk show but when she turned political my respect for her was lost. She does not speak the truth as she would like all of her adoring pubic to believe. She is a woman who did wonderful things with her life & achieved a lot but her skin color & wealth does not make her an expert on any given subject. It’s an opinion & she is entitled to that but with the many people who believe she is above normal intelligence & hang onto her every word her comparing the 2 incidents is irresponsible.

  • Anonymous

    Oprah and those racists make their own truth the Left doesn’t know truth they make their own truth, just like those guys that say, “we have change our traditions and change our history..” to create our own, “civilian national police force just as well funded as the military” and “under my plan electricity rates will sky rocket”…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Nancy-Craig-McGrath/100000628088551 Nancy Craig McGrath

    That she could compare the deaths of the two just shows her ignorance. You can be smart and still be ignorant,  She may be wealthy beyond belief but that only shows how far this country has come from the time of Emmett Till. She chooses to ignore the crimes against whites that are committed by blacks.

  • Gail A. Delio

    This is so sad.  This is how our country is being divided.  We have people like her who takes her wealth and uses it to cause more hate.  Our country has been divided since 2004 and continues to be divided due to our President, Al Sharpton, and Jessie Jackson along with the Obama media network.  Nothing is going to change unless these hate mongers are no longer allowed to spread there hateful racist comments.  We are Americans, we are not terrorists.  Since when did we start forming a lynching mob when someone has been through our legal system and has been found not guilty??  I guess if your a person of color you get a free ride, but if you’re white you get hung when the verdict doesn’t go the way you want. 
    So where is the media, Obama, Jessie Jackson, and Al Sharpton’s outrage over the attack of white student on a school bus in Florida that was brutally attacked by 3 black students.  Where is the outrage for this child who was beaten??  Oh that’s right, because he was attacked by black children and beaten down and on camera watching this that is alright.  Oh, Boys will be Boys.  Not!!!!  These children need to charged with assault & battery, and with a hate crime.  So why isn’t Oprah worried about this.  I’m sure this isn’t worth mentioning due to the fact that the attackers were black.  Our country is changing and it’s not for the better.    

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lisa-Wiktor/100001227401251 Lisa Wiktor

    Until ALL Life is respected by Everyone. We will not have Peace.

  • crazy betty

    like a PhD friend said long ago to a bunch of white women sitting around a table talking about how great oprah is (before she got all crazy and new agey) – he couldn’t take it anymore and just blurted out “Oprah is a big, fat _______.    hahaha  I’ll let you you fill in the blank.  hahahaha

  • Anne Faust

    As rich as she is thats how stupid she is – if the light was shining she would say its not on. give me  a break she is just another instigator and should keep her comments to herself and not let it perpetrate any further. Its over and like they say it aint over till the fat lady sings and  I think she sang her swan song

  • Anonymous

    Winfrey has lost somewhere around 3.5 million on her new crappy network….so, she needs a fifteen minutes of fame for herself and what better way than to bring race into a picture.  Really sad….she is where she is today because of the white people of America…people who took a chance and gave her a chance and she has done well….like the American dream.  Now, she wants all the whities in jail I guess….I no longer watch her….she is nonexistent.


     I am so shocked at this Oprah that i have lost my voice. Can you please lay your hands on me, and heal me. By listening to you, well you must be some sort of a God figure.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1199217044 Kim Pierantoni

    I’ve lost all respect of Oprah! I think all the people she has help all 25 year’s should! turn their back’s on her and never ever say her name every again! She can have the pres.Obama and his family! And stuffed! Thanks a lot Oprah! Have a great life with the Obama’s! We do not need you any more!

  • Anonymous

    Oprah went to Jeremiah Wrong’s church?  THAT explains a lot!!  Comparing these two cases just shows how short on logic some of these arguments are.  Thanks, Oprah, all we needed now is for people who are “spokespersons” to go off on tangents to whip the flame of black racism even hotter.  What is she even thinking?

  • susie snider

    Ive always thought Ophra was a racist and it disgusts me how she and others can tarnish and degrade the legacy of Emmett Till by comparing Trayvon Martin to him! Not even close Ophra! You should be ashamed!

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    I have admired Oprah since her days on Baltimore AM TV.  I’ve noticed a turn to favor her black fans over the years, but this goes over the line for me.  Having learned that the facts about Trayvon were hidden,… his record, etc. I find this comment by Oprah despicable.  She’s losing my respect.

  • JMM

    No comparison AT ALL! She may have all the money in the world, but money can’t buy intelligence! Clearly self-defense vs. hate crime.

  • Anonymous

    You can’t have it both ways.  You can’t live in the past and move forward too.  Black America does not want to move forward and progress.  They want to play the race card.  Black America is its own worst enemy. 

  • Anonymous

    Wonder what Dr Phil would say about this ….

  • Anonymous

    Look, Oprah doesn’t have a clue and doesn’t need one.  She has “People”  that do her “research” for her and write her comments for her.  She really doesn’t know or understand anything about this case except what she may have caught her ear from the heavily biased mainstream media.  She is either a shill or a dupe in this instance.

  • JoejoeSing

    She is a dunce…her audience is even dumber.

  • richard diamond

    Oprah is a racist, and always has been. A rich racist that is..

  • Anonymous

    Oprah is looking more and more like some misshapen troll.

    She, along with all liberal black personalities (though thankfully, a few have refused to do this), have gotten the memo to continue to throw out these racist comments, to stir up the blacks over this. That, and her network is still doing terribly, so a little shock value to get people to watch her smut doesn’t hurt her in her mind, either.

    The true story of Oprah is her stint into talk show fame was predated by her start here in Maryland, on WJZ, A CBS affiliate, where she co-hosted a morning talk show, briefly, People Are Talking. She was so bad. It didn’t take long before she had to hightail it out of this state. It all culminated in her famous interview with Frank Purdue, founder of Purdue chicken. She had the nerve and stupidity (and perchance, racism?) to ask the man, “Anyone ever tell you that you look like a chicken?”

    Har, har. His response sent her on her way, “Anyone ever tell you that you look like a baboon?”

    End of Oprah Winfrey here in MD. She heads off to Chicago (where all the crud of America apparently winds up — like Obama, Rom Emanuel, Valerie Jarret, Reverend Wright, Farrakhan, etc. — the founder of the Black Muslims way in the 40’s/50’s, an ex con, started there, too), where she gets a phony niche in the always terrible for humanity daytime TV, opposite such scholars as Phil Donahue and Morton Downy Jr. She’s always played to the unfortunate gullible and oh, so pent up and curious women who watch the crap they peddle on daytime network TV. With her own network, she’s back to showing just how talentless and phony she always has been.

  • Citizen Patriot

    Mr.  Beck, please excuse my bluntness.  Who the Hell cares what Oprah thinks.  There are a few who are worth noting their comments.  https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10200210704570396

  • TimL

    Last time I checked, if Oprah wants to continue to make this a racial thing, Zimmerman is Hispanic.  Why aren’t African Americans upset with  Hispanics?  Because there isn’t really anything in it for them.  Even though they talk about moving past race so often, they are the ones that always bring it up.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=581834054 Ginny Auldridge

    she wouldn’t know the truth if it bit her on the nose.  she had such an outrageous show against the Catholic church back in the early 2001 time line, because of the priests that abused boys, making people think all Catholics are child abusers, I started getting both hate mail and death threats for being Catholic! I sent her an email telling her she needs to be clear, that abuse happens across all boundaries of faith, atheism, politics, race, etc., and that blaming all Catholics for the wrong doing of a handful, is a horrible lie. I told her about the death threats I got, and nobody from her web site every even replied to my post. She says whatever she wants to say, no apologies, with the small exception of the Beef people coming against her for defamation lawsuits. Cattlemen have clout.

  • Anonymous

    Years ago, before she lost weight,  I joked she oughta be arrested for carrying around 300 pounds of crack! [think about it}
    Now it seema she’s taken up pot too. 
    D@mned CRACKPOT!

  • Anonymous

    Oprah is an Obama “hanger on”. If he says it she agrees just like the idiot she is. 

    She used to thank God for America, now like Obama she tears it apart.

    I hope it comes back to bite her in her big fat butt!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=821704266 Mel Cowan

    Boot her off the network like Paula Deen!

  • Anonymous

    Oprah is a racist but she would never admit it. Anyone who would attend the church of the Rev.??  Wright learns to hate not only whites but everyone who is not black. Oprah is one of the richest women in America, evidently she does not realize it was mainly whitey who put her in that position.

  • Nadine Faber

    Shameful.  I liked her and felt sorry for her when Michelle didn’t want her at the WH.  After the way she has been treated, like many of the others who buy into this bs by the president and his administration who are thrown under the bus or ignored, she is saying this stuff?  I agree about a person being treated like a HUMAN BEING, not put in a little box or labeled or whatever. These cases had NOTHING in COMMON. She did lose her credibility, respect from millions of people today I believe. Again, we see a person who was for everyone now changed in front of our eyes.  Bias and racism continues to be enforced again and again and ….. 

  • Denna Freed

    If you want to compare, let’s try Roderick Scott and Christopher Cervini.  Scott was a watchman, 42 years old, built like a linebacker.  Scott shot 17 year old Christopher Cervini because he was drunk and breaking into cars.  Scott, too, was acquitted.  Scott, by the way, was black and Cervini was white.  Oh, yeah, and Cervini NEVER SO MUCH AS TOUCHED Scott before Scott shot him – twice! – and took his life.  Where is the outrage, black America, when it is a white 17 year old shot by a black man?

  • David Kerns

    No one can really get the niggar out of them, so sad that this black rich women just put the niggar back into her life.

  • Betty Chancellor

    It’s that kind of nonsense that led to her loosing her viewership–I haven’t watched any of her shows since 2008 and never will again no matter how many new ones she may start.

  • Sue Anne Ward

    How the hell does she compare the two boys.  You have to be kidding.

  • Anonymous

    I saw Winfrey’s true character 10 or 12 years ago when she won the case that “The Beef Association” brought against her down in Texas. When the trial was over , and she was vindicated as not having slandered the Association , she stepped out of the courthouse with her attorneys , and said ” I really didn’t think I could get a fair trial in this part of the country ! ” Now how how do you think all those Texas Housewives  felt after contributing so much to her success. She is no better than Sharpton, Farakaun, or Jackson !

  • Anonymous

    Till was murdered by a group of white men and Martin was in an altercation with Zimmerman which lead to his death. Zimmerman was acquitted of charges and released.  How can Oprah, who prides herself of seeing all sides and being the peacemaker, say something so divisive and quite frankly dumb.  I’m waiting to hear Oprah comment on Charlie Rangle’s rant that Tea Party members are “white crackers”  – that racist and yet Oprah remains quiet–why is that?  And too, where was she when Alex Baldwin had an angry outburst against gays — where is Oprah on that. I really thought more of her – I truly thought she stood up for fairness but she’s obviously thrown in her support to Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson who are doing nothing but dividing the races and certainly nothing  to improve the lives of young blacks insofar as jobs, education, family values, etc. are concerned but rather stirring up hate between the races just so they can feel they’re relevant.  Shame on Oprah.

    • Anonymous

       “…so they can feel they’re relevant” and RICH!

  • susandaytoday

    Oprah you have clearly lost your your mind or are being used by the enemy satan since he is a liar and can do nothing else. . Ever comment on all the innocent whites getting beat to death by black gangs? You have become a phony to the very people who have always loved and supported you..

  • Anonymous

    How can she compare the two? This just shows where her head is at. Sad, Her numbers will fall; any advice she has for her audience will fall on deaf ears.

  • Anonymous

    Despicable is a good name to call Oprah Winfrey. Apparently she is as tainted as the rest of those blacks who venerated Trayvon Martin. I thought better of her than that, sinking to those depths, but I guess she’s trying to score Brownie points with the rest of her race by acting like she’s got special insight into the case.

  • http://www.facebook.com/jerry.rogers.1257 Jerry Rogers


  • Anonymous

    Makes me sick.

  • Anonymous

    Oprah is so stupid.There is NO COMPARISON between Emmette Till and George Zimmerman.Oprah has to read what really happened.

  • Anonymous

    OPRAH, is a has been nobody.  Obviously she does not know Black history, and she is always on the O team, regardless or being wrong, so why should this shock anyone?

  • Anonymous

    I wonder what Oprah said about the 13 year old white kid that was beaten and stomped by three 15 year old black kids on the school bus in Florida? Susposedly it was about him not wanting to buy drugs from them. I also wonder where Sharpton and Jackson are on this issue?

  • Anonymous

    Orka breeches again.

  • Anonymous

    Who cares what the racist bigot Oprah Winfrey says?

  • Anonymous

    Oprah, just another black liberal idiot!  It has always been thus!

  • Jimp

    another self righteous woman… give her money, she thinks the truth will speak through her and she is the one!!!    humility is non existent in these people!!

  • Anonymous

    I think Orca Winfrey has become a legend in her own mind and actually believes the garbage she is spewing.
    This makes her just as big or a racist pimp as the “rev” Al and “rev” Jesse.  I don’t know how anyone could link these two incidents together as she was attempting to do.
    If she has the power that she thinks she does, then why doesn’t she use this power to ease the racial division that she is instead making worse with her outrageous remarks?
    Shame on you Orca!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1621370560 Louie Masciarelli

    I have never liked this cow, she thinks who the hell she is !! Her show was a hit because of all the crap she gave away to the audience !!

  • Melissa Katsmom Votano

    I don’t know I think what happened to James Byrd is more comparable to Emmett Till then Trayvon Martin.  Of course Oprah’s network is tanking and she is becoming irrelevant so I guess she needs to stir up some controversy so people will go see her new movie.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t heard Oprah or Jackson or Sharpton or Hollywood liberals, or ACLU or any racist on the left mention the beating of the 13 year old white boy who was stomped on, kicked, punched etc. in Flordia on a school bus by 3 black hoodlums who were larger then him older than him and was obviously a hate crime. Some people are blaming the 65 year old bus driver for not stopping them. Please he was 65 and they would have jumped on him too. It’s convenient when the roles are reversed but if it is black on white crime, I suppose it has to be paid back for all the offenses of the past. Grow up Oprah you and your pick for President had pretty easy lives compared to many. Don’t tell me about your abuse we all have had abuse of sorts in our lives. You now have it pretty easy as does our world vacationing President. I’m sure you had many vacations this year too. Many of us have not thanks to the economy. You also have been given many blessings. The Till murder was horrible , as were many attacks on blacks but you can’t make up for it by saying the attack on this white boy was alright. I stopped watching you years ago because of your racist attitude. No matter which side does it, its wrong. I will never end if we keep blaming one race or the other. You above all should know we have one judge. Get over the past and move on!

  • batmanroxus

    We had a lot of people claiming victim-hood over something that had absolutely nothing to do with them. Then we had a group of professional racists trying exploit that. If you didn’t agree with the first group you were called a racist, for basically denying the victim status of those who really needed to be victims. I found it extremely interesting. You were basically forced to choose sides or be called a racist:) I know because I was called one:) This sort of thing is not new and I wonder if there will always be those who exploit the weakness of victim-hood… like Yasser Arafat… or will we mature beyond that, as in Martin Luther King’s “Dream”. This statement by Opera is surprising to me; I wasn’t aware of her extreme racist character. No excuse for that. She makes blacks look like fools and idiots and herself look worst than Till’s murders.

  • Jeff

    She has a pretty warped sense of reality.  Makes you wonder what is in there heads.  A lot of blind people.

  • Ellen Mashburn Honeybuss

    Yes and remember Oprah speaking out when black neighborhood watchman Roderick Scott shot and killed a 17 year old white boy? Roderick was acquitted and NOT a word was said that day.

  • Anonymous

    Till didn’t ‘flirt’ with a white woman. Till was from the North, Chicago, I believe, where race had a whole different color than in the deep South. Till was showing off for some of his buddies, bragging that he’d ‘been with white women before.’ They questioned him, so he in effect propositioned a white woman. A southern, married white woman! He even told her he’d been with white women before and ‘knew what they liked.’

    What Till did was in no way any less stupid than what Martin did. Neither death was necessary, and neither teen needed to approach other people in the obno manner in which they did. 

    It’s called ‘integrity.’ If you have it, nothing else matters. If you don’t have it, nothing else matters. 

  • Anonymous

    She lost a lot of her validity when she campaigned for Obama.  She had sense enough to leave Rev. Wright’s church when she discovered what it was but he kept on.  She has become more enthralled with eastern spiritual concepts and taught them thru her programs and many no longer schedule their days around her shows.  When she left popular culture and headed into this new religious thinking she became just another tv hostess.  What she says carries little weight with the majority of the female audience.  This commentary shows how racist, wrong, she is.

  • Anonymous

    Why does anyone even listen to her?  She is like Chris Matthews – way over the top and out there in space somewhere.

  • Dale Hogue

    I don’t agree with Oprah’s comment.  It’s way off base and certainly not an appropriate comparison to the tragic Trayvon/Zimmerman incident, unless she was attempting to muddy the water in that discussion.  She is, by her very nature, not a rabble-rouser, so I believe that she was searching for an appropriate comparison and selected the wrong one in this case.  Unless I’m way off the mark, I’m sure that she is sorry for having made that inappropriate comparison..  


    another black racist piece of shit,cant stand the fat bitch

  • A.J.

    Oprah wouldn’t know what it means to be “black” if it bit her in butt.

  • Anonymous

    Oprah is racist. Plain and simple. It seems that so many people are not willing to see that Trayvon was an agressive gangsta wanna be. Does that mean he deserved to die? No. It does mean that when you go looking for trouble you find it and sometimes you get hurt.

    That in no way compares to Emmitt Till. Emmit Till wasn’t posting/taking pics of himself with guns and posing like he was “about that life”.

  • Doris C

    Oprah really believes this I am sure. And you can bet majority in black community do too. They just cant get through a day without the race card no matter the fact none of them were slaves or ever met a slave owner.

  • Anonymous

    I used to admire Oprah Winfrey. I quit watching her show when she started getting self-righteous and started assuming every word from her mouth was a pearl of wisdom and she was the ultimate shining example for all to follow. I just couldn’t watch anymore. Looks like she hasn’t changed a bit. Once again she thinks she is the only one with all the “truth” and the rest of us are idiots who should hang on her every word. She thinks she’s the Deepak Chopra of the Rich Women with Talk Shows world. Well, she’s not. She’s a normal, mistake making mortal like the rest of us, and all of what she calls “the truth comes through me” isn’t truth, it’s all just her opinion. She’s ridiculously stuck on herself. Sheesh.

  • Anonymous

    Oprah went to the church of Jeremiah  Wright. That is where she met Obama. Of course she believes these things. She left when she realized being associated with him could cost her money. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/jenniferbz Jennifer Brown Zapata

    The only similarity is that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman because he thought he was gay.

  • wallace

    They are trying to Milk the situation and all their doing is cheeping the advances that they have maid in the civil rights movement.

  • http://www.facebook.com/deborah.peine Deborah Wyandt Peine

    Ego…..party of one!    She really lovers herself a lot!

  • Anonymous

    Oprah is a racist fat pig….

  • wallace

    Don’t spend your money with the black businesses. spend it with the whites, quit buying Tennis shoes and t-shirts spend it with the whites. That’s what the black have been doing. that’s smart…we need to do that, quit watching black programs or listening to that black music for sure quit smoking that weed. It is all a conspiracy.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000158970778 Lynn Dellaria

    Well, you are not right this time, so please, get off your pity party, and stop the whining…oh poor “us”. Mob mentality of color, that’s what you thrive on. It’s disgusting. You focus only on one color and forget that there are many people who make up this world, and they are not all black.  You talk as though blacks are the only ones with problems?  Think again…Way too many folks of every color are faced with tragedy and pain every day and think to themselves, how am I going to make it through today with this pain in my heart. Life circumstances can be hard to work through for every color, so buck up and shut up. You are part of the problem and will continue to be because of you lack the human compassion gene except for your own…which is the seed of racism, you throw it out and it grows out of control…like a weed. It takes integrity and  courage to stop blaming others for your plight in life, and work to build bridges instead of blowing them up.  

  • Rickey Tolliver

    Is Sheila Jackson Lee her sister?

  • william Stalker

    Seriously anyone who tries to compare the two needs to be hit upside their stupid head. 

    • Anonymous

      Well, she’s really pretty stupid….

  • Anonymous

    As Oprah became more popular she became more extreme and racist. She has followed in the footsteps of Sharpton and Jackson in a drawn back manner. She may admire MLK, but she is definitely not a follower of his beliefs. I saw it in her from day 1. It is a shame that because some people still carry the old south attitude towards blacks, it is perpetuated by people like Sharpton,  that is the way it still is. I’m sure each black person has had a bad event that has lived on with them. But I’m sure everyone has had a bad event that has lived on with them, be it black, white, indian or hispanic.How we each pick ourselves up and carry on tells of the type of person we are and it shows in the way we interact with people. Sometimes it is just nicer to carry on for the attention, then to live on in acceptance.

  • Anonymous

    How did this STUPID FAT BITCH get so RICH?  Oh, I remember now, STUPID    VULNERABLE WHITE WOMEN who FLOCKED to her show – that is HOW!  I can proudly say that I NEVER watched one of her TRASH shows nor EVER bought one of the O TRASH magazines;  My ex walking partner (WHITE) adored her and NEVER missed her show and SUBSCRIBED to her O magazine!

  • 2War Abn Vet

    there’s no evidence that Emmett Till was a thug or thug-wannabe. The same can’t be said for Trayvon.

  • Anonymous

    Jesus said, “You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free.” Oprah is still a slave.

  • TerrorSquad

    When can this stupid story die like the thug that was Trayvon? This was just another black man shot in the process of committing a crime. It happens every day.

  • Anonymous

    It’s absolutely true that if Obama was a white man, he’d never be allowed to get away with all he has.  He’s (half) black, so some people are so thrilled that our country has come so far.  I too was interested to see what this historic president would do.  Had NO ideal he could be so destructive.

  • Anonymous

    well, being a fat woman with a lot of money doesn’t make someone smart.

  • Anonymous

    Oprah is so old news…She needs to retire and go away…She is an enemy to this nation and she gave us Obama…She is too black to be in public and too racist…and too fat….

  • Anonymous

    Oprah you don’t know the TRUTH, just like the COMMIE LYING  President Hussein Obama .Every time he open’s his mouth it’s a lie .      

  • Anonymous

    What can you expect from liberal Oprah??? The truth doesn’t matter to people who want to ignore what the real truth is.  all Oprah is doing is making headlines!!!!

  • DogWithoutSlippers

    Any doubt here that Oprah is not a racist!

  • http://www.absoluteintensity.com dennis reilly

    she avoids taxes, doesn’t say a damn thing about black on white crime, is the 1% and loves Obama

  • Alex Foos

    Not sure how these ignorant people like Oprah, Sharpton, and Jesse Jackson want “equality”, but bring up garbage like this.  It’s sickening, if this nation was set up for blacks to fail then; those on sports scholarships to college would be paying, I wouldn’t have had so many good black brothers and sisters in the Navy when I was serving, and everything that is equal (restaurants, vacation spots, airplanes, buses, movie theaters, and everything else that any person has a right to go to) would not be equal.  The only Americans with unfair advantages in school are black students that have a right to go to “all black” colleges. 

  • Anonymous

    What a racist idiot!

  • Lynn Bowling Cosentino

    This keeps going because people keep talking about it and fueling the hate on both sides. it’s time to just let it go and move on and pray that the evil behind using this to cause a race war dies with it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100005490274922 Rebell Paatriot

    Oprah is a SKANK BITCH….Nuf said…

  • Anonymous

    Disgraceful, she and others diminish Mr. Till’s horrible death at the hands of racist and bigoted lunatics with her comparison. What are these people trying to do or accomplish? Perhaps excuses for keeping people under a yoke of history rather than raising people up? Shame on Ms Winfrey who one would and should expect so much more to promote the good and godly.

  • Anonymous

    “allow the truth to speak through me”?? what an ego…

  • Anonymous

    Yes her spirit is doing the scare tactics…so sorry…don’t watch her anymore at all…

  • jalina susan stutte

    Oprah is a crazy fat communist who will say anything to get her name in the press. Her TV station is tanking and she needs to do whatever she can to stay afloat. She is a racist. I guess that makes her a nigga, which by Trayvon’s girlfriends  words isn’t racist, as long as your don’t put a ER on the end of it.

  • Anonymous

    Oprah is a political whore. She will use her money and her celebrity to push political ideological goals. Racial divide has become the ugly tool to propagate their ideology. She herself is merely being used as well as the others who have sold their souls to the same purpose (Jackson, Sharpton, etc.). No good will ultimately come from all of this for anyone. The 1950’s and 2013 has no similarities, and to compare these two situations is beyond reason. To perpetuate racism is beyond reason, yet they are determined to do so. But the only real thing that this demonstrates is the hate within their own souls. The only racism that has been demonstrated here comes from them, which is why it will never go away. White people should avoid watching or having anything to do with anything connected to this hateful women who apparently has fooled many. Apparently a racist herself, and would have a man convicted even though the evidence was not there to support their view.

  • Val

    Oprah, should stick to counting her $$$ and not open her mouth.It just PROVES Blacks are beyond HELP. They have it made, Abortions,Welfare checks,Housing,Medical care, in and out passes from jail, free phones, and a “BLACK PRESIDENT” they have it all. BUT what will happen when Obama is gone ??????? They WILL have to go to work, like the rest of us. Then watch the S- -T hit the fan ! They can call Oprah and see if she will loan them some $$$ or give them a job !….

  • Herman Vogel

    She sounds more like Sharpton and Jackson then a told show host that is SUPPOSED to be natural. I believe the term is Race Baiter.

  • R. Futch


  • agriserve

    what little respect i had for her is all gone…….she cannot be that stupid

  • Anonymous

    Emitt Till was really murdered…and that was a long time ago…shouldn’t we stop this by now…thereis no compararasion to the se stories…

  • Anonymous

    That night was a terrible tragedy. But racism had nothing to do with it. There this situation was nothing but a distraction from other things going on, including things involving the administration. Both martin and zimmerman made some bad choices that night. But Oprah and the Black leadership as well as the libs have used this to incite racial divide and hate which is purely evil. Nothing good will come from this except that maybe whites who thought the past hatreds were in the past, will wake up and recognize and take steps to protect themselves from the evil and hate being propagated.

  • denisemain

    can’t fix stupid

  • Anonymous

    THERE IS NO COMPARISONS between Emmett Till and Trayvon Martin.Is she kidding?Truth is not coming from her.But nonsense is.

  • http://www.facebook.com/randy.holt.5439 Randy Holt

    why dont they show the real picture of trayvon at his real age 17 going on 18 he had drugs in his body he sold drugs he rob people why not tell the true they dont want the true told just lies . but you can’t fix stupid!!!!!!!

  • Val


  • Anonymous

    As easy as it is to comment on Glenn’s site, I urge those of you, who find Oprah’s comments outright offensive, to express your thoughts at Oprah’s website. These folks on the Left need to hear directly from us. It’s called pushback. Whenever you see an absurdity coming from the usual news and opinion suspects, it’s fine to register your anger at NRO. But, it’s more important to go to their websites and personal email addresses and give them solid, thoughtful responses. It is long since time that the dying media elite understand that their comfortable universe has exploded into a million social media pieces.

  • Christopher Llufrio

    she’s an idiot, the martin kid was an idiot, zimmermans an idiot, the jurors are idiots, … it’s not eveil that’s taking over the world you idiots! … it’s stupidity 

  • deon a

    Oprah Winfrey is a bonafide and true witch practicing her craft with great deception and malice.

  • Janette Miller

    0prah is brain dead.  She must have caught it from 0bummer.  I respected her one day but no more.  She is an ugly, extremely Fat Idiot with a big mouth. She is huge fat and ugly.  Very fat.

    • Anonymous

      Oh wow you are acting just as low as Oprah by calling her those names. Going after someones looks makes you look trashy.. Don’t like or respect her but show some class

  • foghorn

    Just goes to show you that rich niggers are niggers

    • Anonymous

      With a racist comment like that you just blew your integrity in front of everyone your comment makes you look worse than Oprah comments
      Just goes to show your are just as wrong with your rant .

    • Anonymous

      Though the underlying point, that regardless of a person’s wealth they are still subject to stupidity and foolishness, the use of the n-word is inappropriate; it detracts from the overall point you are making.

  • Carol Lightfoot

    Oprah meditates and is a  medium too.  These dead people talk thru her.  The Devil’s conduit.

  • Jamie Huff

    Add Oprah to the growing list of celebrities who truly believe that their wealth and fame bring them a higher understanding of life than the little folk. Oprah has done a lot of good for a lot of people but her views on this particular case are either shockingly naive or deliberately subversive. Does she really believe this nonsense after all of the facts have been presented? I am afraid that I have lost any respect I had for her after reading this article.

  • Anonymous

    Wow really, she is slowly becoming delusional. I use to look up to her but not anymore. I don’t care who’s side she is on but how can you compare a brutal murder to young adult that likes doing drugs, fighting and living the thug life. There is NO comparison. She is making it about race when it isn’t. Shame on you Oprah you just lost me as a fan.

  • Take 2

    Silly Oprah probably thinks T Martin was 4 ft. 2″ – twelve years old walking home from grade school.   

    • Anonymous

      The sad part is this is how TvM was presented in the German press.  I had to tell my friends over there what really happened.  There had not been any mention that the black person had hit Zimmermann.  I was shocked when they told me Zimmermann just shot this Negro without having a reason to do so.

  • Anonymous

    Oprah’s choice to make this comparison is shameful. There is nothing even remotely comparable here, including the races of those involved. 

    At what point do these people assume even the slightest measure of responsibility? If a young black male were to listen to her words, exacted what he claims is “revenge” and then attributed the justification for his actions to Oprah’s words, would she embrace her responsibility for these words? The answer is obvious…of course not. She would use language such as “misunderstood” and “not what I meant” and “disturbed individual”. 

    Would Oprah accept it if this were a white person using what two black thugs did in Brunswick, Georgia, in twice shooting a white woman and murdering her baby by shooting him in the face to compare to Trayvon Martin? What about the three 13-yr-old black boys who recently brutally attacked and nearly killed a white boy on a bus? After all, these cases are similar, correct? 

    Of course she wouldn’t accept them. Neither of those cases had any similarity to what happened in the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case either, but BOTH of those cases were very similar to the Emmett Till case with only one change: the races of the attackers. 

    The motivations were racial in all these cases. The biggest difference, though, is that, because of the race of the attackers, we aren’t allowed to speak about the races of the individuals and, although there are blatant allegations of race motivated crime, NONE of the recent criminals has the slightest chance of being vilified for committing hate crimes nor is there the slightest chance that the white house or justice department could ever be persuaded to even investigate such horrific crimes. After all, the criminals in each of the recent incidents was black, therefore, according to Eric Holder, they are not responsible for their racial hatred because both their circumstances and white prejudice have caused these young men to act unreasonably. 

    Until all racial communities agree to hold ALL people equally responsible for their actions, whether good or bad, regardless of race, we will continue to separate and retreat into the formerly dark eras of racial hatred in this country. The fact that this time, it is blacks who are responsible does not make it right. Racism is racism is racism. PERIOD. There is nothing ennobling, good, worthy of laud, excusable or justifiable about hatred, no matter the color of the individual demonstrating said hatred through heinous acts. If we fail to recognize the absolute foolishness of repeating this vicious cycle, attempting to justify racism of ANY kind from ANY individual by virtue of the color of that individual, we are ultimately, and predictably doomed to failure as a society to ever achieve the dream of Martin Luther King, Jr in which he saw a bright future in a colorblind society. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/mick.white.560 Mick White

    Oprah has always been a big one on pushing Racism,no talk about the black who shot the white kid in the back and won on self- defence. How is it self-defence if you shot him in the back

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100004657054354 George S. Liberty

    Oprah’s comparison is grotesque. But in Oprah’s case, she is even more grotesque as it is to create sensationalism to improve her ratings.  She is despicable.  A multibillionaire via the American dream and she would draw such a comparison.  Grotesque.  Did I say Oprah is grotesque?   Just as she likes to make inane comparisons I can simply call her grotesque.  Pretty dumb actually.  So either she is stupid or calculating.   Lets say grotesquely calculating.   Yes that sounds about right

  • Anonymous

    People watched her show cause she was always giving away free stuff. sad but true

  • Suzanne Schmidt

    She is wrong on so many levels and if she didn’t have a sounding board, no one would care what she has to say.  But I wonder what her comment would be on the 2007 kidnapping, torture and murder of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom by 5 black males.  Or what about the attack last year at the Wisconsin State fair where blacks attacked white fairgoers……or how about this year at Milwaukee Summerfest where a white woman, playing blues on her saxophone, was attacked by 2 black women and told that blues music is only for blacks.  What kind of crazy world do we live in?!!!  

  • Anonymous

    You can take the nijj@r out of the ghetto but you can’t ghetto out of the nijj@r.

  • Anonymous

    I have been saying for almost two decades that Oprah is a Sexist and Racist. She says she believed in Obama but refuses to live the life of his policies as she enriches herself. She is just another conman/woman. She reuses to spread her wealth as Obama says and believes she should be the one making all the bucks. She even showed some truth when she spent money building a school in Africa when she admitted that the blacks in the US were to lazy to waste the money on. All of a sudden she changes her mind. She is immoral person and plays on people emotions to make money. She has never been interest in truth or honesty. She refuses to hold black American to the same standard as others or accountable form their own actions.

    I call for Oprah to show she is not a hypocrite and give a way her money now!

  • Anonymous

    Drug test her.  Also a dementia test would be in order.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001207990194 Sandy Bos

    Oprah does so much good, but this isn’t part of the package. You are way off here, Ms Winfrey.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately, the liberal/progressive left is still in “discrimination” mode. They have
    not yet “extracted” what they feel they are “owed” by society. (whether that be a “white
    Mexican”, a “Jew”, or a caucasion) The chant remains the same:
     “if uncertain, or in doubt,
    run in circles, scream and shout:
    IF, we as a society as a whole, are so racist, perhaps we might think of eliminating some of the quotas that we have been so generously throwing around. (education, employment, housing, promotions, etc.) at the expense (discrimination) of more highly qualified students, job seekers, home buyers, employees, etc. Would that be “racist”??
    No, that would mean “EQUALITY”………….for all. Well, we certainly cannot have that now,
    can we??????
    It is certainly not right to blame ALL blacks, as many have weaned themselves off of the
    liberal left “plantation” and done quite well for themselves. These are the ones that the
    “plantation blacks” refer to as Uncle Tom, clearly a racist moniker in itself.
    What is really sad on the part of the race baiters, is the one that they chose as their
    “Poster Child”, a troubled wanna be gansta who was well on his way to a life of drugs and crime. There comes an age when parents cannot be held responsible for their child’s influences. My heart goes out to both sets of parents, Martin’s for losing a son in his youth, and the Zimmerman’s for the damage to their reputation and life that the race baiters (Obama, Sharpdum, and Jackson) have left them with. All three have made their way in life by playing the race card. (all three community organizers, and Sharpdum/Jackson supposedly like the title “Reverend” (what a joke) attached to their names.
    My point in all of this diatribe is this: “Had the black community taken up for their cause, an individual who was truly worthy of “sainthood”, a young serviceman who was truly discriminated against and murdered, (not like the young couple, a white marine at Camp Penalton, who married an attractive black girl, who were both were murdered by 3 fellow black marines in San DIego~~~not a word from Obama/Sharpdum/Jackson) or a young black kid who was “actually”  murdered just for being black. No, their choice of martyrs
    was a teenage black with a checkered past and an apparent chip on his shoulder. (NWA)
    I have sympathy for the Martin parents, but I can’t feel sorry for the little “gansta”. His life ended the way “he” (the Martin kid) was living it. GANSTA STYLE.


  • David Larose

    Why do they let color get in the way of common sense?

  • Anonymous

    Oprah do you feel like that was necessary what in the hell were you thinking I thought you were much better than that when I see you on anything from here on out i’ll turn away of turn the channel .

  • http://www.facebook.com/calvin.l.moses Calvin L Moses

    why does opra and the media  not talk about the raciast beatings to white  people during the martin protesting  my opinion is she is being one sided  and to me that makes her racist  everyone should not listen to her racist  b,s   hate crimes more done to whites then blacks opra  but the media will not report  it   

  • Anonymous

    You have to understand Oprah’s position. For a long time she was lambasted by the black community for having her platform and not being “black enough” and not doing more for the black community. She started blacking it up in her political views and when she had certain topics or guests on her show. This was about the same time that her show went through the roof in ratings and she became uber rich. She saw that she couldn’t just play to an intelligent audience and had to pander to Jesse and AL and their ilk to get the black audience. This is what many celebs do, it is not new. Morgan Freeman, Denzel, Michael Strahan, Star Jones, Whoopi, etc., all have their inner homie come out when they need to play for the camera and the black ratings or guest. I consider Bill Cosby one of the greatest entertainers of all time. You never see him thuggin it up for his audience. This kind of behavior is what keeps racism alive.

  • Maximus

    This country has turned into a toilet waiting to be flushed. If I had the means i swear i would leave and never come back. I hope I live to see the evil and vile blackness these people spew to eventually implode and consume them all

  • Anonymous

    Oprah is a clueless POS.  Unfortunately, half the country (mostly minorities and women) listen to her and believe her.  Why doesn’t FOXNEWS put on some alternative programming in daytime time slots to blow shows like Oprah out of the water?  And shows like The View – offer a show called The Right Perspective, have it hosted by 5 conservative females, and rotate in a couple conservative women who can’t be there all the time but would be a boost to ratings as well.  

    But back to Oprah.  She’s as clueless as they come.  Big, fat, stupid, and clueless – how did she become such a success?  Well, then, look at who’s in the White House – stupid and clueless is apparently a recipe for success!

  • wisdomcries

    I posted a comment on ABC (All Barrack Channel) about this case a week ago and it was removed immediately.

    See what you think, I am seriuos because I guess I don’t understand.

    I said…”white-Hispanic? Then i guess Obama is a white-Negro”

    Now Negro, which I assume was the issue, is a anthropologically correct term, it is not derogatory and I don’t use the derogatory version of it, But “cracker” is just fine if you are Charley Rangel

    Tell me what I did that my comment should have been deleted…BTW I got 2 likes in 3 minutes before it was deleted.

    • annette

      You really don’t know. First Obama’s father was African, not African American, so the term Negro does not apply to him. Yes the term Negro is derogatory it was the term used for African Americans per civil rights act. I doubt if that is the reason it was deleted though, you probably stated what you thought were facts and they just sounded outrageous.

      • wisdomcries

         What is outrageous is you sharing your ignorance.

        Negro is as correct as Caucasian is. It has nothing to do with being from Africa you ignoramus. I suppose white-Hispanic is correct to you also.

        Negro is derogatory to you because you are PC and follow like a lemming what you have been feed.

        Try a book and turn off MSLSD

        • annette

          REALLY!!!!!! Name calling. Grow up. If you really feel that way go out and refer to someone of color as a Negro, hope you can bob and weave. When was the last time you saw any form and saw the word Negro under race, excluding something before 1964, while you’re checking look for the word Caucasian you fool. Keep up. Excuse me for calling you a fool, but not knowing I can tolerate, but complete and total ignorance annoys me, and we were talking about a specific incident, and as I stated his father was African and would not have been consider an “Negro” due to his country of origin it would should have stated Nigerian or Kenyan, and if you must reply please do so with some dignity.

          • wisdomcries

             Well when you are ignorant then ignoramus is a correct term and if ignorant people drive you crazy then you just can’t stand your self which explains it all.

            Black and white are not correct descriptions for race on any form, if so then yellow would be correct for Asians but folks like you want it PC, but that doesn’t mean it is correct.

            African is not a race. Negro is a race, Caucasian is a race not American or white…you are obviously a product of the public indoctrination system where learning no longer happens.

            Zimmerman is being called a white-Hispanic and you don’t even understand the irony of your whole argument and my original statement.

            Keep sharing your ignorance I am amused.

        • annette

          Conversation done. You are not someone that can hold an intelligent debate without name calling. Your parents must be so proud, but then again you can’t fix stupid. If you decide to reply, good I’ll delete you. Have a pleasant life.

          • wisdomcries

             I’ve lost the debate so I’m gonna say he called me names …. whhhaaaaa

            and your working on a masters degree? Now that’s funny, I don’t care who you are

  • Vicki Wiesner Carter

    What a racist thing for her to say. How disgusting to compare the two.

  • Pam Dunn

    I don’t watch that greedy pig or listen to her either.

  • Anonymous

    Oprah needs to stick to things she knows something about. She lives in a land that gave her success, fame and fortune, not because she was black but because she lived the American dream. She overcame her home life and rose to a place of prominence and wealth and became a spokes person for her race. But instead of lifting them up and teaching them to follow the same system to their prominence, she tries to destroy their hopes by constantly telling them that they cannot make it in life, or get justice, because they are black. 

    If anyone is interested, the figure of Lady Justice seen on courthouses all over this great land of ours, wears a blind fold which prevents her from bias in her decisions and a balance scale indicating her judgment is made by balancing the evidence given to determine guilt or innocence.

    Has there every been anyone who was wrongfully found guilty by our system? Yes. But where else in the world will you find a system that is perfect. We may not always get it right, but the consequences of civil disobedience will be much worse. Remember the race riots of the last century and the Occupy Wall Street civil disobedience recently in our history. How many innocent people who had nothing to do with what they were protesting against, had their businesses and property destroyed in those race riots and businesses disrupted in the Occupy movement. How many people were rob, raped, beaten, or even killed by the the civil disobedient in these movements.

    • Anonymous

      Very well said, I agree wholeheartedly.  This was a great post.

  • fedupwidit

    My only problem with black America is how utterly stupid they can be at times, for instance this ole New Age Heifer!

    • annette

      Black America, do you know black America? I mean really I don’t know black America. Who is “they”?

  • Eric Erlendson

    Oprah Have some more Watermelon – You Nigga’s come with Crazy Sit..

  • Anonymous

    What do you expect from Okra?

  • Anonymous


  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1283672830 Lorraine McBride Rice

    well, something’s flowing through her…for sure! No one feels like they can all African -American out on these radical statements.  No one want to inject facts.  It has opened my eyes to the sad perception so many have of where we are in this country on the race issue…. 

  • Matt

    Oprah is blinded by the sheer MAGNIFICENCE of, Oprah.

  • Anonymous

    I have never understood why Oprah Winfrey is regarded as anything but trash. Just read the way she speaks in this quote.

  • ginger

    We have oprah to thank for obama…I didn’t know o was still around..thought she would be giving all her money away so the “poor would get their share”. Who cares what she says? she thinks because she made tons of money “entertaining ” that she has any valid points..she is all about “feelings” and making more money for herself…which makes her part of the evil one percent.

  • http://www.facebook.com/lvanheckeknechtges Leeloni Van Hecke Knechtges

    I wish the people would stop all the discussion about Tryvon . It continues to stir up emotions on both sides of the controvercy.  Flint headlines just had a headline and story about a white man who was attached and beaten to death.  I don’t hear people having an uprising about it.  I lived in Detroit when we had the riots witch were senseless except to burn out many homes and scaring many people.  People sat with guns ready and were on watch day and night.  We left and stayed at my parents home.  I am not afraid of people who are different than me.  This nation would be better of without all the loud mouths spouting off everywhere they can.  Let this stop and let his family mourn in peace.  This just stirs up hate and we don’t need it.  The Lord says to love one another.  That means everyone not just your own race or denomination or life style.  Live your life in peace.

  • chip griffin

       she is a hired gun, just like glen and crew. they are bought and paid for, why don’t glen and crew speak of 9-11 if i’m wrong! a brain dead first grader can look at the facts and speak the truth. IT IS A SAD DAY IN AMERICA FOLKS. both sides suck

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Oprah there is no comparison other than they were both young black men. I know she said this but I can’t believe she did. Yes what happened to Treyvon was horrible. But lets not get things twisted He was not hunted by a Mob of men and tortured for God sake  

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lance-Babcock/1456971988 Lance Babcock

    Oprah who???

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Lance-Babcock/1456971988 Lance Babcock
  • Anonymous

    None of us were born a racist, but it is racist like you Opra that train so well and keeps crap going and going. So shut up now, I am talking!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I am not surprised by Oprah’s comments. It seems that too many people view this case either through the prism of race or history without actually examining the facts of the case. I really didn’t expect that she had listened to the trial, heard all the testimony, seen all the evidence, etc. Like many people, her opinions have been formed by what she has heard from others, specifically those of the same political persuasion. With that in mind, what else is she going to say?

  • MARY

    Oprah had a great opportunity to say something great.  SHE BLEW IT!!

  • Anonymous

    Oprah just wants attention! Who even watches her channel?

  • http://www.facebook.com/Golfman2 Robert Cassidy

    This statement just shows that her real name is Dopera . Just another white hating lib that has made her millions off these very same white people that listen to her and her outrageous statements. She is just a female version of Al Sharpy Sharpton another white hating race baiting BS artist.

  • Anonymous

    Oprah is desperate to stay relevant after all on the eve of the George Zimmerman verdict, when tweeter was melting about “justice Travon” she tweeted on Wanda Sykes comedy special that aired on OWN. She was then “scolded” by her fans and later she apologized so now she is simply trying please her fans. this statement has  nothing to do with the truth or facts. I bet she never watched the trial or study the case and just like most people got the information from the media that ran with a false story that was simply good for business.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God, Oprah’s reign of power is over. She is now just an embarrassment to her race. Is it any wonder she lost her show and is now exiled to her own network? Shame on you Oprah, for making this comparison. You have lost all credibility with me.

  • Anthony Toscano

    What do you expect her to say…she and 99.9% of all blacks and I do say blacks in the great country of ours racists. She and the screwed up liberal media give these people the idea that blacks get a free pass and white people don’t…that’s BS. If we start yelling louder and stronger then them we will be heard. TO ALL OF THE WHITE PEOPLE WITH BALLS START EXPRESSING YOURSELF. Google the brutal beating 3 black kids gave to a 6th grade white kids on a school bus in Gulfport FL I will bet you will never see Obama say one word on this racist beating this kid got just for being white!!! We need to be heard NOW…

  • Anonymous

    There are a whole lot of good smart non racist in reverse human beings that just happen to be black but she’s not one of them.  I haven’t watched her show in years and will never watch again.  I have never had a racist bone in my body and I’m sick and tired of her and Obama’s mentality – Divide and Conquer!  Progressives and Dumb but not because they are BLACK!!!

  • Emmanuel McKinstry

    I usually agree with you on many things Mr. Beck but this statement you will never understand because you never walked in my shoes as a African American. I understand  Oprah’s statement relating the two incidents. It sucks when you walk into a retail establishment and someone follows you around the store thinking you are going to steal something. Or harassed by the police just for walking through a predominantly white neighborhood. I don’t care if people think Trayvon’s murder was sighted by racism. All I see was a young man walking back from the store minding his own bizz when another man confronts him due to a “suspicious profile”….

    If the 911 dispatch tells you to stay in the car while they dispatch a “OFFICER OF THE LAW” who is a true hero stay your butt in the car!!!!!….

    What right do you have to step out and confront someone that was doing nothing???….
    Mr. Zimmerman’s “actions” caused someones child to die never to be seen on this side of the earth again…. 

    I’ve learned in my physics class for every “action” there is a “reaction” positive or negative. 

    With the facts presented by many accounts and police report this is what many of us believed to have happen and by our findings you are guilty of first degree murder Mr. Zimmerman. Mr. Zimmerman’s actions and that so called court trial has really put a everlasting bad taste in my mouth.So for those who really feel Mr. Zimmerman is not guilty. Please replace Travon’s name with your son’s name and think about it…. 

  • Anonymous

    I had quit watching oprah long before she built her own network; after hearing a few innuendos from her that smacked of racism, I felt there were better things to watch or hear from her.  Her only saving grace later on was her encouragement to get people to read, but then, she went back to her racist remarks.  Today, her racism is quite obvious.  Anyone who makes a comparison between the Emmett Till case and the Martin case clearly lacks knowledge of what is true justice and is unable to discern the legitimacy of defending one’s self as opposed to what is blatantly a murderous act.  She said the the “truth comes through her,” unfortunately, what comes through her is ignorance and racism. 

  • Randall Thomas Stone

    Never got into her show or been a fan.  She’s nothing more than another Jerry Springer crossed with Geraldo, making millions off of creating controversy, though she picks subjects a bit more refined than Springer’s.

  • Sam Cane

    she tryin to suckass back in with the brutha’s because they effectively paused her career after she told about why she quit Obama’s church. I remember.

  • Anonymous

    I  was neaver one to watch the Oprah show. All I could see was Phony written across her forhead ! She showered people with gifts ,that’s how she bought her way to the top with the rateings, Everything about her told me she was a Phony ! No it does not supprise me that she does not believe in Jesus Christ, Does it not say in the Bible “You Can Not Worship God and Money Both For You Will Love One And Hate The Other ” Fits her to the T!! And  President Obama were those black boys who shot that little baby in the face, Would they be your sons if you had one ?? Seems like they would fit right in with your family and world !! 
     I agree with SheNemo I to would vote for Dr Ben Carson if he would run for President .And I hope he is concidering it , As For  Hillary , She’s no good after she and Obama let those Navy Seals die .NO WAY !! I use to like her , now I wouldn’t waste my spit on her, she’s evil no doubt !!! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002839359789 William Mdcannold Jr.

    Oprah is in a position access persons of knowledge and influence across the boards.  She should know of a few realities.  I sense that she is running scared.  Some years ago I listened as Oprah openly expressed her fear(s).  I don’t recall how long ago nor on what program she spoke – but I DO remember the gist of her comment.  Oprah spoke of her fear for black people that the day would arrive when “they will come for us again”.  The way things are shaping up there might be a number of reasons to suspect she could have been correct.  I’ll not elaborate but I can count at least a half-dozen reasons for her concern.  Think this over.  Test your knowledge of the treachery afoot in America.

  • Waldo Truth

    Oprah brought you Obozo and now she brings renewed race tensions, if she was any dumber she would forget to breathe!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1150526619 Gary Jurs

    The Emmit Till tragedy included three Thugs who willfully victimized young Emmit. The tragedy in Sanford,Florida is very similar in that it included one Victim but only one Thug. That one and only Thug was Trayvon Martin! 

  • Larry W

    I’m just tired of the people who call Trayvon Martin a thug. This poor kid is dead and cannot defend himself. Smoking weed and drinking does not make you a thug. Getting in trouble in school does not make you a thug. He may have been a troubled teen but that’s not uncommon. I would never refer to a dead kid as a “punk in a hood”. That’s just disrespectful. I don’t know if Zimmerman was in the right or not, but I think it’s very disrespectful to talk down about a dead person who wasn’t given a fair trial to defend his character. Trayvon Martin was a young American and should be remembered that way.

  • http://www.facebook.com/GarrettBuckley86 Garrett Buckley

    Racism isn’t on the decline, it had just switched sides, and the media does a great job of hiding it.  we live in a time of double standards.

  • Cleatus Van Damne

    What an insult to Emmett Till, and to those who worked so hard and sacrificed so much in the fight for Civil Rights.

    • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Time for Oprah and many people of all colors to not see color of the skin…but the actions and character of the individual. This young man, Trevon, made a racist remark,,,, where did he learn that? In the home, school, other black people….. where did his racisim come from if not from the very people who use race as an excuse. Oprah needs to shut up and take note of what the youth are doing in her own city… and quit being an idiot when it comes to facts and “truth.”

  • blonde

    Boycott Oprah as I have.

  • Anonymous

    If you had no information other than what the mass media wanted you to have, you could be expected to think as she does.

    You would no idea that he was only allowed to walk free because the Miami-Dade School Dist. has it’s own Police Dept. which was ordered to cover up the crimes of those Flowers of Black Youth so they wouldn’t be imprisoned.

    You also would not know that he punched a Sanford bus driver in the face for refusing to allow him to ride without paying his fare a couple of days earlier. The police were called but the driver was ordered by his employer not to press charges.

    He was in Sanford because he had been suspended from school in Miami and I would guess that his mother was afraid he’d steal and fence her household possessions to support his drug consumption if he was alone at home.

    The local Tribe-Urinal outlet, the Orlando Slantinel, likely called Jesse and Al in and Obozo told Eric the Red to drum up some outside agitation and send it into the black community. There is some very strong evidence that the Justice Dept. paid for busing them into Sanford.

    Both Emmit and Trayvon were Flowers of the Black Youths of their day. The 1955 Flower would be at least shunned as an Uncle Tom in today’s black community while an underage over sized
    thief, druggie, drug dealer and aggressive thug enjoys that title today.

  • Take 2

    Before we agree to ship black Americans like Sharpton Jackson Wright Oprah back to Sub Saharan Africa…let us change the conversation to what it takes to blend Black American’s into the overall fabric of United States of America culture.

    With no further hand outs or non productive silly ethnic programs…!

    (i) GOALS:
    a. Lowering black unemployment by 5%.
    b. Cutting criminal act’s by 1/2.
    c. Eliminating drug alcohol and gang warfare.
    d. Education – (Dual Parent involvement)
    e. Abstinence training vs Female g2 Condoms or abortion.


  • JB Andrews

    Oprah is just another over the top KRAFE (pronounced  CRA-fee).  Keep Racism Alive For Ever.

    She has torpedoed any remaining credibility she once had.  What a dopey thing to say.

  • Anonymous

    The ONLY comparison that can be called “the same” in Oprah’s mind is four words: “White(s) killed a black.” Beyond that, the two events differ wildly. Of course,that’s all the further blacks carry their thinking process. Any facts beyond that is dismissed in favor of “justice” for the blacks, no matter what really happened. And it is one direction only — white on black is racist, but black on white is justice. 

    Ah, I hate to carry on in this fashion — it is so disgusting to see such blatant unthinking actions  by both sides. Division is the end result, rather than intelligent dialogue to unify us. MLK must be wringing his hands in despair for us all.

    What happened to “Love thine enemy; do good to them that despitefully use you.” Nowadays, the PC way is hatred and divisiveness. A sad commentary on us all.

    Remember Benghazi, Who said, “Stand down.”?  (Where is justice there?)

    Laus Deo

  • Anonymous

    I came to the conclusion a very long time ago that Oprah Winfrey does not what the “truth” is nor does she even know what she truly believes.  She is one of those that Christ called a “FOLLOWER OF EVERY WIND OF DOCTRINE.”  Some years ago she gave Christ the glory for her victory in a lawsuit with the American Cattlemen’s Association”  Before you know it she’s embracing New Age doctrines, Dan Brown’s garbage, and even agreeing with Barak Obama that Jesus Christ is not the only way to the Father.  She has even referred to Obama as “the one”.  Even after he and his wife used her for political gain and then threw her under the bus.
    Please, Oprah get back to where you once belonged.  It is because of Jesus Christ and those who follow Him (even the white race) that we have made great strides in equality.  Even to bless you with all of the success that you have.  Follow those who follow Christ, read and meditate on God’s Word for ONLY there you will find the “Truth”.  As Jesus tells us, “I am the Way, the TRUTH, and the Life.
    Listen to what He is telling you through His Word.  He is the “Prince of Peace” not of division, strife, and discord.  This is how the enemy operates.  The Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. a man raised in the Church and was called by God for the purpose of race freedom and equality just as Lincoln was called to abolish slavery, was a man who loved Christ and knew he was called for His purpose.  Like the Disciples of Christ, we are to carry on as One to accomplish the plan.  Just because someone puts “Reverend” in the front of his name doesn’t mean that he is.
    For again Jesus warns us that many will come as wolves clothed in sheep’s clothing to sow discord and to deceive to accomplish strife and division.  Please do not be one of those.  “Because much is given, much is expected.”

  • J Nelson

    Emmett Till… also someone we would know nothing about if it weren’t for Trayvon… just like if Trayvon was among one of the 10,000 + that have died in Chicago since the trial was pending. an Unknown.

  • Nina Barber

    Again, Oprah is also a racist. I once had respect for her but I now class her with the likes of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson. Racist trouble makers.

  • Anonymous

    Who knew?  Is Oprah a closet race baiter?  Sorry, if it is so.

  • Anonymous

    Another race-baiting-racist!  Although I will never understand what made her significant in the first place, Oprah is making herself less significant as time progresses.
    Only a crackpot could see any similarities between Emmett and Trayvon.

  • Anonymous

    Oprah is wrong in her comparison of the cases, but in her defense there is one parallel. In both cases the accused were found not guilty.

    In the Till case the finding was on the argument that the body had not been properly identified due to the deterioration in the river (his body was weighted and thrown in the river). The question was whether he had been killed or not. The accused later admitted that they had murdered him in a article in Look magazine, they were protected by the doctrine of double jeopardy. This case was probably a trigger for later prosecutions for Federal crimes under the later Civil Rights act. The nature of Till’s death was clearly murder, and murder with aggravated circumstances (the beating and torture).

    In the Martin case there is no question that Zimmerman killed Martin, the question was whether it was murder under the law. The jury, correctly in my opinion, found that it was self defense. The efforts by the agitators and the Justice Dept. to find a violation of the Civil Rights Act and retry Zimmerman are ill advised and provocative. There is no evidence to support that thesis, Zimmerman didn’t seek out a black man to kill him.

    In the Till case the husband of the supposedly insulted white woman spent a couple of days finding out which black kid had been “disrespectful” – then sought him out and kidnapped him. Till was a specific target because he was black. This was a pre-meditated atrocity and the perpetrators got away with it.

    There is no parallel that is relevant, the Till case was a vicious murder where the accused were found not guilty on the grounds that it wasn’t proven that they did it. The Martin case was judged not to be a crime based on the evidence. The parallel of the acquittal is irrelevant to the nature of the two cases.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1726729906 David Bellamy

    As Oprah says the truth comes through her, I guess a lot of truth has come through her in the past. Because of this, I don’t believe a word she says now or in the past. I am white and live in the south. I hadn’t seen racism in years. The whites have got over it years ago and have moved on.

  • T Patriot

    Oprah is a has been, no one listens to her anymore, esp. me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=676157411 Tonya Armour Markloff

    How about one day, just one funkin day, color does not matter in the country. Guess what?, we all bleed the same color blood.  I am sorry the  parents lost a child, but many parents loose a child & it never ever ever gets all this attention. I am so sick & tired of hearing all this Trayvon bullcrap. All these rich ass people like Oprah & such just gettin reviews, raising your ratings. Well what about all the other other kids, that have been killed no matter the color Oprah? Oh wrong color, back to the crayon box I guess. will never watch your channel or show again. 
    You are just as bad as your brother president.  Chest check bump from me to you. Emmmm.

  • Anonymous

    Opra is part of the problem.

  • Anonymous

    She’s just another teary eyed, self serving bigot like Sharpton! 
    Anyone one hear anything about the guy that burst into the New Jersy home and beat the housewife senseless in front of her own kids? I was waiting/hoping to hear about him being hung in the town square. What did they do, let him go? He’s lucky that that wasn’t my wife….

  • vener8r

    No racial bias here.  No, not at all.  If you want evidence, clear and unequivocal, that there are people that are trying desparately to create racial divide in this country, just listen to rheoric like that of Oprah Winfrey.  Period.  Look up the case…read it for yourself.  The only parellels are two black males were killed by someone other than black.  Shame on her for jumping in the boat with the likes of Sharpton and Jackson.  She is a major figure in the black community and for her to forward such outlandish lies is a clear “parellel” to the race baiting of the Tawana Brawly case.  “Same thing.”  Actually, this time, it is the same thing.

  • Udo Stillmayer

    It is not just Oprah. What the “Blacks” don’t seem to understand is: If you speak proper English, dress like a normal person and act like a civilized human being then NOBODY cares what color you are!
    “The Blacks” nowadays don’t want an education. Don’t want to work! WHY should they, since they get free cell phones, food stamps, free housing and money to live on? They are in business to produce income by having illegitimate children and for each they get $ 1,500. So with 5 children they are making $ 7,500 a month. That is more money than most “Middle Class people make and it is tax free.
    God help the White people that for saying this! “THEN YOU ARE A RACIST!”
    “The real question is: here is the money coming from to pay for all these benefits when nobody is working any more?”

    • annette

      You’re so wrong the max in this state is 672.00. I don’t have a free phone or receive government assistance actually I just got into my EMBA program. If you state a fact you are not racist its when you make that statement “The Blacks”. What does that even mean? Act like a normal person and act civilized, what is normal, what is civilized? Do not make general statements that you possibly can’t back up, even in that world you made up.

  • Anonymous

    So sad and disturbing to hear supposedly educated and intelligent people stating such hyperbole and nonsense.  They lose all credibility when they do!

  • Anonymous

    Now you know why Oprah’s ratings and network are in the tank. Her racism precedes her.  

  • Anonymous

    Oprah is truly out for Oprah – with sight set on trying to plug her new movie.  Enough!  Emmett Till’s murder was PREMEDITATED by extreme racists all the way.  Zimmerman really never showed any prior racist behavior and that was proven in the trial that it was basic self defense.  Oprah, Obama and others should be ashamed for hopping on the Race Bait Train that is ultimately going backwards.

    Isaiah 65 –

  • Anonymous

    Orpah (how her name was supposed to be spelled) is a boob.  She, like Barry Soetoro, has no shame. 

  • RevJules

    There is no truth in Oprah. Truth does not harm another, either physically or mentally. Nor does the truth provoke violence or division. Not a lot of it coming from the mouths of the current crop of celebrities and politicians. Oprah is nothing more than a shill for the left and needs to be boycotted. 

  • Anonymous

    What do you expect, but she just revealed that she indeed is just another black radical. Shame on you Oprah, you are so wrong!

  • Anonymous

    Intentional on part of Oprah to stir up old to make it to new. Of course she does not see comparison between the two cases, she just wanted to remind and to stir up what most people have never heard about.
    There have been thousands of people killed and tortured by gangs, groups etc but it is in a black interest to stir up racism. 

  • Charles of Waveland

    She is just a rich N word pushing their propaganda.

  • Anonymous

    Bigotry claims no race, religion or country. Bigotry comes from the individual. Oprah exposed her’s by this comment.


  • Shawn

    Words spoken from a woman fresh of the sets doing a movie (as most of her movies are) about racial divide (“42″). I think she lives in a fantasy world.  “The white man is out to get you.”  Lady, the whole world is out to get you. Satan is against us all, and with nut-jobs like you, Operah, he’s gaining ground.

  • Anonymous

    When we hold a core belief, we see the world and our own experiences, through that prism. If you truly believe that life is unfair you look for and see incidences that reinforce that belief. If you believe that one race, gender, religion or ethnicity is violent, you look for and find proof to reinforce that belief and discount the opposing view. We all have core beliefs! As long as a belief serves us, we will continue to hold that belief. I believe that there is a higher risk of violence against me under certain circumstance, hence I avoid putting myself in those situations. Both Travyon and George Zimmerman had an option of walking away. It is not a crime to wear a hoodie and walk around a neighborhood. It is not a crime to observe a guy walking around your neighborhood or asking him what he is doing there. It is not a crime to tell a guy to stop following you or to run away from someone is following you. It is a crime and an act of violence to hit a guy in the face, jump on him and pound his head into the cement. At that point he has no choice but to defend himself in any way he can. IMHO that is where the crux of the case lies. 

    • Mountain Queen

       I really appreciate the way you outlined this.  This not only applies to this topic but so many others and why our country is in such a mess.  Many people have alliances or agendas that they stand with or by that are are anti-American, then they try to convince those who know better to be one their side of the issue, which again is why America is in decline and so divided.

  • Anonymous

    Stir it up Oprah. If Obama cant stir it enough then his “helpers” will!  Who is the real racist in these statements?

  • Anonymous

    Glory, Glenn, sometimes I don’t understand you. For someone left-handed you have an awful time with abstact thinking.Listen to what Oprah is saying. The second part of her statement, not the first. Forget the stories of the two guys. What Oprah is talking about is that both Trayvo and Emmett Till were black teens. They both got killed by white people. Both cases are the most famous ones regarding black on white crime. Then she says people should get past all the race talk and remember how far America has come in treating people equally no matter what skin color they have. If people listen to what she’s talking about instead of making judgements about “Progressives” then her point is very easy to see. 

  • http://www.facebook.com/laura.turner.7902 Laura Turner

    Oprah has disengaged herself from the real world. That’s what money and Hollywood (Was
    hington D.C.) does to perfectly sane people. I am so disappointed for her. She knows better and chooses to be racist anyway

  • Anonymous

    Oprah lost me when she came out for Obama…..her New Age stuff did not bother me..there is room in this world for many religions as long as the belief in God is there…

  • Richard Shaw

    I believe nothing of what that woman says ever since her racist comment when she said “I don’t have to appease the white people of this country” and her idiotic comment about how she believes there are many ways to God.

  • http://www.facebook.com/scarlett.hedden Scarlett Hedden

    Oh PLEEEZE, Oprah’s comparison is not even close

  • Anonymous

    Black racist? White racist?
    Which have we chosen to elevate to decency?
    I’m betting in the the final analyis both will be linked and dumped on the trash heap of ignored BS from people that make a living distorting truth and influencing ignorant people in order to perpetuate a cause that deep down no one really supports!

  • http://www.facebook.com/reegoff Gregory Goff

    Don’t want to make a blanket statement but how many christians here worship the blonde hair blue eyed Jesus?

  • Dawn Garland

    Oprah is a RICH ding bat! IF she thought that blacks are really being mistreated…throw some money at the poor  blacks and do what you can do to take care of them…………she is a fake and a liar

  • Anonymous

    Give it a rest on the Martin/Zimmerman case.  The jury heard the evidence and came in with a not guilty verdict.  There is zero comparison to this and the Till tragedy.  I wonder what she thinks about the 18 month old white little baby boy who was shot by two black teenage thugs just because his Mother had no money to give them.  Nary a peep from her, or the other race hustlers Sharpton, Jackson and Obama.  

  • Anonymous

    Oprah proves you can be rich, popular but still woefully ignore and stupid. Obviously, she is math-challenged. Since when does ‘parallel’ mean the same as ‘equal’ or ‘equate’. Truth flows through her like….

  • http://www.facebook.com/KissmyIrishCatholicAss Brian Parsons

    She is just another black supremist whom although tries to come across as a nice, caring woman is really a hateful, evil, witch beneath her facade. Maybe it is because she was raised with hate towards whites. Maybe she is just that way on her own. Regardless she is ugly for it. 

  • Anonymous

    Oprah has been on a mission for years. I stopped watching long ago. Reverse racism is just as evil as racism itself. She promoted BHO and wept so hard at his speech that her false eyelashes came off and representing the idiots from Lotus land Ann Hathway was moved to tears as well. That is the PROBLEM!!!!!!!!! No one has the common sense OR guts to say HEY YOU PEOPLE ARE IDIOTS FOR BEING USED!!!!!!! The BIG O has lost all touch with realty if she can even mention Travon Martin and Emmitt Till in the same breath. She totally dishonored Till and what he suffered. Martin was a seventeen year old drug using THUG who attacked someone that just happened to be carrying a weapon to defend himself. NOT EVEN CLOSE BIG O!!!!!! I say get your concealed handgun permit and be prepared to protect yourselves because the idiots in this nation are not even looking at REALTY anymore. THE BIG O ,The LAME STREAM media and the entertainment industry prove it every single day!!!!

  • Sandy Buchanan

    Nothing new about O (notice the resemblance —- the O’s in oprah & obama) – she feels her responsibility is to her new age god and she thinks her ? doesn’t stink – Oprah is “all about herself – same as obama.  I say nothing else.

  • Anonymous

    So Oprah is a racist.  This is news to you??

  • Anonymous

    I’m completely appalled by Oprah.  She is seeming more and more racist. Having money and power as she does, evidently shows her lack of education, reasoning and inability to fairly and honestly compare these two tragedies. Those two incidents cannot even be compared! Plain and simple…I’m tired of her too. She’s as rasist and disgusting as Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

  • Anonymous

    She’s officially trolling on a large scale.

  • Anonymous

     We have always given Oprah credit for much more intelligence than is warranted.  Bingo!  If she needed to comment on this matter she should have done her homework rather than just parrot the typical black, not-based-on-facts, racist view of the circumstances and trial.  Think of how many constructive things, about drugs and hoodies and the black counter-culture and how to get ahead in life and violence and intimidation she could have stated.  She’s really awfully dumb.  Even a cursory review of these two events would have revealed that her comment is way out of whack–it’s just another attempt to claim victimhood back in the hood.  They’ve already got enough.  Their biggest obstacle right now is, in fact, Obama who is killing OUR economy.

  • Anonymous

    You know, I’ve taught my kids that if they are being followed by a suspicious looking person, don’t jump him and beat his head against the asphalt, because HE MIGHT HAVE A GUN, and he might use it.  Where in the world did this young man learn thatthe appropriate response to being followed is to assault the follower?  Whoever taught him that should be ashamed.  It got him killed.

  • Anonymous

    She KNOWS what she said is a flat out lie. What a wicked, wicked worm.

  • http://www.facebook.com/chava.korcz Chava Korcz


  • Lorna Jaye Merriott

    Oh my gosh, she’s so full of poop, why, it’s turned her brown! For an obviously smart woman, this is a simply illogical conclusion, obviously seated in racism! There is absolutely no comparison in these two stories! #crazystuff

  • Anonymous

    The South in the ’50s was a different place than it is now. Having grown up in Georgia during the 50’s and 60’s I saw and lived in that society. There was a lot wrong and prejudice toward blacks and people of certain religions. However, every single white person was not prejudiced. I attended Catholic school and Church– no segregation there. My family and friends did not disrespect blacks. There were “rules” and “colored” signs which had been put in place decades earlier; and yes, that was awful. Many white folks disregarded those rules and served blacks and in my family blacks ate with us at our table. There were horrible crimes committed back then by a minority of people. Just as we are seeing black on white crime being committed today. This does not say that all blacks are racist against whites. Neither time in history is a time to be proud of.

    The Emmit Till case was a travesty of justice even for a time like the ’50s and many white folks were angry about the incident. What also has to be made clear is that in the ’50s anyone who had made a pass at a married woman was likely to have received at beating. Because Emmit Till was black prejudiced folks did show the worst of society. This case is in no way the same type of case as George Zimmarin. Zimmarin was fighting for his life from a perpetrator who, as far as we know threw the first punch. Racism, white on black and black on white is WRONG! In today’s world, the race baitors, Jackson, Sharpton, etc and Obama are brainwashing blacks into thinking that they are still repressed– the reason being so that they can manipulate and keep them in slavery. Since moving back South from several years of living in the North, I have experienced more black on white racism than I ever remember of white on black. The real difference is that today’s black on white racism is filled with hate for all rather than looking at the character of the person. The majority of whites of today do not even remember the dark days of the ’50s. Of course we all know that division is helpful for Obama and race hatred keeps blacks dependent on the race batters. It is their (race batters) income for the future. As for Oprah, she has drunk the racial cool aide

  • Anonymous

    I never really liked Oprah because she disrespected Baltimore, MD where she got her start. However, I couldn’t understand what her comments were in this situation because you nitwits were making your comments while she was talking. Your just as bad as the liberals!

    • Anonymous

      You do realize, don’t you, that you make no sense at all? All of the comments from this site occurred AFTER the interview and AFTER Glenn Beck’s show. No one was stopping you from watching the interview in its entirety by linking to the video on YouTube directly from the site and you can still do it. I’m not sure what you’re talking about, but the biggest “nitwit” I’ve seen here is you.

  • Anonymous

    There is  common thread in the majority of the black population;  they are racist against whites.
    Until all Ameicans unite together, not under one color, then this nation will continue to decline.
    This president has encouraged racism amongst all his other shortcomings.  He is not a leader
    of a nation,  he is a civil rights leader for blacks only.

  • http://www.facebook.com/laura.parke Laura Parke

    Obviously, Oprah mis-spoke or was smoking something funny. Many black people I know, that are as successful as her, don’t hold the same opinion at all. The part where she eludes to “moving on” is the only right answer. Everyday people are killed, white or black or any other color which is just part of life. Cain slew his brother Able, the inhumanity of humanity.

  • Anonymous

    I usually admire Oprah, but this comparison is not valid and it is not conducive to better race relations. I can’t help but wonder about a friend that she supposedly was with our nice lady from Georgia, Paula Dean and she has not stood up for her. Has she not looked at her life and seen where a person can change for the better. It is highly unlikely with her start in life that she has never spoken a racist word even about her own race and even if she has not spoken the word, the thought is just as guilty. I don’t get that notion about that being the last word of a hanged black person. I think that kind of thing was long ago. Being she has gone up in the world it is even more so unlikely that she does not look down on some with less than stellar life ambitions and not think less of some.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Anne-Roberts/100001113715284 Anne Roberts

    Information becoming available is astounding.  It is terrible that Oprah would be so destructive before an adoring public which always respected her and believed her.  She has been a strong leader and role model for millions of people–young and old–for decades.  I, for one, am very disappointed in her.  Re: the murder of the baby in Georgia, WHY isn’t POTUS and this administration and the whole Democratic Party abhorred by the pure injustice of this murder?!!

    • DMS

      Money, BIG money makes some people feel like they no longer belong in the same category as the “common people.”  They live a very different life style then what the rest of us live and they believe the lie:  money makes you so much more important and therefore they can spew whatever crap they feel like spewing and they themselves believe it as well. Oprah puts her pants on the same way you and I do.  She is in for a big surprise because God does NOT care how much money you have – He looks at your heart.

  • mike

    there it  is,,,,,,,,  HER  TRUE  COLORS,,,,,,,  how  in  the  world,,,  did  she  ever  get  support  from  viewers,,,,,,,,       she  got  sooo powerful…  she  handed  us  the  worst  president  ever,,,  and  together,,,,,,,  will  take  this  whole  country  down,,,,,,,  HEAVEN   ,,  help  us  all,,,,,,,,,

  • toma kay

    It’s up to whomever feels oppressed to make a path for themselves. Rappin’ a culture that speaks to itself in derogatory fashion, who parade in the streets for a kid they could care less about. It’s an opportunity to rape, murder and pillage without consequence and without conscience. Knowing full well it’s their problem amongst themselves. Who’s going to stop it? You Oprah? Sittin’ there in your chandelier dwarfed mansion. If the ancestral slaves were present today, they’d be ashamed that their descendants didn’t even attempt to return to their native origin lands. Or take a stake in a community they could be proud of. All the opportunities are in place for the ‘oppressed’ to better themselves, few do and most think it’s hard. Yes, It’ is hard but it takes work like anything else in life. No matter what race is racing, to earn respect you have to give it, have it and show it first, to each other…that’s a start. We don’t owe you nothing…it’s entirely up to you.

  • Tom Dees

    In her interview on nbc (does not deserve caps) she says “the truth flows through her” ….Really? She is nothing more than another rich celebrity raciest bigot. The truth flows through Jesus Christ! Everyone shoud call her out on that remark…its disgusting!

  • easter bunny

    Travon made a hugh mistake.  He chose to punch Zimmerman in the nose rather than go home.  If he made a wise decision not to be a bully, he would be alive today.  

  • Anonymous

    I grew up in Georgia during the late ’50s. I was a transplant from the north and moving to the South was quite aa culture shock. I lived here when the Emmitt Terrill crime occurred and our communities were shocked and saddened.. What disturbs me is that history is being changed to suit all kinds of purposes. Yes, the Emmit trill case was a racial crime that was horrendous and nothing can make it right. First of all, the black relatives living in the South understood what could have happened, (I am not defending the acts nor the reasoning behind the actions of the whites). And yet they dared Emmitt to make a pass at the white girl. Emits mother had warned him about the South. If Emmitt had been a white boy and had done the same thing he would have been beaten, probably not so severely and certainly not tour termed to death because he had attempted to touch a married woman. Both groups knew what they were doing was wrong.

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately,  with the advantage of critical black philosophy, this is the message.  Any white of black conflict is unacceptable, even if black on white crime is 2 times more likely with 1/5 of the population.  Sad, but true.  That’s the message.

  • http://www.facebook.com/inga.robinson.37 Inga Robinson


  • Donna W

    You know, alot of these “stars” like Oprah have accumulated wealth, but not liquid assets. I’m telling you now, that I wouldn’t be one bit shocked to find out that many have been destroyed because they refused to play the game. 
    Oprah is worth ALOT of money, but she’s been permitted to climb that ladder. I am certain that every single rung could be taken right out from under her, unless she ‘helps’ tptb achieve their rotten goals. 

  • barnRN

    Oprah, did a great job fooling a great many people, into thinking she was neutral on political thoughts.  She held it together for a broader audience = more money for her.  Her true self emerged when her boy Obama appeared with the same spiel.  Both phony as h—.  I never watched her.  Too busy working.

  • dgdenton

    Whenever possible the race baiters try to bring up extreme situations and portray them as a common occurrence.  This is designed to cause contention and to inflame the minorities so they will resort to violence and or vote for the Liberals. This is a tactic used to equate the two incidents and put them in the same category.  That way if anyone tries to defend Zimmerman, they are associated as being racists.  This is an old trick.  Thankfully some voters have incite and understanding as to the underlying purposes.

  • Anonymous

    Bear in mind that this is the same woman who thought a clerk in a Swiss boutique was racist because she didn’t bring out the most expensive handbag in the store to show her.  Oprah is a professional race pimp just like Jackson, Sharpton and Obama.

  • Warren Ward

    Oprah’s a gash, a big smelly dirty gash

  • Anonymous

    How this isn’t obvious to anyone is beyond me. I think these Hollywierders are on the take. They’re not even trying to make since when they talk now. Just stumping for the administration. Oprah should have ACTUALLY experience racism for one day in her life, maybe then she’d see how much of a racist she is.

  • http://easygome.com/ Dirl Sorensby III

    Oprah is racist and also playing racism for profit – here’s my proof. I don’t think many world dispute the fact that Oprah is a very intelligent person. With her actions in the past, her ability to communicate, and her resounding success, she has proven a thousand times over that she is a person of significant insight and intelligence. Unfortunately, the fact that Oprah is clearly intelligent, and in most situations very wise and fare minded, exposes some of her not so admirable characteristics here. It is hard to imagine that even the most ignorant and leftist of people, would mistake these two incidences as similar or “basically the same thing in their minds.” For Oprah to claim this, is 100% suspect; we know, everybody knows, Oprah is way to smart to honestly draw the conclusion that these two incidences where the same general thing. So, a few things are necessarily true. 1. Oprah was not being honest (either with herself or with the world). 2. Whatever motivates Opera to claim such an egregious falsehood, must be a very powerful belief; for nothing less would Oprah, and otherwise honest and accurate person, break character and be so dishonest. My best guess is that Oprah is deeply racist – so much so, that with situations that have a race component, Oprah is so biased that she is incapable of reason. I think that her racism was ignited with the coming of Obama. Since Obama came on the seen, Oprah has really shown a different side, a very ugly and dishonest side. I think through obama, with obama, Oprah wants some pay back to satisfy a deep, life long resentment towards white people. With every other issue, Oprah is reliably objective and perceptive. She cannot see Obama’s flaws (let alone that he’s a criminal and a traitor) and she cannot control her own bias when an incident like the Trayvon one sparks her resentment and hatred. As successful as Oprah is, I really resent that she can’t be satisfied with that as payback; instead she must go for more, and jump on the dishonest shakedown train like many other black people do, and will never be satisfied enough to stop trying to bring down whitey.

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