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There is so much going on in the world that could cause someone to question their faith, but this morning on radio Glenn shared some of his own thoughts on what the future holds and why he believes “better days are right around the corner.” Despite the gloom and doom that often seems inescapable, Glenn explained why he believes faith will always triumph.

“I want to share something with you that crossed my mind this weekend, Glenn said. “I believe in divine providence, and I believe that tough times are coming and have for a long time. I know that people think that I’m only trying to do that to scare you… But I think everybody who is listening has an alarm bell going off on them.”

Part of the reason Glenn has poured so many resources into TheBlaze is because he believes hard times are coming, things will come crashing down, a reset will be needed, but there will be a opportunity to benefit from that reset, if people are prepared.

“So I believe that tough times are coming, but I also believe that means opportunity. And I don’t believe that it is the end of the world,” Glenn said. “But here’s where I am. If you don’t know what you believe, you don’t make it. When you are going in and being dropped into combat, the reason why that phrase is ‘There are no atheists in foxholes’ is because everybody has to decide who they are. What is it that you can count on? Can you count on your family name? Can you count on your money? Can you count on your position?”

While an atheist counts on his/her intellect, Glenn candidly admitted that he is not smart enough to navigate everything that is happening in the world today on his own. Instead, he relies on divine providence.

“I need some divine providence. I need some extra inspiration, and I have come to a place that the more I realize that, the better things become. And I have let go more and more and more,” he explained. “People will ask me, ‘Why did you make that decision of X, Y or Z?’ God. ‘Well, what does that mean?’ I made that decision. I searched it out and I thought this would be the right way to go and then I prayed on it, and I fasted, and I really thought about it. And I said, ‘Whatever you say is the right thing to do.’ And that’s how I make my decisions. And sometimes those decisions surprise me. There are things that I do that I’m like, ‘I don’t see a way for that to work out,’ but that’s what I feel like I’m supposed to do. So I do it.”

Glenn used an analogy from the Bible to further explain his point. There is a story in the Bible of Jesus talking to a rich man who has all the accolades and material possessions one could hope for. The man approaches Jesus and asks him what he can do, how he can help. Jesus responds by asking the man to give up everything he owns.

“Now, the left will make that into an anti‑money thing, an anti‑rich thing, but it’s not. It’s a guy who has no faith,” Glenn said. “He has put his faith into things that are fleeing. When you’re in the foxhole, your money, your reputation, your connections mean nothing. It doesn’t work that way… God’s not asking you to get rid of your money just because you’re well off or you have more than your neighbor. God doesn’t have a problem with the money thing. The money thing is irrelevant… So it’s not that God needs money… Money is a function of this world, and if you understand that concept, you can feed people around the world. You can feed. You can help. You can teach. You can free people with that money. So he doesn’t want you to be poor.”

So what is it then that God asks of us?

“He needs you to understand one thing: Count on me. Count on faith. If I tell you to do something, don’t count on your education. Don’t count on your certificates or your money or your family or anyone else. I’m the one,” Glenn explained. “He’s asking for faith, not money. He’s asking you not to give up your money or your position or anything else. And this is what I’m asking you today. I’m asking you to give up your doubt. Too many people are walking around right now and they are doubting that we are going to make it. They are doubting too many things. Stop doubting. We won’t make it if we doubt. We will make it when we understand how things work and that we will make it.”

“Better days are right around the corner. And I might be poor… But then I think back on the time when I really had nothing,” he continued. “We’re going to make it and it’s going to be good because I have faith. And this weekend I decided not to get rid of just my stuff but get rid of any kind of stuff that would make me hedge my bets. I believe in Him. And after we do all that he’s going to take care of the rest. And I’ve pretty much done all that I can do. It’s his turn. And I have no doubt that miracles are on the horizon.”