Mom’s plea to connect cancer survivor son with Marcus Luttrell goes viral

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Late last week, a mother took to Twitter with a plea to get her son, who was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor, an opportunity to meet Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. After writing to various celebrities and figures on Twitter, Glenn saw her Tweet and helped make her wish come true.

Alison Wilson runs a blog called “An Ordinary Mom”, where she writes about raising and homeschooling her nine kids, the oldest of whom was diagnosed with brain cancer shortly before his eighteenth birthday.


According to her blog, Alison was checking her inbox last Thursday when she saw an e-mail advertising Marcus Luttrell’s Patriot Tour. Knowing that her son would love to meet Marcus Luttrell one-on-one, she looked to see if any VIP tickets were available. But then she saw the show was just a little more than a day away and she couldn’t afford the $354 price tag.

“And my heart started pounding. I knew how much Ian would love to actually meet Marcus Luttrell. I clicked, and scrolled a little more, and then my heart sank. Those VIP tickets were $354. Each,” she wrote. “We’re getting by, by the grace of God and a lot of hard work from IT Guy, but we’re not rolling in it. We didn’t have the money for those tickets and I knew it. I wondered if we could raise the money… And then I noticed the date, a little over 24 hrs away.”

Alison refused to just give up on the opportunity to connect her son with an inspiring figure, and turned to social media to try and get the attention of Luttrell and others involved.

She went to Marcus Luttrell’s official Facebook page to share some of her son’s story:

I know this is a longshot, but I only found out about your tour today when I found out that you’ll be in Minneapolis tomorrow. It would make my son’s year to be able to meet you! His name is Ian, and he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor 2 yrs ago, shortly before his 18th birthday. All he ever wanted to be was a soldier, and an elite one at that. His brain tumor, and the physical disabilities the surgery left him with have disqualified him from ever doing the one thing he always wanted to do.

Anyway, we’re going to try to get tickets to your show, but we cannot afford to get the VIP tickets. If I had heard about this earlier I would’ve done everything I could to fundraise in a hurry!

We’ve received a lot of help over the past 2 years, but I’ve never come right out and asked for it… but when I saw notice of your event, I knew I had to try. I’m wondering if there’s anything you or any of your staff could do to get my son back to meet you tomorrow night?

(We never did do a Make-a-Wish trip but when we considered it, one of the things I thought of was trying to arrange a trip down to meet you!)

She also wrote to several conservative media figures, including Glenn:

Glenn ended up seeing her message, and told her he would do everything he could to help including personally writing to his friend Marcus Luttrell:

The next thing Alison knew, her and her son had VIP tickets waiting for them at Will Call.

“I don’t know if it was the weight of the note from Glenn Beck, or if it was the power of social media stirring up a bit of a viral storm as hundreds of people, maybe thousands by now, chimed in with their cyber-voices shouting for a chance for our Ian to meet a real live American hero. All I know is that it happened. It worked,” she wrote.

Once Alison and Ian got to the show, Marcus not only met with them but took them aside and spent 20 minutes of private conversation.

Below is a photo of Marcus and Ian from their private conversation:

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  • Mama Kautz

    Thank you, Glenn…..When I didn’t think I could love who you are and what you stand for any more than I do…..Allison and Ian couldn’t be more deserving!

  • Alison

  • Alison

    Thank you to everyone that helped make that amazing night happen for Ian!!

    • Anonymous

      I’m so happy for what happened for you and your son!  I read Lone Survivor and learned that Marcus Luttrell is the exact definition of a real American hero.  More than any athlete or entertainer could ever hope to be.  The fact that your son recognizes true heroism and has his priorities straight is a reflection on how wonderful of a mother you must be.  God bless you and Ian.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you both.  Laus deo.

      • Sam Fisher

        I just picked his book this weekend and find myself having trouble putting it down.

        • Anonymous

          Don’t put it down until you’re finished man.  I learned a lot about Afghan culture from it and it’s a very revealing look at what it’s like to run clandestine operations.  It’s a tale rarely told.

    • Ian S. –

      Allison, I just sent you a tweet. @IanMsfight

    • Sam Fisher

      What is it like to meet him? 

  • Silverwings

    And thank you, Marcus, for taking the extra time with this outstanding young man!  I’ve always had respect for you but it is now elevated far beyond its previous level. :-)

  • Anonymous

    Alison is an amazing mom! Best hope to her son and family. 

  • Ian S. –

    Glenn, the interesting thing, is that both his name and my name is “Ian”

  • Sam Fisher

    Marcus Luttrell is a hero and would like to say God bless him.

  • Elena

    Kindness always counts!

  • Ann Bruce de Avila

    Iam and his amazing Mom are the miracle here.  We can all draw inspiration from their bravery.  And thanks to Marcus and his wife for their gracious visit.  Let’s all say a quiet prayer for them all.  Miracles happen.

  • Penny Linthicum

    That is the most awesome thing!  God works in our lives to make special events happen. 
    I’ve read Marcus’s book Lone Survivor and never read a book so quickly…I was so awe inspired and have such respect for him and his team.  I’m so glad that Ian was able to meet him and you are an awesome mom.
    I’d would love to meet Marcus or go to an event even….but maybe someday, since we are in Kansas!  My husband has epilepsy so we don’t get to far. 
    Thanks for sharing!!!  God Bless, Penny in Kansas

  • Anonymous

    Pretty darn awesome.

  • Anonymous

    Marcus and his brother Seals continue to amaze me with their accomplishments in warfare. I hold these individuals up as the best of the best! No one can argue the quality of this special breed of heroes.
    Now comes this and we are shown a side of the Seals that I feel everyone overlooks. It’s always been there. Chris Kyle died doing volunteer work for his fellow human. There are many more examples of their just plain old goodness! Too many to list here.
    I am so thankful we have you and your brothers to hold as fine examples to our children and grand children and by-the-way Great grand children.
    This deed stands way tall as an accomplishment for a man of great accomplishments. Thank you Marcus and Glen for your contribution and sharing of these beautiful moments.
    Semper Fi

  • Anonymous

    That was really cool of Marcus… being retired Navy, I have a respect for our SEALs  but…. well, come on… they are Sailors – not Gods… They do a very hard job and I am very grateful for that… and before you all attack me, I am only saying that SEALs are Sailors who volunteer for insane training and even more insane OPTEMPO and crazy missions… But I think civilians have some Hollywood conception of them.  Why is there not the same level of fervor for SF or CAG? (oops CAG doesn’t exist… lol)

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